Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Argenbright -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
ArgenbrightGeorge Henry30 Jul 187628 Nov 1965 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
ArgenbrightHannah Rebecca12 Feb 18808 Dec 1955 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
ArgenbrightPaul M.27 Sep 1903 Antioch United Church of Christ Cemetery
ArgenbrightFrances E.11 Oct 185423 Dec 1912 Zion Mennonite Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightAlfred A.11 Jan 183520 Aug 1913 Zion Mennonite Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightInfant6 Sep 18966 Sep 1896 Keezletown Cemetery
ArgenbrightFlavius J.27 Jan 185927 Nov 1951 Keezletown Cemetery
ArgenbrightAda4 Apr 186914 Mar 1930 Keezletown Cemetery
ArgenbrightJulia F.1 Feb 18378 Feb 1879 Keezletown Cemetery
ArgenbrightJ. Letcher19 Nov 185818 Jul 1944 Dayton Cemetery
ArgenbrightLaura V.23 Feb 186725 May 1938 Dayton Cemetery
ArgenbrightPierce F.18511930 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
ArgenbrightJoel12 Jul 18109 Jul 1869 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
ArgenbrightHenry30 Oct 17968 May 1871 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
ArgenbrightMary S.17 Mar 181425 Feb 1849 Elk Run Cemetery
ArgenbrightPhyllis O.22 Nov 192513 Jun 1994 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
ArgenbrightLloyd M.18911967 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
ArgenbrightRichard L.6 Apr 192213 Oct 1999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
ArgenbrightNellie L.18961969 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
ArgenbrightElizabeth M.19151994 Oak Lawn Cemetery
ArgenbrightWilmer R.19151992 Oak Lawn Cemetery
ArgenbrightBetty Jane19461962 Oak Lawn Cemetery
ArgenbrightPaul18991963 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightMary Elizabeth18791958 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightInfant Son2 Jul 1912 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightGeo. Henry5 Sep 185418 Feb 1911 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightJohn Martin19 Sep 184610 Jan 1906 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightFrances Tutwiler11 Feb 182028 Mar 1901 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightLewis28 Nov 1895 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightInfant Daughter4 Oct 1907 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightAnnie3 Apr 18789 May 1878 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightP. K.9 Jan 18219 Jan 1895 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightSamathey J.29 Jun 184914 Jun 1924 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightMary Susan28 Mar 18759 Apr 1943 Friedens Church Cemetery
ArgenbrightJohn William26 Oct 18733 Feb 1947 Friedens Church Cemetery