Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Blakemore -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
BlakemoreRockwell E.11 Apr 191614 Apr 1916 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreJanie W.25 Apr 18842 Feb 1964 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreForrest H.1 Feb 18875 Jun 1964 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreHarry G.1 Jan 192330 Sep 1959 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreMary A.17 Nov 18934 Nov 1956 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreHarry C.20 Oct 18757 Jul 1949 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreAnn Elizabeth18501930 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreWilliam H.18401927 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreWm. Byroneb 186527 Dec 1941 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreKate Bolen18751955 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreBlanche Aline31 Oct 189430 Oct 1972 Woodbine Cemetery
BlakemoreInfant15 Mar 1893 Ottobine United Methodist Church Cemetery
BlakemoreJames R.12 Jun 185422 Jul 1936 Greenwood Cemetery
BlakemoreLaura J.23 Oct 185221 Mar 1930 Greenwood Cemetery
BlakemoreMaude S.8 Feb 188518 Dec 1958 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
BlakemoreWilmer G.22 Oct 18815 Nov 1964 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery