Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Combs -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
CombsLonnie A.18 Mar 192822 Dec 1989 Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery
CombsLelia H.9 Apr 1926 Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery
CombsMarvin D.30 Jun 1927 Linville Cemetery
CombsMandy J.17 Aug 192906 Jan 1992 Linville Cemetery
CombsNaman A.12 May 190906 Jun 1989 Linville Cemetery
CombsCody M.20 Apr 190816 Dec 1982 Linville Cemetery
CombsVada E.29 May 192519 Jul 2001 Linville Cemetery
CombsJacob F.18861918 Lacey Spring Cemetery
CombsBessie M.18881974 Lacey Spring Cemetery
CombsJames W.14 Mar 188028 Oct 1937 Lacey Spring Cemetery
CombsMaude M.5 Oct 18802 Jul 1961 Lacey Spring Cemetery
CombsJohn W.13 Dec 190723 Feb 1951 Lacey Spring Cemetery
CombsRamona L.8 Dec 193423 Dec 1934 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
CombsElizabeth "Betty" (Lantz)21 Jul 185419 Oct 1939 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
CombsIsaac "Levi"31 Mar 18781 Dec 1963 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
CombsPhoebe Catherine (Cullers)4 Apr 188524 Sep 1937 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
CombsNelson30 May 19052 Jun 1928 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
CombsMichael L.11 Jun 18522 May 1915 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
CombsDessie Gertrude (Dove)23 Dec 19144 Jun 1950 Silas Dove Cemetery
CombsCarl Lee8 Jul 194420 Feb 2002 Silas Dove Cemetery
CombsJames Franklin2 Aug 190710 Jul 1970 Silas Dove Cemetery
CombsJess Buell Oak Lawn Cemetery
CombsMary Magadlene Oak Lawn Cemetery
CombsDoris Jean Dickenson14 Mar 193316 Jan 1976 Oak Lawn Cemetery
CombsKathern F.19 Sep 1951 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
CombsRichard E.25 Sep 19426 Jul 2004 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
CombsMinnie B.4 Mar 190317 Aug 1979 Caplinger Cemetery
CombsElmer L.1 Feb 190311 Sep 1962 Caplinger Cemetery
CombsRobert B.27 May 194314 Apr 1976 Caplinger Cemetery
CombsSherwood Glen19341995 Caplinger Cemetery