Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Downey -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
DowneyJohn G27 Mar 189312 Mar 1968 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
DowneyLillie May9 Feb 18773 Nov 1956 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
DowneyMattie E.3 Nov 1888 Keezletown Cemetery
DowneyLydia Haun18281906 Keezletown Cemetery
DowneyMollie C.10 Oct 1935 Greenwood Cemetery
DowneyChristine Mauzy Weaver10 Dec 18807 May 1958 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
DowneyIrvin Asher24 Aug 18813 Sep 1954 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
DowneyRussell R.27 Nov 188813 Mar 1959 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyNellie H.3 Sep 189014 May 1959 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyEarl Eugene12 Jun 19199 Jul 1978 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyJames H.27 Feb 192429 Dec 1987 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyIda Pearl30 Jul 189115 Nov 1950 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyMaynard H.8 Aug 188927 Mar 1950 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyGeorge R.26 Dec 188026 Oct 1951 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyLillie F.15 Apr 188112 Jun 1952 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyVada E.7 May 188011 Apr 1976 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyArch T.3 Aug 18802 Oct 1950 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyDavid Austin30 May 190124 Feb 1959 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyPearle Harris27 Jul 190217 Sep 1983 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyHelen M.19241992 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyMelvin L.19191969 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyLarry Lee21 Dec 19454 Sep 1952 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyDiana Kay19621965 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyDorothy M.13 Nov 19216 Apr 2000 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyNorman R.31 Jul 191625 Nov 1972 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyOlga E.4 Jun 1923 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyMike O.5 Apr 19278 Jul 1998 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyChad L.1 Sep 197525 Dec 1997 Elk Run Cemetery
DowneyPatricia A.1947 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Downey, Jr.Norman R.1946 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyDavid H.19381979 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyMyrtle E.1911 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyWilliam H.19121991 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyBrenda M.1951 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyRichard E.1947 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyBeatrice V.19142000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyMillard M.19141982 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
DowneyElwood23 May 194125 May 1941 Jollett Cemetery