Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

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Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
EarlyKate1 Sep 183125 Jan 1905 Byerly Family Cemetery
EarlyHenry C, Elder11 May 18551 Sep 1941 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyMary Agnes12 Dec 185417 Jan 1922 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyHenrietta5 Oct 1891 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyIvan Hubert1 Mar 19028 Jan 1955 Singers Glen Cemetery
EarlyMildred Ann16 Jan 191228 Dec 1963 Singers Glen Cemetery
EarlyJ. Roy18791970 Pleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyIda E.18811945 Pleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyDonna Roth28 Jul 194011 Jan 1978 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyHenry28 Sep 188423 Nov 1885 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyDaniel18551919 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyIda J.18561931 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyOak K.18891973 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyM. Mabel18891976 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyLenora E.18931930 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyEunice1896 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyOlive F.1899 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyBeulah S.18951990 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyLloyd1919 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyJames O.4 Jul 184213 Oct 1910 Keezletown Cemetery
EarlyCaroline M.15 Aug 184722 Mar 1918 Keezletown Cemetery
EarlyJonas15 Dec 181818 Oct 1905 Timberville Cemetery
EarlyLeah13 May 182126 Apr 1889 Timberville Cemetery
EarlyMary25 Jan 1865 Timberville Cemetery
EarlySusan V.18571946 Timberville Cemetery
EarlyJacob2 Sep 1903 Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlySusan E.19 Nov 1913 Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyFannie E.18561933 Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyJoseph W.18631938 Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyLilly E.18771955 Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarlyBarbara Eavey5 May 18341 Jun 1904 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
EarlyFrank W.30 May 187614 Aug 1968 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
EarlyEmma F.10 Apr 18808 Aug 1911 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
EarlyJ. F.18421923 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyEmma Showalter Whitesel18581919 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyHelen F.30Mar 191117 Jul 1983 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyWilmer P.14 Oct 191419 Jun 1982 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyWilmer Price "Willie"30 Mar 194416 May 1961 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyWilliam C.18761941 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyEffie I.189119__ Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyG. Norwood5 Aug 191717 Jun 1957 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyMildred S.24 Oct 189529 Apr 1963 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyWalter Harold25 Oct 189822 Jan 1950 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyFlorence D.1996 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyJohn Jacob8 Jan 19204 Sep 1971 Woodbine Cemetery
EarlyMaria Sheehy5 Jul 191024 May 1963 Woodbine Cemetery
Early, Jr.Herbert Franklin4 Jan 191927 Dec 2002 Dayton Cemetery
EarlyWalter J.19121981 Mt. Horeb Cemetery
EarlyLaura C.1912 Mt. Horeb Cemetery
EarlySamuel H.27 Aug 1914 Mt. Horeb Cemetery
EarlyFannie26 Dec 1904 Mt. Horeb Cemetery
EarlyBettie F.11 Jul 186821 Jun 1926 Mt. Horeb Cemetery
EarlyHarold Monroe8 Jan 190012 Nov 1982 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
EarlyRuth Puffenberger7 Feb 18966 Oct 1988 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
EarlyFrank J.18 Apr 189711 Jun 1961 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyEunice D.1 Jan 190830 Apr 1988 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlySusan V.31 Dec 185924 Jun 1937 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlySamuel H.26 Aug 185018 Apr 1935 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyAnnie V.18 Dec 184618 Oct 1889 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyRuth23 Jan 189510 Jul 1971 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyErnest F.11 Aug 190223 Jul 1993 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlySadie Miller12 Dec 190327 Jun 1996 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
EarlyA. Christina19021957 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyLucy L.18731937 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyJ. Robert18721963 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyJoan S.24 Apr 18943 Jun 1978 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyJoseph H.6 Oct 189325 Aug 1962 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyHelen M.1914 Elk Run Cemetery
EarlyLorene S.1925 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyVerlyn L.19231995 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyMary A.18941977 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyRobert L.18961966 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyVirginia Myers19162000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyFranklin J.19122000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyLacy Ellis22 Dec 1917 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyDunca Adam23 Dec 195924 Aug 1986 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Early, Jr.Walter H.21 Apr 192324 Jul 2002 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarlyElizabeth20 Apr 1845 Early Cemetery
Earlyinfant son Early Cemetery
EarlyAnna7 Apr 1889 Early Cemetery
EarlyBarbara Ann Early Cemetery
EarlySamuel S.18 Aug 1898 Early Cemetery
EarlyAbram5 Jan 1900 Early Cemetery
EarlyMary Anna13 Jun 188629 Sep 1886 Early Cemetery
EarlyMary C.8 Sep 185618 Jun 1886 Early Cemetery
EarlyJonas J.21 Jul 185225 Oct 1933 Early Cemetery
EarlyMaggie S.30 Oct 185114 Nov 1930 Early Cemetery
Earlyinfant son18681868 Early Cemetery
EarlyMartha V.24 Oct 1878 Early Cemetery
EarlySarah2 Apr 1891 Early Cemetery
EarlyHenry1 Feb 1883 Early Cemetery
EarlyMot10 Oct 183626 Jul 1918 Early Cemetery
EarlyMagdalene17811863 Early Cemetery
EarlyAbram15 Feb 1921 Early Cemetery
EarlyWarren Isaac5 Dec190520 Feb 1964 Early Cemetery
EarlyCora G.18751963 Early Cemetery
EarlyAbram M.18761944 Early Cemetery
EarlySamuel N.29 Mar 190328 Mar 1934 Early Cemetery
EarlyMildred D.15 Jul 1933 Early Cemetery
Early, Jr.Warren I. (Lt. Col.)30 Sep 193218 Jan 1995 Early Cemetery
EarlyLillie B.24 Aug 18733 Feb 1932 Early Cemetery
EarlyRobert G.26 Oct 1900 Early Cemetery
EarlyRebecca6 Feb 183317 Aug 1911 Early Cemetery
EarlyJohn30 Jan 182826 Oct 1899 Early Cemetery
EarlyJacob17781869 Early Cemetery
EarlySusan M.1850 Early Cemetery
EarlyWilliam23 Sep 186021 Sep 1861 Early Cemetery
EarlyJohn D.18681869 Early Cemetery
EarlyNoah F.4 Jun 185219 Aug 1877 Early Cemetery
EarlyEsther11 Jan 1891 Early Cemetery
EarlyJoseph (Rev.)2 Nov 182011 Feb 1865 Early Cemetery
EarlyMattie V.24 Jul 18796 Dec 1957 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarlyI. Claud7 Jun 18788 Jul 1955 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarlyElmer N.11 Aug 190919 Dec 1972 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarlyMary F. Miller15 Mar 18467 Jan 1934 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarlyMaggie4 Jan 1907 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery