Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Earman -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
EarmanCharles Ray22 Aug 1931 Linville Cemetery
EarmanMary Ruth Callahan30 Jul 1936 Linville Cemetery
EarmanSamuel T.22 Jan 19076 Apr 1980 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanEvelyn F.18 Jan 190919 Sep 1986 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanM. Katheryn9 Feb 191527 Oct 1921 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
Earman, Sr.Samuel18611953 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanAlice G. Carpenter18641935 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanMargie C.18891918 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanCarpenter B.19091969 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanBilly1 May 192929 Feb 1932 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanWilbur L.18921973 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanJoice E.27 Sep 193418 Oct 1934 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanDavid F.26 Mar 19332 Aug 1935 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
EarmanJ. Newman18541903 Lacey Spring Cemetery
EarmanFannie May White18631934 Lacey Spring Cemetery
EarmanWilma G.25 Jun 191924 Jun 1921 Massanutten Cross Keys Cemetery
EarmanVesta G.11 Jun 18971 Feb 1954 Massanutten Cross Keys Cemetery
EarmanPerry W.25 Dec 189814 Dec 1976 Massanutten Cross Keys Cemetery
EarmanIvan Welford2 Nov 192015 Jun 1921 Massanutten Cross Keys Cemetery
EarmanJanet W.6 Dec 1927 Rest Haven Cemetery
EarmanCharles E.11 Aug 192316 Nov 2001 Rest Haven Cemetery
EarmanAlbert W.12 Nov 189227 May 1964 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarmanBetty R.26 Sep 190129 Jul 1981 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarmanHerber18991966 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarmanSaida A.19001973 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarmanShirley Eileen20 Aug 1922 Pike Mennonite Church Cemetery
EarmanD. F. (Doc)12 Apr 1926 Keezletown Cemetery
Earman, Jr.Charles Elmer9 Jan 192014 Jul 1970 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanRush N.18721957 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanSallie L.18841955 Keezletown Cemetery
Earman, Jr.Rush N.1924 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMabel R.1930 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanCharles E.15 Sep 190025 Apr 1963 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanAllye G.28 Aug 19009 Nov 1997 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanNormand R.10 Apr 192116 May 1921 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanGiff W.6 Mar 197010 Apr 1992 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanGeorge Whitfield2 Jul 188629 Jul 1962 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanOllie Ethel Mae Armentrout14 Oct 18895 Oct 1982 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanHiram S.10 Mar 188924 Feb 1972 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanBertie H.3 Feb 18892 Apr 1988 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanJames A.9 Aug 191410 Jan 2002 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMyrtle L.14 Dec 1917 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanHarold Thomas4 Feb 191222 Nov 1958 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanElwood W.19231945 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanAlvin P.17 Sep 18814 Apr 1953 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanLaura E.19 Feb 18869 Jan 1940 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanGeorge C.3 Oct 191619 Nov 1938 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanInfant26 Dec 190726 Dec 1907 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMyrtle Virginia5 Jan 188221 Aug 1971 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanGeorge D.5 Jul 185430 May 1907 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMary E.10 Jul 18641 Jan 1925 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanAnnie F.22 Oct 187913 Sep 1951 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanLena A.17 Mar 18893 Jan 1955 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanJoseph B.12 Jan 18578 Aug 1925 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMary V.16 Apr 18597 Feb 1919 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanDella Emma13 Sep 1877 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanJ. K. P.9 Jun 184522 Aug 1916 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMargarete1 Mar 184110 May 1919 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanHirman Owen18741959 Keezletown Cemetery
EarmanMary C.8 Jan 1862 Old Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery
EarmanMary Ada29 May 187229 Jul 1957 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanMargaret Martz28 Feb 19097 Sep 1989 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanCatherine S., Mrs.25 Apr 1958 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanJessie A.25 Aug 187219 May 1955 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanOra Scott1 May 187829 Oct 1945 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanBettie Louise Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanMattie M.24 Nov 18841 Jul 1984 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanJohn C.14 Feb 188026 Feb 1961 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanDavid Wampler19 Jul 188411 Apr 1972 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanFrances Overlock12 Oct 18973 May 1975 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanEarthel16 Aug 189419 Jan 1970 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanJohn Burtner3 Nov 189111 Aug 1944 Woodbine Cemetery
EarmanJohn13 Feb 180719 Oct 1889 Dayton Cemetery
EarmanF. J. Mt. Olivet Cemetery
EarmanEmma E.3 Dec 185031 Jan 1929 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
EarmanC. S. Mt. Olivet Cemetery
EarmanMary14 Apr 1852 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
EarmanGertrude E.19071986 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Earman, Sr.Myrle H.19031974 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanCharles A.18941967 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanCharles Yancey9 Jan 193421 Aug 1991 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanCatherine Y.19061982 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanGeorge H.12 Aug 189526 Nov 1963 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanFrances B.19021981 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanAlbert W.18961991 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Earman, Jr.Myrle H.19301979 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanJohan Stafford1933 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanRobert Franklin19311992 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanBonnie M.1928 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Earman, Sr.Frank S.7 Mar 19247 Jul 2000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanDon E.19 Jun 19335 Oct 1979 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanStella C.18891977 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanWillie C.18941974 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanSelma L.19141977 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanHerschel I.19031970 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
EarmanSusan Frances5 Apr 185122 May 1927 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarmanLucius D.27 Apr 185015 Jul 1927 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarmanClarence Preston18471927 Oak Lawn Cemetery
EarmanJohn H.16 Nov 1893 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanSarah A.3 Feb 18493 Feb 1897 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanJ. William12 Oct 184912 Sep 1932 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanElizabeth17 May 185515 Jul 1907 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanWilmer D. Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanSamuel J.15 Sep 18842 Jan 1958 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanGeorge L.8 Jan 188316 Feb 1940 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanNewton G.9 Sep 1876 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanPeter A.30 Mar 1882 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanMatilda2 Feb 18252 Sep 1891 Mt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
EarmanJohn B.4 Jul 18194 Jun 1883 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanSusan17 Sep 18139 Dec 1883 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanHarman D.27 Jun 182117 Dec 1882 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanElizabeth J.17 May 1842 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanSarah7 Nov 181628 Jul 1870 Friedens Church Cemetery
Earman, Sr.John21 Jun 178220 Oct 1853 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanAmanda Jane11 Jun 1855 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanDavid H.19 Nov 1860 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanPatterson F.11 Sep 1863 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanAnna Barbary14 Feb 1842 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanJacob23 Jun 1862 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanHannah C.11 Nov 1862 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanMary S.28 Sep 1861 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanCharlie H.19 Aug 189414 Nov 1982 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
EarmanGrace L.5 Jun 189214 Jan 1982 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
EarmanMattie Jane24 Dec 184815 Apr 1880 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanPalmer Bell12 Jun 190223 Aug 1902 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanLeanna Virginia21 Feb 188713 Mar 1890 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanEllen H.25 Mar 18445 Feb 1897 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanElla A.27 Nov 1924 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanFannie C.18701939 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanC. Emmett18671955 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanJ. Wm.19 Feb 184024 Oct 1883 Friedens Church Cemetery
EarmanElijah8 Jan 1822 Friedens Church Cemetery