Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Fahrney -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
FahrneyOmer F.17 Apr 192528 Apr 1984 St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyJune M.29 Jun 1926 St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyGlenden R.18961955 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyMabel M.19001972 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyGeorgie A.5 Feb 1936 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyWeldon R.27 Nov 19282 Aug 1982 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyRickey Ray4 Apr 195924 Jan 1964 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyDeloris Harpold9 Oct 193414 Feb 1962 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyWilliam T.19 Mar 18739 Oct 1933 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyRebecca E.13 Oct 187625 Jan 1948 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyClara Tracey29 Mar 1896 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyCatherine18581938 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyTracey16 Dec 183129 Oct 1904 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyPeter9 Dec 18261 Feb 1902 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyPeter S.18541941 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyVirginia C.18561903 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyWelty B.18781946 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyBertie E.18791973 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyCharles E.18511917 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyMary F.18521925 Timberville Cemetery
FahrneyWilliam Edgar, Dr.21 Aug 187313 Feb 1938 Woodbine Cemetery
FahrneyPauline A.15 Feb 189014 Mar 1959 Woodbine Cemetery
FahrneyRalph J.20 Sep 190816 Jun 1982 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FahrneyRuth P.20 Jul 191224 Jul 1980 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FahrneyJoan B.1963 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Fahrney, Jr.Robert C.1951 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FahrneySara M.19251999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FahrneyCharles E.1921 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FahrneyLester B.19011942 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyViola G.19021988 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyAnna C.18721956 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyJohn T.18641937 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyGladys T.29 NOV 191714 JUL 1999 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FahrneyOwen W.15 OCT 191224 MAY 1980 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery