Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Fawley -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
FawleyMagdalene13 Feb 1852 Ritchie Family Cemetery
FawleyScott D.4 Jul 19128 Jun 1991 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FawleyEuna L.30 Nov 191723 Sep 2000 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FawleyJohn Michael18 Nov 19633 Sep 1991 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FawleyAugusta V.7 Jul 18777 Dec 1942 Woodbine Cemetery
FawleyCharles R.8 May 187525 Oct 1935 Woodbine Cemetery
FawleyElaine L.19 May 191520 Dec 1992 Woodbine Cemetery
FawleyThomas M.9 Nov 191419 Jul 1973 Woodbine Cemetery
FawleyLayne Rae4 Sep 1947 Woodbine Cemetery
FawleyBenjamin W.18911974 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
FawleyNina E.19071993 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
FawleyWayne Robert29 May 19123 Nov 1992 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyMyrtle Calhoun11 Mar 191231 Oct 1999 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyHoward W.14 Dec 18918 Jul 1983 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyLaura C.17 Jul 19136 May 1994 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyRamona E.30 Jul 19406 Sep 1980 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyBertie Byrd5 Jun 188824 Feb 1964 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyJohn A.18811978 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyLena E.18931952 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyGeorge William12 Dec 18981 Jan 1977 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyKate Pauline24 Apr 189626 Aug 1982 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyDavid W.15 Oct 188526 Apr 1981 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyNora L.23 Dec 189811 Oct 1996 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyWade C.18841975 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyBertha F.18891965 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyDoris E.20 Mar 19278 Dec 1927 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyRobert T.9 Mar 18526 Aug 1919 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleySarah H.11 Oct 184919 Feb 1942 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyBuck Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyAnna7 Jul 185415 Feb 1920 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyGeorge J.18621935 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleySallie M.18611935 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyJosephine9 Mar 188710 Jan 1919 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyJoseph W.9 Mar 188711 Oct 1977 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyJohn T.18481917 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyAnna M. Fitzwater18661958 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyMallie R. Cooper18961932 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyC. Spencer18951937 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyAurila C.18651941 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyCalvin18721954 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyMargaret J.18361913 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyDaniel C.13 Jun 186920 Feb 1907 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyRebecca8 Jan 187528 Oct 1957 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyHenry J.19 Dec 189510 Mar 1896 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyInfant Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyErnest C.22 May 188320 Feb 1969 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyNora F.1 Feb 188919 Oct 1984 Oak Grove Cemetery
FawleyHenry J.10 Mar 1896 Mt. Carmel Evangelical United Brethren Ch Cemetery
FawleyJames E.18911945 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyStella A.1895 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyDorman Walton1 Sep 189318 May 1984 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyEdna Mae Cale23 Sep 19025 Mar 1986 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyJohn W.10 Sep 191226 Dec 1979 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyFrances W.13 Sep 191526 Apr 1987 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FawleyRoxie Victoria (May)27 Feb 190615 Jul 1925 Combs-Ritchie Cemetery
FawleyMary E.24 AUG 188214 FEB 1920 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FawleySallie J.4 Sep 1864 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyCatherine Fulk26 Dec 18186 Apr 1862 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyStephen15 Oct 182512 Feb 1895 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleySarah30 Dec 182819 May 1889 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleySarah J.18441846 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyBenjamin18661889 Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleyGeorge W.22 Jul 182330 Oct 1893 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyIsaac Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleyJacob18021880 Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleyAnthonyAbout 17701815 Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleyNannie B.2 Dec 1894 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyJacob W.25 Oct 185113 Jan 1905 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyMartha J.4 May 18528 Jan 1935 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyGeorge17641815 Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleySarah Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery
FawleySarah18421925 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
FawleyMargaret15 Dec 184731 Jan 1890 Fulk-Fawley Cemetery
Fawley, Jr.Jacob7 Oct 183228 Dec 1862 Fawley-Fulk Family Cemetery