Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Fry -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
FryGeorge V.23 Mar 185719 Feb 1932 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
FryGenettie M.16 Jun 18626 Apr 1927 New Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
FryWade C.18901973 Singers Glen Cemetery
FryMackie G.1887 1955 Singers Glen Cemetery
FryBertie H.30 Jun 1897 St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FryJ. Davis18601929 St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FryE. Fannie18531921 St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FryWm. Harvey5 Mar 183013 May 1862 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
FryCharles R.14 Mar 189019 Jan 1919 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FrySallie Pearl29 May 18879 May 1901 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FryMary Hannah7 Mar 18518 Jan 1904 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FryGrace M. Woodbine Cemetery
FryLois B.25 Oct 1925 Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
FryRay M.27 Jun 19116 Sep 1988 Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
FryMinnie F.1 Sep 186918 Oct 1869 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryAda B.16 Aug 18755 Apr 1881 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryHershel R.16 May 193917 May 1939 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryJulia S.24 Aug 19068 May 1998 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryAmanda A.28 Jan 183825 Feb 1918 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryJacob S.20 Mar 18368 Dec 1887 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryJohn W.9 Jul 187210 Sep 1936 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryJames J.26 May 18787 Oct 1948 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FryRuby M.19121998 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FryLake T.19121977 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FryFrances Rods18 Jun 1815 Early Cemetery
FryInfant1 Dec 1883 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryAnna17 Jul 184211 Feb 1922 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryJames A.12 Apr 185222 May 1921 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryEffie W.9 Mar 188814 Nov 1939 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryIda E.1 Dec 187512 Aug 1955 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryWilliam F.18801941 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryDora B.18751938 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FryGeneva V.26 Nov 190718 Sep 1979 Oak Lawn Cemetery