Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Funkhouser -

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Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
FunkhouserSusan A.1 Jan 1898 Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery
FunkhouserSarah29 Mar 1868 Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery
FunkhouserA.9 Oct 1863 Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery
FunkhouserGeo. F.18 Jul 1878 Pleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery
FunkhouserClaude F.28 Jun 1926 Rest Haven Cemetery
FunkhouserViola C.1 Nov 1926 Rest Haven Cemetery
FunkhouserF. Fletcher7 Oct 189526 May 1967 Rest Haven Cemetery
FunkhouserGrace V.12 Jul 189724 Apr 1985 Rest Haven Cemetery
FunkhouserJ., Rev.29 May 181314 Dec 1881 Keezletown Cemetery
FunkhouserChristina27 Apr 181123 Jul 1899 Keezletown Cemetery
FunkhouserGeorge Lester7 May 18871 Dec 1939 Timberville Cemetery
FunkhouserBertie Ann12 Apr 188425 Jan 1962 Timberville Cemetery
FunkhouserMabel Armentrout23 Jun 19031 Apr 1979 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FunkhouserWilmer Guy20 Oct 1909 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FunkhouserAnna Lee28 Apr 191015 Apr 1946 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FunkhouserElizabeth Ann10 Apr 194611 Apr 1946 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FunkhouserAda S. Andes18861917 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
FunkhouserEverett "Buddy"16 Apr 192416 May 2001 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FunkhouserOleane B.2 Jul 1927 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FunkhouserOzias T.4 Feb 18968 Apr 1975 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FunkhouserMary E.21 Apr 190020 Dec 1976 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
FunkhouserFred O.20 Nov 1910 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserVirginia C.22 Aug 191115 Feb 1997 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserAbram Paul10 Dec 18536 Jul 1917 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserMinerva King9 Aug 185329 Jun 1938 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserFlora R.18661941 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserWilliam M.18581938 Woodbine Cemetery
FunkhouserAlice F.13 Oct 1937 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserIda F.7 Aug 1930 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserElizabeth J. Paul7 Aug 1892 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserSamuel31 Oct 1864 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserEdith Suter18921983 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserCharles P.11 Feb 19088 Jan 1977 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserCharlotte B.11 Oct 19124 Nov 1984 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserCasper L.18791971 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserPearl M.18821937 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserD. Eugene11 Sep 191712 Dec 1992 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserElizabeth Brown28 Dec 1917 Dayton Cemetery
FunkhouserAldon8 Jan 190715 May 1983 Oak Grove Cemetery
FunkhouserGeorgia2 Mar 1909 Oak Grove Cemetery
FunkhouserLayman H.5 Oct 1906 Oak Grove Cemetery
FunkhouserLevi5 Dec 186624 Dec 1949 Oak Grove Cemetery
FunkhouserMary Fulk17 Apr 187624 Dec 1949 Oak Grove Cemetery
FunkhouserEffie M.22 Feb 18825 Sep 1971 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserJohn M.10 May 18783 Aug 1957 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserGladys Sanger13 May 19075 Jan 1968 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserC. Vernon18971948 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserElizabeth F.29 Jul 18665 May 1938 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserJ. William28 Oct 186726 Apr 1947 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserInfant Son27 Apr 192924 Nov 1931 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserDavid Whitfield6 Oct 19012 Aug 1950 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserGeorgiana Virginia11 Aug 184628 Jun 1915 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserDavid Neff12 Sep 184318 Jan 1936 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserRuth E.18941961 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserCynthia Sue9 Aug 195810 Aug 1958 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Funkhouser, Jr.Robert A.4 Jan 196014 Jan 1966 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserGrace Cline28 Jul 189625 Dec 1982 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserJoseph Kemper29 Mar 1955 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserAlice Mauzy18 Jan 18734 Sep 1953 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserAldine Mauzy10 Aug 190022 Jul 1979 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserHiram E.4 Nov 187311 Nov 1956 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
FunkhouserNeoma C.5 Sep 190911 Sep 2000 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
FunkhouserJohn E.12 Oct 19015 Oct 1980 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Funkhouser, Sr.Curtis Lee29 Aug 192530 Dec 2002 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FunkhouserBeverly K.9 Aug 192712 Oct 2000 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
Funkhouser, Jr.Curtis Lee23 Oct 195112 Feb 1978 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
FunkhouserJacob C.31 Dec 184615 Mar 1918 Elk Run Cemetery
FunkhouserAnna A.18521927 Elk Run Cemetery
FunkhouserF. V.27 Apr 185313 May 1922 Elk Run Cemetery
FunkhouserLauston E.1918 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FunkhouserGlady H.1925 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FunkhouserAllan L.19151996 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FunkhouserBetty Jean Dovel19331997 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FunkhouserElsie L.1921 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
FunkhouserLoyd A.22 JAN 18957 DEC 1971 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FunkhouserEffie A.13 FEB 189425 JUN 1959 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
FunkhouserWilton V.2 Jul 191325 Dec 1986 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FunkhouserSamuel L.25 Sep 187616 Oct 1957 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FunkhouserMay K.25 May 189023 May 1948 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FunkhouserAlvin E.27 Mar 192011 May 1997 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FunkhouserMaxine C.23 Jan 19214 Mar 1996 Oak Lawn Cemetery
FunkhouserI. Bruce18911959 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserOlive L.18791948 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserCharles H.18551937 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserWillie A.18601935 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserC. Meryin10 Jun 1895 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserMyrtle K.5 Jun 1895 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserKinzer26 Aug 1889 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserC. Norman13 Sep 1885 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserRoland W.29 Jan 191219 Mar 1912 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserFrank A.18 Mar 188630 Dec 1952 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserClara J.24 Sep 18865 Sep 1983 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserRichard Lee "Bill"21 Mar 19071 Apr 1987 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserEugene D.24 Jan 1895 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserSallie2 Dec 1895 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserJohn S.16 Dec 18478 Apr 1908 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserMary E.28 Jul 184415 Jul 1922 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserW. Douglas18611945 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserJacob H.18531915 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserLaura V.18541915 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserElbert H.23 Jul 1897 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
FunkhouserRuth M.4 Jul 193320 Feb 1991 Caplinger Cemetery
FunkhouserWayne W.2 May 19295 Sep 1979 Caplinger Cemetery
FunkhouserJeremy L. "Jake"25 Oct 198211 Jul 2004 Bethel Mennonite Church Cemetery
FunkhouserOtis10 May 18638 May 1869 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserJohn H.4 Jun 17984 Oct 1863 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserJacob30 May 183014 Jul 1903 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserGeorge F.20 May 183924 Jun 1864 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserElizabeth T.12 Dec 1917 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserMary F.13 Oct 1893 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserCatherine2 Oct 18007 Jun 1874 Funkhouser Family Cemetery
FunkhouserBarbara13 May 1894 Funkhouser Family Cemetery