Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Kite -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
KiteFrances Rodeffer27 May 191825 Mar 1984 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
KiteEdward J., Rev.6 Aug 1898 Rest Haven Cemetery
KiteDessie S.16 Nov 18966 Jul 1978 Rest Haven Cemetery
KiteC. H.24 Jan 1903 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteJulia22 Mar 1911 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteJ. J.21 Aug 18272 Sep 1899 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteGeorge H.4 Aor 186919 Sep 1923 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteRebecca, Mrs.12 Mar 183322 Jun 1921 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteAldrich R.26 Jun 19061 Apr 1989 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteMarie R.10 Aug 190028 Feb 1990 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteElsie G.18701948 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteW. J.19 Jan 189818 Sep 1981 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteMyrtle A.8 Jun 189320 Jul 1973 Woodbine Cemetery
KiteShacklette E. "Dock"11 Jan 192124 Jan 2000 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteBessie Berry5 Jul 192419 Jan 1997 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteJames Calvin10 Apr 192515 Nov 1998 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Kite Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteEdwin M.19341981 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteLessie Royer11 Apr 18908 Jun 1969 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KitePearl James27 Jun 188724 Dec 1942 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteMadaline V.11 Mar 19276 Nov 1982 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteJoseph P.22 Apr 1919 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteGeraldine S.20 Feb 1934 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteLeo C.10 Mar 193626 May 1997 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
KiteElizabeth H.4 Sep 17791 Jan 1843 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteWilliam5 Feb 177029 Oct 1838 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteWillie15 Sep 185212 Dec ? Elk Run Cemetery
KiteRobert H.23 Mar 185128 Feb 1852 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteJ. Ernest8 Jan 185913 Sep 1863 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteLillian W.2 May 18935 Jan 1980 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteCarl L.15 Mar 18933 Feb 1968 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteInfant Daughter17 Oct 1975 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteCharles R.3 May 1863 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteWm. Edwin3 Mar 18477? Dec 1928 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteW. C.10 Jun 181221 Oct 1889 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteMalinda16 Apr 1892 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteFlorence E.8 Feb 18615 Aug 1899 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteCharles R. Elk Run Cemetery
KiteSusan E.6 Aug 18503 Mar 1885 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteHiram A., Capt.26 Nov 181824 Jun 1907 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteMargaret C.12 Aug 1889 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteMary M.4 Apr 185820 Feb 1923 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteAmanda E.25 Sep 185513 Oct 1944 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteAlex H.14 Aug 18551 May 1919 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteInfant Daughter11 Nov 189011 Nov 1890 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteWilliam Edgar20 Jul 18949 Dec 1965 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteLouise Stratton16 Jun 189520 May 1972 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteJoseph Hiram22 Nov 18918 Nov 1986 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteLulie Hatch18 Jun 189429 May 1979 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteMary Virginia9 Sep 19296 Feb 1994 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteDoris Elaine5 Sep 19431 Feb 1991 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteHerbert L.1 May 1929 Elk Run Cemetery
KiteLynn Martin19451992 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteSheila D.1964 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteEstaline L. "Granny"21 Sep 19227 Feb 2004 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteSteven E. "Jake"19521974 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteSandra Lee19401981 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteInfant Girl28 Sep 196328 Sep 1963 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteLyniel W.1938 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteEarl E.19041990 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteMyrtle M.19061999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteLandon19011983 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteCloda F.19071997 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteFloyd L.18991971 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteOttie D.18991989 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteLaura F. East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteLynn M.19451992 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
KiteRuby A.22 Nov 189631 Jan 1969 East Point Cemetery
KiteEmmogene L.8 Nov 19308 Jan 1995 East Point Cemetery
KiteIla Virginia8 Dec 1939 East Point Cemetery
KiteAmmon Cline6 Sep 1930 East Point Cemetery
KiteSharon G.11 Mar 196330 Sep 1984 East Point Cemetery
KiteEdith B.1926 East Point Cemetery
KiteYancey E. (Edwin)19221978 East Point Cemetery
KiteKeith Edward19641975 East Point Cemetery
KiteDonald R.6 Apr 193819 Jun 1991 East Point Cemetery
KiteErnest L.15 Feb 189312 Aug 1971 East Point Cemetery
KiteFloyd Seldon11 Nov 189818 Nov 1974 Oak Lawn Cemetery
KiteAnnie Laurie17 Aug 190710 Apr 1991 Oak Lawn Cemetery
KiteDavid Poole6 Jul 195221 Feb 2002 Oak Lawn Cemetery
KiteFlorence Lorraine22 Mar 1924 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KiteAlvin Carter12 Apr 192721 Jun 2003 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KitePhillip B.7 Sep 186917 Nov 1928 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KiteMittie A.1 Sep 18674 Nov 1922 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KiteBobby L.2 Aug 193412 May 2003 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KiteMary E.29 Sep 1935 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
KiteElizabeth G.20 Jun 19238 Feb 1966 Friedens Church Cemetery
KiteOrville H.12 Oct 19179 May 2006 Friedens Church Cemetery