Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Lindamood -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
LindamoodTheophilus23 Feb 1855 Stoner Family Cemetery
LindamoodCharles D.18 May 19199 Nov 1996 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodBertha V.25 Jul 19216 Feb 1962 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodMary Belle5 Feb 18867 Apr 1965 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodJohn W.18651945 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodCharles19041906 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodAllen18941906 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodKatie H.18691912 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodJohn F.26 Mar 19601 Feb 1982 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodFrank J.25 Jan 1941 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodJanice M.26 Jun 1938 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodMarshall Boyd13 Jan 191012 Sep 1996 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodGeorgia Spitzer1 Jun 191716 Jun 1993 Timberville Cemetery
LindamoodFreda A.19071923 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
LindamoodEdward N.18701958 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
LindamoodLena M.18971966 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
LindamoodLaura A.18701918 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
LindamoodJames N.16 Jun 193712 Jul 2002 Whitmer Cemetery
LindamoodMillie A.23 Mar 1942 Whitmer Cemetery
LindamoodEugene L.16 Nov 189929 Jul 1920 Elk Run Cemetery
LindamoodLuther O.29 Aug 187026 Feb 1917 Elk Run Cemetery
LindamoodLucian G.29 Jul 18705 Dec 1903 Elk Run Cemetery
LindamoodVerdie Elizabeth Crider21 JUN 191328 MAY 2003 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
LindamoodWilliam Edward "Bill"22 JAN 191325 JUL 1998 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
Lindamood, Sr.Thomas C.29 Apr 189425 Jul 1936 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
LindamoodVirginia C.23 Jan 190229 Jun 1981 Mt. Crawford Cemetery