Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- McDonaldson -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
McDonaldsonWinston L.5 Oct 19334 Sep 1986 Fellowship United Methodist Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonFrances C.29 Jan 1933 Fellowship United Methodist Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonCharles Earnest20 Jun 190329 May 1973 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
McDonaldsonJohn E18621935 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
McDonaldsonLuther Wilson9 Aug 189512 Jul 1968 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonLula S.19021984 Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonVeron Lee19211976 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonCecil W.31 Mar 191630 Mar 1957 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonBenjamin F.1 Mar 18948 Aug 1976 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonMamie B.19 Apr 189212 Mar 1941 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonDavid E.2 Dec 192611 Jul 1948 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldson, Jr.Benjamin F.16 Jun 192912 Nov 2001 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonMary J.9 Nov 18448 Aug 1914 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonHarvey L.29 Sep 191730 Sep 1951 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonThomas W.8 Jul 186629 Dec 1949 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonIda G.26 Oct 187230 Dec 1970 Keezletown Cemetery
McDonaldsonMary V.1 Jul 191519 Mar 1981 Old Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonHerman A.29 Jul 191427 Jan 1946 Old Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery
McDonaldsonVicki Lynn14 Feb 195415 Feb 1954 Woodbine Cemetery
McDonaldsonAlan Frank6 Sep 195820 Jul 1967 Woodbine Cemetery
McDonaldsonMargaret L.31 Jan 192929 Oct 2000 Woodbine Cemetery
McDonaldsonF. J.17 Mar 1930 Woodbine Cemetery
McDonaldsonCharlene19662003 Woodbine Cemetery
McDonaldsonJohn B.23 Mar 1928 Dayton Cemetery
McDonaldsonRuth E.12 Apr 192020 Sep 1995 Dayton Cemetery
McDonaldsonKenneth W.6 Nov 194011 Jun 1986 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonHoward W.24 Jul 188026 Aug 1956 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonMaggie1 Apr 18717 Aug 1949 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonMelvin L.2 Oct 19295 Oct 1929 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonLawrence K.4 Sep 193822 Aug 1939 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonAda B.20 Sep 189510 Nov 1964 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonGeorge W.14 May 189218 Nov 1969 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonJessie S.1 Jan 1932 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonRussell W.17 Dec 191724 Sep 1986 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
McDonaldsonEvelyn M.26 Feb 192119 Mar 1951 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonGoldie L.17 Mar 189115 Sep 1979 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonClaude E.29 Nov 192418 Jan 1925 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonRuby E.21 Feb 191823 Oct 1918 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonWilliam E.31 May 188622 Nov 1973 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonGilbert L.14 Jan 191510 Aug 1996 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonElsie M.8 May 191128 Sep 1987 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonGeneva Frances6 Jan 19388 Jun 1996 Port Republic Cemetery
McDonaldsonWilson L.11 Apr 192614 Feb 2001 Elk Run Cemetery
McDonaldsonEdith E.4 May 192930 Oct 1969 Elk Run Cemetery
McDonaldsonJoyce Mowbray30 Mar 1939 Elk Run Cemetery
McDonaldsonDaryl Lee19641966 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonJudy A.1950 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonJerry W.1946 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldson, Sr.Charles W.25 Oct 191227 Jun 1994 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonMyrtle G.19 Jul 19242 Feb 1996 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonRalph G.15 Jan 192523 Nov 1996 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonLena A.19221970 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonPhyllis H.1942 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonRobert L.1943 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
McDonaldsonNellie M.19351944 Mt. Grove Community Chapel Cemetery
McDonaldsonDaisy19301943 Mt. Grove Community Chapel Cemetery
McDonaldsonJohn F.18901935 Mt. Grove Community Chapel Cemetery