Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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- Michael -

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Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
MichaelEdward E.14 Mar 187531 May 1947 Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelLaura E.12 Nov 186626 Sep 1947 Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelMadison28 Jul 1898 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelEliza Jane30 Jun 184016 Aug 1925 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelRebecca J.18861974 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelJohn Newton18821961 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelMary Margaret18601918 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelDonald Franklin "Dude"20 May 19366 Oct 1993 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelMary Jane Anderson "Mau"4 Mar 1934 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MichaelHenry C.18631934 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
MichaelLillie B.18751960 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
MichaelMargaret E.19 Aug 19022 Oct 1970 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
MichaelFloyd S.24 Oct 19005 Jan 1963 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
MichaelRalph W.24 Oct 191130 Dec 1990 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelThelma V. Long13 Jan 19123 Sep 1964 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelDawn Marie9 Jan 196214 May 1965 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelFrances Coffman17 Apr 1907 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelInfant Of Lena B. Woodbine Cemetery
MichaelAda Pearl Woodbine Cemetery
MichaelInfant Of Woodbine Cemetery
MichaelBessie Virginia Woodbine Cemetery
MichaelBenjamin F.3 May 187217 Jan 1946 Dayton Cemetery
MichaelHettie J.22 Sep 18705 Nov 1942 Dayton Cemetery
MichaelSalina1 Jan 1897 Dayton Cemetery
MichaelBenjamin10 Feb 1899 Dayton Cemetery
MichaelVirgie May9 Jun 188323 May 1964 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MichaelEdward H.9 Jun 188331 Oct 1947 Mt. Olive Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelLeathia A.24 Aug 188624 Aug 1974 Mt. Olive Brethren Church Cemetery
MichaelHubert James17 Jul 192111 Aug 1959 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelPhoeby A.18751900 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLorene C.25 Jul 19234 Dec 1952 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMary A.4 Mar 189513 May 1945 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelArlene C.9 Jun 18808 Feb 1949 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelWilliam E.30 Oct 186329 Jan 1942 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAlice E.18901943 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelCharles F.18801929 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLucy Ann30 Jan 1889 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelP. A.26 Aug 184626 Jun 1906 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelFrances May2 Oct 192913 Aug 1942 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelHarriet184016 Jan 1923 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelNoah E.18661940 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelPeter A.18461906 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMary L.18981926 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAmanda J.18611913 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelNancy A.181410 Feb 1888 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelCora18831955 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelHerman A.14 Aug 188629 Oct 1917 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelG. A.Dec 1857Feb 1908 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMinnie18691935 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLillian18881961 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelPermelia Bent18241897 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelFannie18571927 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelEllen18281921 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelRobert18361905 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelRobert15 Dec 183425 Nov 1905 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelRichard D.28 Aug 184720 Jan 1908 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMattie J.17 Aug 184716 Sep 1913 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAbraham25 Nov 181330 Apr 1889 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelOllie V.28 Aug 185523 Mar 1889 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelErnest Whitfield18 Jun 188319 Aug 1966 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLelia I.16 Nov 188621 Mar 1955 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLucy E.14 Aug 185813 Jun 1940 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelJoseph H.8 Jan 185516 Mar 1915 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAldine15 Nov 192329 Jul 1990 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelCalvin Yancey5 Jan 191120 Aug 1980 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelT. Z. Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelDougals F.19211922 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLula F.18971933 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelHerman E.18941971 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMae B.18931941 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelHazel D.4 Feb 191112 Mar 2001 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelC. Oscar16 Jan 189927 Dec 1970 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLayton T.8 Jun 188116 Jun 1945 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLucy A.15 Dec 187912 Oct 1962 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLena V.19 Nov 189925 Mar 1962 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMelvin H.22 Jun 188827 Feb 1929 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAudrey Wood3 Feb 192327 Sep 2002 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelRaymond C.12 Jul 191826 Dec 1990 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelJennie5 Jul 189429 Oct 1898 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelFlorence R.9 Jun 189429 Oct 1896 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelSarah M. V.27 Jan 18601 Sep 1879 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelElias10 Nov 181510 Mar 1886 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelJohn A.3 Jun 1890 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelBettie S.18591937 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelGeorge E.18591936 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMargaret S.3 Jun 18302 May 1890 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAnnie E.15 Dec 18617 Apr 1908 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelLaird T.8 Feb 193431 Dec 1974 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelGladys T.18 Apr 19076 Sep 1996 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelWilliam J.19041957 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelAngelo L.19 May 195514 Aug 2001 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Michael, Jr.Willard J.10 Sep 193011 Apr 1971 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
MichaelMildred L.11 Dec 19441 Feb 2001 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelMarjorie M.29 Mar 19079 Oct 1989 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelGeorge F.14 Oct 190420 Aug 1978 Port Republic Cemetery
Michael, IIIEdward H.2 Feb 194926 Oct 1985 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelLorraine Good10 Jul 1929 Port Republic Cemetery
Michael, Jr.Edward H.2 Apr 1925 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelBertha Dean3 Mar 19107 Jan 2001 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelSamuel T.9 Oct 190621 Dec 1989 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelJohn W.15 Sep 190214 Jan 1972 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelBlanche G.25 Sep 188113 Feb 1944 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelGeorge S.24 Apr 18727 Aug 1949 Port Republic Cemetery
MichaelSusan M.2 Nov 184316 Aug 1921 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelStella M.19182002 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelWright S.19171998 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelRaymond E.1934 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelJoanne H.19361991 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelStacey A.19681986 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelCatherine T.19102002 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelClarence E.19041995 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelVirginia E.19052004 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelJohn L.19031987 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelScott Allen3 Mar 1970 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelThelma A.1937 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelA. Ray1933 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelEvageline19101991 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelAnna B.19111983 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelHoward L.19071983 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelAlberta H.18951987 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelO. Bain (Dr.)18941966 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelMaynard A.2 Jan 1933 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelCarol S.28 Aug 193431 Dec 1999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelGary J.4 Oct 194628 Sep 1993 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MichaelRoy L. "Bung"17 Sep 192430 Aug 1983 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MichaelRuby H.31 Jan 1922 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MichaelMerle19121988 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MichaelJosephine19 Oct 192912 Feb 2004 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MichaelWill St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelNeil St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelCharlie St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelCornelia18781965 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
MichaelClaude C.18871971 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
MichaelRuth18911950 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
MichaelCharles W.11 Oct 1891 Friedens Church Cemetery
MichaelEliza J.25 Jan 18173 Jun 1879 Friedens Church Cemetery