Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Mitchell -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
MitchellJacob A.13 Apr 180110 Dec 1876 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellMary A.5 May 17959 Jan 1863 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellAlbert R. Lee5 May 1873 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellJoseph A.19 Dec 182616 Jul 1913 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellAnna4 May 1901 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellJosiah13 Feb 1868 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellSon24 Feb 1875 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellAbraham E.26 Oct 1869 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellJohn A.4 Oct 1864 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellAlice H. J.13 Feb 1862 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellMargaret Ann2 Dec 185313 May 1861 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellSallie E.31 Mar 186012 Apr 1863 Reedy Family Cemetery
MitchellMelissa19711971 Clover Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery
MitchellCharles5 Jun 188916 Jul 1956 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellIna K25 Aug 189312 Oct 1963 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellCharlie J.14 Aug 189223 Oct 1962 Mt. Clinton Mennonite Church Cemetery
MitchellMinnie A.1 Mar 189212 Mar 1947 Mt. Clinton Mennonite Church Cemetery
MitchellAlma F.23 Feb 190917 Feb 1955 Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellHarold D.21 Jan 195021 Sep 1997 Rest Haven Cemetery
MitchellI. Lester14 Sep 189927 Dec 1987 Rest Haven Cemetery
MitchellEdna F.9 Nov 190914 Mar 1964 Rest Haven Cemetery
MitchellLetitia L.10 Feb 197224 Feb 1972 Rest Haven Cemetery
MitchellRuby S.7 Mar 19232 Jun 1961 Keezletown Cemetery
MitchellOrville B.24 Apr 190113 Apr 1942 Timberville Cemetery
MitchellKay C.25 Dec 189427 Feb 1988 Timberville Cemetery
MitchellGenevieve C.18 Mar 186531 Jan 1943 Timberville Cemetery
MitchellAshby Davis28 Feb 186213 Oct 1906 Timberville Cemetery
MitchellJ. Wesley2 Dec 18822 Nov 1925 Timberville Cemetery
MitchellCatherine31 Oct 183329 May 1897 Brenneman Mennonite Church Cemetery
MitchellE. S.12 Oct 18285 Sep 1907 Brenneman Mennonite Church Cemetery
MitchellCharles G.14 Sep 18979 Apr 1974 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MitchellW. R.7 Feb 18934 Aug 1974 Beaver Creek Brethren Church Cemetery
MitchellJohn R.18661924 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellMary E.18701934 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellGoldie19031948 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellBeulah P.18911951 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellNettie K.19061964 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellCharlotte B.19 May 19066 Mar 1987 Woodbine Cemetery
Mitchell, Sr.Edward F.1 Jul 190523 May 1947 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellMamie W. "Mary"9 Jan 190913 Sep 1966 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellClara Beatrice26 May 190023 Sep 1965 Woodbine Cemetery
MitchellAbel8 Dec 183819 Jul 1914 Ottobine United Methodist Church Cemetery
MitchellElizabeth M.4 Oct 18466 May 1935 Ottobine United Methodist Church Cemetery
MitchellJ. Fred19311987 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellGeraldine C.19351994 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellWotis4 Jun 189825 May 1972 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellHazel E.25 Mar 190415 Aug 1990 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellEmory E.18941964 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellRosa B.18951974 Oak Grove Cemetery
MitchellVergie M.18991948 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MitchellPerry18971952 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MitchellNathan19 Mar 186320 Sep 1926 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MitchellAnnie R.7 Nov 187512 Apr 1940 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MitchellInfant Son11 Dec 1918 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
MitchellBenjamin B.18581935 Port Republic Cemetery
MitchellElzira J.18651955 Port Republic Cemetery
MitchellEula Scott18981977 Port Republic Cemetery
MitchellJ. Claude23 Aug 191624 Jan 1981 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellEvelyn Dove14 Oct 1921243 Aug 1987 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellCareta, Mrs.19111965 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
MitchellAlice Elizabeth19191962 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellHerman T.1933 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellLouise M.1937 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellRuth E.1 Sep 1942 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellVictorene R.19222003 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellCurtis Ray25 Nov 19186 Jun 2001 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellHelen L.1934 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellOlin S.1930 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellNina E.18991984 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellLuther19061986 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellD. Jane1956 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellD. Wayne1952 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellPhyllis A.1958 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
Mitchell, Jr.Earl L.1952 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellEdith H.19152004 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellMelvin C.19161993 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellEsta R.1920 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellCletus R.1917 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellRoy H.19 Oct 192021 Apr 1971 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellDelsie C.19192000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellSara M.4 Sep 19308 Jun 2003 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellLester F.1925 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellJanet L.27 Dec 1932 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellStanley L.22 Mar 1933 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellEvelyn D.1926 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellRalph L.19241976 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellGeorge W.19231998 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellPriscilla R.1926 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellGlenn J.28 Sep 1931 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellJudy A.19 Oct 1946 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellRobert Nathan29 Sep 19228 Mar 1999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellBetty J.11 Jan 193016 Dec 1998 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellAmy Starr19672000 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
MitchellBaxter14 FEB 189216 JUN 1975 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
MitchellGertie R.28 NOV 18936 JAN 1976 Raders Lutheran Church Cemetery
MitchellAndrew M.31 Dec 191511 Aug 2003 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellLester A.12 Jul 192722 Mar 1991 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellJanice F.1 May 193621 Apr 2003 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellNina B.11 Jun 1924 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellJoseph B.22 May 190813 Jan 1999 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellMary M.7 Feb 191926 Aug 2002 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellHazel F.29 Jun 19147 Jan 2003 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellHarry C.2 May 191026 Oct 1972 Oak Lawn Cemetery
MitchellHortense L.19111942 Newtown Cemetery (*)
MitchellEdna M.1 Jun 1921 Newtown Cemetery (*)
MitchellHarold W.9 Dec 191516 Mar 1998 Newtown Cemetery (*)
MitchellGertrude8 Jun 187213 Dec 1940 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
MitchellRobert L.17 Mar 192615 Apr 2007 Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (*)
MitchellYvonne D.6 Jun 192626 Sep 1991 Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (*)