Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Rhinehart -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
RhinehartVergie Shirkey26 Oct 189820 Aug 1977 Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery
RhinehartJohn R.8 Dec 192313 Jul 1997 Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery
RhinehartPollie A.06 Oct 185509 Nov 1918 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartArtie M.28 May 186422 Sep 1929 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartSusan E.11 May 185517 Sep 1931 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartBenjamin F.27 May 185823 Jul 1939 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartMary C.12 Apr 187004 Apr 1954 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartVernon S.18921953 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartBertha D.19011985 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartCharles V.07 Jun 192830 Mar 1977 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartRalph T.09 Aug 190912 Aug 1951 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartVelva V.20 Jan 191518 Dec 1986 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartIrma O.08 Feb 1899 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartArlie V.16 Jan 1892 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartEarl L.09 Jul 1889 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartEarthel L.26 Dec 1889 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartElmo O.22 Sep 1886 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartVirgil R.27 Dec 1884 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartOlive E. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartAnnie M. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartClaude R. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartAlgernon Robert29 Mar 184211 Jan 1922 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartElla V.01 Aug 185922 Jul 1941 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartIsaac N. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartVictoria E. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartAugusta M. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartHugh S. Linville Cemetery
RhinehartInfant Daughter13 Feb 1899 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartLila Katherine18 Mar 1932 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartRay Lee Infant10 Jul 1932 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartHubert L.19001979 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartAnna M.19041961 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartRussell L.04 Jan 194512 Mar 2001 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartElaine E.23 Feb 1949 Linville Cemetery
RhinehartMary M.8 Sep 1878 Myers Family Cemetery
RhinehartIsaac27 Jan 190431 Dec 1906 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartLeona15 Dec 19022 Jan 1907 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartJohn Long5 Jan 187812 Jan 1878 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartPaul E.16 Apr 1873 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartVessie L.15 Feb 18836 Mar 1950 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartWilliam T. "Tip"5 Jan 19197 Nov 1998 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartLuke E.22 Feb 1906 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartTiffin W.12 Jan 185118 Dec 1899 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartMary J.21 Jan 18552 Jan 1901 Lacey Spring Cemetery
RhinehartInfant Of Woodbine Cemetery
RhinehartWade H.18791969 Broadway Presbyterian Church Cemetery
RhinehartLillie H.18801964 Broadway Presbyterian Church Cemetery
RhinehartKendall E.26 Sep 19264 Nov 1971 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
RhinehartNora E.21 Oct 192123 Apr 1985 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
RhinehartSarah Lucas31 May 190027 Jan 1989 Elk Run Cemetery
RhinehartWilliam H.2 Jun 189616 Aug 1968 Elk Run Cemetery
RhinehartSon23 Apr 1872 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
RhinehartIsaac17 May 1870 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
RhinehartSusan Kratzer27 Mar 1879 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
RhinehartT. A.18621944 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery