Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Southerly -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
SoutherlyFloyd A.19101987 Linville Cemetery
SoutherlyInfant Son1962 Rest Haven Cemetery
SoutherlyWayne A.19421996 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyJason W.16 Aug 191819 Nov 1982 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyAmy V.1 Feb 19241 Jul 2001 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyWilbert19061986 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyLonda M.19291985 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyWalter A.1 Jul 191320 Mar 1998 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyMarie C.3 Sep 1915 Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyDaisy Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyHiram Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyWalter Whitmer Cemetery
SoutherlyBrent Lynn11 Oct 196424 Jul 1994 Greenmount Brethren Church Cemetery
SoutherlyHannah S.18731938 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
SoutherlySol. C.18711955 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
SoutherlyWade H.19121956 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
SoutherlyConnie Sue16 Oct 195010 Oct 1960 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
SoutherlyHarry W.19 May 19388 Jul 1990 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyMeredith A.13 Jan 1941 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyDeborah Kay "Debbie"28 Apr 196414 Dec 1986 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyCharles McClory5 Jul 190512 Apr 1973 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyLena Miller17 Feb 19151 May 1993 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyFrank, Mrs. Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyRussell C.5 Jul 18996 Jul 1900 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlySarah Turner28 Feb 18661902 Oak Grove Cemetery
SoutherlyBertha K.2 Jan 191126 Jan 1991 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
SoutherlyWalter J.14 Mar 190410 Mar 1977 Mountain Valley Church Cemetery
SoutherlyDeborah S.25 Mar 195918 Aug 1959 St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
SoutherlyInfant Daughter St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery
SoutherlyLelia A.19021946 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
SoutherlyLaney H.18971978 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
SoutherlyVirgil E.6 Feb 193612 Nov 1996 Martin Luther Lutheran Church Cemetery
SoutherlyNellie B.4 Sep 190817 Jan 1970 Martin Luther Lutheran Church Cemetery
SoutherlyRuth M.19271997 Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
SoutherlyBenjamin Franklinabt 18813 Dec 1918 Pleasant Valley Alms Cemetery