Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- Trumbo -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
TrumboFrances E.16 May 193319 Dec 1998 Cherry Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
TrumboEphriam15 Oct 1839 Trumbo Family Cemetery
TrumboJoseph12 Nov 1819 Trumbo Family Cemetery
TrumboJacob30 Dec 1841 Trumbo Family Cemetery
TrumboMathias3 Dec 183315 Sep 1869 Trumbo Family Cemetery
TrumboInfant Son1931 Zion Mennonite Church Cemetery
TrumboSarah M.17 Feb 18971 Oct 1994 Zion Mennonite Church Cemetery
Trumbo, Jr.George W.11 Nov 19324 Apr 1964 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboWilma C. Shipp1 Jul 193621 Mar 1981 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboJohn JonesJan 17 188016 Jul 1960 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboSadie B. Pope13 Aug 188813 May 1972 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboJoseph T.14 Jan 187415 Nov 1925 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboAndrew J.26 Mar 18359 Mar 1928 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboMary Susan31 May 185028 Oct 1927 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboGeorge W.18 Jan 18909 Apr 1960 Timberville Cemetery
TrumboHarry E.15 Dec 19212 Jan 1999 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
TrumboFaye Jean13 Oct 1932 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
TrumboSharon Lynn15 Jun 19638 Jun 1979 St. Lukes United Church of Christ Cemetery
TrumboMamie P.3 Mar 18884 Jun 1960 Woodbine Cemetery
TrumboZachariah T.14 Jun 188322 Jul 1966 Woodbine Cemetery
TrumboGeorgia Deter10 Oct 190622 Nov 1948 Woodbine Cemetery
Trumbo, Jr.Norvell P.25 Apr 1923 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
TrumboDoris Showalter2 Aug 1927 Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery
TrumboHenrietta Cromer9 Mar 187928 Nov 1963 Dayton Cemetery
TrumboShannon Cromer16 Sep 19111 Aug 1984 Dayton Cemetery
TrumboGary Dean27 Mar 19436 Dec 1989 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboTrovillo Jay6 May 19183 Aug 1980 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboMary Leona3 May 19183 Mar 1939 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboDouglas N.28 Nov 195029 Oct 1996 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboMyrtle B.23 Nov 1919 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboWoodrow W.12 Oct 19125 May 1979 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboKinsley K.30 Nov 190710 Feb 1980 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboIrene Runion10 Oct 19082 Jun 1984 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboHarry Edgar24 Nov 190922 Apr 1997 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboShirley Shiflet2 Jan 1910 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboIlene E.21 Jun 18984 Aug 1956 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboRoy A.4 Dec 19035 Aug 1986 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboInfant daughterAug 1934 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboInfant son23 Aug 193223 Aug 1932 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboSamantha C.5 Feb 185313 Jul 1909 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboStace W.31 Aug 187618 Jan 1961 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboClyde C.27 Apr 18753 May 1954 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboNelia S.2 Mar 187919 Jun 1966 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboJo Ann26 Jan 193030 Jul 1930 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboE. Frank4 Feb 188817 Jan 1978 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboIva Rebecca25 May 188914 Jun 1958 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboFrances B.24 Oct 192822 Feb 1932 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboOwen F.3 Jul 191124 Jul 1987 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboJohn R.11 May 19167 Jul 1995 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboJ. R.12 Jan 185921 Feb 1933 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboSarah A.4 Nov 185619 Mar 1924 Oak Grove Cemetery
TrumboCharles G.18691939 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
TrumboAnnie S.18701934 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
TrumboElla Sue1942 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
TrumboWilliam Roy19331994 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
TrumboLester G.22 Sep 190028 Jan 1945 Caplinger Cemetery
TrumboAquila D(ove)8 Jul 1875(20 Jan 1951) Caplinger Cemetery
TrumboSamuel George5 Jul 1870 Caplinger Cemetery
TrumboLeonard H.18981961 Halterman-Sirk Family Cemetery
TrumboMinnie H.19052003 Halterman-Sirk Family Cemetery