Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationWest of Dayton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, travel south on Route 42 (John Wayland Highway). Just before getting to Dayton take a right on Route 732 (Eberly Road) and go 1.8 miles. (Follow Route 732 signs which will go left, over a little creek & then an immediate right turn onto Bowman Road, which is still Route 732.) Route 732 name changes again to Rushville Road. Go 1/10th mile on Rushville Road and church/cemetery is on the right side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well kept. Cemetery was recorded from the gate to the back, and from left to right facing the headstones. Notes in the "Remarks" column were provided by J. Robert Swank & Betty Rhodes Horst
Survey Date and Recorder1 Jun 2002
Robert & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
ShowalterInfant Son7 Mar 1995Recorded by Betty Rhodes Horst; s/Amos & Evelyn Wenger Showalter; No marker-2002;
001ShankNelson B.7 Jul 192618 Aug 2000Aged 74y 1m 11dh/Mary E. Eberly; s/Amos D. & Mary E. Beery Shank
001MartinJeffrey Wayne3 Jul 19725 May 1989s/Phares & Elaines/Phares M. & Elaine Marie Shank Martin
001ShowalterInfant Daughter21 Aug 1958d/Mark & Naomid/Mark & Naomi Rohrer Showalter
001SlavinWilliam D.18771960h/Pearl Smith Gentry; s/Wm. & Mary Riley Slavin
001SlavinPearl G.18771960w/W. D.; d/Wm. & Henrietta Matheny Gentry
001HorstJohn Reist28 Mar 191421 Apr 2001h/Lydian Bauman; s/John B. & Nancy Reist Horst
001HorstLeah Bauman1 Apr 195031 Jan 2000d/John R. & Lydiand/John R. & Lydian Bauman Horst
003ShowalterInfant Daughter17 Nov 195717 Nov 1957No marker-remains transferred to Riverdale Mennonite Church Cemetery in 2000
003ShowalterInfant Daughter2 Oct 19502 Oct 1950d/Marvin & RuthStillborn d/Marvin & Ruth Rhodes Showalter
003Showalter, Jr.Michael R.19 May 19301 Feb 1931Aged 8m 13d; s/M. R. & F. B.s/Michael R. & Fannie B. Heatwole Showalter
003LandesInfant Daughter18 Feb 191116 Mar 1911d/A. J. & B. B.d/Jackson & Betty Landes
003ShankDavid D.4 Sep 190927 Dec 1909s/C. D. & L. V.s/Charles & Lula Shank
003ClinePerry R.12 Sep 187221 Jan 1935h/Effie A. Burkholder; s/John & Dorcas Shoemaker Cline
003ClineEffie A.8 Aug 187914 Jul 1966w/Perry R.d/Caleb & Mary E. Heatwole Burkholder
003ClineEdward M.9 Feb 191929 Sep 1959s/P. R. & Effie A.s/Perry F. & Effie Burkholder Cline
003BeeryInfant Daughter1 Mar 1909d/J. H. & M. S.d/John & Maggie Wampler Beery
003ShankElvin M.18831957h/Beulah Beery; s/Perry & Rebecca Rhodes Shank
003ShankPerry F.18581927Fatherh/Rebecca C. Rhodes; s/Samuel & Sarah Rhodes Shank
003ShankRebecca C.18571922His wife; Motherw/Perry; d/Henry & Margaret Heatwole Rhodes
003ShankOwen R.13 May 1903Aged 13y 3m 9d; s/P. F. & R. C.s/Perry F. & Rebecca Rhodes Shank
003ShankMabel G.18 Dec 191618 Dec 1916d/A. D. & M. E.d/Amos & Mary Beery Shank
003ShankAmos D.26 Feb 188712 Sep 1958h/Mary E. Beery; s/Perry & Rebecca Rhodes Shank
003ShankMary E.18901932w/A. D.d/John & Maggie Wampler Beery
003BeeryJohn H.8 Oct 1939Aged 79y 1m 11ds/Solomon & Mary Geil Beery
003BeeryMaggie S.8 Sep 1928Aged 60y 10m 11d; w/J. H.d/Samuel & Mary Good Wampler
003HeatwoleIsaac N.14 Aug 18947 Sep 1954h/Mae K. Beery; s/John A. & Leannah Showalter Heatwole
003HeatwoleMay K.17 Mar 189811 Jan 1979w/Isaac N.; d/John & Maggie Wampler Beery
003ShowalterMichael R.14 May 189928 Nov 1982h/Fannie Belle Heatwole; s/Daniel P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
003ShowalterFannie B.14 Jan 189911 Aug 1990w/M. R. Showalterd/H. Edward & Mary F. Rodes Heatwole
003LehmanMargaret Beery1 Jan 19066 Sep 1998Motherw/Lester L.; d/John H. & Maggie S. Wampler Beery
003KnicelyLeonard F.13 Dec 190424 Jan 1994h/Ruth V. Shank; s/Amos S. & Minnie L. Jones Knicely
003KnicelyRuth V. Shank9 Jun 1912w/L. F.
004HeatwolePeter R.25 Apr 186013 Dec 1939Age 79y 7m 18dh/Clara E. Simmers; s/Peter O. & Eliz. Rhodes Heatwole
004HeatwoleSimeon, Bishop22 Mar 1918Age 86y 1m 24d; Our fathers/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
004HeatwoleRhoda E.23 Feb 1909Age 75y 10m 4d; w/Pre. Simeond/David & Betsy Foster Beery
004HeatwoleGabriel D., Pre.29 Jan 1922Age 87y 1m 25ds/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
004HeatwoleLydia4 May 1904Age 63y 6m 19d; w/Pre. G. D.d/Joseph & Susan Funk Frank
004KniceleyVada P.26 May 1905Aged 11m 18d; d/R. S. & E. L.d/Reuben S. & Etta L. Heatwole Knicely
004KniceleyReuben S.6 Jun 1905Aged 28y 2m 5d1h/Etta Heatwole; s/Lewis & Mary Coakley Kniceley
004RudyL. Etta12 Apr 1952Aged 73y 21d1w/R. S. Knicely; 2w/Jacob Rudy; d/Gabriel D. & Lydia Frank Heatwole
004EstepJames M.10 Apr 185126 Jun 1922Fathers/James & Hannah Aaronfried Estep
004EstepMagdelena23 Dec 185828 May 1925Motherw/James M.; d/Simeon & Rhoda Beery Heatwole
004KiserElizabeth C.22 Mar 1904Aged 34y 3m 28d; w/J. F.1w/Jacob F.; d/Peter O. & Eliz. Rhodes Heatwole
004KiserMinnie M.7 May 18783 Dec 1931w/J. F.2w/Jacob F.; d/Caleb & Mary Etta Heatwole Burkholder
004AndrewsInfant Child9 Sep 19109 Sep 1910Stillborn c/R. F. & C. G.c/Robert & Cleve Andrews
004JonesFranklin P.23 Feb 185329 Nov 1935h/Anna M. Heatwole; s/Meletus G. & Sarah Jane Dalhouse Jones
004JonesAnna M.24 Apr 185028 Dec 1928w/F. P.d/Peter O. & Eliz. Rhodes Heatwole
004KniceleyAlice R.31 Jan 1920Age 3y 9m 1d; d/D. C. & M. E.d/Daniel C. & Mary E. Jones Kniceley
004KniceleyDaniel C.17 May 188420 Sep 1946Dear husband & fatherh/Mary Etta Jones; s/David K. & Martha Coakley Kniceley
004KniceleyMary Etta29 Jul 188521 Feb 1965Dear motherw/Daniel C.; d/Frank & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
004KnicelyInfant Daughter26 May 195926 May 1959d/D. F. & MabelStillborn d/David F. & Mabel R. Beery Knicely
004ShankOwen E.9 Feb 191815 Oct 1993Age 75y 8m 6dh/Reba Catherine Knicely; s/Amos D. & Mary E. Beery Shank
004ShankReba Knicely31 Jan 19185 Jan 2001Age 82y 1m 5d; w/Owen E.d/Daniel C. & Mary Etta Jones Knicely
004ShankIrene E.1 Oct 194729 Jan 1976Age 28y 3m 28dd/Owen & Reba Knicely Shank
004MartinOscar J., Minister13 Dec 192010 Jun 1990Age 69y 5m 28dh/Blanche Knicely; s/Daniel J. & Marthan Martin Martin
005BurkholderJohn S.13 Jul 190910 Dec 1990Age 81y 3m 27dh/Vernie M. Knicely; s/Oliver A. & Anna G. Showalter Burkholder
005BurkholderVernie M. Knicely18 Nov 190716 Mar 1990Age 82y 3m 26d; w/J. S.d/Fielding H. & Maggie Wenger Knicely
005KooglerJohn Ervin19022002McMullen funeral home marker only; died 24 May 2002; h/Louetta Knicely; s/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger Koogler
005KooglerLouetta J. Knicely5 May 19002 Nov 1983Age 83y 5m 27d; w/John E. Kooglerd/Amos & Minnie Jones Knicely
005KooglerJoseph O.18 Sep 18942 Jan 1966Fatherh/Maggie E. Rohrer; s/Ervin & Rebecca Wenger Koogler
005KooglerMaggie Edith Rohrer7 Aug 18908 Sep 1994Mother; w/J. O.d/Israel H. & Lydia Ann Rhodes Rohrer
005KooglerMattie Rebecca5 Dec 189831 Dec 1969d/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger Koogler
005KooglerPriscilla F.27 Apr 1910Aged 17y 4m 29d; d/Ervin & Rebeccad/Ervin & Rebecca Wenger Koogler
005KooglerErvin L.18671929Fatherh/Rebecca S. Wenger; s/James & Mary Frances Curry Koogler
005KooglerRebecca S.18691927Mother; His wifew/Ervin L.; d/Jacob & Priscilla Geil Wenger
005HeatwoleLaura18721957w/H. A.2w/H. A. Heatwole; d/Lewis D. & Mary Coakley Knicely
005HeatwoleHugh A.3 Mar 185514 Mar 191055y 11ds/Abram D. & Magdalene Rhodes Heatwole
005HeatwoleLaura Shank18601905w/H. A.1w/H. A. Heatwole; d/Michael & Lydia Beery Shank
005HeatwoleEmanuel, Pre.22 Dec 185422 Oct 1941Fatherh/Sarah C. Kate Fishback; s/Simeon & Rhoda E. Beery Heatwole
005HeatwoleS. C. Kate27 Sep 1927Aged 72y 4m 12d; Mother; w/Pre. Emanueld/Albert C. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
005LahmanPaul J.3 Dec 189222 Mar 1958Fathers/Peter & Susannah Wenger Lahman
005LahmanMinnie S.30 Oct 188817 Oct 1976Motherw/P. J.; d/Emanuel & S. C. Kate Fishback Heatwole
005LahmanNaomi R.1 Sep 19231 Sep 1923d/P. J. & M. C.d/Paul J. & Minnie Heatwole Lahman
005KnicelyRalph E.9 Jun 191125 Aug 1911s/C. H. & B. E.s/Chas. H. & Bertie E. Heatwole Knicely
005GoodAlice Grace30 Jan 193210 Jan 196229y 11m 10d; d/Oliver & Arlened/Oliver L. & Arlene Rohrer Good
005GoodEsther Louise6 Mar 19496 May 19523y 2m; d/Oliver & Arlened/Oliver L. & Arlene Rohrer Good
005GoodLewis P., Pre.15 Sep 187518 Nov 1931Our dear husband & fatherh/Fannie M. Jones; s/Bishop Christian & Annie Heatwole Good
005GoodFannie M.29 May 18742 Jul 1936Our dear mother; w/Lewis P.d/Frank & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
005KooglerTwin Daughters7 May 1938d/D. W. & Josie I.d/Danl. W. & Josie I. Good Koogler
005KooglerDaniel W.12 Sep 190425 Apr 1981h/Josie I. Good; s/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger Koogler
005KooglerJosie I. Good7 Oct 190715 Nov 1987w/Daniel W.d/Lewis P. & Fannie M. Jones Good
005GoodOliver Lewis25 Nov 19038 Nov 1987Age 83y 11m 3dh/Arlene S. Rohrer; s/Lewis P. & Fannie M. Jones Good
005GoodArlene R.16 Sep 190819 Nov 1986Age 78y 2m 3d; w/Oliver L.d/Henry W. & Bertie Simmers Rhorer
005ShowalterWilliam H.5 May 19338 Aug 1975h/Mary Ellen Koogler; s/Michael R. & Fannie Belle Heatwole Showalter
005RhodesJoseph D.22 May192827 Jun 1999Age 71y 1m 5dh/Wilda M. Burkholder; s/Lewis J. & Mattie F. Jones Rhodes
006ClineRussell D., Bishop7 Jul 190217 May 1969Age 66y 10m 10dh/Mabel R. Rohrer; s/Perry & Effie A. Burkholder Cline
006ClineMabel R. Rohrer12 Mar 19089 Dec 1994Age 86y 8m 27d; w/Russell D.d/Israel H. & Lydia Ann rhodes Rohrer
006BeeryDavid S.12 Jan 192124 Jul 1993Age 72y 6m 12ds/Ward E. & Mary Amelia Showalter Beery
006BeeryWard E.13 Jan 189226 Jan 1968Age 76y 13dh/Mary A. Showalter; s/Joseph G. & Rebecca Ann Rhodes Beery
006BeeryMary Showalter9 Apr 189423 Nov 1996Age 102y 7m 14dw/Ward E.; d/Daniel R. & Hettie E. Rohrer Showalter
006MartinElmer15 Feb 189015 Feb 1966h/Bertha E. Wenger; s/John & Martha Hursh Martin
006MartinBertha E.30 Oct 189317 Nov 1964w/Elmerd/Daniel & Frances Heatwole Wenger
006MartinAmos W.3 Oct 1928
006MartinElizabeth C.17 Apr 1928
006MartinInfant Son26 Mar 1957s/Amos & Elizabeths/Amos W. & Eliz. C. Lahman Martin
006KeytonWilmer5 Feb 19046 Feb 1905s/W. J. & L. A.s/Will & Lydiann Blosser Keyton
006BlosserMartin S.12 Mar 1905Aged 7 dass/Ernest & Bertie Brown Blosser
006BlosserWillie J.14 Apr 1908s/Ernest & Bertie Brown Blosser
006BlosserJohn R.1 Apr 1910Aged 1y 1ms/Ernest & Bertie Brown Blosser
006ShiffletFannie R.10 Oct 1918Aged 24y 7m; w/L. N.d/Samuel & Emma Shifflet Blosser
006ShiffletIcy R.24 Oct 1918Aged 16 das; d/L. N. & F. R.d/Leslie & Fannie Blosser Shifflet
006HuffmanOllie Barbara9 Oct 190427 Sep 1954w/Warner; d/Solomon & Hettie Thacker Wenger
006LahmanDavid Daniel9 May 19112 Jan 1996Aged 84y 8m 23ds/John Daniel & Lucy Alice Weaver Lahman
006WengerSarah E.13 Sep 1905Aged 1m 17d; d/Sol. & H. J. Wengerd/Solomon & Hettie Thacker Wenger
006WengerInfant Son6 Apr 1914Aged 9 hours; s/S. & H. J.s/Solomon & Hettie Thacker Wenger
006WengerSolomon8 Dec 185710 Oct 1920s/Daniel & Sarah Coffman Wenger
006WengerHettie J.19 May 186926 Oct 1922His wifew/Sol.; d/Levi & Barbara Byrd Thacker
006ShowalterRuth3 Aug 19133 Aug 1913d/J. R. & W. G.d/John R. & Wilda G. Brunk Showalter
006ShowalterInfant10 Oct 1927Stillborn Infant/J. R. & W. G.c/John R. & Wilda G. Brunk Showalter
006ShowalterHarry B.11 May 191224 Oct 1918s/J. R. & W. G.s/John R. & Wilda G. Brunk Showalter
006ShowalterInfant Twins16 Jun 192716 Jun 1927Infants of J. R. & W. G.c/John R. & Wilda G. Brunk Showalter
006ShowalterJohn R.15 Feb 188316 Feb 1965h/Wilda G. Brunk; s/Dan P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
006ShowalterWilda G.9 Dec 18893 Feb 1991w/John R.; d/Gabriel H. & M. E. Young Brunk
006ShowalterDaniel R.18971969Fatherh/Anna Mary Koogler; s/Daniel P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
006ShowalterAnna Mary18961962Motherw/D. R.; d/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger Koogler
006ShowalterErvin C.22 Aug 1934Aged 10y 3m 1d; s/D. R. & A. M.s/Daniel R. & Anna M. Koogler Showalter
006ShowalterSarah F.24 Oct 1953Aged 9 das; d/Nathan & Mary E.d/Nathan & Mary Witmer Showalter
006ShankRaymond B.21 Mar 191030 Jan 199180y 10m 9dh/Alam M. Rhodes; s/Wm. J. & Sadie Barnhart Shank
006ShankAlma M.12 Dec 190921 Jan 199484y 1m 9dw/Raymond B.; d/Lewis J. & Mattie Jones Rhodes
006ShankIda V.9 Mar 191323 Jan 1998d/J. Luther & Cornelia
006ShankLista E.16 Nov 19043 Aug 1943d/J. Luther & Cornelia
006ShankJ. Luther12 Apr 187821 Dec 1951h/Cornelia F. Craun; s/Daniel P. & Mary Ruff Shank
006ShankNelia F.14 Jun 188212 Mar 1923w/J. Luther; d/George & Martha Simmons Craun
006ShankJacob12 Feb 1920Stillborn s/J. L. & N. F.
006ShankSamuel L.16 Aug 19178 Aug 1974h/Edith V. Rohrer; s/J. Luther & Cornelia F. Craun Shank
006ShankEdith Virginia Rohrer27 Mar 192221 Apr 1999w/Samuel L.d/Henry W. & Bertie F. Simmers Rohrer
006KnicelyDewitt P.15 Aug 190217 Feb 1978h/Alda Shank; s/Amos S. & Minnie L. Jones Knicely
006KnicelyAlda C. Shank22 Feb 19065 Nov 1992w/Dewitt P.d/Jacob Luther & Cornelia F. Craun Shank
006ShankJohn D.13 May 19157 Jan 1979s/Luther & Cornelia Craun Shank
006ShankAlma E.15 Aug 19191 Jan 1997w/John D.d/Amos D. & Mary E. Beery Shank
007RohrerFrank Israel14 Feb 190528 Jun 198883y 4m 14dh/Marie Knicely; s/Israel H. & Lydia Ann Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerA. Marie Knicely15 Oct 190926 Jan 200191y 3m 11d; w/Frank I.d/Daniel C. & Mary Etta Jones Knicely
007LehmanRachel Ellen24 Aug 195214 Nov 1960d/Carl & Anna Mary Rice Lehman
007HorstPaul D.22 Aug 19131 Oct 1982Age 69y 1m 9d1w-A. Evanglene Rohrer; 2w-Emma Lahman; s/Harvey & Susan Witmer Horst
007HorstAnna Evangeline4 Oct 19148 Jul 1957Age 42y 9m 4dw/Paul D.; d/Wm. R. & Annie E. Jones Rohrer
007HorstEmma Susannah Layman17 Jan 191811 Oct 1999Age 81y 8m 24d; w/Paul D.d/Jacob E. & Eliz. Horst Lahman
007KnicelyFielding H.1 Mar 187527 Jun 1967h/Maggie Wenger; s/David & Martha Coakley Knicely
007KnicelyMaggie W.12 Aug 18803 Sep 1965w/Fielding; d/Daniel & Frances Heatwole Wenger
007KnicelyMartha F.18 Jul 1905Stillborn d/F. H. & M. S.d/Fielding & Maggie Wenger Knicely
007WengerLaura F.17 Jul 1906Aged 1y 27d; d/E. J. & N. B.d/Emanuel & Nora B. Keyton Wenger
007MartinJonathan25 May 187930 Apr 1969h/Martha Martin; s/Samuel & Ann Hoover Martin
007MartinMartha11 Sep 187814 Jan 1966w/Daniel J.d/John & Mary Good Martin
007G.A. W.Footstone only-recorded in 2002
007SimmonsIrene C.10 Mar 191711 Mar 1917Infant/F. E. & V. A.d/Frank E. & Verdie Jones Simmons
007SimmonsDoris F.5 Oct 19205 Oct 1920Infant/F. E. & V. A.d/Frank E. & Verdie Jones Simmons
007SimmonsDaniel F.27 Aug 192127 Aug 1921Infant/F. E. & V. A.s/Frank E. & Verdie Jones Simmons
007UnknownFootstone-no initials-recorded in 2002
007WengerRudolph O.19001965h/Minnie Breeden; s/Solomon & Hettie Thacker Wenger
007WengerMinnie B.19091995His wifew/Rudolph O.; d/Thomas J. & Mary L. Sprinkle Breeden
007RohrerAmos D.22 Mar 189225 Oct 1967Age 75y 7m 3dh/Josie E. Jones; s/Israel H. & Lydia A. Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerJosie E. Jones18 Nov 189120 Mar 1984Age 92y 4m 2d; w/Amos D.d/Franklin P. & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
007RohrerInfant Daughter24 Mar 191724 Mar 1917d/A. D. & J. E.d/Amos D. & Josie E. Jones Rohrer
007MartinRuth Virginia Rohrer24 Mar 19172 Sep 1997Twinw/Harvey A.; d/Amos D. & Josie E. Jones Rohrer
007MartinHarvey Allen19 Jun 1916
007EberlyAmos30 Jul 188829 Sep 1963Fatherh/Ava Myra Rohrer; s/John & Barbara Nolt Eberly
007EberlyAva M.13 Feb 188719 Jan 1974Motherw/Amos; d/Israel H. & Lydia Ann Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerMattie L.27 Jun 1954Aged 85y 10m 26d; Auntd/Israel & Anna Hess Rohrer
007RohrerIsrael H.24 Feb 1931Aged 71y 7d; Fatherh/Lydia A. Rhodes; s/Israel & Anna Hess Rohrer
007RohrerLydia A.18 Dec 1941Aged 77y 10m 18d; Mother; w/Israeld/Henry & Margaret Heatwole Rhodes
007RohrerMary E.29 Jan 190319 Feb 1996d/Israel & Lydia; Auntd/Israel & Lydia Ann Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerHenry W.18 Sep 188815 Oct 1969Fatherh/Bertie Simmers; s/Israel H. & Lydia A. Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerBertie Frances13 Apr 189017 Oct 1937Mother; w/Henry W.d/Geo. A. & Margaret Rhodes Simmers
007RohrerWilliam Rhodes19 Apr 18949 Sep 196369y 4m 21dh/Annie E. Jones; s/Israel H. & Lydia Ann Rhodes Rohrer
007RohrerAnnie Elizabeth15 Feb 189418 Oct 198793y 8m 3d; w/William R.d/Franklin P. & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
007RohrerInfant Son8 Dec 19399 Dec 1939s/W. R. & A. E.s/W. R. & Annie E. Jones Rohrer
007RohrerInfant Son29 Jul 193830 Jul 1938s/W. R. & A. E.s/W. R. & Annie E. Jones Rohrer
007RohrerDaughter5 Jun 1916d/W. R. & A. E.Stillborn; d/Wm. R. & Annie E. Jones Rohrer
007ShankD. P.24 Dec 19104 Sep 1984Age 73y 8m 11dh/Anna E. Showalter; s/J. Luther & Cornelia F. Craun Shank
007ShowalterClaude Rohrer16 Apr 19207 Feb 199473y 9m 21dh/Grace M. Rohrer; s/Israel R. & Larue Z. Heatwole Showalter
008WitmerPhares M.9 Feb 189410 Feb 198389y 1dh/Minnie S. Rhodes; s/John J. & Fannie Martin Witmer
008WitmerMinnie S. Rhodes24 May 190127 Feb 196967y 9m 3d; w/Phares M.d/Alfred Henry & Mary (Maggie) Lahman Rhodes
008WitmerRuth Nettie3 Feb 19247 Mar 199369y 1m 4d; d/Phares & Minnied/Phares Martin & Minnie S. Rhodes Witmer
008HeatwoleSteven Lynn7 Dec 1963Aged 2 das; s/Paul & Orphas/Paul S. & Orpha A. Knicely Heatwole
008ShowalterJustus Koogler, Bishop25 Sep 192021 Apr 1999Age 78y 6m 27dh/Mary R. Heatwole; s/Daniel R. & Anna M. Koogler Showalter
008ShowalterMabel Elizabeth12 Nov 194718 Nov 1989Age 41y 7m 6d; d/Justus & Maryd/Justus & Mary Heatwole Showalter
008ShowalterLuke H.14 Jan 195215 Jun 1956s/Justus & Marys/Rev. Justus K. & Mary R. Heatwole Showalter
008ByerlyWade H.15 Oct 191611 Feb 1917c/Peach & Maggiec/Peach & Maggie Wenger Byerly
008ByerlyIva L.10 Sep 191819 Nov 1918c/Peach & Maggiec/Peach & Maggie Wenger Byerly
008WengerJohn C.29 Jun 184827 Dec 1923s/Ephraim & Susannah Good Wenger
008WengerMary C.5 Jul 185123 Mar 1933w/J. C.d/Thomas & Sidney Jones Payne
008GoodMarie19141919c/Welden I. & Leota A.c/Welden & Leota Wenger Good
008GoodLorene O.19161916c/Welden I. & Leota A.c/Welden & Leota Wenger Good
008GoodMattie P.19231923c/Welden I. & Leota A.c/Welden & Leota Wenger Good
008GoodAlfred W.19181928c/Welden I. & Leota A.
008GoodWeldon I.18901957h/Leota Wenger; s/Isaac & Mary Ashenfelter Good
008GoodLeota A.18931974w/W. I.; d/Perry B. & Hettie Trissel Wenger
008HeatwoleH. Edward23 Aug 187012 Dec 1954Age 84y 3m 19dh/Mary F. Rodes; s/Gabriel D. & Lydia Frank Heatwole
008HeatwoleMary F.10 Apr 187125 Mar 1949Age 77y 11m 15d; w/H. E.d/David E. & Fannie Lineweaver Rodes
008BlosserSamuel H.18551945Fatherw/Emma C. Shifflet; s/Peter & Magdalene Rhodes Blosser
008BlosserEmma C.18591930Motherw/Samuel H.; nee Shifflet
008LahmanLester F.9 Jul 192129 Dec 1930s/E. D. & K. L.s/Ephraim & Katie Blosser Lahman
008LahmanEphrim D.24 Mar 189020 Nov 1942Fatherw/Katie Blosser; s/Peter & Susanna Wenger Lahman
008LahmanKatie L.10 Feb 18966 Jul 1976Mother; w/E. D.d/Samuel H. & Emma C. Shifflet Blosser
008RohrerInfant Son14 May 1953s/Marvin & Ethels/Marvin & Ethle Knicely Rohrer
008RohrerEthel G. Knicely5 May 191431 Dec 2000w/Marvin D.d/Daniel C. & Mary Etta Jones Knicely
008RohrerMarvin Daniel27 Aug 19128 Oct 19911w-Reba C. Shank; 2w-Ethel G. Knicely; s/Henry W. & Bertie F. Simmers Rohrer
008RohrerReba C. Shank14 Oct 19072 Apr 1947Motherw/Marvin; d/J. Luther & Cornelia Craun Shank
008RohrerInfant Daughter2 Apr 1947And Infant Daughterburied with mother Reba
008Rohrer, Sr.John Sanford12 Oct 19002 Jun 19921w-Zelda N. Heatwole 1904-1931; 2w-Anna Mae Martin; s/Israel H. & Lydia A. Rhodes Rohrer
008RohrerAnna Mae (Martin)24 Dec 190516 Feb 1994w/John Sanford, Sr.; d/Daniel J. & Martha Martin Martin
008RohrerInfant Son22 Jan 1947s/J. S. & Anna Maes/J. S. & Anna Mae Martin Rohrer
008WengerAbram D.9 Jan 18912 Apr 1934h/Eva Harper; s/Daniel & Frances Heatwole Wenger
008WengerEva Harper14 Jun 189426 Aug 1974w/A. D.; d/Solomon & Lena Grogg Harper
008ShowalterInfant Daughter14 Jan 1986Stillborn d/Amos & EvelynOn same stone; d/Amos & Evelyn Wenger Showalter
008ShowalterInfant Daughter3 Feb 1989Stillborn d/Amos & EvelynOn same stone; d/Amos & Evelyn Wenger Showalter
008ShowalterMargaret Frances Knicely17 Apr 194511 Mar 1994Age 48y 10m 27d; w/Byard H.d/Harvey & Susannah Witmer Horst
008ShowalterMarian Lorraine22 Mar 200131 Mar 2001Infant d/David & Rebad/David A. & Reba M. Wenger Showalter
009RhodesLois V. Shirk24 Jul 19427 Apr 1992w/Homer Daniel; d/Christian S. & Esther (Ruth) Beery Shirk
009RhodesIrene Amanda Good13 Oct 192620 Aug 1979w/Edwin R.d/Franklin R. & Stella V. Wenger Good
009RhodesSamuel L.27 Jan 189620 Mar 1965h/Ella A. Rohrer; s/Martin B. & Eliz. (Bettie) Brunk Rhodes
009RhodesElla A. Rohrer14 Mar 18983 Jun 1991w/S. L.d/Israel H. & Lydia A. Rhodes Rohrer
009RhodesInfant Son14 Jan 1956s/John C. & Louise C.s/John C. & Louise Koogler Rhodes
009RhodesWm. P.5 Oct 18531 Oct 1935Aged 81y 11m 26d; Our uncles/Fredrick & Magdalene Heatwole Rhodes
009RhodesReuben S., Dea.1 Oct 1935Aged 77y 4m 5d; Our fatherDeacon; s/Frederick A. & Magdalene Heatwole Rhodes
009RhodesMary Magdalene26 May 1919Aged 59y 5m 18d; Our mother; w/R. S.1w/Reuben S.; d/Peter & Fannie Beery Rhodes
009RhodesMargaret E. Weller6 Nov 186326 Jun 1935Age 71y 7m 20d1w/Philip Weller; 2w/Reuben S. Rhodes; d/Simeon & Rhoda E. Beery Heatwole
009RhodesMartin B.20 Sep 1927Aged 74y 8m 14dh/Eliz. Bettie Brunk; s/Peter & Anna Beery Rhodes
009RhodesElizabeth Brunk28 Oct 1934Aged 80y 7m 6d; w/M. B.d/John & Anna Weaver Brunk
009RhodesWebster C.8 Mar 18909 Mar 1972Fatherh/S. Mabel Showalter; s/Reuben S. & Mary M. Rhodes Rhodes
009RhodesS. Mabel18 Oct 18916 Feb 1969Motherw/Webster C.; d/Daniel P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
009RhodesFrank W.21 Mar 191817 Sep 1918s/W. C. & S. M.s/Webster C. & S. Mabel Showalter Rhodes
009RhodesDaniel R.13 May 1924Aged 9m 15d; s/W. C. & S. M.s/Webster C. & S. Mabel Showalter Rhodes
009RhodesLewis J.18831960Fatherh/Mattie F. Jones; s/Reuben S. & Mary M. Rhodes Rhodes
009RhodesMattie F.18821956Motherw/Lewis J.; d/Franklin P. & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
009RhodesInfant Son11 Mar 1924Stillborn; s/L. J. & M. F.s/Lewis J. & Mattie Jones Rhodes
009HeatwoleWm. T.18701934h/Sallie C. Knicely; s/Simeon & Rhoda E. Beery Heatwole
009HeatwoleSallie C.18691957His wifew/W. T.; d/David K. & Martha Coakley Knicely
009HeatwoleNewton S.14 Jul 1936Aged 69y 5m 11d; Fathers/Simeon & Rhoda E. Beery Heatwole
009HeatwoleMary M.15 May 1941Aged 73y 1m 24d; Mother; w/Newton S.d/Simeon & Christina Wenger Hildebrand
009HeatwoleEdna E.19 Aug 189322 Dec 1975Age 82y 4m 3dd/Newton S. & Mary M. Hildebrand Heatwole
009HeatwoleHarold V.20 Oct 19209 Jul 195332y 8m 19d; s/Calvin & Florences/Calvin & Florence Beery Heatwole
009HeatwoleCalvin S.21 Jul 189516 Dec 195358y 4m 25d; Fatherh/M. Florence Beery; s/Newton S. & Mary Hildebrand Heatwole
009HeatwoleM. Florence15 Oct 189016 May 1991100y 7m 1d; w/Calvin S.d/Joseph G. & Rebecca Ann Rhodes Beery
009HorstJoseph K.12 Nov 193412 Nov 1934s/A. H. & P. F.s/Amos H. & Pauline F. Knicely Horst
009HorstMahlon C.16 Aug 191025 Aug 199484y 9dh/Artie Knicely; s/Harvey & Susanna Witmer Horst
009HorstArtie L. Knicely4 Jun 190613 Oct 198781y 4m 9d; w/Mahlon C.d/Fielding H. & Maggie Wenger Knicely
009HorstLaura W.9 Dec 19002 Dec 1936Aged 35y 11m 23d; d/H. & S.d/Henry & Susannah Witmer Horst
009HorstRufus L.29 Nov 190324 Feb 1933Aged 29y 2m 25d; s/H. & S.s/Henry & Susan Witmer Horst
009BeeryWalter R.25 Aug 189929 Apr 199393y 8m 4d; Deacon; Husband/Mary F. Shanks/Joseph G. & Rebecca Ann Rhodes Beery
009BeeryMary F.19 Jul 190226 Mar 1986Age 83y 8m 7d; w/Walter R.d/James (Jim) & Lydia Lehman Shank
010ZimmermanMatthew S.28 Sep 1969Age 7 das; s/Allen & Ermas/Allen & Erma Rohrer Zimmerman
010ShirkNoah G.24 May 189119 Feb 197078y 8m 25d; Fatherh/Sue Etta Shirk; s/Christian & Louisa Garman Shirk
010ShirkSue Etta7 Oct 18924 Apr 196774y 5m 27d; Mother; w/Noah G.d/David & Leah Martin Shirk
010ShirkJ. Paul7 Dec 191921 Jun 1992Age 72y 6m 14dh/Martha R. Knicely; s/Noah G. & Sue Etta Shirk
010ShirkMartha Knicely31 Dec 19209 Mar 1997Age 76y 2m 9dw/J. Paul; d/Daniel C. & Mary Etta Jones Knicely
010WengerAmos D.16 Apr 189715 May 1975h/Nettie Rhodes; s/John Dan & Eliz. F. Good Wenger
010WengerNettie E.19 Jan 189722 Dec 1978w/Amos D.; d/Reuben S. & Mary M. Rhodes Rhodes
010WengerReuel D.11 Apr 1924Age 4m 9d; s/A. D. & M. E.s/Amos D. & Mattie E. Rhodes Wenger
010WengerMartha E.28 Mar 1935Age 14y 6m 8d; d/A. D. & M. E.d/Amos D. & Mattie Rhodes Wenger
010WengerPaul Rhodes8 Feb 191929 Aug 1943Age 24y 6m 21dh/Hazel C. Rohrer; s/Amos D. & Mattie Rhodes Wenger
010LandesJohn A.31 May 185917 Jul 1927Aged 68y 1m 17dh/Priscilla Beery; s/Daniel & Barbara Lehman Landes
010LandesPriscilla C.6 Nov 185818 Jun 1932Aged 73y 7m 12d; w/John A.d/Solomon & Mary Geil Beery
010LandesEtta B.13 May 188621 Mar 1967Age 80y 10m 8dd/John A. & Priscilla C. Beery Landes
010LandesMinor W.1 Feb 189023 May 1976Aged 86y 3m 22d; h/Ida Belleh/Ida Belle Rhodes; s/John & Priscilla Beery Landes
010LandesIda Belle24 Jul 189231 Jul 1964Aged 72y 7d; w/Minord/Reuben S. & Maggie Rhodes
010WengerJ. Samuel18831934h/Elise Ritchie; s/John C. & Mary C. Payne Wenger
010ThompsonElsie Wenger189019701h-J. Samuel Wenger; 2h-J. Luther Thompson; d/John F. & Mary E. Liskey Ritchie
010HeatwoleConrad S.24 Apr 1954Age 91y 7m 25dh/V. Annes Rhodes; s/Peter A. & Eliz. Rhodes Heatwole
010HeatwoleV. Annise28 Sep 1935Age 69y 9m 25d; w/C. S.d/Henry & Mary Frank Rhodes
010ShowalterIsrael R.18861963s/Dan P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
010ShowalterLarue Z.189019501w/Daniel R.; d/Conrad S. & Virginia A. Rhodes Heatwole
010ShowalterDaniel P.24 Aug 185117 Oct 1938Fatherh/Hettie E. Rohrer; s/John B. & Elizabeth Driver Showalter
010ShowalterHettie E.26 Feb 185824 Jan 1944Motherw/Daniel P.; d/Israel & Anna Hess Rohrer
010BurkholderOliver A.16 Jun 188424 Jul 1937Fatherh/Anna Grace Showalter; s/Caleb & Mary Etta Heatwole Burkholder
010BurkholderAnna G.18 Oct 18849 Aug 1949Motherw/O. A.; d/Daniel P. & Hettie Rohrer Showalter
010BurkholderRoy Dewitt24 Jan 190827 Feb 1993Fatherh/Mary Rebecca Rodes; s/Oliver Atlee & Anna Grace Showalter Burkholder
010BurkholderMary R. Rodes21 Sep 19045 Feb 1991Motherw/Roy D.; d/John H. & Emma S. Martin Rodes
010EarlyJ. Roy18791970Fathers/Samuel & Frances Rhodes Early
010EarlyIda E.18811945Motherw/J. Roy; d/Daniel P. & Hettie E. Rohrer Showalter
010MartinInfant Daughter17 Nov 1935d/P. T. & R. L.d/Paul & Ruby Rohrer Martin
010MartinPaul T.12 Sep 19106 Sep 1985h/Ruby L. Rohrer; s/Amos & Leah Weaver Martin
010MartinRuby L.28 Sep 191318 May 1995w/Paul T.; d/Wm. R. & Annie E. Jones Rohrer
010GoodFranklin Rush16 Dec 18998 Mar 1986h/Stella V. Wenger; s/Lewis P. & Fannie M. Jones Good
010GoodStella V. Wenger10 Jun 189919 Feb 2001w/Franklin R.; d/Adam & Amanda H. Rohrer Wenger
011WengerInfant Son15 Jun 1962s/Samuel D. & Mildred A.s/Samuel D. & Mildred A. Rohrer Wenger
011GoodJohn Oliver17 May 193626 Sep 19931w-Edith Eliz. Wenger; 2w-Frances Ellen Rohrer; s/Oliver L. & Arlene S. Rohrer Good
011GoodEdith Elizabeth28 Feb 193811 Jan 1962w/John O.d/John J. & Naomi V. Early Wenger
011RhodesReuben F.14 Jul 191311 Dec 1997Age 84y 4m 27d1w-Esther P. Wenger; 2w-Vada M. Beery; s/Lewis J. & Mattie F. Jones Rhodes
011RhodesEsther P.10 Jul 191310 Mar 1973Age 59y 8m; w/Reuben F.d/John Dan & Elizabeth (Fannie) Good Wenger
011RhodesInfant Son19 Jun 195620 Jun 1956s/R. F. & Esthers/R. F. & Esther Wenger Rhodes
011WengerJacob8 Nov 184315 Feb 192581y 3m 7dh/Priscilla Geil; s/Ephraim & Susannah Good Wenger; f/Bishop John Danl.
011WengerPriscilla15 Jan 18371 Apr 193194y 2m 16d; w/Jacobw/Jacob; d/Bishop John & Mary Driver Geil
011WengerJohn D., Bishop17 Apr 187124 Mar 1967Age 95y 11m 7dh/Eliz. F. Good; s/Jacob & Priscilla Geil Wenger
011WengerElizabeth F.20 Jan 186921 Oct 1951Age 82y 9m 1d; w/J. D.w/J. D.; d/Bishop Christian & Anna Heatwole Good
011WengerPaul E., Bishop8 Oct 190419 Jul 1979Age 74y 9m 11dh/Hazel Heatwole; s/John Dan & Eliz. F. Good Wenger
011WengerHazel Marie19062002McMullen funeral home marker only; died 5 Jan 2002; w/Paul E.; d/H. Edward & Mary F. Rodes Heatwole
011WengerJohn M.4 Apr 193031 Aug 1998Age 68y 4m 27ds/Peachey B. & Ada E. Landes Wenger
011WengerPeachey B.15 Mar 18954 Dec 1950Age 55y 8m 19dh/Ada A. Landes; s/John M. & Nannie Byerly Wenger
011WengerAda E. Landes26 Feb 18969 Jan 1957Age 60y 10m 14dw/P. B.; d/John A. & Priscilla C. Beery Landes
011ShankPerry F.11 Jun 1925Stillborn s/P. T. & A. F.s/Paul & Annie Heatwole Shank
011ShankPaul T.23 Jan 189728 Aug 1975h/Annie Heatwole; s/Perry F. & Rebecca C. Rhodes Shank
011ShankAnnie F.3 Jan 18937 Sep 1986w/Paul T.; d/Emanuel & S. C. Kate Fishback Heatwole
011ShowalterTracy Knicely10 Sep 18908 Sep 1968w/Israel R.; d/Amos S. & Minnie L. Jones Knicely
011KnicelyAmos S.19 Sep 1942Aged 70y 1m 2dh/Minnie L. Jones; s/David & Martha Jane Coakley Knicely
011KnicelyMinnie L.15 Dec 1958Aged 82y 9m 24d;w/ Amos S.d/Frank & Annie M. Heatwole Jones
011BurkholderDaniel S.5 Dec 191221 Nov 1966h/Hazel C. Shank; s/Oliver A. & Anna Grace Showalter Burkholder
011BurkholderHazel C.23 Mar 1921
011BurkholderInfant Son15 Feb 1965Aged 10 hours; s/D. S. & Hazel C.s/Daniel & Hazel Shank Burkholder
011WengerJoseph Henry11 Sep 192618 Oct 1997Age 71y 1m 7dh/Josie E. Rohrer; s/Amos D. & Mary E. Wenger Wenger
011WengerInfant Son19 Nov 1956s/Joseph & Josies/Jos. H. & Josie E. Rohrer Wenger
011WengerInfant Son1 Jun 1951s/Joseph & JosieStillborn s/Jos. H. & Josie E. Rohrer Wenger
011EberlyHarold Lee19522001McMullen funeral home marker only; d/28 Nov 2001; s/Edwin W. & Martha F. Shank Eberly
011WitmerInfant Son27 Oct 1954s/D. R. & Lena F.s/Daniel & Lena Rhodes Witmer
011WitmerInfant Son23 Oct 1938s/Merle M. & Annie C.
011GoodMarion S.27 Feb 19135 Jun 1986h/Esther Martin; s/Lewis P. & Fannie M. Jones Good
011GoodEsther M.27 Jan 19151 Apr 1987w/Marion S.; d/Daniel J. & Martha Martin Martin
013WengerJason Wayne22 Jun 19734 Sep 1994s/Willard & Elsies/Williard & Elsie F. Eberly Wenger
013HeatwoleIra A.1 Nov 189224 Apr 1976Age 83y 5m 23dh/Annie Wenger; s/John A. & Leannah Showalter Heatwole
013HeatwoleAnnie R.9 Jan 189424 Feb 1980Age 86y 1m 15d; w/Ira A.d/John D. & Eliz. F. Good Wenger
013WengerInfant Daughter12 Jun 1958Age 1 day; Infant d/Marion & Ruthd/Marion & Ruth Horst Wenger
013WengerAmos Daniel11 Aug 189727 Jun 198789y 10m 15dh/Mary E. Wenger; s/Adam & Amanda Rohrer Wenger
013WengerMary E.20 May 190012 Sep 199393y 3m 23d; w/Amosd/John Dan & Eliz. F. Good Wenger
013WengerMiriam Frances29 Oct 192722 Mar 200173y 4m 21d; Aunt; d/Amos & Mary
013LahmanJacob E.8 Mar 18869 May 1942Age 56y 2m 1dh/Eliz. Horst; s/Peter & Susanna Wenger Lahman
013LahmanAnnie M.31 Mar 18884 Jul 1952Age 64y 3m 4dw/J. E.; d/Reuben S. & Mary M. Rhodes
013HorstNaomi Virginia19 Oct 192422 Dec 1941Age 17y 2m 2dd/Earl & Mary Rhodes Horst
013RhodesAlfred Henry26 Aug 187518 Dec 1950Age 75y 3m 22dh/Mary Madgelene Lahman; s/Fredrick & Catherine Swartz Rhodes
013RhodesMary Magdeline24 Nov 187818 Sep 1941Age 63y 9m 24dw/A. H.; d/Peter & Susannah Wenger Lehman
013BeeryJoseph G.8 Mar 18665 May 1949Age 83y 1m 27dh/Rebecca Rhodes; s/Solomon & Mary Geil Beery
013BeeryRebecca A.4 Dec 18678 Sep 1937Age 69y 9m 8d; w/Jos. G.d/Fredrick S. & Catherine Swartz Rhodes
013BeeryAda C.14 Feb 190410 Nov 1950Age 46y 8m 26d; d/Jos. G. & Rebeccad/Jos. G & Rebecca A. Rhodes Beery
013BrubakerMenno S.29 Mar 191619 Jan 1972Age 55y 9m 21dh/Eva Margaret Beery; s/Daniel E. & Magdalene Shirk Brubaker
013RhodesNorman R.17 Aug 192428 Feb 1983h/Mary F. Showalter; s/Paul T. & Annie Mae Rohrer Rhodes
013RhodesMary F.29 Jul 1928
013RhodesPaul T.28 Jul 189419 Jan 1951Fatherh/Annie Mae Rohrer; s/Dea. Reuben S. & Mary Magdalene Rhodes Rhodes
013RhodesAnnie M.6 Mar 189612 Sep 1987Motherw/P. T.; d/Israel & Lydia A. Rhodes Rohrer
013ShowalterJames Edward5 Nov 194627 May1967s/Edward & Miriams/Edward & Miriam E. Rhodes Showalter
013ShowalterEdward H.2 Jun 192226 Sep 1999h/Miriam E. Rhodes; s/Michael R. & Fannie B. Heatwole Showalter
013ShowalterMiriam R.13 Oct 191922 Aug 1998w/Edward H.; d/Paul T. & Annie M. Rohrer Rhodes
013EberlyInfant Daughter6 Sep 1942d/Edwin & Marthad/Edwin & Martha Shank Eberly
013EberlyMartha Shank19212002McMullen funeral home marker only; died 29 Mar 2002; w/Edwin W. Eberly; d/J. Luther & Cornelia Craun Shank
013BeeryWilliam Steven16 Apr 1987Infant s/Sheldon & Doris Beery
014WengerEva Ruth4 May 1928
014WengerHenry Good3 Aug 190228 Jan 1992h/Mary F. Rhodes; s/John Dan & Eliz. F. Good Wenger
014WengerMary Frances12 Oct 190314 Dec 1993w/Henry Good Wenger, Sr.; d/Reuben Swope & Mary M. Rhodes Rhodes
014WengerAron Lewis15 Sep 192926 Mar 1984Age 54y 6m 11dh/Esther R. Rohrer; s/Henry G. & Mary Rhodes Wenger
014WengerHarry H.3 Dec 192730 Jan 1999Age 71y 1m 27dh/Louella J. Knicely; s/Paul E. & Hazel M. Heatwole Wenger
014WengerRaymond D.5 Mar 193010 Mar 1979Age 49y 5dh/Ethel M. Rohrer; s/Paul E. & Hazel Heatwole Wenger
014RohrerEmory Jones17 Sep 1918
014RohrerGrace Shank5 May 1923
014ShowalterRobert J.1 Jul 1919
014ShowalterMary F.5 Jun 19224 Apr 1989w/Robert J.; d/Amos D. & Josie E. Jones Rohrer
014ShowalterJohn D.13 Dec 1914
014ShowalterBlanche E.21 Feb 1916
014KnicelyMarvin J.18 Jun 19127 Dec 1976h/Maude V. Showalter; s/Daniel C. & Mary E. Jones Knicely
014KnicelyMaude V.17 Feb 1917
014WengerPerry B.26 Jun 187025 Sep 1950Fatherh/Hettie Trissel; s/Benjamin B. & Julia Ann Estep Wenger
014WengerHettie T.21 Jun 18616 May 1945Motherw/P. B.; d/Jacob & Ann Showalter Trissel
014WengerEtta E.25 Apr 18971 Mar 1986d/Perry & HettieOn stone with Anna & Julia; d/Perry & Hettie Trissel Wenger
014WengerAnna M.2 Nov 18958 Sep 1987d/Perry & HettieOn stone with Etta & Julia; d/Perry & Hettie Trissel Wenger
014WengerJulia B.25 Aug 190113 Sep 1987d/Perry & HettieOn stone with Etta & Anna; d/Perry & Hettie Trissel Wenger
014HeatwoleFannie V.22 Dec 188215 May 1970d/Emanuel & S. C. Kate Fishback Heatwole
014HeatwoleEffie M.31 Jul 189514 Jan 1974d/Emanuel & S. C. Kate Fishback Heatwole
014RoundsInfant Son6 May 1954s/Albert & Marys/Albert & Mary Early Rounds
014RoundsDorcas M.27 Oct 1955Daughter
014RoundsMary O.24 Oct 191922 Aug 1997Motherw/Albert N.; d/J. Roy & Ida E. Showalter Early
014RoundsAlbert N.25 Jul 191227 May 2001Fatherh/May O. Eberly; s/Salam E. & Estella A. Wilt Rounds
014RohrerEmily E.29 Jan 194913 Apr 1949d/G. J. & F. E.d/Gilbert J. & Frances E. Wenger Rohrer
014RohrerInfant Son2 Sep 1948c/Frank & HettieStillborn s/Frank W. & Hettie Beery Rohrer
014RohrerInfant Daughter31 Mar 1951c/Frank & HettieStillborn d/Frank W. & Hettie Beery Rohrer; on stone with Infant Son
014ShowalterJonathan E.Wooden marker only-no dates; died 12 Dec 2001; s/Ray Lynn & Betty L. Shank Showalter
015RohrerAbram I.18 Feb 191426 Dec 199278y 10m 8dh/Anna Mary Wenger; s/Samuel & Mary Martin Rohrer
015RohrerAnna Mary19072002McMullen funeral home marker only; died 1 Jan 2002; w/Abram I.; d/Adam & Amanda H. Rohrer Wenger
015WengerInfant Daughter27 Dec 1990d/Michael & Sued/Michael & Sue Burkholder Wenger
015ShankCecil D.14 Dec 19152 Feb 1986h/Sallie Knicely; s/Amos D. & Mary E. Beery Shank
015ShankSallie M.6 Aug 19135 Feb 2002w/Cecil L.; d/Amos S. & Minnie L. Jones Knicely
015KnicelyLewis S.23 Aug 190726 Jan 1981h/Eliz. Koogler; s/Amos S. & Minnie L. Jones Knicely
015KnicelyElizabeth E.21 Mar 19077 Dec 1988w/Lewis S.; d/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger Koogler
015KnicelyMark Sanford24 Aug 197321 Apr 1976s/Joseph & AnnaJos. & Anna R. Showalter Knicely
015MartinSamuel J.14 Jul 190328 Jan 1995h/Ella N. Wengers/Amos H. & Leah Weaver Martin
015MartinElla Nora W.8 Dec 19034 Sep 1977w/Samuel J. Martind/Perry & Hettie Trissel Wenger
015ShowalterWarren Conrad28 Feb 191317 Sep 1992Ministerh/Ina Ethel Koogler; s/Israel R. & Larue Z. Heatwole Showalter
015ShowalterIna Ethel Koogler16 Nov 191015 Feb 1993w/Warren C.; d/Ervin L. & Rebecca S. Wenger
015ShowalterJoseph Daniel10 Sep 191828 Sep 1999h/Anna Ruth Rhodes; s/Israel R. & Larue Z. Heatwole Showalter
015ShowalterAnna Ruth Rhodes14 May 1920
015ShowalterMark I.19 Sep 1922
015ShowalterNaomi R.8 Sep 1924
015MartinClayton H.23 Mar 191814 Dec 1993h/Anna C. Rohrer; s/Daniel J. & Martha Martin Martin
015MartinAnna Rohrer31 Jul 1920
016WengerJonathan Wayne20 Mar 19921 Oct 1999s/Virgil & Julias/Virgil & Julia F. Good Wenger
017WengerMartha Jane24 Nov 19599 Jan 1998d/Dwight & Inad/Dwight R. & Ina Marie Rohrer Wenger
017RohrerReba Grace Wenger3 Jun 192927 Dec 1997Age 68y 6m 24d; w/Joseph I.d/Amos D. & Mary E. Wenger Wenger
017RohrerSeth Thomas22 Jan 199723 Jan 1997Infant Son/Henry & Bonnie
017HorstAmos Paul27 May 199710 Nov 20003y 5m 13d; s/Philp & Lydia