Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryReedy Family Cemetery
LocationWengers Mill, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, take Route 42 North to Route 753 (Wengers Mill Road) and turn left (West). Stay on Route 753 (becomes Hollar School Road) to Route 878 (Hawse Road). Go about one-half mile and the cemetery is on the left side of Route 878 in a pasture field.
NotesCemetery is grown up and stones are buried or toppled over. It has six rows of barbed wire around it so the cows no longer can get into it. The majority of the "Remarks" are from J. Robert Swank and were included when he recorded this cemetery in 1967.
Survey Date and RecorderMay 1995
Helen J. Reese

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
DoveInfantNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967; grandchild of George Davis
FordTiptonNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
BibleDanielNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967; no stone; last burial here.
001RitchieMary A.13 Nov 183827 Feb 1906Aged 67y 3m 14d; w/Georgenee Hawse
001RitchieGeorge W.2 Sep 182931 Oct 1904Aged 75y 1m 29d
001HawseJulia2 Nov 183618 Mar 1901Aged 64y 4m 16dw/Samuel
001HawseSamuel15 Aug 18495 Feb 1883Aged 33y 5m 20d
001MauckMary20 Dec 1845Aged 57y 6m 17d
001HawseChristena12 Apr 182410 Dec 1903Aged 72y 7m 28d; w/Dr. Johnnee Mauck
001HawseJohn Dr.7 May 181011 Mar 1897Aged 86y 10m 7d; s/Christly & Susanna Hawse
001HawseSusannah26 Feb 178924 Jul 1858w/Christian
001HawseChristian15 Dec 178414 Nov 1872Aged 87y 11m ?d
001MathiasErasmus24 Feb 1896Aged 43y 8m 9d
001ReedyAnna3 Oct 182131 Aug 1880Aged 68y 10m 28d; w/David
001ReedyDavid30 Jan 182123 Jul 1885Aged 46y 5m 23dPossibly died 1895
001ReedyPhilip25 Feb 182222 Dec 1900
002RitchieCharlie Samuel10 Feb 189916 Dec 1899Aged 10m 6d; s/B. F. & H. M.
002RitchieLenius Floyd20 Apr 18813 Apr 1882Aged 11m 13d; s/Mary A. & George W.
002CuninghamMaryAged about 2 yrs; d/J. S. & Laura
002CuninghamLaura A.22 Sep 1909Aged 38y 10m 29d; d/George Hawse
002HawseGeorge W.20 May 18521 Oct 1906Aged 54y 4m 11d
002HollarSarah C.27 Mar 1893Aged 34 yrs; d/Robert & Caroline
002HollarJennie Bell3 Nov 1877Aged 3y 1m 10d; d/Robert & Caroline
003MitchellJacob A.13 Apr 180110 Dec 1876
003MitchellMary A.5 May 17959 Jan 1863Aged 67y 8m 6d; w/Jacob A.
003MitchellAlbert R. Lee5 May 1873Aged 13y 1m 4d
003MitchellJoseph A.19 Dec 182616 Jul 1913
003MitchellAnna4 May 1901Aged 64y 5m 10d; w/Josephnee Brenneman
003MitchellJosiah13 Feb 1868Still born of Joseph & Anna
003MitchellSon24 Feb 1875Still born of Joseph & Anna
003MitchellAbraham E.26 Oct 1869Aged 4y 6d; s/Joseph & Anna
003MitchellJohn A.4 Oct 1864Aged 11y 1m 5d; s/Joseph & Anna
003MitchellAlice H. J.13 Feb 1862Aged 7y 6d; d/Joseph & Anna
003MitchellMargaret Ann2 Dec 185313 May 1861
003MitchellSallie E.31 Mar 186012 Apr 1863
003ParrettPhilip4 Jan 1856Aged 62y
003ParrettBarbara Ann16 Aug 1845Aged 56y 9m 27dw/Philip
004ReedyInfant Son2 Apr 1879s/Philip & Sallie
004ReedyInfant Dau.4 Nov 1877d/Philip & Sallie
004ReedyJacob10 Jan 1870Aged 74y 4m 8d
004ReedyRachael5 Dec 179827 Aug 1890Aged 91y 8m 22d; w/Jacob
004ReedyJohn26 Jul 1854Aged 3 yrs
004BowmanElias6 Dec 181426 Jul 1861Aged 46y 7m 29d
004BowmanCatharine1 Mar 181915 Nov 1882Aged 63y 8m 14dw/Elias; nee Lohr
004BowmanPerry31 Oct 1858Aged 1 yrs/Elias & Catharine
004BowmanAmanda V.27 Jun 18604 Jul 1860Aged 1 weekd/Elias & Catharine
004TurnerJane27 May 183519 Apr 1868Aged 32y 10m 22d; w/Silas
004TurnerMary P.8 Aug 185617 Apr 1871Aged 14y 8m 9d; d/S. & J.
004TurnerSilas25 Nov 182826 Feb 1896Aged 67y 3m 1d
004TurnerJacob1 Apr 180019 Apr 1887Aged 87y 18d
004ReedyEmily1 Nov 1846Aged 3y 6m 17d
004ReedyAugustus25 Apr 1907Aged 79 yrs
004ReedyNancy C.__ Apr 1900Aged 66 yr; w/Augustus
004ReedyAugustus1 Oct 186118 Jan 1896
004ReedyPhoebe13 Sep 1912Aged 81yr; w/Augustus
004WhetzelEdward M.26 Jul 187926 Jun 1880s/J. N. & S. F.
004BartonIsaac6 May 183013 May 1905
004BartonEmma Francis12 May 188810 Jul 1890