Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryWhitmer Cemetery
LocationBrocks Gap area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Fulks Run Grocery Store (Turner Ham) take Rt. 259 (Brocks Gap Road) west 4.4 miles and turn left onto Rt. 921 (Lairs Run Road). Go to end of Rt. 921 and turn right onto gravel lane. About 3/10 mile you will find cemetery on the left side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained with good fence around it. Rows are recorded from the gate entrance to the back and headstones from left to right. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted, "There are many markers without dates also without names and dates."
Survey Date and Recorder4 Apr 2003
Bennie Getz, Walter Mason, Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001HottingerKermit F.26 Jan 19211 Dec 1977
001HottingerNancy L.23 Dec 1928
001SouderW. Loy18821963
001SouderLelia18791956w/W. Loy
001WhetzelWilliam V.10 May 18875 Mar 1951
001WhetzelDorcas W.11 Sep 189314 Jul 1984w/Wm. V.
001AlbriteMose J.18571937
001AlbriteMary J.18571942w/Mose
001AlbriteAlbert L.6 Sep 18775 Feb 1945
001AlbriteRachel B.25 Dec 187626 Mar 1966
002MillerLillian S.18881963w/Wells D.
002MillerWells D.18851945
002MillerJ. Harvey22 Jul 18496 Apr 1911Father
002MillerSarah E.22 Feb 18561 Aug 1942Motherw/J. Harvey
002MillerEdgar L.15 Mar 188918 Feb 1963
002MillerBessie B.10 Oct 188830 May 1956w/Edgar L.
002AlbriteHilma B.19141918Sisterch/J. L. & J. C.
002AlbriteEston H.19041925Brotherch/J. L. & J. C.
002AlbriteJennie C.18801929Motherw/J. L.
002AlbriteJohn L.18761956Father
002FulkGrover2 Dec 19093 Aug 1987
002FulkVita M.22 Jun 19134 Jul 1993
002AlbriteZada M.8 Sep 192828 Mar 1994
002AlbriteMervin S.29 Apr 19246 Feb 1994
002AlbriteLester M.27 Apr 189823 Apr 1987
002AlbriteNellie C.15 Mar 18961 Feb 1982
002AlbriteWilliam F.25 Nov 188218 Jun 1963
002AlbriteClara B.3 Mar 18886 Oct 1936w/Wm. F.
002AlbriteLettie M.19 Dec 190621 Aug 1998
003MillerBessie B.19061922
003MillerInfantch/C. W. & Naomi
003MillerInfantch/C. W. & Naomi
003MillerInfantch/C. W. & Naomi
003MillerBaby Loy
003CaplingerC.7 Jun 183220 Nov 1917Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
003BakerSusan C.18601928w/P. F.
003BakerPhilip F.25 Oct 185924 Mar 1935Father
003BakerInfant7 Apr 1933s/M. P. & W. C.
003BakerWilliam C.9 Aug 189329 Mar 1956
003BakerMinnie P.13 May 189623 Jun 1975w/Wm. C.
003BakerJohn R.19161971
003BakerWilma S.1920
003BakerRussell E.7 Jul 190119 Jul 1978Father
003BakerKatie15 Nov 190122 Dec 1944w/R. E.; Mother
004SellersWalter V.22 Feb 190327 Apr 1965Father
004MyersIrene Alice Sellers7 Jan 192624 Sep 1995Loving daughter & mother
004SellersMallie B.30 Apr 190922 Aug 1937Motherw/Walter V.
004MillerAlbert A.19021927
004MillerInfant Sons/William & Roberta
004MillerRoberta Katherine2 Dec 18806 Jul 1905Age 24y 7m 4d; w/Wm.
004MillerWilliam N.11 Jun 187613 Apr 1932
004MillerEmma23 Jul 18872 Apr 1967
004MillerSarah M.3 Oct 189110 Apr 1893d/A. & Rebecca
004MillerRaleigh A.9 Sep 188728 Oct 1890s/A. & Rebecca
004MillerAdam3 May 18579 Dec 1931Father
004MillerRebecca1 May 186712 Sep 1944Motherw/Adam
004MillerJoseph W.5 Apr 189513 Jan 1960
004WittigEleanor G.10 Jan 1929d/C. F. & R. M.
004WittigGarland W.1 Feb 19196 Mar 1992US Army WWII
004WittigNeva M.3 Jun 1922
004BakerEugene19 Dec 1927
004BakerTheda S.8 Jul 1929
005CookW. N.
005O'QuinnRufus E., Rev.4 Sep 19283 Oct 1998SSGT US Air Force KoreaMilitary marker shows Rufus Elmer O'Quinn
005O'QuinnHelen M.5 Nov 193224 Dec 2001
005WhitmerLucille M.23 Aug 1912Appears she is buried here
005WhitmerGarner H.31 Aug 19153 Jan 1988
005WhitmerLorenzo4 Apr 187725 Aug 1956
005WhitmerCora B.11 May 18787 Apr 1961w/Lorenzo
005WhitmerAdam10 Sep 184414 Mar 1892Father
005WhitmerSarah2 Mar 184019 May 1922Motherw/Adam
005WhitmerMartha27 Mar 18809 Dec 1960
005WhitmerJoseph18 Sep 187326 May 1954Father
005WhitmerSophia C.27 Jan 18787 Dec 1960Motherw/Joseph
005WittigElmer T.20 Mar 189419 Dec 1974
005WittigBeulah A.28 Apr 189930 Nov 1971
005WittigHerman W.8 Feb 192929 Jul 1991
005WittigAlma R.9 May 1929
005LindamoodJames N.16 Jun 193712 Jul 2002US Air Force; Married 20 Mar 1964Military marker shows James Nelson Lindamood
005LindamoodMillie A.23 Mar 1942Our daughter Ginaw/James N.
006SmithHazel Marie22 Jul 193227 Jun 1933
006MoyersMichael B.26 Nov 184718 Aug 1933Age 85y 8m 22d
006SellersWilliam26 Jul 190010 Nov 1971
006SellersVirgie Mae28 Mar 19073 Apr 1998
006BradyGeo. W.20 Oct 186325 Mar 1923Age 59y 5m 5d
006BradyMary S.19 Apr 18675 Nov 1927Age 60y 6m 16d; His Wifew/Geo. W.
006BakerIsaac F.18911964
006BakerEdith J.18991984
006BakerPaul Newton12 Jun 194919 Mar 1995Dad; Dau/Patricia Dawn Sampson; Son-in-law/Darrell Lee Sampson; Grandchildren/Darren Lee Sampson, Troy Paul Sampson
006BakerMary Lou18 Aug 1944Mom; Married 12 Jun 1967w/Paul N.
006SmithEdward W.18831966
006SmithDaisy A.18841956w/Edward W.
007SmithGirlJun 1963
007LittenLee Allen21 Jan 19363 Feb 1936
007SmithMax Wane19391954
007SmithIraGrandle funeral home marker only
007SmithCharles O.19451968Rhodes funeral home marker only
007SmithGladys V.25 Jul 19122 Nov 1979
007ShowalterConnie Sue2 Feb 197213 Apr 1990
007SoutherlyWayne A.19421996Father
007WittigJ. Luther4 Nov 186716 Aug 1932
007WittigElizabeth E.19 Nov 187114 Mar 1955w/J. Luther
007WittigNannie Zirkle10 Jul 191019 Aug 1988Beloved Mother
007Wittig, Sr.Lester Jacob16 Feb 190017 Sep 1962
008HaltermanMary14 Jul 188617 Jul 1938
008JohnsHarry & Garry4 Mar 19816 Mar 1981Infant Twins of Cindy & Brian
008SoutherlyJason W.16 Aug 191819 Nov 1982
008SoutherlyAmy V.1 Feb 19241 Jul 2001
008SoutherlyLonda M.19291985
008SoutherlyWalter A.1 Jul 191320 Mar 1998
008SoutherlyMarie C.3 Sep 1915
008WiltEddie L.1 Feb 189629 Mar 1962
008WiltJulia C.22 Jun 189225 May 1951w/Eddie L.
008WiltRay D.7 Apr 19185 Jan 1978
008WiltFloretta V.31 Jul 1924
009Crider, Jr.WalterNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
009PenceCharles W. (Mouse)6 Sep 196727 Feb 1990s/Bev & Joyce
009EmswilerDorothy Fulk21 May 192125 Jan 1976
009SmithGoldie Hedrick2 Oct 19124 Aug 1989Mother
009NesselrodtMarvin Derwood15 May 195715 May1957Infant s/J. V. & L. M.
009NesselrodtJ. Virgil25 Nov 191722 Dec 1993
009NesselrodtLennis M.22 Oct 1931
009MillerRaymond N.17 Aug 190719 Jul 1996
009MillerSusie F.9 Jul 19085 Jun 1988
009MillerL. Paul17 May 191917 Feb 1996Father
009MillerCharles W.20 Sep 187820 Jul 1958
009MillerNaoma S.15 Nov 18884 Dec 1967w/Charles W.
010CriderIda18861960Grandle funeral home marker only
010CriderWalter E.19251954s/J. R. & I. L.
010CriderWilliam C.19141955s/J. R. & I. L.
010FoltzJoseph M.15 Mar 190525 Apr 1979
010FoltzGladys E.22 Jun 190614 Jul 1969
010FulkCharles R.15 Mar 18744 Mar 1949Father
010FulkClara C.12 Oct 187616 Oct 1943Mother
010FulkClaude H.19141963
010FulkEdith M.19171999
010BrinkGeorge G., Rev.21 Jun 19435 Jul 1989
010CriderWilliam E.3 Mar 194318 Jan 1999
010LittenChester D.30 Jun 190910 May 1985
010LittenE. Boyce6 Feb 1922
010CriderJ. Lee24 Apr 190722 Jun 1979
010CriderMary E.14 Apr 19125 Apr 1976
011BakerWilliam Loy27 Jul 19212 Apr 2003US Army WWIIAll data from his obituary
011RitchieClifford M.23 Sep 192611 Mar 1988
011RitchieH. June31 Aug 1930
011BakerL. Dean19262002Grandle funeral home marker only
011BakerPhillip D.26 Jan 195320 Jan 1970Son
012WittigCharles F.19031997
012WittigR. Myrtle19051988
012WittigEleanor Grace19281929
012LittenDavid Wayne19581981
013WimerArlie A.27 May 19365 Dec 1991Father; US Air ForceMilitary marker reads Arlie Andrew Wimer
013WimerLois E.23 Jan 1938Mother
013CriderCharles F.5 Dec 192429 Jun 1999PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Charles Frederick Crider
013CriderLilly M.21 Jul 1926
013BakerGeorge N.25 Nov 1931
013BakerElna M.22 Jan 1933