Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryOttobine United Methodist Church Cemetery
LocationOttobine, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg drive South on Route 42 to Dayton. Just past the center stoplight turn right (West) on Route 257 (Ottobine Road) and travel six miles to the intersection of Route 613 (Briery Branch Road) and Route 257. The Ottobine store is on the right. Turn left onto Route 257 / 613. Cross the bridge and up the hill, and the church is on the right, about half a mile from store.
NotesWas known as Otterbein Evangelical United Brethren Church. Established 1834. Layout of cemetery as walked in August 2003. Rows are designated facing rear of church (looking South) and graves are listed left to right. Section 1, Rows 1 - 12 start far behind the church in the far north and east side of the church (North/East section) and continue to the rear of the church on the east side ( End of row 12 meets beginning of row 29 in Section 3 . Section 2, Rows 13 - 21 start even with rear wall of church on left (East) side and continue to front of church (South/East section). Section 3, Rows 22 -30 start behind the church on the west side of a tree which is on a line with the center of the church (North/West section). Section 4, Rows 31 - 37 start even with rear wall of church on right (West) side and continue to front of church (South/West section). Section 5 is a list of names not found on tombstones.
Survey Date and RecorderAugust 2003
Seymour & Barbara Paul

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001001HowdyshellAlexander30 Jan 182530 Jan 1879Consort of Maria J.Tombstone is located far north of all other near the road.
001001GangwerJoseph S.18511863
001001GangwerEdward L.18611863
001002RichardJames`9 Oct 1875Aged 45 y
001002MinnickMildred O.7 Jul 180713 Nov 1867Aged 60 y 3m; Consort of Micheal MinnickIn tree roots
001002HuffmanElizabethJan 14 1892Aged 62y 9m 2dTwin of Joseph S.
001002HuffmanMasten24 Jul 1901Aged 88 yrs
001003SweckerMary G.19 Mar 1879Aged 30y 17dw/John Jr.
001004GrimsleyEmza Ann13 Dec 1856Aged 22y 2m 8dw/William
001004GainesJames18 Mar 1852Aged 50y 7m 10d
001004GainesRebecca15 Dec 1879Aged 78y 10m 25dw/James
001004BrownElizabeth11 Mar 18366 Mar 1862
001005WheelerMargaret A.11 Feb 186115 Feb 1885w/Peter
001005MinnickJohn H. C.8 Sep 1856Aged 5y 23d
001005ShurnElizabeth Alice25 Oct 1854Aged 10m 20d; d/J. M. & A.
001006MarshallVirginia I.11 Nov 1855Aged 3y 10m 4d
001006MinnickHanna19 Jan 183029 Dec 1901w/John
001006MinnickJohn7 Feb 180912 Jan 1881
001007ThackerIsaac__ July 1874Aged 86 yrs
001007ThackerJacob W.__ Apr 1871Aged 18 yrs
001007ThackerMary V.__ Aug 1866Aged 18 mos
001007ByrdMary__ Sep 1863Aged 26 yrs
001007ByrdKatherine__ Sep 1878Aged 70 yrs
001007ByrdJ. B.15 Jan 18018 Apr 1878
001007WhitmerNancy L.15 Feb 1862Aged 29yrs
001007WhitmerWilliam O.24 Jan 1862Aged 1y 1m 6d
001007WhitmerJohn E.20 Jan 1862Aged 3y 1m 6d
001007WitmerHannah24 Aug 1896In her 89th year
001007WhitmoreJohn14 Nov 1850Aged 32y 6m 13d
001007WintermyerCharles A.20 Aug 1868Aged 12 das
001007WhitmerJohn H.17 May 1863Aged 18y 10d
001007WhitmerAndrew J.20 Aug 183225 Apr 1891Aged 58y 8m 5d
001008MinnickJoseph18761886c/E. H. & E. A.
001008MinnickEtta C.18811884c/E. H. & E. A.
001008MinnickVirginia A.12 Feb 1875Aged 2y 6m 4d; d/E. H. & E. A.
001008ThackerRosa26 May 1875Aged 16y 8m 21d; d/S. H. & Emma
001008MinnickHenretta A.9 Jan 185517 Feb 1873Aged 18y 1m 9d; d/Israel & Lydia
001008MinnickLydia24 Nov 1875Aged 50yrsw/Israel
001008PharesHarry20 Feb 1883
001008SmithAbelon R.21 Feb 1872Aged 17 y
001008SmithMary C.24 Mar 1864Aged 11m 6d; d/HF & HE Smith
001008WineVertie S.8 Feb 1872Aged 2y 2m; d/SA 7 SF Wine
001009MillerInfant9 Jun 1886Aged 3das; s/Philip & Martha E.
001009WintermyerMary E.22 Sep 184215 Jul 1875Aged 32y 9m 23d
001009WintermyerWilliam H.2 Aug 1875Aged 22 das
001009WineLaura D.11 Oct 186812 Sep 1871Aged 2y 11m 1d; d/George H. & Mary A.
001010H.W.E.6 Jun 1883s/S. H. & M. H.Tombstone not found in 2003
001010HuffmanStella B.24 May 18892 Feb 1893d/S. H. & M. E.
001010HuffmanAnnie E.23 May 188114 Jan 1884d/Samuel W. & Mary E.
001010HuffmanLillie J.25 Oct 188622 Feb 1893d/S. H. & M. E.
001010DriverJ. H.27 Jul 1881s/J. H. & M. H.; Stone unreadable in 2003.
001010RiceLaura T.18 Jun 18678 Nov 1882Aged 15y 4m 20d
001010RiceTobitha16 Sep 183125 Nov 1902
001010RiceMary E.20 Oct 183715 Nov 1873Aged 36y 25d; w/Christian P.
001010ThackerEmma28 Sep 1860Aged 26y 4m 17d; w/Stephen B.; d/T. & H. Applegate
001010ThackerCharles S. H.2 Feb 1861Aged 4m 17d; s/S. H. & E.
001011DriverMollie C.25 Feb 1882Aged 5y 2m 2d
001011FunkEdna h.d/S.C. & A.E. Funk
001011DriverW. M.11 Nov 18747 Jun 1876s/Jacob & Susan
001011StauttermayersBessie Clark15 Apr 1884Aged 9y 7m 18d; d/S. H. & Cath. A.
001011HessArthur Bryon9 May 1882Aged 24 das; s/A. A. & M. E.
001012WineCatherine22 Mar 181822 Feb 1901w/Peachey
001012WinePeachey8 Apr 18105 Sep 1881
001012NewmanHattie B.21 Jul 1880Aged 12das; d/W. A. & J. F.
001012GangwerLydia D.18671880
001012WeastRachael25 Dec 180931 Aug 1879Aged 69y 8m 6d
001012WeastJohn7 Feb 18079 May 1881Aged 74y 3m 2d
002013RumseyRobert EarlyAged 1y 7m; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyRawley MartinAged 6 das; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyLeonaAged 1mo; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyLillie MayAged 13 das; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyInfantc/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyHinton GuyAged 6m 7d; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013RumseyErvin LeeAged 3y 5m; c/G. H. & Phoebe
002013SellersJames H.29 Feb 18219 Dec 1886
002013SellersMary J.17 Sep 1910Aged 82y 2m 16dw/James H.
002013StoutamyerH. M.29 Dec 184715 Jan 1929
002013StoutamyerElizabeth26 Oct 185210 Feb 1917w/H. M.
002013StoutamyerJohn B.1 Sep 188212 Jan 1940
002013CuppInfant9 Jul 19419 Jul 1941s/C. W. & M. G.
002013UnknownMetal marker destroyed.
002013SnyderAnnie D.24 Aug 187413 Mar 1913w/J. F.
002013SnyderInfant13 Mar 191313 Mar 1913s/J. F. & Annie D.
002013StoutamyerJames F.18 Mar 1890Aged 20y 1m 4d; s/S. H. & P. C.Ch shows died 13 Mar 1913
002014RumseyMary10 Jan 18244 Apr 1888W/Geo. W.
002014RumseyGeorge W.8 Nov 181827 Apr 1888Aged 69y 5m 19d; Consort of Mary Ramsey
002014RumseyPheobe A.29 Oct 1907Aged 44y 2m 9dw/G. H.
002014RumseyG. H.17 Jun 185826 Nov 1922
002014RumseySarah F. Mrs.18601955Metal plate
002014RiceInfant Sons/J. E. B. & Mattie J.
002014ThackerBarbara4 May 183227 Dec 1901w/J. M.
002014ThackerJames M.2 May 18286 Jul 1896
002014ThackerFrank J.18841957
002014ThackerLevi J.12 Mar 186120 Sep 1938
002014ThackerVirginia24 Apr 185717 Feb 1923w/Levi J.
002014ThackerByrd A.11 Apr 189018 Nov 1918Age 28y 7m 7d; Died in France WWI
002014ThackerFreddie8 Jul 1887Aged 4dass/Levi J. & Virginia Thacker
002014ChapmanInfant8 Sep 1897d/W. E. & I. R.
002014PenceMary A.18281916
002014ChapmanFrances M.9 Sep 184826 Mar 1885Aged 86y 6m 17d
002014FoxMorton E.27 Aug 184830 Aug 1889s/J. W. & Henrietta H. Fox
002014FoxJ. W.18561935
002014FoxHenrietta H.18591930w/J. W.
002014FoxLuther Elmer18811953
002015GainesCatherine30 Oct 184429 Oct 1924
002015GainesBetsy6 Feb 180916 Nov 1892
002015GainesRobert26 Mar 185011 Feb 1890
002015HinkleSallie26 Mar 183019 Nov 1910d/Eson & Leah H.
002015GainesAnnie B.15 Aug 187016 Oct 1916w/L. W.
002015GainesLuther W.27 May 187116 Dec 1930
002015PharesJacob23 Jul 183517 Feb 1919
002015PharesEmily4 Feb 184026 Jan 1917w/Jacob
002015PharesLaura12 Sep 186122 Mar 1895Aged 33y 6?m 0d
002015BlakemoreInfant15 Mar 1893Aged 2das; d/C. H. & L. A.
002015HessLou A.1 Mar 186327 Sep 1950
002015WhitmoreHannah M.1 Mar 1893Aged 1mod/Jacob G. & M.B. Church notes show mother name Maria
002015WhitmoreJacob G.19 Mar 184623 Oct 1918
002015WhitmoreMaria B.31 May 18619 Oct 1899w/J. G.
002015MinnichBertie Virginia5 Mar 18841 Jul 1889d/Joseph H. & Carrie T.
002015MinnickGeorge W.14 Jul 1898Aged 19y 4m 2d; s/Joseph H. & Carrie T.
002015ScottLaura E. Minnick17 Mar 187729 Jun 1900w/N. C.; d/Joseph H. & Carrie T.
002015MinnickCarrie T.16 Jun 1913Aged 61y 8m 1dw/J. H.
002015MinnickJoseph H.31 Jul 18501 Mar 1923Aged 72y 8m 1d
002015MinnichMyrl E.7 Jan 190719 Dec 1913d/R. L. & L. M.Given name spelling from tombstone in 2003 Previous notes showed Myrtle
002016BrickerInfants/John W. & Mary J.
002016BrickerJ. W.14 Jan 1890Aged 19y 10m 5ds/John W. & Mary J.; Previous notes show given name J. Willie
002016BrickerJohn W.8 May 184313 May 1931
002016BrickerMary J.8 Jun 184523 Aug 1924w/M. J.
002017BoyersJohn R.29 Dec 188018 Mar 1924
002017BowersIna R. Koogler19 Jan 188118 Feb 1938Wife John R.Wife added to stone
002017SkeltonJoAnna24 Apr 1909Aged 73y 11m 18dw/G. W.; d/Barbara Fulk & John Hoover
002017SkeltonGeorge W.14 Feb 1891Aged 65y 2m 13dPrevious notes show given name:George Washington
002018KooglerM. Viola31 Jan 18728 Feb 1946
002018KooglerBernard C.10 Sep 1887Aged 18y 12d
002018KooglerClyde M.24 Jul 1898Aged 14y 7m 4d
002018KooglerJames W.21 Jan 1901Aged 64y 2m 10ds/John Darius Koogler & Elizah Jane Ervin
002018KooglerMary F.22 Oct 18416 Jan 1927w/J. W.; Previous notes show maiden name Curry
002019PriceWiley C. W. C.21 Sep 189629 Dec 1896
002019PriceAnnie M.6 May 19006 Jun 1903
002019KnisleyBessie B.6 Mar 190212 Jun 1903
002019KnisleyJulia Catherine20 Nov 190310 Jul 1905d/J. S. & M. A.
002019CurryJohn Alpheus5 May 185112 Feb 1890Consort Lucy V. Curryh/Lucy V.
002019KnisleyInfant2 Sep 19052 Sep 1905c/James S. & Martha A.
002019KnisleySamantha Ola25 Sep 19064 Apr 1907c/James S. & Martha A.
002019KnisleyInfant19091909c/James S. & Martha A.; No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
002020KnisleyMartha A. V.23 Sep 187031 Dec 1938w/J. S.
002020KnisleyJames S.14 Nov 187017 Aug 1948
002020StanleyMontvenia18891951Daughter of Dillie Cooper.
002020WellsEthel Mrs.7 Oct 1947Aged 17y 11m 17d
002020StanleyBetsy1949Metal Marker 2003
002020WellsDovieOct 1947Metal Marker 2003
002020KelleyJohn15 Jul 187918 Sep 1946Son of Dilley Cooper, the Gypsy Queen.Illegible broken stone 2003
002020StanleyDan ChivelMay 1946Metal Marker 2003
002020KellyMisouraNov 1936Metal Marker 2003
002020UnknownMetal Marker destroyed.
002020CooperDillie18351910This is the "Gypsy Queen". Locally known as Dilley Stanley Kelly. Unknown where the surname Cooper is from. Obituary in Harrisonburg Daily-News on 27 May 1910 states she died 26 May 1910 in the Paul Woods. See book by John Heatwole.
002020LongMary B.8 Nov 1941Aged 59y 3m 24dw/George W.
002020BeardSarah W.20 Sep 1924Aged 74y 6m 3dw/Wm.
002020BeardWilliam21 Oct 1889Aged 43 yrsIllegible stone 2003
002020BeardWilliamAged 18 dasLittle Willie; Illegible stone 2003
003022KenneyGeorge O.18641947
003022KenneySophia G.18631936w/G. D.
003022KenneyJohn W.12 Aug 18948 Dec 1906s/G. D. & S. C.
003022RumseyGeorge S.10 Aug 188117 Dec 1918No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967.
003023HarmanS. M.1865
003023ErvineW. Houston11 Jan 1860Aged 3y 6m 15ds/F. M. & H. A.
003023ErvineP. Homes6 Oct 1862Aged 7y 7m 17ds/F. M. & H. A.
003023UnknownIllegible broken stone
003023CromerGeorge Welby25 Feb 19221 Feb 1972`Sgt Army Air Force WWII
003023CoffmanE.C.22 Feb 192228 Aug 1979(Elvert C.)
003023FlemmingEdgar Lee18 Dec 188725 Feb 1892s/W. H. & R. J.
003023FlemmingRebecca J.25 May 18605 Apr 1910w/W. H.
003023ArmentroutSilas K.18801941
003023ArmentroutFannie M.188619__w/S. K.
003023RickardMatilda21 Aug 1896Aged 72y 5m 4d; W. J. M.
003023ThackerInfant4 Nov 18984 Nov 1898s/N. O. & E. J.
003023ThackerCarl10 Feb 1910Aged 10 d; s/N. O. & E. J.
003024ErvineAndrew M.6 Jun 1863Killed in Southern Armys/Francis Milton & Margaret Ervine
003024ErvineMargaret C.21 Jun 1851Aged 39y 3m 24dw/Francis Milton Ervine
003024ErvineF.M.13 Aug 180512 Nov 1879Aged 74y 2m 29dFrancis Milton
003024ErvineHetty Bear20 Mar 182125 Dec 1906w/Francis Milton Ervine2ndw/Francis Milton Ervine
003024FoxDaniel T.18651935
003024FoxMartha C.18871972w/D. T.
003024HeatwoleJohn L.12 Sep 1890
003024HeatwoleBessie Deter8 Nov 18944 Oct 1957w/John L.
003024GangwerLydia J.18281897
003024GangwerRobert N.18721890
003024GangwerJohn W.18471942
003024GangwerSusan C.18551922
003024GangwerWilbert F.7 Nov 1894Aged 3y 4m 20ds/James D. & Mattie E.
003024GangwerJames D.18531917
003024GangwerMattie G.19 Jan 185718 Nov 1942Aged 85y 9mw/J. D.
003024TutwilerJacob Harman10 Jun 19201 Jun 2002Tech 4 US Army WWII
003024TutwilerRuth Cromer29 Jun 1929
003024TutwilerStephen A.Jul 1988
003024HilbertIra L.No other info on tombstone
003024HilbertElsie M.No other info on tombstone
003025HusseyViola V.21 Nov 1906Aged 1y 7m 20d; d/R. P. & M. J.
003025FoxSarah7 Oct 183211 Dec 1890Aged 58y 2m 4d; w/Mathias
003025FoxMathias183525 Nov 1912Aged 78y
003025SmallwoodElizabeth S.29 Jul 185915 Jul 1897
003025SmallwoodLillie M.4 Oct 18861 Aug 1900
003025SmallwoodRoy J.9 Mar 18901 Jul 1902
003025RhodesA. H. T.18491932
003025RhodesMary C.18521928w/A. H. T.
003025VintLacy G.25 Jul 1902Aged 3y 14d; d/E. C. & L. F.
003025WeaverIcy Pearl17 Apr 1893Aged 7m 6d; d/Jacob & Mary C.
003025WeaverWillie17 Jun 1894Aged 1da; d/Jacob & Mary C.
003025WeaverMary C.3 Feb 1898Aged 40y 5m 20dw/Jacob
003025LoshMary S.18601953
003025HeatwoleEdna B.10 Dec 1894Aged 1y 11m; d/John B. & Lilly V. Young Heatwole
003025PattersonJ. S.18861964No visible marker, recorded by Swank in 1967.
003026WheelbargerSamuel22 Feb 181523 Feb 1885
003026WheelbargerCatherine22 Apr 181914 May 1885Aged 66y 22dw/Samuel
003026WheelbargerKenny C.Infant s/B. S. & M. E.
003026WheelbargerCharles L.24 Jul 1898Aged 25y 10m 27d; s/J. E. & S. A.
003026WheelbargerJames F.4 Jan 18473 Sep 1905
003026WheelbargerEliza J.21 Feb 18526 Feb 1922
003026WheelbargerG. Peter18591929
003026WheelbargerWilliam E.18541939
003026PharesErnest N.31 Dec 188029 Feb 1928
003026MathenyLewis A.18521931
003026MathenyRebecca18671935w/L. A.
003026PayneFleta Leona25 Dec 190626 Jul 1908Aged 2y 7m 1d
003026WhitmoreJohn S.18851967
003026WhitmoreSallie C.18841957w/J. S.
003026WhitmoreA. Cline27 Mar 191028 Feb 1966
003027SkeltonLula E.14 Feb 188514 Mar 1885d/Rev. Silas D. & M. C. Heatwole Skelton
003027HeadClaude Franklin19061983
003027HeadLena May1905
003027HeadMattie L.28 Aug 188215 Oct 1956w/Peter B.
003027HeadPeter B.12 Nov 18728 Oct 1942
003027KiracofeFannie B.15 Jan 1896Aged 2?y 8m 5d; w/E.S.d/Edward S.
003027KiracofeEmma D.17 Feb 186827 Oct 1927w/E.S.
003027KiracofeEdward S.11 Sep 186819 Jan 1944
003027KiracofeEloiseMar 1927d/ Arthur S. and Cynthia B.
003027WheelbargerWilliam D.18811938
003027WheelbargerFannie J.18861959w/W. D.
003027CobbRuby W.7 Jul 1923
003027CobbCharles L.24 Jul 192512 May 1996
003027KnightCletus (Skeeter)9 Jul 189716 Mar 1974
003027SweckerMaggie L.19 Dec 1914Aged 26yrs; w/C. M.
003027SweckerAubrey Wilson22 Oct 1914Aged 1y 7d; s/C. M. & M. L.
003027SweckerVirginia B.29 Nov 191120 Feb 1912d/C. M. & M. L.
003027CromerCarter W.18961984
003027CromerRoonie D.18971975(Roonie Deter)
003027CromerJohn Robert21 Dec 19387 Aug 1940s/Carter W. & R. D. Deter Cromer
003027CromerFred Welcome9 Jan 193121 Nov 1951PFC 8 Calv. Inf 1 Con Div Koreas/Carter W. & R. D. Deter Cromer
003028RivercombBessie V.18851978w/C. C.
003028RivercombClifton C.18901947
003028SherfeyJohn C.15 Aug 185030 Apr 1934
003028SherfeyMaria F.4 Jul 18551 May 1923w/John C.
003028SherfeyErvine C.25 Sep 18839 Jan 1941
003028SherfeyLeonard L.27 Jul 188127 Nov 1964
003028SmileyMervin T.4 Aug 1905Aged 3m 22d
003028SmileyJohn2 Nov 1907Aged 5m 2d
003028MinnickMinnie E.3 Feb 187520 Jun 1957w/Charles P.
003028MinnickCharles P.12 Mar 18758 Jan 1947
003028RexrodeLuther4 Mar 189128 Feb 1966
003028RexrodeEffie F.7 Jun 189015 Jun 1939
003028WheelbargerBenjamin S.18561907
003028WheelbargerMartha E. Gangwer18591933w/B. S.; nee Gangwer
003028HeatwoleJulia Wheelbarger18971920Sisterd/Benjamin S. & Martha Gangwer Wheelbarger
003028HilbertCharley E.18701912
003028HilbertElizabeth M.18711949w/C. E.
003028HilbertFlarrie V.12 Aug 190110 Oct 1918d/Charley E. & Elizabeth M.
003028CromerBetty C.15 Sep 190019 May 1986(Betty Crowe) 2nd w/Carter W.
003029SimmersNo given name & no dates, same stone as McLaughlin
003029McLaughlinNo given name & no dates, same stone as Simmers
003029FulkEdna H.1 May 18883 Jan 1889d/Samuel C. & Annie E. Adams Fulk. No visible marker, recorded by Swank in 1967.
003029FulkInfant25 Oct 188125 Oct 1881d/Samuel C. & Annie E. Adams Fulk. No visible marker, recorded by Swank in 1967.
003029FulkInfant19 Mar 188318 Mar 1883d/Samuel C. & Annie E. Adams Fulk. No visible marker, recorded by Swank in 1967.
003029FoxJohn H.18 Jun 186326 Jun 1900Aged 37y 8d
003029FoxMollie B.20 Aug 18856 Jul 1912
003029HarperDelzena17 Apr 1900Aged 32y 11m 12dw/C. K.
003029HarperFrank C.29 Jun 188728 May 1906
003029VanpeltDewitt N.18661944
003029VanpeltHattie J.18681946w/D. N.
003029VanPeltMillie G.18941969
003029HilbertMinor L.25 Jun 188329 Oct 1939
003029HilbertAnnie E.19 Jun 18883 Feb 1983w/M. L.
003030FoxHattie Taylor4 Sep 18822 Oct 1942
003030TaylorA. J.18471918
003030TaylorAmanda J.18501928w/A. J.
003030MeyerhoefferMervin Coyner27 May 1890Aged 4m 23d; twin c/Chas M. & Mary A.
003030MeyerhoefferMervin Warren9 Jun 1890Aged 5m 5d; twin c/Chas M. & Mary A.
003030MeyerhoefferMary A.25 Nov 18534 Apr 1922w/Chas M.
003030MeyerhoefferCharles M.19 May 185515 Feb 1930
003030FunkGertrude A.21 Apr 188424 Nov 1897d/Samuel & Annie Elizabeth Adams Fulk
003030FunkSamuel C.20 Oct 18453 Aug 1908s/Christian & Fannie Brennerman Fulk
003030FunkAnnie Elizabeth12 Apr 184614 Apr 1900d/Samuel C. Adams
003030PharesChristian21 May 190821 May 1908d/Hinkle & Bertha
003030WhitmoreCaroline28 Oct 18307 Aug 1916
003030WhitmoreMariah M.22 Aug 184010 Aug 1926
003030MongoldAdam C.18631937
003030MongoldMary E.18701951w/A. C.
003030RumseyRebecca12 Jan 1897Aged 42y 4mw/A. J.
004031BowmanEdna Cromer18 Oct 187522 Mar 1952d/Ben F. & Ellen Rolston Cromer
004031CromerB. F.18341918(Benjamin F.) s/Joseph & Mary Harshbarger Cromer
004031CromerEllen18351932w/B.F. d/David & Frances Beery Rolston
004031CromerIda F.19 Sep 187030 Jul 1952(Ida Florence) d/Ben F. & Ellen Rolston Cromer
004031VanscoyGeorge W.2 Sep 1898Aged 37y 4m 5d
004031RiceMartha T.11 Sep 185817 Aug 1920
004031WintermyreWilliam H.12 Jun 1918s/Thomas & Myrtle A.
004031WintermyreMyrtle A.18831957w/Thomas
004031WintermyreJohn W.15 Aug 187230 Sep 1953
004032ThackerElizabeth C.17 Oct 1913Aged 55y 6m 9dw/J. B.
004032ThackerJ. B.9 Jan 1924Aged 64y 6m 16d
004032LambertWilliam D.13 Mar 188324 Mar 1940
004032LambertPearl Thacker22 Feb 188826 Mar 1962w/W. D.
004032ThackerCammie M.18911972
004032BrunkHarold C.7 Oct 1906Aged 5y 7m 14d; s/Rev. John H. & Viola Fulk Brunk
004032BrunkHelen V.28 Jun 1907Aged 4m 26d; d/Rev. John H. & Viola Fulk Brunk
004032HusseyMyrtle M.1 Mar 188415 Aug 1938
004032MillerIndia C.24 Mar 186729 Jul 1956
004032MillerPhillip186414 Feb 1929
004032BerryWilliam8 Dec 1912Aged 90y 6d
004032BerryMary6 Jul 183317 Jan 1905w/Wm.
004032AireyJohn Lewis26 Jul 194129 Jan 1943s/E. L. & Lista
004032SkeltonMarion H.26 Jan 19022 Aug 1902c/J. H. & E. E.
004032SkeltonInfant17 Jun 190417 Jun 1904c/J. H. & E. E.
004033AndrewWilliam Hill21 Mar 187330 May 1946
004033AndrewTexana Simpson30 Jun 187911 Aug 1934w/W.H.
004033AndrewAubrey S.12 Apr 189819 Nov 1909
004033WinePeter2 Apr 184317 Aug 1907Aged 64y 4m 15ds/Geo & Mary Ann Caldwell Wine
004033WineMollie A.25 Apr 184711 Jun 1914Aged 67y 1m 16d w/Peternee Curry
004033WineJoseph R.15 May 18732 Jun 1955s/Peter & Mollie A.
004033WineMantie C.6 Dec 187823 Dec 1956w/J. R.; d/Benjamin F. & Ellen Rolston Cromer
004033DeterGeorge W.26 Feb 18517 Feb 1914
004033DeterElizabeth Wine4 Jul 18648 Apr 1941w/G. W.
004033ThackerCharles E.18841955
004033ThackerMollie D.18931972
004033GradyFannie B.31 Jul 1906Aged 22y 8m w/Harrison C.
004033GradyHarrison C.12 Mar 1936Aged 55y 11m 12d
004033GradyLottie L.23 jan 1970Aged 83y 5m 3d
004034HusseyC. Jean24 Aug 193230 Aug 1943d/O. R. & W. M.
004034MitchellAbel8 Dec 183819 Jul 1914Aged 75 y 7m 7dhusband of Elizabeth
004034MitchellElizabeth M.4 Oct 18466 May 1935Aged 88y 7m 2dw/Abel
004034MathenyWilbert14 Oct 189325 Jul 1973Pvt US Army WWI(Wilbert George)
004034AdamsJohn W.10 Dec 187229 Nov 1963
004034AdamsSue M.29 Aug 18798 Nov 1946w/J. W.
004034StoutamyerL. Kenny18781933
004034StoutamyerMary L.18881979w/L. K.
004034StoutamyerLester Trinton7 Jan 191715 Jan 1917s/Kenny & Mary L.
004034PattersonFrank L.10 Mar 189028 Aug 1943
004034PattersonCornelia R.28 Feb 186228 Sep 1944w/Frank L.
004034RumseyWilliam H.18451926
004034RumseyMartha L.18501932w/W. H.
004034RumseyWalter F.187919__
004034RumseySusie E.18881932w/W. F.
004035GangwerOpal E. Stedcke6 Dec 190226 Jan 1933m/30 Aug 1920; c/Robert, Mildred, Edwin, William, James, Paul, Mary ellenw/Leroy K.
004035GangwerLeroy K.28 Sep 189627 Sep 1974
004035GangwerPaul L.24 Apr 193127 Apr 1932s/L. K. & Opal Stedcke Gangwer
004035CuppLloyd Lester28 May 19031 Mar 1908Aged 4y 8m 3d
004035ChapmanAnna Mildred3 Sep 1916d/W. E. & Ila B.
004035PenceJohn R.18651956
004035PenceSadelia P.18671951w/J. R.
004035MathenyGeorge W.14 Feb 185426 Feb 1914
004035MathenyLucy J.27 May 186912 Dec 1931w/G. W.
004035MathenyJames E.15 Jan 188918 Dec 1963
004035MathenyIda Virginia4 Jun 19015 Jan 1981
004035BodkinElizabeth E.18901918w/J. S.
004035BodkinJacob S.18801946
004035BodkinsAlfred H.19081908s/Jacob S. & Elizabeth E.
004035BodkinsInfant19111911c/Jacob S. & Elizabeth E.
004036RulemanMargaret A.8 Mar 1916Aged 74 yrs; Mother
004036PenceAngela Mae30 Mar 196528 Nov 1969Age 3y 11m 28dDrowned in Spain
004036PenceHelen S.14 Nov 19125 Mar 1913d/E.H. & F.V.d/Elmer H. & Fannie V.
004036PenceElmer H.18871939
004036PenceFannie V.18881944w/E. H.
004036HusseyW.A. "Dick"4 Jul 187611 Aug 1935
004036HusseyJames R.18371907
004036HusseySarah J.18451929w/J. R.
004036RulemanChristian A.9 Dec 186728 Oct 1954(Christian Ambrose)
004036RulemanMary V.22 Oct 18708 Dec 1942w/C.A.
004037SnyderNellie Lee17 Jan 18762 Nov 1953Mother
004037WolfeRev. Wm. E.19021987
004037WolfeMadaline P.1909w/W.E.
004037HilbertCharles E.20 Oct 1916
004037HilbertPansy C.20 Nov 1920w/C.E.
004037CountsDaisy F.18931961Mother
004037CountsJ. Wade19211985Son
004037BodkinsJohnnie Samuel13 Aug 192930 Mar 1960SFC Inf. Korea, Va.
004037BodkinsFlorrie V.30 Apr 18974 Jan 1987
005001CurrySarah Cookd/Peter Cook; no stone, granddaughter furnished data.
005001CurryWilliam "Billy"s/Wm. Curry; no stone, granddaughter furnished data
005001KnicelyBarbara C.__ Oct 1875Aged 1y 11d; d/Peter F. & M. H.No marker found.Church card shows 21 Sep 1874 - 26 Sep 1875
005001KnicelyLillie M.21 Sep 1886No marker found
005001LongSusan6 Jul 179922 Dec1881Age 85y 1m 25d; w/BenjamineNo marker found
005001McCallCatherineNo marker found
005001MinnickLaura E.1900No marker found
005001RiceBarbara O.No marker found
005001RobinsonGeorge12 Feb 187618 Nov1887s/W.A. & ElizabethNo marker found
005001SimmonsSusanw/BenjamineNo marker found
005001WheelbargerCatherine24 Jul 1898Aged 25y 10m 27d; d/J.F. & S.ANo marker found