Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryOak Grove Cemetery
LocationFulks Run area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the intersection of Route 42 and Route 33 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North. Go 13.1 miles (which puts you in the town of Broadway) and turn left onto Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road). Go 7.1 miles and turn left onto Route 612 (Hopkins Gap Road). Go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Route 815 (Third Hill Road). Go about 5/10th mile and Mt. Grove Church of the Brethren is on the left side of the road, and cemeteries are on both sides of the road. This cemetery is also listed as Mt. Grove Cemetery.
NotesWell maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted, "Unknown marked graves Millers, Shoemakers, Reedys, Daughterys and others." Plaque on the Mount Grove Church of the Brethren reads, 1877 - 1950. There are three sections. Section 001 is located across the road from the church. It was recorded by starting the row nearest the church and going up the hill (east to west). Facing headstone, they were recorded from left to right (south to north). Section 002 is the old cemetery and is on the same side of the road as the church and a little further down the road. Rows are recorded by starting with the row closest to the church. Section 003 is the new section behind the church. Rows are recorded by starting by the church and headstones are recorded from top of the hill down to the church parking lot. In Section 003 there is a marker that reads: 3 acres of land back of this stone donated in memory of Brennaman brothers and sisters - A. D. "Doug", John R., Syram R., David E. and Annie L.
Survey Date and RecorderSep 2003
Marth Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
TurnerGeorgeBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
TurnerJacobBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
TurnerDebbieBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records; w/Jacob Turner
TurnerJohnBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
TurnerSarahBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records; w/John Turner
BareJohn's childrenBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
MillerMillersBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
ShoemakerShoemakersBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
ReedyReedysBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
DaughertyDaughertysBuried in Cemetery in unmarked grave according to Swank's 1960s records
001001LamLynne Fay19612002Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001001MillerTony Jay13 Nov 194217 Jan 2003
001002TurnerNelson E.18 Jan 1943
001002TurnerSherrill P.4 Nov 195428 Aug 1997
001002ShoemakerChristopher Clark6 May 198026 Jun 1998Son & Grandson
001002MillerShirley Neff25 Aug 192327 Jul 2002Dad, PFC U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
001002ClarkJason G. C.19892002Theis Funeral Home Marker only
001003WardenMatthew J.23 Sep 1929Married 30 Jul 1971
001003WardenMartha R.23 Oct 19386 Apr 1997w/Matthew J.
001003Miller, Sr.Preston W.26 Mar 194427 Mar 1999Married 21 Jul 1962
001003MillerMary M.21 May 1946w/Preston W.
001003TurnerHerman B.25 Jul 191422 Oct 2002
001003TurnerRuby K.12 Feb 191928 Jul 2001Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001004ReedyDennis E.28 Mar 19515 Mar 1994Married 22 May 1970
001004ReedySally B.4 Dec 1953w/Dennis E.
001004BurkettFloyd A.19641995Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001004DelawderYonnie16 Apr 193819 Dec 1995Mother & grandmother
001004KellerIsaac W.10 Sep 192912 Jul 1995Married 30 May 1951
001004KellerGolda D.8 Jun 193430 May 1951w/Isaac W.
001004PhillipsGeorgiana (Porgie)23 Oct 193512 Jan 1997Married 8 Jul 1967w/Ronnie W.
001004PhillipsRonnie W.2 May 1947Married 8 Jul 1967
001004KellerJason D. "Jaybird"9 Jul 197620 Nov 2001Beloved husband, father & son; Hunter & Outdoorsman
001005SponaugleNaomi R.21 Jun 1940
001005SponaugleFred O.9 Mar 1921
001005FulkJames R.22 Sep 193929 May 1996Married 26 Mar 1965
001005FulkJean T.29 May 1943w/James R.
001005ShowalterJames A. "Jamie"5 Nov 196822 Jan 1991
001005ShoemakerCarl Allen "Jake"14 May 19471 Jul 1994
001005FulkDean Emerson19462003Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001005CriderDavid Ewing18 Apr 192712 Dec 1996S2 U. S. Navy WWII
001005CriderJanet F. C. Wampler23 May 1927
001005BarePaul Delmas16 Apr 194819 Dec 1993
001005BareJoyce Ann22 Feb 1948
001005DoveDolan B.12 Mar 192222 Feb 1995Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001005DoveMinnie M.11 Apr 1924
001006CusterM. D. "Pete"19 Feb 191516 Aug 1998Married 27 Feb 1941
001006CusterNaomi Fulk21 Feb 1923w/M. D. "Pete"
001006FulkBiedler Jennings23 Aug 193926 Oct 1989
001006RitchieJohn W.16 Sep 191219 Sep 1996
001006RitchieAlma B.31 Aug 1917
001006SagerRobert L.19241989
001006TrumboGary Dean27 Mar 19436 Dec 1989SP4 U. S. Army Vietnam
001006FulkNelvin3 May 190516 Nov 1990
001006FulkNona V.5 Mar 1915
001006Runion, Jr.Wade E. "Rabbit"18 Oct 193221 Jun 1996Married 13 Oct 1957
001006RunionShirley M.5 Sep 1941w/Wade E. "Rabbit"
001006FulkPaul Edward19451993Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
001006StaynerEllis M.9 Mar 193021 Jul 1995
001007YankeyChase T.4 Oct 197314 Sep 1992
001007RitchieMatthew L.1 Feb 19255 Jan 1993U. S. Navy WWII; Married 18 Jun 1948
001007RitchieM. Hope Fulk4 Aug 1929w/Matthew L.
001007KnuppRoger William "Roger Dodger"11 Mar 19443 Oct 1996children/William, Diane, Donald, Benny, Buddy, Bruce, & Laura
001007MillerEugene L.21 Nov 192920 Dec 1988PFC U. S. Army Korea
001007FaulkCarl E.25 Aug 192912 Jul 1989PFC U. S. Army
001007PhillipsRalph B.2 Oct 19103 Jul 1989
001007DoveVada V.30 Jul 192023 Feb 1995
001007PhillipsR. Lee21 Dec 1916
001007PhillipsL. Virginia7 Nov 192116 Jan 1990
001007MillerLoy A.3 Feb 19172 Sep 2000S Sgt U. S. Army WWII
001007ReedyC. E. "Tommy"29 May 1937Married 25 Jun 1956; Children-Bonnie Sloan, Kathy Wilkins, Mervie Reedy, Robert Reedy, Mark Reedy, Charles Reedy Jr.
001007ReedyPatsy S.15 Oct 1940w/C. E. "Tommy"
001008CriderTenie K.2 Apr 191315 Jan 1994Mother & Grandmother
001008KingstonPaul I.24 Jun 1926
001008KingstonThelma M.9 Dec 1925
001008Kingston, Jr.Thomas J.22 Oct 1924Married 7 Jun 1947
001008KingstonN. Fay R.31 Dec 1931w/Thomas J.
001008KnuppDonald Lee "Duck"22 Jun 196920 Aug 1988
001008ReedyElmer D.15 Apr 191613 Mar 1988Pvt U. S. Army WWII
001008TurnerNeff C.22 Mar 1932
001008TurnerPatricia B.15 Jan 19333 Jun 2002
001008FulkRobert Lee22 Mar 190018 Sep 1989
001008FulkVerdie M.7 Jun 190113 May 1994
001008SoutherlyHarry W.19 May 19388 Jul 1990Married 24 Apr 1961
001008SoutherlyMeredith A.13 Jan 1941w/Harry W.
001008SoutherlyDeborah Kay "Debbie"28 Apr 196414 Dec 1986
001008DoveStanley L.13 Jul 194013 Mar 1989
001008DoveCarroll L.22 Sep 1965
001008KellerGerald D.29 Jul 195021 Feb 1987
001008VannEsther M.1 Mar 1945
001008ShoemakerCharles Boyd31 Mar 190717 Apr 1990
001008ShoemakerGeorgia V.22 Feb 190715 Jan 1988
001008DoveJeffery E.20 Jul 195820 Mar 1988
001008McDowellCharlotte Fitzwater14 Jun 19175 Sep 1988
001008WilkinsClifton Jr.19 Aug 19473 Oct 1988
001008WilkinsE. Irene7 Dec 1931
001008ShermanElsie M.8 May 191918 Oct 1991
001008FulkOwen R.19081994
001008FulkIrene F.19102003
001009PhillipsLaney Ervin19 Dec 192010 Jun 1997
001009BareHazel Viola19071987Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001009SagerIvan E.27 May 192116 Mar 1986Married 17 Jul 1965
001009SagerJanet B.6 Jun 1944w/Ivan E.
001009Turner, Sr.Carl H.30 Oct 192213 Jun 1985Dad
001009TurnerMarguerite N.4 Jul 1926Mom
001009BakerHerman I.16 Nov 1917
001009BakerRachel Y.27 Oct 19181 Jun 2001
001009Barb, Jr.Buddy C.28 Nov 196830 Jun 1985Son
001009BarbShirley A.19 Apr 1937Mother
001009Barb, Sr.Buddy C.16 Aug 1943
001009FulkHerman J.21 Oct 190510 Jul 1985Married 21 Jul 1926
001009FulkNellie R.13 Jul 190930 Jul 2000w/Herman J.
001009HooverDwight W. "Pap"9 May 1922Married 31 Jul 1947
001009HooverMadge J.3 Nov 1924w/Dwight W. "Pap"
001009MillerClaude H.19021986
001009MillerSallie E.19062000
001009MillerCharlotte V.17 Nov 192524 Jan 1996
001010CarrMarshall Dexter19 Apr 19267 Sep 1982PFC U. S. Army WWII
001010MayJoseph B.10 Nov 19103 Dec 1988
001010CarrRosa V. (May)29 Dec 190623 Oct 1984
001010EstepM. Eugene "Gene"29 May 19298 Nov 2002Together 50 years
001010EstepDonna Kline12 May 1932Together 50 yearsw/M. Eugene "Gene"
001010EstepMillard E.19292002Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001010TurnerWoodrow W.27 Jan 191227 Feb 1998
001010TurnerElizabeth R.9 Feb 1916
001010BakerElizabeth Eynon18911982
001010MitchellJ. Fred19311987PFC U. S. Army Korea
001010MitchellGeraldine C.19351994
001010ReamerTodd Ellsworth27 Jul 192612 Jun 1999Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII; Marriecd 30 Nov 1947
001010ReamerLouise E.30 Nov 1930w/Todd Ellsworth
001010Carr, Sr.Benjamin H.22 Sep 191910 Apr 1984SSgt U. S. Army WWII; Married 8 Jul 1963
001010CarrCharlotte C.26 Aug 1937w/Benjamin H. Sr.
001011BareJoy Ann19401985
001011ReeseAnna Virginia10 Dec 192315 Nov 1982
001011UnknownBase of stone only
001011Fulk, Jr.Howard Clory11 Jun 192831 Mar 1997
001011FulkJoyce Delawder6 Dec 1926
001011FawleyWayne Robert29 May 19123 Nov 1992U. S. Army; Married 18 Apr 1942
001011FawleyMyrtle Calhoun11 Mar 191231 Oct 1999w/Wayne Robert
001011CusterDulaney A.31 Aug 189416 Jun 1981
001011CusterGrace Mae14 Jul 19047 May 1994
001011HessJohn P.18961989Pvt U. S. Army WWI
001011RunionWade E.5 Aug 189624 Oct 1982
001011RunionPearl E.23 Feb 190223 Jun 1984
001011IsaacsVada J.4 Jul 191618 Mar 2001Mom and Grandma
001011FulkJohn R.22 Feb 191311 Mar 1996Daddy & Grandpappy
001012SmithDaniel J.14 Jan 19055 Jan 1982
001012SmithHazel M.27 Mar 1917
001012CookWilliam H. Branner20 Jul 1937
001012CookAnna Margaret12 Oct 1937
001012FulkHelen Hoover8 Feb 1916
001012StroopsElizabeth H. "Liz"15 Nov 195723 Nov 1997
001012TrumboTrovillo Jay6 May 19183 Aug 1980Dad
001012TrumboMary Leona3 May 19183 Mar 1939Mom
001012HooverStanley T.29 Apr 19195 Oct 1980
001012FulkEdward Fawley24 Jul 191613 Apr 1982Pvt U. S. Army WWII
001012FulkIrene T.6 Sep 191818 Sep 2001
001013MillerLynwood M.5 Oct 191418 Sep 1994
001013MillerTreva G.30 Apr 1930
001013HulveyJames Shuler19301984Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001013CusterCrystal Arlene4 Dec 19632 Sep 1980
001013PhillipsE. Ann19631980
001013PhillipsJoanne J.1945
001013PhillipsRoger Q.1941
001013DriverLaura Lee19582000Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001013TaylorBessie M.29 Jan 189819 Oct 1981
001013Taylor, Sr.Thomas E.14 Jul 190323 Apr 1981
001013TaylorEleanora C.24 Jun 190730 Jun 1980
001013FulkLaney K. "Bill"22 Dec 191010 Jun 1980Married 24 Dec 1929
001013FulkLaura I.26 Mar 190613 Aug 1879w/Laney K. "Bill"
001013Wood, Jr.Leonard R.10 Aug 1925
001013WoodAlva Trumbo27 Jun 1928
001013FawleyHoward W.14 Dec 18918 Jul 1983Father; Children-Lawson, Curtis, Herman, Lena, Mary, Romona & Katie
001013FawleyLaura C.17 Jul 19136 May 1994Mother; Married 25 Dec 1930w/Howard W.
001013FawleyRamona E.30 Jul 19406 Sep 1980Daughter
001014RunionDavid Paul25 Jan 192822 Jul 1984U. S. Army WWII
001014ShoemakerKenneth D.13 Apr 19328 Jan 1998Father; PFC U. S. Army
001014ShoemakerDorothy M.23 Jul 1923Mother
001014ShoemakerJeremy Scott027 Mar 1981
001014FulkMatthew Galen12 Aug 19213 Feb 1995PFC U. S. Army WWII
001014FulkPauline M.10 Aug 1928
001014SlaterDelbert D.9 May 1929Married 7 Aug 1948; Our children-Daniel L. & Margo L.
001014SlaterReba Dane F.29 Nov 1930w/Delbert D.
001014BareMarvin W.20 Oct 191324 Aug 1987PFC U. S. Army WWII; Married 12 Jun 1935
001014BareHazie E.15 Apr 1912w/Marvin W.
001014TusingCecil C.2 Jan 19217 Jul 1985
001014TusingAnna Lee12 May 1928
001014ShumakerLawrence H.7 Aug 191916 Jan 1979Tec 4 U. S. Army WWII
001014ShumakerLucille M.24 Sep 192024 Mar 2003
001014FulkBevelyn B.3 Sep 193425 Feb 2002Married 10 Oct 1953
001014FulkJulia Ann26 Oct 1935w/Bevelyn B.
001014FulkRalph C.19 Mar 191113 Aug 1979
001014FulkLena T.17 Jan 191026 Feb 1997
001015HummelWilliam Frederick13 Dec 19291 Sep 1982A1C U. S. Air Force Korea
001015RigglemanSusan D.21 Dec 1953w/Sherwood B.
001015RigglemanSherwood B.8 Jun 1937Married 13 Oct 1979
001015RigglemanLoy S.17 Nov 19001 Jul 1989Married 8 Mar 1922
001015RigglemanRennie A.11 Oct 190111 Jul 1980w/Loy S.
001015FureyRobert John28 Mar 189828 Mar 1972
001015FureyIrene Ritchie3 Mar 1910
001015RitchieThomas E.28 Feb 190526 Oct 1987
001015RitchieKathleen M.21 May 1910
001015ReedyWard E.16 Jul 191730 Jan 1996Father
001015ReedyVelma T.16 Nov 19239 Jul 2000
001015ReedyJeremy A.28 May 198128 May 1981
001015EstepKenneth W.6 Jun 190711 Sep 2001Father
001015EstepVesta B.12 Dec 190930 Apr 1998Mother
001015BillerJustus S.25 Mar 190330 Dec 1976
001015BillerKatie D.14 Aug 190515 Sep 1979
001016HeitzJoyce E.12 Apr 193918 Dec 1985
001016RitchieWesley Alan12 Oct 196826 Dec 1981
001016TrumboDouglas N.28 Nov 195029 Oct 1996Father of Sam & Hannah
001016TrumboMyrtle B.23 Nov 1919w/Woodrow W.
001016TrumboWoodrow W.12 Oct 19125 May 1979Married 6 Mar 1945
001016FulkWilliam A.25 May 190028 Apr 1997Married 25 Dec 1921
001016FulkGrace E.16 Apr 190215 Feb 1976w/William A.
001016FulkOtis19 May 189019 Oct 1975
001016FulkMaude V.14 Mar 189430 Dec 1984
001016MayPerry B.11 Jul 190821 Nov 1992
001016MayIda V.21 Oct 191021 Sep 1993
001016CarrJohn Harvey29 Apr 190227 Jul 1991
001016CarrEli Robert "Rob"31 Oct 19047 Jun 1990
001016CarrWilliam E.6 Sep 189714 Nov 1974
001016ShumakerSeymour V.18941974Father
001016ShumakerLena R.18981987Mother
001016RunionRalph C.29 Feb 1908
001016RunionV. Rebecca29 Oct 19108 Jul 1981
001016TurnerRoy E.30 Jun 19164 May 1975Father
001016TurnerEunice F.29 Sep 19176 Nov 1994Mother
001016FulkHarrison J.11 Mar 191726 Jun 1983
001016FulkNaomi B.7 Jan 19242 Jul 1999
001016DoveMartha E.31 Aug 19007 Jan 1986
001016DoveBenjamin Matthew12 Feb 18968 Aug 1962Virginia, Pvt Co E 331 Inf WWI
001016PhillipsOwen19131977Rhodes Funeral Home Marker only
001016PhillipsHelen May19161981Grandle Funeral Home Marker on.y
001017CurryPhyllis L.12 Dec 192429 Jul 1998
001017CurryClifford J.19181984U. S. Coast Guard WWII
001017StaynerMelvin Carl26 Jan 19084 Oct 1993U. S. Army WWII
001017RitchieCalvin D.15 Jan 193923 Sep 1993
001017RitchieMary Lou26 Sep 19435 Apr 1999
001017RoadcapKeith Edward28 Aug 196218 Jun 1978Son
001017RaodcapJohn G.18 Jul 189112 Jan 1977
001017RoadcapFlossie C.19 Apr 189520 Feb 1977
001017BrannerLettie A.18 Jan 190513 Feb 1976
001017BrannerGeroge M.27 Oct 18866 May 1943
001017DoveAlden F.2 Jan 1922
001017DoveViolet C.26 Dec 1921
001017FulkBenjamin E.12 Jun 191117 Apr 1982
001017FulkMyrtle M.21 Sep 191023 Oct 1973
001017HottingerBaxter H.16 Jun 19291 Oct 1973
001017FulkMayard G.19 Oct 190728 Mar 1974
001017FulkMaida R.29 Jul 1920
001017FulkMiles E.19 Oct 19076 May 1984
001017SmithRay E.9 Apr 192721 Juan 1998Children-Dale, Carson, Steven, Michael, Sherry, Dana, Misty, Jeffrey
001017SmithGeneva A.27 Nov 19331 Nov 1994w/Ray E.
001017TurnerWalter A.12 Sep 18926 Oct 1980
001017TurnerRoxie A.29 Jun 190216 May 1974
001018UnknownUnreadable Theis Funeral Home Marker only
001018KeplingerGarland J.13 Jan 19235 Jul 1978Cpl Army WWII
001018KeplingerEvelyn R.30 Nov 1928Mother
001018KeplingerBruce A.18 Aug 19528 Aug 1973Son
001018SmithCarlin F. "Barlow"17 Aug 191322 Apr 1994Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001018SmithIrene M.31 Dec 1924
001018MoyersErnest C.27 Jan 191721 Dec 1972
001018MoyersGoldie E.10 May 1920
001018MillerGeorge E.26 Jan 189923 Feb 1972
001018MillerLeafy M.12 May 190513 Mar 1985
001018CarrAbraham C.27 Oct 190317 Dec 1971
001018FunkhouserAldon8 Jan 190715 May 1983
001018FunkhouserGeorgia2 Mar 1909
001018RunionStanley R. "Jake"20 Dec 191619 Mar 1996
001018RunionGoldie M.13 Apr 1917
001018TurnerLula R.19081999
001018TurnerHoy F.19041970
001018ByersKent Dewayne7 Sep 19616 Oct 1970s/Samuel & JoAnn Byers
001018CusterHarry Medford30 May 19103 Aug 1994PFC U. S. Army WWII
001018CusterIvy J.24 Mar 19232 Dec 1970
001019LantzRachel G25 Aug 1902
001019LantzLevinia11 Jun 18999 Feb 1974
001019EstepJohn C.15 May 188212 Feb 1979
001019EstepMary E.16 Sep 188831 Jan 1974
001019VellaCharles19241973Massachusett, Sgt U. S. Marine Corps WWII
001019VellaVista R.19251985
001019ParksWilma Agnes17 Feb 191731 Dec 1972
001019BrannerStephen Anthony18 Jan 196714 May 1996
001019SagerRaymond C.31 Oct 19186 May 1972
001019SagerVivian M.18 Sep 1923
001019MillerJ. Roy27 Mar 191125 Feb 1982
001019MillerNellie D.29 Nov 191230 Dec 1971
001019WetzelCarl Elwood6 Jul 1931Father
001019WhetzelDonald Jay27 Oct 195613 Oct 1971Son
001019WhetzelPauline June1 Sep 1931Mother
001019Vann, Jr.Randolph R.5 Mar 192015 Oct 2002Married 16 May 1942
001019VannG. Elaine10 Oct 192510 Dec 2002w/Randolph R.
001019RitchieRussell A.24 Apr 190727 Jul 1999
001019RitchieLucy W.27 Aug 1907
001019MillerAlta Geneva20 Sep 19294 Oct 1981
001019MillerWillard Dean20 Nov 1927
001019HooverMaynard E.14 Feb 18989 Jul 1978
001019HooverMiriam M.23 Feb 190827 Nov 1996
001020CarrMatthew E.10 Sep 1932
001020CarrMartha A.16 Sep 192931 Oct 1973
001020CarrShirley Hall26 Oct 191727 Sep 1973PFC U. S. Army
001020SoutherlyCharles McClory5 Jul 190512 Apr 1973
001020SoutherlyLena Miller17 Feb 19151 May 1993
001020DoveA. Alson25 Oct 19263 Aug 1970
001020DoveViolet Faye4 Sep 1946
001020FulkClarence C.23 Sep 18971 Oct 1985
001020FulkEdna M. Bare8 Jun 190013 Aug 1974
001020BareRobert M.18 Mar 1928
001020BareEvleyn F.8 Jul 193122 Jan 1980
001020MillerEarl G.22 Jan 191128 Dec 1978
001020MillerSusan C.11 Jul 191317 Mar 1989
001020Bare, Jr.William Newton16 Mar 193124 Aug 2002Cpl U. S. Army Korea
001020MillerHoy O.3 Oct 189629 May 1983
001020MillerFlorence19041999Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001020FulkFloyd D.30 Sep 192112 Nov 1989Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001020FulkElma G.23 Dec 1922Children-Jesse, Alvin, Johnny, Samuelw/Floyd D.
001020TusingIrvin Woodrow19261993U. S. Navy WWII
001020TusingWilta J.1929
001020CarrApril Marie014 Aug 1970d/Matthew & Elizabeth Carr Jr.
001021TurnerMarshall H.19 Apr 191820 Mar 1976
001021TurnerKatherine30 Aug 192615 Jun 1999
001021FitzwaterHerman W.1 Jul 190615 Dec 1989
001021FitzwaterNora E.31 Oct 190615 Jul 1974
001021FulkJonny E.8 Jan 19441 May 1997Sons-Bobby Wayne, Steven Wesley
001021RitchieDavid F.26 Oct 188822 Mar 1978
001021TurnerNeal E.3 Feb 193214 Nov 1996
001021TurnerBonnie B.9 May 1943
001021HottleWilda Turner13 Nov 192517 Nov 2001
001021HottleWeldon Ernest9 Jan 1928
001021TurnerBen W.8 Nov 19058 Oct 1988
001021TurnerMabel E.5 Dec 1907
001021BlantonJames Allen3 Feb 19139 Feb 1970
001021BlantonEdith M.1 Oct 191127 Jul 1995
001021ReedyShirley G.3 May 19207 Dec 1969
001021ReedyW. Ruth11 Mar 192231 Dec 2000
001022StroopGeorge A.27 Sep 191710 Oct 1979Father
001022StroopPearl V.26 Jun 1921Mother
001022StroopMichael Wm.19691970
001022SimmonsRussell E.19041988
001022SimmonsMeadie H.19041975
001022RunionShirley T.28 May 192730 Mar 1979S Sgt U. S. Army Korea
001022RunionMae V. Pence8 May 1924
001022RunionPaul A.2 Jul 19105 Aug 1968
001022RunionJuanita A.19 Nov 191627 Feb 2000
001022EstepLaura J.16 Jan 189613 Nov 1977
001022EstepGeorge W.9 Feb 189223 Mar 1968
001022ReedyBeulah B.20 Jan 190016 Aug 1978
001022ReedyIra G.7 May 189116 Jan 1967
001022ReedySidney Kermit21 Feb 190712 Jun 1991Father; Married 3 Mar 1928
001022ReedyElsie Ruth8 May 191031 Jul 1966Mothers/Sidney Kermit
001022FulkD. Webster "Webb"18841966s/Daniel
001022ThompsonDean L.7 Jul 19208 Jul 1973
001022DoveArthur G.18841965s/Abraham
001022DoveMae W.189819__w/Arthur G.
001022FulkJoe C.9 Oct 191117 Jul 1971
001022FulkAlma R.25 Jul 191612 Oct 2001
001023TrimbleHobart V.7 Mar 190723 Aug 1978
001023TrimbleDella M.29 Mar 190510 Jan 1969
001023DonovanBlanche Lam22 Mar 190624 Oct 1968
001023TurnerBarbara E.11 Feb 1947
001023TurnerLeonard W.14 Jul 192811 Dec 1990
001023TurnerLoretta S. "Sue"20 Jan 1951
001023TurnerStanley E. "Jim"7 Aug 193715 Mar 1996
001023TurnerRessie M.8 Feb 189822 Feb 1978w/Calvin L.
001023TurnerCalvin L.29 Apr 189018 Aug 1968Married 29 Dec 1919
001023DoveJasper Loy23 Nov 188925 Oct 1971Married 22 Jun 1913
001023DoveTracie Bliss5 Aug 189429 Oct 1967w/Jasper Loy
001023WhetzelLuke19 Apr 193120 Feb 1967
001023WhetzelDorothy L.27 Sep 193530 Mar 1974
001023MitchellWotis4 Jun 189825 May 1972
001023MitchellHazel E.25 Mar 190415 Aug 1990
001023TurnerRussell L.18981965s/Jack
001023TurnerS. Lorraine19001982w/Jack; d/Ed Shoemaker
001023SagerPreston Lee24 Sep 192923 Dec 1996Cpl U. S. Army Korea
001023SagerViola Ritchie12 Oct 193519 Oct 2001
001023SagerEmmert L.7 Feb 190918 Sep 1981Married 17 Nov 1928
001023SagerLena M.11 Jun 19112 Jun 1988w/Emmert L.
001023SagerRobert M.23 May 19347 Jul 1995Father; Married 21 Jun 1952
001023SagerEvelyn V.15 Apr 1936Motherw/Robert M.
001023TrumboKinsley K.30 Nov 190710 Feb 1980Married 31 Dec 1927
001023TrumboIrene Runion10 Oct 19082 Jun 1984w/Kinsley K.
001023RitchieLawrence R.19021965s/Cal.
001023RitchieMaudie V.19051984w/Lawrence; nee Turner
001023ReedyRaleigh R.25 Dec 187115 Nov 1967
001023ReedyBertie B.11 Dec 18796 May 1974
001024RitchieJohn Ralph2 May 19131985Death date listed only on Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
001024RitchieWilma C.25 Sep 191831 Jul 1976
001024RitchieMinnie F.18901964w/Charles C.; nee Reedy
001024RitchieCharles C.5 Feb 190728 Mar 1964s/Fred
001024RitchieWinnie P.3 Mar 19013 Apr 1977
001024ReedyEverette L.18851963s/Isaac
001024FawleyBertie Byrd5 Jun 188824 Feb 1964d/Robert
001024RunionOwen E.7 May 190917 Nov 1972
001024RunionAvis L.21 Aug 1921w/Owen E.
001024VaughanBernie R.18951985
001024VaughanHelen M.19211963w/Rev. Bernie R.; d/Luther Turner
001024FulkBessie M.6 May 190029 May 1999w/Gilbert W.; d/Abe Carr
001024FulkGilbert W.20 May 190018 Mar 1963s/Robert
001024CarrCharles E.19 Oct 189028 Mar 1979
001024CarrMillie E.13 Dec 18853 Oct 1962w/Charles E.; d/Ben Turner
001024MillerMarshall B.20 Apr 19169 Apr 1993
001024MillerVivian T.21 Jun 1921
001024TurnerKale T.19 Dec 19079 Apr 1967Aged 59y 3m 20d
001024TurnerMary F.17 Sep 191214 Jun 1985Aged 72y 8m 27d
001024ShoemakerFord Emanuel29 Apr 192330 Oct 1987
001024ShoemakerGoldie Fulk11 Jul 192410 Jul 1986
001024ShoemakerGertrude L.18861963w/Wm. H.; nee Shoemaker
001024ShoemakerWilliam H.18791961s/Wm.
001024TurnerJames E.12 Sep 191325 Aug 1970
001024TurnerClara M.8 Aug19131 Oct 1960w/James
001024ShoemakerCharles B.9 Feb 189020 Sep 1960s/George
001024ShoemakerSarah E.7 Mar 190022 Jan 1983w/Charles; nee Ritchie; Lindsey Funeral Home Marker & stone
001024ShoemakerGifford Charles28 Feb 192813 Oct 1966
001025TurnerPhilip H.18861967Father
001025TurnerBessie B.18901962Motherw/Philip H.; nee Larent
001025TurnerRufus B.19101991Sons/Philip H. & B. B.
001025HessJ. Loy15 Feb 18948 Jun 1962s/Jack
001025HessMaude B.13 Jul 189710 Jan 1967w/J. Loy; nee Miller
001025MillerRussell F.24 May 190416 Dec 1963s/Charles
001025MillerVirgie V.19 Dec 19089 Sep 1994w/Russell F.; nee Fulk
001025DoveMae V.4 Apr 192916 Nov 1972
001025HulveyLaney O.17 May 189528 Nov 1961s/Johnston
001025HulveyBeulah M.4 Mar 19003 Jun 1975w/Laney O.; nee Estep
001025ShoemakerElsie D.14 Apr 189112 Jan 1993
001025ShoemakerManny F.3 May18902 Aug 1963s/Andy
001025EatonAmos R.18871970
001025EatonJulia E.18901972w/Amos R.
001025EatonRandolph T.22 Sep 191712 Jun 1989
001025TrumboHarry Edgar24 Nov 190922 Apr 1997Dad
001025TrumboShirley Shiflet2 Jan 1910
001025TusingWilliam H.26 Nov 189323 May 1981
001025TusingStella A.6 Sep 189418 Sep 1960w/Wm. H.; d/Josiah Hulvey
001025EstepMelvin C.26 Mar 190820 Jun 1970
001025EstepGoldie Dove30 Jan 19085 Feb 1996
001025ReedyStephen Willard7 Oct 195429 Apr 1966
001026RigglemanAndy S.1 May 190617 Oct 1979
001026RigglemanVergie E.15 May 191226 Oct 1988
001026RigglemanJohn18921957Rhodes Funeral Home Marker
001026FulkMildred May19321956d/Elmer; Rosenberger Funeral Home Marker
001026MillerPreston K.5 Oct 188922 Jun 1957s/S. Miller
001026MillerBertha M.29 May 189429 Jan 1968w/Preston K.
001026BareGarnett R.16 Feb 191629 Aug 1957s/Charles
001026BareIsola8 Aug 19194 Feb 1979w/Garnett R.
001026EstepStover F.23 Feb 190225 Oct 1959s/Liegh
001026EstepGladys Z.7 May 190729 Mar 2001w/Stoner F.
001026TurnerJoseph D.19 Jan 18958 Jun 1975Married 4 Apr 1914; Children-Ruth & Miller
001026TurnerBeulah B.3 Oct 189123 Sep 1966w/Joseph D.
001026WilkinsThane K.1937
001026WilkinsEllen R.19371959w/Hune K.; d/David Reed
001026WilkinsLisa Ann1 Sep 19632 Sep 1963d/Thane K. & Evelyn R.
001026WilkinsArnold D., Elder25 Oct 190913 Feb 1958s/Charles
001026WilkinsRuth T.1 Jan 191528 Sep 1988w/Arnold D.
001026MillerWalter G.18941955Married 1913s/John
001026MillerEmma R.18931960w/Walter G.; d/Geo. Fulk
001026FulkJacob E.25 Jul 188719 Jan 1973
001026FulkNora M.14 Nov 18966 Jun 1984
001026TurnerMary Alice18821959w/Luther A.; d/Lewis Ritchie
001026TurnerLuther A.18791967
001026RigglemanAlva Hall "Jim"7 Jun 191325 Jan 1982U. S. Army WWII
001026RigglemanEmeline E.7 Mar 1927
001026MusserVictoria C.29 Apr 188615 Nov 1971
001026MusserMarco J.11 Oct 188022 Jun 1967
001026GaitherInfant0c/Rev. Gaither; no stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001026MongoldRobert Lee18871960
001026FulkGeorge W.1 Apr 18801 Apr 1960s/David
001026FulkMinnie F.7 Apr 18381 May 1969w/George W.
001026FeasterPaul J.8 Jul 192611 Oct 1980
001026KoontzClodagh E.19 Jan 1932
001027RigglemanGeorge W.18751955
001027RigglemanJennie18651955w/George W.
001027TurnerRobert L.16 Mar 18931 Apr 1955s/Joshua
001027TurnerGussie E.13 Apr 190214 Nov 1975w/Robert L.
001027ShoemakerDaisey M.18941955w/S. Holmes; d/Ferg. Kenny
001027ShoemakerS. Holmes18871969
001027BareWilliam N.11 Aug 190411 Nov 1957s/Charles
001027BareLaura A.19 May 190316 Aug 2000w/Wm. N.
001027BareJohn E.8 Sep 193917 Feb 1982
001027RitchieC. Belmont19271960s/Walter
001027WineSidney T.13 Jul 188726 Apr 1966s/Jacob
001027WineMinnie Estep28 Mar 18905 Sep 1970
001027TurnerEthel W.30 Jul 1911
001027TurnerHarry L.1 Nov 190718 Nov 1988
001027TurnerZ. A.22 Mar 186913 Feb 1962s/Joseph
001027TurnerDaisy May18 Jun 187714 Oct 1955w/Zach A.; nee Layman
001027TrumboIlene E.21 Jun 18984 Aug 1956w/Roy A.; d/Adam Schickel
001027TrumboRoy A.4 Dec 19035 Aug 1986
001027MillerPaul V.19021984
001027MillerVerdie L.19071979
001027FitzwaterOllie S.18861967
001027FitzwaterIda A.18971981w/Ollie S.
001027CaldwellDaphna A.19141991Mother
001027HooverFlorence Velma3 Jan 190626 Nov 1969
001027KoontzJames E.7 Dec 18839 Nov 1966
001027KoontzEmma J.10 May 188317 Jun 1956w/James E.
001027MorrisDebra Ann12 apr 1970Granddaughter/Neff & Patsy Turner
001028BareMarshall Joseph22 Apr 195614 May 1996Father/April & ChasityGrandle Funeral Home Marker & stone
001028BareGranville M.19221998Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001028BareVaua Uka19261994Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001028HooverTobie Floyd19321989Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001028BareLeona Virginia19521952Funeral Home Marker only
001028BareBernie E.7 May 189215 Mar 1966s/Calvin
001028BareBessie F.17 Sep 1904
001028EstepClarence E. "Pete"10 Sep 191515 Jun 1980
001028EstepFrank28 Oct 187921 Nov 1956
001028EstepMildred A.19 Jul 18896 Dec 1974w/Frank
001028BradyIshmael A.6 Mar 18898 Jul 1966s/William
001028BradyIrene H.19 Jan 189827 Sep 1985
001028BradyGeorge A2 Jun 192328 Mar 1970Pvt Btry A 28 BN 7 Reg WWII
001028BradyNellie L.11 Aug 192111 Jan 1984
001028BradyCarl Allen24 Oct 19487 Mar 1950s/G. A. & Nellie
001028DoveThomas T.15 Aug 19057 Apr 1949s/Arthur
001028DoveRuth V.21 Dec 19034 Sep 1985w/Thomas T.
001028ScudderC. Oliver18881978
001028ScudderMuriel V.19081948w/C. Oliver; d/R. Lam
001028BareCharles F.18791961
001028BareKammie E.1912w/Charles F.; d/Benj. Mumford
001028MumbertOrie L.8 Jun 190924 Jul 1999
001028ConleyEmma I.3 Aug 191712 Nov 1998
001028MumfordNettie A.6 Jul 188521 Oct 1969w/Benj. E.
001028MumfordBenjamin E.20 Mar 187413 Nov 1946
001028MumfordJoseph18871949bro/Benj. E.
001028FitzwaterMary A.18571946w/William; nee Dove
001028CriderWilliam, Mrs.First name Edith according to Swank's record in the 1960s.
001028ReedyDelaney Lincoln "Laney"25 Feb 190426 Sep 1951
001028MillerJesse L.31 Mar 189130 May 1956s/Robert
001028MillerStella C.14 Jan 189428 Apr 1982w/Jesse L.
001029TurnerBerlin E.18841953s/John
001029TurnerRhoda C.19041990w/Berlin E.
001029KellerFranklin P.3 Mar 195525 Jun 1956Son
001029KellerJunior F.6 Dec 19365 Feb 2000Married 5 Sep 1953;children- Franklin P., Michael W. & Deborah M.
001029KellerReva B.30 Jul 1932w/Junior F.
001029HessWade M.12 Oct 1891
001029HessBlanche M.4 Sep 18962 Jan 1968
001029CarrErvie H.18921975s/Lewis
001029CarrMinnie I.18981952w/Ernie I; d/Chas. R. Ritchie
001029MitchellEmory E.18941964
001029MitchellRosa B.18951974w/Emory B.
001029FulkEdward "Ed" V.15 Sep 19292 May 1994Dad
001029FulkEarl S.19081998
001029FulkVada V.19131999
001029CusterSallie A.18801966w/James J.; d/Nace Turner
001029CusterJames E.18661950`
001029MayWalter A.13 Apr 191922 Feb 1985
001029MayNellie W.11 Sep 191212 Apr 1984
001029MayPeggy Ann0Infant of Walter
001029MayWalter (Infant)0
001029TurnerMinnie E.18851962w/Geo. B.; nee Bare
001029TurnerGeorge B.18791947s/Joseph
001029PriestDennis C.28 Jun 19525 Aug 1969
001029PriestHarold W.16 Oct 191513 Jul 1988
001029PriestVelma W.30 Jan 1913
001029ShoemakerZula Wine18821951w/Samuel R.; d/Jacob Wine
001029ShoemakerSamuel R.18691945s/William
001029LeeCarrie L.17 Mar 186923 Jun 1944w/Jacob M.; d/Jenry Stroop
001029LeeJacob M.22 Nov 186422 Apr 1947
001029LantzAudry A.22 Feb 194312 Jun 1943
001029LantzAlma G.12 Jul 194111 Apr 1947
001029FulkGlade T.16 Jul 193419 Mar 1960
001029FulkInfant1941s/Ralph & Lena
001030FlickingerDelmas Earl28 Mar 195227 Feb 1953
001030EstepF. Chester17 May 191519 Oct 1953s/George
001030BrannerEarnest Earnel "Jim"29 May 191630 Sep 1996Married 19 Jun 1942; 41 years of driving the bus
001030BrannerEvelynne Whitmore9 Feb 1915Married 19 Jun 1942; 26 years of teachingw/Earnest Earnel "Jim"
001030RitchieDemar M.24 Mar 191713 Jan 1996
001030RitchieEleanor V.16 Jun 1921
001030FulkGalen R.30 Jan 190716 May 1975Father; Married 15 Oct 1927
001030FulkPauline G.11 Feb 191029 Nov 1981Motherw/Galen R.
001030RitchieMamie Elsie18921982w/Rev. Charles W.
001030RitchieCharles W., Rev.18891950
001030RitchieGladys N.19 Mar 191824 Oct 1984
001030RitchieJohn P.19 Apr 191623 Jan 1975
001030RitchieGrace A.14 Jan 188113 Nov 1972Motherw/John F.
001030RitchieJohn F.1 Dec 186912 Mar 1949Fathers/Jonathan
001030TusingCharles O.29 Mar 18895 Jul 1966s/Ramanus
001030TusingMary S.9 Sep 189420 May 1970
001030NazelrodHelen V.24 Oct 1932
001030NazelrodBobby F.28 Sep 19301 Sep 1995Cpl U. S. Army Korea
001030GarberOliver J.18931966s/Jacob
001030GarberMinnie T.19021974
001030GarberJimmie T.19441945s/O. J. & M. T.
001030TurnerI. Jackson7 Oct 190728 sep 1971Father
001030TurnerSallie M.5 Apr 190528 Jun 1943Motherw/I. Jackson; nee Dove
001030HessRosa Crabb18821943
001030SagerLuther D.18791944
001030SagerMallie R.18971984
001030RunionPaul Emerson1 Dec 195416 May 1961Aged 6y 5 M 16d; s/Owen & Avis
001030RunionJanet Louise1941Aged 1m 26d; d/Owen & Irene
001031HooverRobert L.18951970
001031HooverHerma B.19001962
001031HooverH. Orville15 May 191613 Sep 1942Aged 26y 3m 28d; s/R. L. & H. B.
001031HooverEthel May19141989Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker only
001031HessMary Ann1941d/J. P & C. M.
001032ShoemakerJames Edward19 Dec187316 Jun 1954s/Frank
001032HottingerBertha E.16 Jul 18902 Mar 1971
001032HottingerBen H.3 Feb 18923 May 1970
001032HottingerMaggie17 Feb 18692 Feb 1858w/Amos; nee Turner
001032HottingerAmos22 Aug 186524 Oct 1952
001032CarrL. Blain25 Nov 189626 Jan 1978
001032CarrMary Katie6 Oct 19031 Oct 2000
001032HulveyVirginia F.18 Apr 18738 Jul 1958d/Johnston
001032JamesonWilliam H.18871970
001032JamesonMinnie D.18841965w/Wm. H.; d/Johnston Hulvey
001032RunionEunice B.26 Jul 190510 Oct 1998w/Edward A.
001032RunionHoward A.19 Oct 189920 Jul 1962
001032RunionAlbert23 Mar 189031 Dec 1958
001032HulveyLina S.1 Oct 188810 May 1963w/Robert C.; d/Abe Runion
001032HulveyRobert G.30 Dec 188929 Sep 1951s/Johnston
001032BrennemanAbram D.3 Jan 18757 Jan 1955s/Daniel
001032BrennemanClara E.15 Dec 187521 Jul 1963w/Abram D.; nee Cline
001032TurnerElder H. O.18831969
001032FulkGilbert J.4 Jan 19304 Sep 1959U. S. Army
001032FulkJames Timothy12 Aug 192715 Feb 1949Maryland; SN U. S. Navy WWIIs/Bruce
001032RitchieInfant daughter21 Apr 194221 Apr 1942d/T. E. & Kathleen
001032MillerPorter J.22 Jan 191923 Mar 1972
001032MillerLester Gray17 Jan 194317 Jan 1943s/P. J. & I. M.
001032MillerRichard G.23 Mar 194224 Mar 1942s/P. J. & I. M.
001032ScudderInfant18 Nov 196218 Nov 1962s/Chester & Janice
001032GarrettAnnetta Gay26 Jun 1958d/W. S. & Jane
001032CarrRobertInfant, no stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001032CarrWinston D.5 Oct 19401 Apr 1941s/R. S. & Ruth
001033ShoemakerJohn W.
001033ShoemakerAnnie L.23 Feb 188428 Aug 1972Grandmother
001033TurnerMevin H.9 Dec 189817 Oct 1981
001033TurnerRobert C.3 Mar 186727 Aug 1958s/John
001033TurnerElizabeth30 Jul 187510 Apr 1951w/Robert C.; nee Shoemaker
001033HulveyStanley R.27 Jun 192316 Apr 1986
001033HulveySharon V.6 May 192812 Apr 1971
001033TurnerLloyd G.20 Feb 190010 Jun 1973
001033TurnerRuth A.22 Jun 190220 Feb 1990
001033TurnerRay Dean1957Infant s/G. R. & L. A.
001033TurnerCynthia1950d/Granville R. & L. A.
001033RitchieBertha Ruth21 Jun 191920 Jun 1998
001033RitchieRaymond O.23 Dec 191012 Nov 1973
001033RitchieSusanna Ruth19 Feb 1917
001033RitchieRosa18861961w/Luther; d/Sam Ritchie
001033RunionAsenith F.18701947w/Nathan C.; nee Davis
001033RunionNathan C.18701945s/Abe
001033FulkPhilip E.7 Oct 18859 Feb 1968
001033FulkMary B.18 Jul 188831 Dec 1974w/Philip E.
001033FulkFannie1 Oct 186514 Apr 1951Motherw/Timothy; nee Shoemaker
001033FulkTimothy29 May 186225 Nov 1943Father
001033ReeseWilliam L.19101974
001033ReeseLacie E.19191941w/Wm. L.; d/Ercil Carr
001033LantzEsten E.18951977
001033LantzCora A.18981941w/Esten E.; d/Lonie Carr
001033FulkInfant son1950ch/Floyd & Edna
001033FulkInfant daughter1949ch/Floyd & Edna
001033FulkInfant daughter1946ch/Floyd & Edna; stillborn
001033FulkInfant daughter1940ch/Floyd & Edna
001034FawleyJohn A.18811978
001034FawleyLena E.18931952w/John A.; d/Addison Roadcap
001034ThompsonGene Arthur18 Sep 19328 Jun 1952PFC 31 Inf 7 Inf Div Va Korea P. H.
001034FawleyGeorge William12 Dec 18981 Jan 1977
001034FawleyKate Pauline24 Apr 189626 Aug 1982
001034ShoemakerRobert Edward12 Jul 186814 May 1952s/Jackson
001034ShoemakerMary Kirkpatrick15 Dec 18691 Dec 1942w/Robert E.; nee Kirkpatrick
001034TurnerMary E.2 Nov 186520 Mar 1951w/Charles W.; d/James Miller
001034TurnerCharles W.8 Feb 18694 Sep 1939s/John
001035TusingAndrew C.18841962s/Ramanus
001035AnkersBertha E.30 Jun 189518 Dec 1963w/Harvey L.; nee Tusing
001035Ankers, Jr.Harvey L.27 Feb 188617 Sep 1952Grandle Funeral Home Marker only
001035DoveJoseph A.18791960Kyger Funeral Home Marker only
001035DoveSattie M.18821965w/Joseph A.; nee Roadcap
001035CarrNoah D.28 Sep 189917 Apr 1952Aged 52y 6m 19ds/Eli
001035LantzEarnel W.13 Sep 1917
001035LantzEdna A.19 Jun 192311 Mar 1975
001035BareClaude D.7 Jul 190713 Jan 1987
001035BareRachel R.15 Feb 190125 Jul 1983
001035SandyWilma W.26 Sep 19173 Feb 1989
001035SandyTurner K.4 FEb 191523 Dec 1974
001035SandyKatie E.18811972
001035SandyJohn W.18721946
001035FulkAbram G.5 Aug 188728 Apr 1949s/David; Parents Rev. Floyd
001035FulkLura N.5 Dec 18885 Feb 1966w/Abram G.; nee Neff
001035FulkFloyd L.15 Nov 191115 Aug 1988
001035FulkMarie O.12 Apr 1916
001035CliverHarry L.19362003
001035FordLandie Jason19262000
001035FulkJoseph A.18801963Aged 83y 8m 23ds/Joshua
001035FulkHattie B.18841963Aged 79y 5dw/Joshua A.; d/David Fulk
001035FulkC. Edward18691942s/Joshua
001035FulkSarah M.18841962w/C. Edward; nee Fawley
001035FordVirgie Alice18 Aug 190224 Nov 1996Mother
001035ReedyArilla26 Mar 187124 Aug 1950w/George A.
001035ReedyGeorge A.15 Aug 186720 Mar 1941s/Jacob
001035ReedyHobert25 Aug 18969 Jan 1955
001035ReedyDora A.17 Oct 189217 Apr 1973w/Hobert
001035CarrInfantch/David; no marker - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001036ButtsThelma H., Mrs.19071960d/ Webb; Funeral Home Marker
001036LamLottie Bell18851958No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Wm. J.; nee Runion
001036LamWilliam Joe18851953No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001036ReedyWeldon F.19081964s/Jacob
001036ReedyEvelyn R.19181997w/Weldon F.
001036ReedyMartha J.19241964No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001036ReedyJuaniata Smith19241964May be Martha from above.
001036ReedySamuel J.20 Oct 187630 Mar 1958s/Isaac
001036ReedyS. Effie28 Mar 188530 Nov 1954w/Samuel J.; nee Shoemaker
001036HooverLillie P.26 Jun 188622 Jul 1968w/J. Webster
001036HooverJ. Webster11 Feb 18795 Mar 1951s/Isaac
001036HooverRettaNo dates
001036Hoover__ orie Floyd19031974Partially illegible-Rhodes Funeral Home Marker only
001036HooverHerman Dean19301974Rhodes Funeral Home Marker
001036FulkPolly19631964No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; d/Joseph
001036FulkAlbert Ray13 Aug 195513 Jan 1956s/Joseph, Funeral Home Marker
001036FulkLloyd James19361945s/Joseph; Funeral Home Marker
001036TusingIsrael A.187619--
001036TusingElla C.18761945w/Israel A.; d/David Estep
001036EstepClara E.18891963w/Charles R.
001036EstepCharles R.18851943s/David
001036EstepVernice J.16 Jul 191113 Sep 1983Navy Veteran WWII
001036BrannerGeorge M.6 May 1945Pvt 154 Depot Brigade W VaNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001036MoyersB.F. , Dr.18701961
001036MoyersSallie F.18761963w/Dr. Frank B.; nee Fawley
001036StrawdermanCora Alice18791965
001036FawleyDavid W.15 Oct 188526 Apr 1981
001036FawleyNora L.23 Dec 189811 Oct 1996
001036BareCharles R.10 Apr 18737 Nov 1957s/Bud
001036BareLillian A.6 Apr 188029 Jun 1939w/Charles R.; d/Wm. May
001037HartmanBeverly Reedy13 Oct 19361 Jul 1976w/Sheldon P.
001037MillerPatricia Hoover1 Mar 194216 Jul 2001
001037MillerLeon W.12 Mar 1932
001037NesselrodtHannah B.18641953Mother
001037NesselrodtCasper A.19081950SonV. F. W. marker
001037PayneDixie Bell28 Jan191111 Jul 1956d/Webb Hoover
001037HessRanson19001976Funeral Home Marker only
001037HessLydia B.18801945d/Frank Shoemaker
001037FulkSamuel R.18831945s/Daniel
001037FulkPammie L.18881958w/Samuel R.; d/Philip Ritchie
001037RoadcapOwen E.18 Oct 191329 May 1981Father; Married 16 Apr 1938
001037RoadcapBeulah V.8 Jul 1921Motherw/Owen E.
001037RoadcapInfantch/Owen R.
001037FulkGeorge, Mrs.Catherine is first name according to Swank in the 1960s.
001037RoadcapPaul J.19001940s/Timothy
001037RoadcapElsie Mae18971987
001037RoadcapKermit12 May 190516 Oct 1973
001037RoadcapCharlotte N.12 Sep 1909
001037AlbrightJacob R.18851980
001037AlbrightLottie J.18891943w/Jacob R.; d/Daniel Fulk
001037BrennemanDavid E.18841965s/Daniel
001037CaldwellAnnie B.18731949d/Daniel Brenneman
001037BrennemanS. R.3 Jul 18798 Jun 1940s/Daniel
001037RunionStanford L.1 May 191425 Jun 1988Married 25 Dec 1937; U. S. Navy WWII
001037RunionLucille B.11 May 1914w/Stanford L.
001037RunionJohn R.21 Aug 188030 Nov 1959Fathers/Abraham
001037RunionOllie B.15 Oct 18892 Apr 1939Motherw/John R.; d/Wm. May
001038RobersonGale Ann Hulvey17 Dec 19561 Jun 1998
001038ReedyFlossie R.25 Feb 18956 Feb 1976w/Philander D.; nee Shoemaker
001038ReedyPhilander D.3 May 18791 Jun 1949s/Isaac
001038ShoemakerHattieb. 16 Apr 1880 and d. 18 May 1931age 51y 1m 2d; w/Ed Shoemaker; d/David & Mary Jane (Michael) Reedy per death certificate.
001038HooverLectie L.9 May 191521 Nov 1933
001038BibleFredNo marker found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001038ReedyMary Jane
001038DoveZelma N.14 May 193212 Jul 1932d/B. M. & Martha
001038SeeTanya Gail16 Jun 197422 Jun 1974
001038TurnerLester B.5 Jun 192014 Jun 1920
001038AndesInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001038ZirkNellie M.15 Dec 189214 Feb 1927d/Jacob Custer
001038DoveMartha E.31 Aug 1900No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Benj. M.
001038DoveBenjamin M.12 Feb 18968 Aug 1962Pvt Co E 331 Inf WWI Va
001038ZirkEleanor24 Aug 191624 Aug 1924d/S. E. & N. M.
001038ReedyEvada23 Feb 1917Aged 2m 10d; d/Samuel & Effie
001038ShoemakerSarah F.14 Feb 1919Aged 7d; d/Homes & Daisy
001038ShoemakerBettie A.31 Jan 1919Aged 29y; d/Wesley & M. L.
001038ShumakerWesley20 Mar 18635 Aug 1929
001038ShumakerMary L.21 Jun 18633 Aug 1944w/Wesley
001038Shoemaker, Jr.Holmes S.19341965
001039SimmonsCindy1 Sep 19491 Sep 1949
001039BowmanWilliam F.15 Jul 18793 Mar 1949
001039BowmanElla R.2 May 188028 Mar 1968w/Wm. F.; nee Dove
001039ReedyOwen G.5 Aug 19163 Dec 1985
001039ReedyVelma D.6 Mar 1921
001039ReedyStella18891969w/Marion D.
001039ReedyMarion D.18821937
001039TurnerFlorance18781956w/George W.
001039TurnerGeorge W.18671930s/David
001039TurnerFreddie L.1939Aged 3d; s/David & Roxie
001039BrannerJohn C.29 May 18883 Aug 1929s/Benjamin
001039BrannerVerdie L.20 Aug 189224 Feb 1972w/John C.; nee Roadcap
001039BakerBetty E.7 Nov 184717 Feb 1923Aged 76y 5m 10dsister of Philip
001039RoadcapAulden D.19091930s/Timothy
001039RoadcapTimothy F.14 Oct 186412 Nov 1931Aged 67y 28d; Fathers/Harey
001039RoadcapFannie L.21 Dec 18661 Oct 1928Aged 61y 9m 10d; Motherw/Timothy; d/Manuel Hoover
001039WineJacob S.19 Jan 185616 Feb 1922Aged 66y 28ds/Michael
001039WineHettie E.11 Dec 186416 Feb 1913Aged 48y 2m 5d; w/J. S.
001039CusterInfant daughter4 Feb 1944d/K. W. & V. V.
001039CusterTwin Infant sons25 Jul 1925d/K. W. & V. V.
001039CusterDora B.6 Jul 18713 Mar 1924w/Samuel F.; d/Noah Shelvis
001039CusterSamuel F.18 May 185810 Jan 1944s/Berry
001039CusterKermit W.6 Jul 19047 Jan 1992
001039CusterViolet V.27 Mar 190624 Jul 1997
001039RoadcapGeorge Eugene9 Oct 193016 Oct 19307d; s/W. C. & Iona
001039RoadcapWm. Edward19 May 192723 Dec 1927s/W. C. & Iona E.
001039RoadcapW. Edward18 Apr 186711 Dec 1937s/Harvey
001039RoadcapHenrietta28 Aug 18696 Jan 1906w/W. Edward; nee Vanpelt
001040BarrettJinniePartially illegible-last name & dates below ground-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001040FulkBasil20 Aug 189723 Jan 1933d/Timothy
001040HottingerInfant son1948s/Mr. & Mrs. B. H.
001040FulkCharles V.11 Oct 189026 Mar 1986
001040FulkEffie M.28 Dec 188822 Jan 1976
001040FulkDorothy Mae26 Jul 192417 Jun 1998
001040FulkDenver R.17 Mar 192420 May 1970
001040FulkLyndon D.17 Sep 192830 Jun 1930s/C. V. & Effie
001040DoveEdith Mae1 May 19216 Apr 2000
001040DoveBaylor C.16 Apr 191918 Aug 1969Virginia CM3 U. S. Navy WWII
001040HartmanGenora M.1 Nov 189916 Feb 1937w/A. L.
001040HartmanDavids/Lee & G.
001040HartmanRitad/Lee & G.
001040HartmanCliftons/Lee & G.
001040MongoldJames M.18681948s/Israel
001040MongoldSarah E.18631938w/James M.; nee Hess
001040MangoldNancy19 Sep 183723 Feb 1920Motherd/James M. & Sarah E.
001040TurnerWm. David12 Jan 19008 May 1971
001040TurnerRoxie V.12 Jul 19086 Jan 1995
001040RunionCornelius O.20 Feb 18832 Dec 1911Aged 28y 9m 12ds/Abraham
001040RunionGilbert19151964s/Neal; Rhodes Funeral Home Marker
001040MyersInfant daughter1919d/Harvey & Millie
001040TrumboInfant daughterAug 1934d/Roy & Ilene
001040TrumboInfant son23 Aug 193223 Aug 1932d/Roy & Ilene
001040WilsonEsther Ann29 Jun 1928d/Robert & Pearl
001040WilsonRichard M.25 Nov 191927 Nov 1919s/Robert & Pearl
001040HulvaErasmus A.18501928
001040HulvaMary E.18551917w/Erasmus A.; sister Charles Ralls
001040HulvaMark B.18771958s/Erasmus & Mary E.
001040RallsCharles M.7 Jan 18653 Dec 1949
001040CarrEli F.29 Apr 186721 Jul 1910s/David
001040CarrMary E.22 May 186819 Jun 1947w/Eli F.nee Stroop
001041FulkLillie R.8 Jan 18997 Sep 1991Mom
001041FulkLyman A.8 Jul 18957 Nov 1944
001041FulkEdwin19351936s/Lyman & Lilly
001041ShoemakerClaude E.10 Mar 190011 May 1990
001041ShoemakerNannie V.1 Nov 190029 Aug 1977
001041ShumakerMatthew E.19301931s/John
001041CusterEtta F.1 Jul 189812 Apr 1951w/Dulaney A.nee Fulk
001041CusterInfant son19351935Stillborn s/Dulaney & Etta
001041FawleyWade C.18841975
001041FawleyBertha F.18891965w/Wade C.; d/Perry Hoover
001041HooverEmma G.18651931w/Perry M.; d/Joshua Fulk
001041HooverPerry M.18651931s/Manuel
001041FawleyDoris E.20 Mar 19278 Dec 1927d/Wade C.
001041LiskeyRebecca Fawley28 Mar 189110 May 1981
001041FawleyRobert T.9 Mar 18526 Aug 1919s/Stephen
001041FawleySarah H.11 Oct 184919 Feb 1942w/Robert W.; d/Benj. Trumbo
001041MayBlanche B.1 Jan 1910Aged 22y 10m 20d; w/G. T.nee Trumbo
001041TrumboSamantha C.5 Feb 185313 Jul 1909Aged 56y 5m 8d; w/Ben J.
001041TrumboStace W.31 Aug 187618 Jan 1961s/Benj.
001041TrumboClyde C.27 Apr 18753 May 1954s/Benj.
001041TrumboNelia S.2 Mar 187919 Jun 1966w/Clyde C.; d/Manuel Turner
001041TrumboJo Ann26 Jan 193030 Jul 1930d/M. & Mrs. K. K.
001041BakerPhilip10 Apr 182726 Nov 1905Aged 78y 7m 26d
001041BakerMargaret11 Mar 183627 Mar 1914Aged 78y 16dw/Philip; d/Philip Ritchie
001041FunkhouserLayman H.5 Oct 1906Aged 6y 1m 1d; s/Levi & M. F.
001041FunkhouserLevi5 Dec 186624 Dec 1949
001041FunkhouserMary Fulk17 Apr 187624 Dec 1949w/Levi
001041EstepJosephine R.18491924w/David; d/George Fulk
001041EstepViolet Frances14 Apr 192220 Aug 1924d/Geo. W. & Laura J.
001041Vanninfant son21 Apr 196321 Apr 1963Stillborn s/Randolph & Elaine
001041VannKevin Lee4 Mar 19674 Mar 1967s/Randolph Jr. & Esther
001042BareNettie E.188419371w/Charles; d/Amanda Turner
001042BareSarah Frances4 Jan 186821 Oct 1933sister Perry Donovan
001042EstepInfant18 Sep 193418 Sep 1934s/K. W. & V. B.
001042EstepHelen K.19321933d/K. W. & V. B.
001042EstepInfant son9 Oct 19359 Oct 1935s/K. W. & V. B.
001042CarrClara M.10 Jul 190013 Feb 1928w/Charles E.; d/Luther Turner
001042BrennemanJohn R.28 Feb 18775 Dec 1970
001042BrennemanEmma J.18 Apr 18831 Oct 1924d/Joshua Turner
001042TurnerBarbara E.28 Aug 186329 Sep 1929Motherw/Joshua
001042TurnerJoshua W.7 Jul 185912 Oct 1933Fathers/John
001042FawleyBucks/Bud; No marker found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001042FawleyAnna7 Jul 185415 Feb 1920Aged 65y 7m 8d; w/ D. A.nee Wine
001042RitchieJ. William16 Oct 187829 Jan 1963s/Lewis
001042RitchieSallie M.7 Nov 18809 Feb 1971w/J. Wm.
001042RitchiePhilip Jr.18511906s/Philip
001042RitchieMargaret J.18491916w/Philip Jr.; nee Dove
001042TurnerWebster10 Sep 18754 Jan 1929Aged 53y 8m 24d; Fathers/Ace
001042TurnerSophia E.7 Feb 186821 Feb 1957Aged 89y 14d; Motherw/Webster; nee Custer
001042TurnerNaason W.14 Jan 18506 Nov 1923Aged 73y 9m 22d
001042TurnerJulia A.1 May 185617 Jun 1919Aged 63y 1m 16dw/Nason W.; d/Add. Ritchie
001042RitchieAdam18321915Co B 7 Va Cav, Co C 146 Va Mil CSAs/Philip
001042RitchieCatherine5 Sep 18297 Mar 1905Aged 75y 6m 2d; w/Adamnee Hulvey
001042RitchieWilliam19 Oct 1906Aged 45y 4m 23ds/Adam & Cath.
001042RitchieDora17 Jan 186920 Apr 1935Aged 66y 3m 3dw/William; d/Danl. Fulk
001042HooverJames F.18561930bro/Isaac
001042HooverAnnie B.18671955w/James F.; d/Sam'l. Miller
001042Hess, Sr.Garland Dewey "Budge"14 Jan 191419 Nov 1965
001043DoveJoseph A.20 Sep 18652 Feb 1940
001043DoveLouise F.26 Oct 186527 Oct 1945
001043DoveHelen C.10 Apr 193117 May 1935
001043DoveBessie V.4 Sep 18962 Feb 1967
001043DoveEdna V.5 May 19185 Jul 1945
001044CarrLewis D.9 Mar 186113 Oct 1935s/David
001044CarrDorothy E.21 Aug 187018 Nov 1956w/Lewis D.
001044HessAbraham F.18601937s/John
001044HessDora E.18741955w/Abraham; d/Isaac Hoover
001044Hess, Sr.Earl Hoover14 Apr 191010 Jun 1989SCB1 U. S. Navy WWII
001044DoveJohn Daniel19281972Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
001044RoadcapEveret N.19 Nov 19273 Jan 1928s/Ward & M. A.
001044HulveyRhoda C.1 Oct 186118 Apr 1925Aged 63y 6m 17dw/Josiah J.
001044HulveyJosiah J.25 Jan 185930 Jun 1926Aged 67y 5m 5ds/Josiah
001044FawleyGeorge J.18621935Father
001044FawleySallie M.18611935Motherw/Geo. J.; d/Joseph Turner
001044FawleyJosephine9 Mar 188710 Jan 1919Aged 31y 10m 1d; d/Geo J. & Sallie M.
001044FawleyJoseph W.9 Mar 188711 Oct 1977
001044FawleyJohn T.18481917Fathers/Jacob
001044FawleyAnna M. Fitzwater18661958Mother
001044RitchieTrovilla E.21 Aug 19259 Aug 1927s/T. G. & Sallie E.
001044RitchieT. G.19051937
001044RitchieSallie27 May190228 Sep1961w/ T. G.d/Abraham Carr
001044UnknownIllegible Funeral Home Marker
001044FitzwaterJesse G.18851922s/William
001044RitchieSarah26 Feb 185115 Jan 1937d/Oliver Dovew/Levi
001044RitchieLewis12 May 18494 Dec 1917s/Levi; father
001044RitchieD. F.24 Dec 187127 Dec 1930s/Michael
001044RitchieVerna C.22 Mar 187817 Jan 1961w/D. F.
001044RitchieLeola Faye29 Dec 190318 Sep 1904d/D. F. & V. C.
001044RitchieChester T.1 Jan 19101 Jul 1968
001044CooperStanley11 Jul 192328 Jul 1923s/B. O. & V. M.
001044CooperBasil O.18941965s/J. C.
001044CooperVelma M.19061988w/Basil O.; d/John Turner
001045FulkInfantch/Joe Fulk
001045MillerWebster C.3 Mar 189515 Jul 1957Pvt Co H 38 Inf WWI PH Virginia
001045DoveGilbertInfant son of E. B.
001045CarrKenneth E.18 Dec 192918 Nov 1933s/Raleigh
001045DovePammie19051929w/Ernest; d/Abraham Carr
001045DoveZona19221922d/Ernet & Pam.
001045CarrLaura V.18721921w/Abraham; d/Philip Ritchie
001045RoadcapInfant son29 Oct 1921s/O. E. & O. M.
001045RoadcapDaughter5 Nov 1922d/O. E. & O. M.
001045RitchieSarah Hooverw/Abraham; d/David Hoover
001045RitchieInfantch/Dora Ritchie
001045StroopDora Ritchie
001045HooverGladys Kathryn19051934d/Sidney
001045HooverSarah11 Jul 185021 Jan 1925children - B. T. & L. V. Hooverw/Isaac
001045HooverIsaac18 Jan 184724 Oct 1914children - B. T. & L. V. Hoover
001045RitchieJohn H.28 Jul 193930 May 1908Aged 68y 10m 2ds/Michael
001045RitchieMargaret18 Feb 193422 Feb 1907Aged 73y 4dw/John H.; d/Add Fulk
001045RitchieGeorge W.14 Nov 187420 Dec 1959s/Michael
001045RitchieEmma Z.30 Dec 188026 Aug 1954w/Geo. W.; d/John Trumbo
001045RitchieVada M.13 Apr 19094 Dec 1910Aged 1y 7m 21d; d/G. W. & E. Z.
001045RitchieMichael7 Aug 18449 Nov 1915Aged 71y 3m 2ds/Michael
001045RitchieVirginia C.12 Jun 185018 Feb 1923Aged 72y 8m 6dw/Michael; d/Geo. Fulk
001045RitchieJoseph G.18 Jan 18892 May 1971s/Michael
001045RitchieBeatrice O.30 Aug 189420 Jun 1997w/Joseph G.
001045CriderHalsie C.19 Sep 190426 Aug 1987
001045CriderHazel B.22 Aug 19096 Jun 1995
001046ShoemakerRosa G.18731953Motherw/Charles S.; d/Dee Fulk
001046ShoemakerChas. S.18661938Fathers/Jackson
001046MillerIsabelle15 May 185818 Sep 19312w/Robert; d/Abe Hess
001046MillerRobert22 Jul 185721 Jun 1931s/Samuel
001046CusterGeorge W.29 Feb 186023 Aug 1928s/Joshua
001046CusterLizzie C.7 Oct 187525 Nov 1946w/Geo W.nee Roadcap
001046CarrElmer D.3 Dec 18891 Jul 1981
001046CarrElsie M.24 Aug 18964 Mar 1967
001046CarrSarah Ellen2 Feb 1934d/S. D. & Minnie S.
001046CarrInfant daughter22 Feb 1923s/C. E. & C. M.
001046CarrLorena M.10 Aug 1905Aged 5m 4d; d/W. M. & I. B.
001046CarrLena H.14 Aug 1905Aged 5m 9d; d/W. M. & I. B.
001046DoveRoy Lawrence21 Apr 191015 Aug 1910c/Charles & Effie
001046CarrWilliam F.16 Jan 18626 May 1915Aged 53y 4m 20ds/David
001046MillerShirley L.18 Dec 19462 Jun 1947
001046MillerLouise T.31 Dec 19192 Jun 1947w/Shirley T.
001046FulkFlora Fitzwater1 Mar 190212 Apr 1954w/ Elmer F.d/James Fitzwater
001046FulkElmer L.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001046FitzwaterJames J. W.21 Apr 185620 Apr 1925
001046FitzwaterChristina A.4 Aug 18604 Jan 1930w/James J. W.nee Dove
001046HessOrinda E.18651891Mother of Esten
001046HessFlorence F.18801906w/Esten
001046HessMary E.19061907d/Esten
001046RitchieInfant daughter20 Jan 1937d/C. E. & A. H.
001046RitchieCleatus Ervin27 Aug 191122 Mar 1974EM3 U. S. Navy WWII
001046RitchieAlma Hall23 Jun 19146 Nov 1993
001046CooperJ. Cassin24 May 186025 Nov 1937Father
001046CooperMary C.21 Jan 18702 Oct 1961Motherw/J. Cassin; nee Ritchie
001046FawleyAurila C.18651941w/Calvin; d/John Hess
001046FawleyMallie R. Cooper18961932w/C. Spencer; d/Squire Cooper
001046FawleyC. Spencer18951937s/Calvin & Aurila
001047FulkLucille babyInfant
001047FulkGertrude A.18791960w/Robert S.; d/Isaac Turner
001047FulkRobert S.18801953s/Dee
001047FulkWilbur E.19101936s/Robert S. & Gertrude A.
001047MillerWayne W.30 Jan 193219 Jun 1933s/L. G. & E. F.
001047EstepWillard H.29 May 19299 Sep 1929s/M. C. & G. F.
001047RunionEdward B.18831941s/Mary C.
001047RunionMary C.18391913
001047LamIda E.25 Apr 18802 Jun 1954w/Edward; Mothernee Ritchie
001047EstepAgnes Elaine24 Apr 191710 Jul 1919Aged 2y 16d; d/Frank & Mildred
001047HessSarah J.18621936w/Johnd/Jacob & Margaret J. Fawley
001047FawleyMargaret J.18361913w/Jacob Sr.
001047ShoemakerJackson A.4 Dec 184125 Feb 1926
001047ShoemakerElizabeth14 Feb 184131 Aug 1921w/Jackson A.
001047FawleyDaniel C.13 Jun 186920 Feb 1907
001047FawleyRebecca8 Jan 187528 Oct 1957w/Daniel C.nee Shoemaker
001047FawleyHenry J.19 Dec 189510 Mar 1896s/Daniel C. & Rebecca
001047TrumboE. Frank4 Feb 188817 Jan 1978s/John
001047TrumboIva Rebecca25 May 188914 Jun 1958w/E. Frank; d/John Miller
001047TrumboFrances B.24 Oct 192822 Feb 1932d/E. F. & I. R.
001047TrumboOwen F.3 Jul 191124 Jul 1987
001047TrumboJohn R.11 May 19167 Jul 1995
001047FulkLennie E.31 Oct 188329 Aug 1957Aged 73yw/James P.; nee Brown
001047FulkJames P.7 Sep 18702 May 1934Aged 64ys/George
001047LarentFredParents of G. Blaine. Note by Pat Ritchie 8 May 2006; Frederick Victor Laurent, born April 2, 1844 at Little Falls, Herkimer Co. NY died Oct. 3, 1917, Rockingham County, Va. He was a Union soldier.
001047LarentSusieParents of G. Blaine. Note by Pat Ritchie 8 May, 2006: Susan Elizabeth Fulk, forn Nov. 14, 1864 in Rockingham Co., VA died Nov. 28, 1915. They were married March 13, 1881.
001047HooverRaymond C.20 Feb 189726 Oct 1981
001047HooverLena Custer11 Jun 18973 Jun 1933
001047CusterIsaac W.18631944s/Berry
001047CusterIcy F.18771962w/Isaac W.; nee Shoemaker
001047HessBlanche Evelyn12 Oct 19239 Jun 2002Mom & grandma
001048ReedyMary Elizabeth18781973Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
001048TurnerReba Anna23 Jan 1929d/ Ward J. & Rose; Dates are buried -recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001048TurnerWard J.29 Apr 189426 Oct 1975
001048TurnerRosa Belle6 Aug 189427 Nov 1968
001048BrennemanMary Elizabeth26 Jan 186729 May 1926sisters
001048BrennemanHannah V.13 Feb 186224 Jun 1932sisters
001048SprinkleJohn C.12 Feb 183416 Feb 1915
001048SprinkleMary17 Mar 183729 Mar 1916w/John C.; nee Brenneman
001048DoveMaggie Turner2 May 188719 Jul 1957d/Isaac Turner
001048PhillipsCharles E.7 Jan 186927 Apr 1950
001048PhillipsEmma L.4 Mar 187426 Mar 1944Aged 40y 22d; w/Charlesd/Isaac Turner
001048TurnerIsaac H.18351913s/James
001048TurnerMary Ann18431918w/Isaac H.; nee Ritchie
001048ReedyLaura Y.28 Jun 18695 Dec 1929w/Abraham; d/Isaac Turner
001048ReedyAbram15 Jun 186120 May 1951
001048RitchieAllen J.14 May 185523 Jan 1921Aged 65y 5m 9d
001048RitchieSarah J.10 May 18632 Apr 1926w/Allen J.; nee Hawse
001048RitchieEdward A.11 May 191312 Dec 1926s/Minnie
001048RitchieSadie C.18781972w/Timothy A.; d/Jonston Hulvey
001048RitchieTimothy A.18721938s/Lewis
001049MillerJohn H.26 Nov 191526 Jun 1988Tec 4 U. S. Army WWII
001049MillerHelen J.25 Jun 192011 Nov 1985
001049MillerCora18771933w/Samuel; d/John Turner
001049FulkEthel R.19341934Stillborn
001049FulkL. Blanche27 May 19025 Mar 1934
001049Fulk, Sr.H. Clory3 Sep 18951 Feb 1988
001049FulkLillie Wetsel27 Aug 18997 Jul 1986
001049GrouseRuth N. Fulk19181941
001049FulkMary Virginia29 Apr 192016 Apr 1923Aged 2y 11m 16d; d/Otis & Maude
001049FulkWilliam H.23 Jan 191728 Jan 1917s/Otis & Maude
001049CusterCarol Lee7 Aug 19453 Apr 2002Daughter
001049CusterClarence A.17 Jun 190830 May 1970
001049CusterMargaret K.29 Mar 1910
001049FulkJames L.23 Mar 187021 Jan 1946Father
001049FulkEmma5 May 187131 Oct 1936Motherw/James L.
001049TrumboJ. R.12 Jan 185921 Feb 1933s/Benj.
001049TrumboSarah A.4 Nov 185619 Mar 1924w/J. R.nee Fulk
001049FulkHiram27 Apr 18272 Jun 1910s/Isaac; Footstone with initials only found - Recorded by Swank in 1960s
001049FulkGeorge H.20 Jan 185930 Nov 1929s/Hiram
001049FulkAnnie E.18 May 186828 May 1928w/Rev. Geo. H.; d/John Bare
001049ZirkleCarl R.19181948Sons/Elizabeth
001049BareNewton V.18521930Fathers/John
001049BareSusan A.18431931Motherw/John; nee Roadcap
001049ThomasInfant daughter193514 Aug 1935d/A. J. & E. T.
001049ThomasAndrew J.18 Aug 190321 Oct 1966
001049ThomasEunice M.2 May 191023 Aug 1997
001049MayMinnie C.188419732w/C. Benj.; nee Ritchie
001049MayC. Benjamin18741953
001050PhillipsAnnie N.18851938w/William; d/Joshua Turner
001050NesselrodtFrank G.14 Apr 185823 Oct 1931
001050CarrErnest L.5 Sep 190931 Dec 1952s/Abraham
001050CusterJohn H.18661935s/Berry
001050CusterElizabeth M.18711954w/John J.; d/Jacob Fawley
001050SmuckMyrtle E.12 Nov 188128 Jun 1927w/R. F.d/Ark Shoemaker
001050ShoemakerArkland C.18561919Stone overturned, can't read-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001050ShoemakerMary C.18611951Stone overturned, can't read-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Ark C.; nee Hawse
001050ShoemakerJohn C.5 Apr 187428 Sep 1960s/Christian
001050FulkJoseph K.17 Dec 19061 Jul 1909s/John W. & Alice V.
001050TurnerJosiah5 Dec 184016 May 1910Aged 69y 5m 11d
001050TurnerMary24 Oct 183815 Apr 1917Aged 78y 5m 21d; w/Josiahd/John Fulk
001050CriderJob C.18701935
001050CriderMartha T.18801959w/Job C.; d/Joe Turner
001050FawleyInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; ch/Ernest
001050FawleyErnest C.22 May 188320 Feb 1969
001050FawleyNora F.1 Feb 188919 Oct 1984
001050CusterJacob D.15 Nov 186117 Nov 1937s/Berry
001050CusterSallie M.6 Jun 188125 Nov 1964w/Jacob D.; nee Fulk
001050FulkJohn K.13 Jun 190324 Aug 1985
001050FulkGeorgia D.2 Dec 1909w/John K.
001050FulkDewitt F.21 Aug 185210 Jun 1938s/George
001050FulkMary C.28 Mar 185323 Oct 1939w/Dewitt F.; nee Fawley
001050ScudderLois Marie31 Oct 194525 Jan 1946
001050SagerCharles Ivan16 Dec 19481 Feb 1949
001051CaplingerNoah, Mrs.
001051CarrJ. Raleigh5 Oct 18937 Mar 1952s/Abraham
001051ShoemakerElijah, Mrs.
001051SoutherlyFrank, Mrs.
001051PhillipsEva2 Mar 19362 Mar 1936d/Owen
001051FulkSallie C.18631941nee Miller
001051MillerAnnieNo visible marker-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001051MillerSt. Clair J.18581927s/James
001051MillerGirtie A.18631933w/St. Clair; nee Painter
001051MillerHubert C.30 Jul 18881 Dec 1915
001051MillerErnest H.19181932s/Russell & Bertie
001051MillerBertie B.18991956w/Russell J.; d/Dan Fulk
001051MillerRussell J.18931980s/St. Clair
001051TurnerJohn E.18731933s/John
001051TurnerMinnie M.19001916d/John E.
001051RoadcapNelson B.2 Nov 192628 Jan 1927s/J. G. & F. S.Partially illegible, dates below ground-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001051RoadcapOtis C.18 Jun 192412 Jul 1941s/J. G. & F. S.
001932TurnerAlice Runion18861971
002001LopezMichael Lee5 Dec 199726 Mar 1998s/Amanda Dennison & Juan Lopez
002001DennisonLinda19402001Theis Funeral Home Marker
002001Dennison, Sr.C. B.19181992Funeral Home Marker - Theis ?
002001ReedyCharlie R.29 May 189928 Feb 1968
002001ReedyVirgie S.2 Oct 191924 May 1980
002002UnknownRock-no writing
002002DoveJerry D.21 Apr 195114 Jun 1992
002002DoveWilliam Carroll7 Feb 19501 Feb 1976
002002DoveGratten C.5 May 191727 Oct 1963PFC U.S. Army WWII Virginias/Homer
002002TurnerInfant Twin daughters5 May 1901d/Z. A. & D. M.
002002DoveHomer V.5 Nov 189218 Aug 1963
002002DoveIvy Blanche27 Oct 18999 Jul 1987w1/Homer V.; w2/Charles Carr
002002HamblinShirley F.5 Mar 19384 Nov 1985
002002ShifflettJoseph W.19551956s/L. M. & S. F.
002002KeyInfantOct 1963ch/W. R.
002003UnknownRock-no writing
002003T.J.Stone with initials only
002003UnknownBroken Rock-no writing
002003SoutherlyRussell C.5 Jul 18996 Jul 1900
002003SoutherlySarah Turner28 Feb 18661902w/Russell D.
002003TurnerGeorge W.17 Mar 183613 Dec 1909Aged 73y 8m 26d
002003TurnerEmma18511947w/Geo. W.
002003HulveyMary S.18701926w/John
002003CarrLilly May24 Feb 190221 Jun 1903d/Lewis & Ellen
002003GradyViola May7 Oct 190021 Oct 1903d/W. D. & L. E.;Stone is under a bush nearby
002004G.V. M.Stone with initials only
002004UnknownStone with no writing
002004TurnerJoseph F.14 Jul 1905Aged 20y 11m 12d; s/Lewis R. & Mary C.
002004HulveyJonathan31 May 18435 Jun 1898Aged 55y 4d
002005SmithLena May S.2 Sep 192426 Nov 1964SI USNR WWII Va
002005FulkSarah E.27 Aug 18711 Mar 1889No visible marker-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s; d/Joshua W. & Martha J.
002005HulveyAmanda V.18461930d/John Turner; w/Johnson Hulvey
002005TurnerNoah F.23 Apr 183212 Jul 1894Aged 62y 2m 19d
002006SmithH. Berlin24 Apr 189810 Aug 1972Father; Married 13 May 1923
002006SmithEdith S.13 Aug 190524 Apr 1987Motherw/H. Berlin
002006SmithJanet Marie25 May 19467 May 1960d/Rev. Berlin & Edith
002006TurnerJohn C.24 Jul 187518 Apr 1906Aged 30y 8m 24d; Injuried while blasting 27 Mar 1906s/Rev. Daniel
002006TurnerEve14 Dec 184312 Sep 1925Aged 81y 8m 28d; Motherd/John Fulk; w/Rev. Daniel
002006TurnerDaniel7 May 184518 Jun 1933Aged 88y 1m 11d; Father
002006HulveyJosiah11 Jun 182817 Oct 1896Aged 68y 9m 6d;
002006HulveySarah30 Jun 182622 Jan 1904Aged 77y 6m 22d; w/Josiah
002006TurnerMary C.16 Jan 184724 Feb 1918Partially illegible marker, dates below ground-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002006TurnerLewis B.4 Apr 1896Aged 46y 2m 6ds/Andy
002006UnknownSmall stone-no writing
002007TurnerStella Etta14 Aug 18761 Feb 1948d/Ben F.
002007TurnerAmanda V.21 Jan 184922 Jul 1931w/Ben F.
002007TurnerBenj. F.7 Oct 184614 Nov 1904
002007RitchieCharles R.15 Dec 186320 Jan 1944
002007RitchieMaggie H.13 Jan 186822 Dec 1901Aged 33y 11m 7d; w/Charles R.d/Rev. Daniel Turner
002007RitchieSallie A.25 Jun 189111 Dec 1901Aged 10y 5m 16d; d/C. R. & M. H.
002007BrennemanMary11 Aug 18601 Jun 1886Marker in a big bush-can't be read-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Wm.; d/Michael Wine;
002007WineMichael S.9 Sep 181619 Feb 1907Aged 90y 5m 10d
002007WineLydia J.18 Apr 18437 Aug 1923nee Lam
002007UnknownStone with no writing
002007UnknownStone with no writing
002008FulkMillie Catherine17 Mar 188526 Jul 1890
002008ReedyNaomi16 Feb 18975 Aug 1900
002008UnknownRock with no writing
002008UnknownRock with no writing
002008UnknownStone with no writing
002008UnknownStone with no writing
002009FulkNellie Catherine17 Mar 188526 Jan 1896No visible marker-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s; d/Geo. H. & Annie L.
002009TurnerJohn W.29 May 183128 Sep 1898Aged 67y 3m 29dbro/Noah
002009BrennemanDaniel30 Apr 1902Aged 76y; Fathers/Abraham
002009FulkInfant5 Nov 18915 Nov 1891d/D. F. & M. C.Partially illegibe marker, dates below ground-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002009UnknownRock with no writing
002009BrennemanCatherine16 Mar 1910Aged 65y; Motherw/Daniel; nee Hoover
002009TurnerAmanda17 Apr 184819 Feb 1933d/Philip Ritchie; w/John H.
002009TurnerInfant23 Jan 18882 Feb 1888s/B. F. & A. V.Partially illegible marker,death date below ground-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002009UnknownRock with no writing
002009T.A. F.Stone with initials only
002009TurnerJohn H.2 Jun 184722 May 1901s/John H. & Amanda
002009CarrJ. Lester1 Oct 189623 Apr 1898Aged 1y 6m 22d: s/Eli F. & Mary
002009TurnerAlvaretta P.3 Dec 187326 Mar 1886d/John H. & Amanda
002009SagerNannie B.29 May 18765 Sep 1914d/Josh Fulk
002009TurnerKatie Leed/John H. & Amanda
002009SagerInfant son1 Apr 1903s/ L. D. & N. B.
002009RitchiePhilipAbout 1880
002009FulkSarah E.1 Mar 1889Aged 17y 8m 5d; d/J. & M. J.
002009RitchieEvaAbout 1885w/Philip Ritchie
002009FulkMary J.21 Mar 1888Aged 20y 6m 19d; d/J. & M. J.
002009RitchieJohnnie W.16 Sep 18714 May 1884Aged 12y 7m 18d; s/Jeremiah & Margaret
002009FulkMartha J.18 Dec 1887Aged 50y 8m 28d; w/Joshua
002009FulkJoshua W.182411 Aug 1914
002009UnknownRock with no writing
002009UnknownRock with no writing
002009UnknownBroken stone with no writing
002009UnknownBroken stone with no writing
003001FisherThomas Leroy19 Oct 19456 Feb 1984
003001FisherAnnabelle25 Jul 1923
003001FisherMax William27 May 1924
003001DoveRoy E.31 Mar 1907
003001DoveRosie V.30 Oct 191028 Jan 1987
003001CullersWarren Harding25 Feb 192110 Aug 1997PFC U. S. Army WWII; Children-Ellen Kay, Frances, Deborah, Denise, Keith & Kent
003001CullersCharlotte M.11 Aug 1929Children-Ellen Kay, Frances, Deborah, Denise, Keith & Kentw/Warren Harding
003002ShaferEffie M.17 May 1926
003002FunkJames L.19 Jul 1967
003002SniderColin D.18 Apr 193720 Apr 1994U. S. Marine Corps WWII
003002ReedyCharles K.27 Jul 19733 Jul 2001
003002AndersonRaymond L.22 Sep 1941
003002AndersonEsther Faye11 Jan 194119 Jan 1996
003002UnknownGrave with no markings
003003HinkleMelvin Clay26 Feb 191226 Nov 1994Dad
003003HinkleDelphia Mae18 Jul 191116 Apr 1994Mom
003004ReedyGarland M.16 Feb 1930Dad; Children-Sharon, Opel, Shelia & Myron
003004ReedyRepha A.7 Jul 193110 Sep 1994Mom; Children-Sharion, Opel, Shelia & Myron
003004KlineLarry A.2 Sep 1951Married 21 Jun 1975; Children-Dustin A. & Wendy D.
003004KlineDorothy A.13 Jun 195116 Sep 1997w/Larry A.
003004SagerDennis D.7 Mar 1955
003004SagerBalinda L.31 Mar 195731 Jul 2001
003005SmithKenneth Wayne15 Feb 195613 May 1999Loving son & brother
003005Smith, IIEdward Joseph27 Jan 197322 May 1997
003005BakerElmer A.3 Oct 1928
003005BakerElizabeth C.18 Nov 19264 Aug 1998
003005WhetzelVivian Jean1 Nov 193212 May 2001Mom
003005TurnerWillard D.30 Mar 1926Married 8 Jul 1951
003005TurnerWanda W.18 Dec 192722 Apr 1999w/Willard D.
003005ReidDebra Ritchie30 May 195122 Dec 2000
003006WallerRobert M.21 Oct 192914 Apr 2002
003006WallerShirley R.10 Apr 1933
003006PhillipsEarl David6 Mar 1941Dad; Children-ayne, Dale, Darren, Melody, Angela & Darla
003006PhillipsHilda Maxine9 Mar 193921 Apr 1998Momw/Earl David
003007LantzLora Dow28 Jul 193212 Jun 2001
003007MattheyClaude C.6 Sep 1931
003007MattheyMarcia J.26 Sep 193715 Apr 2000
003008GradyRodney Lee30 Oct 195312 Jun 2001Husband/Tammy; Father/Philip
003008RitchieHomer S.2 Aug 192728 Aug 2000YNT2 U. S. Navy Korea; Children-Danny, Gale, Steve, Kathy, Tony, Julie & Tracey
003008RitchieBlank on headstone
003009CordellBettie L.25 Jun 19492 Aug 2001