Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMountain Valley Church Cemetery
LocationMountain Valley area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Courthouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North. Go 11.2 miles and turn right onto Route 608 (Mauzy Athlone Road). Go 3.1 miles and take a right onto Route 620 (Mountain Valley Road). Go 9/10 mile and church is on the right side and cemetery is on the left side of road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Many of the additional remarks were provided by Marie Arrington in her book "Mountain Valley People." The cemetery was recorded in four sections. Facing the cemetery from the church, the first section is from the south end fence to the first gate. The second section is between the first and second gate. The third section is between the second gate and the third gate. The fourth section is from the third gate to the north end fence. The first row is nearest the road and headstones were recorded from left to right (south to north).
Survey Date and Recorder04 Nov 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
Phillips, Jr.John R.19121973No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
DeviersCharlesJun 1888Age about 19 yrsSaid to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
DerrowJames M.Sep 1888Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
DerrowCharlesSep 1888Twin brother to James M. DerrowSaid to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
AllenMarthaAge 73 yrsObituary-niece of Mrs. Jacob Shultz & sister to Mrs. Frank Cherryholmes; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveJohn Henry16 Oct 1852Aged 64y 6m 16dFamily records-; Husand of Mildred (Milta) Derrow; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveHeston Leroy18 Apr 18833 Nov 1895Family records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveOwen Clark13 Oct 188025 Jan 1903Family records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveAnniew/Trenton CaveFamily records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveTrentonFamily records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveRobert F.Family records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book. Newspaper dated 15 Dec 1908 shows death as 13 Dec 1908, age 37 years.
CaveLaura A. Spitzler1909Family records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
DolanColumbia CaveFamily records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CaveLorenzoFamily records; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
CoxJosephDied near Oakwood-funeral Mt. Valley Church; Said to be buried here per Marie Arrington's book
001001FarrHarold D.10 May 188929 Aug 1965
001001FarrPearl M.2 Mar 188926 Jun 1938w/Harold D.
001001UnknownAppears to be burial just before Myrtie Higgs Martz
001001MartzMyrtie Higgs18941921
001001DeedsPearl T.18821962
001001DeedsRaleigh C.18871961
001001UnknownAppears to be burial just before Infant Son Mitchell
001001MitchellInfant Son11 Dec 1918s/Perry & Vergie
001001UnknownAppears to be burial here
001001SellersElmer Lee16 Oct 18949 Nov 1894s/J. S. & V. Lee
001001UnknownAppears to be burial just before Susan Henryetta Thompson
001001ThompsonSusan Henryetta29 Apr 18752 Mar 1926Mother
001001DeedsByers Winfield Lincoln21 Sep 191229 Mar 1913Aged 6m 8d; s/Raleigh C. & Pearl T.
001001PhillipsJoseph E.17 Jun 186723 Aug 1949
001001PhillipsMartha H.19 Oct 190529 Sep 1923Their Daughterd/Joseph E. & Alice J.
001001PhillipsAlice J.27 Dec 186624 May 1922His Wifew/Joseph E.
001001PhillipsBula Z.10 Jun 189117 Jun 1892d/J. E. & A. J.
001001KoontzJames D.30 Mar 185221 Apr 1918Father
001001KoontzJosaphine E.17 Jan 186815 Jan 1893Motherw/James D.
001001KoontzJosaphine15 Jan 1893
001001KoontzWillie1890Name-William Russell Koontz b. 29 Jul 1890 d. 3 Sep 1893-recorded by Marie Arrington
001001KoontzLenard R.19191919s/C. H. & S. R.
001001ArmentroutAnna4 May 180912 Apr 1899Aged 89y 5m 8d; w/Jas.
001001KoontzPeter A.5 Oct 184418 Nov 1921FatherConfederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
001001KoontzHenrietta23 Jul 184921 May 1931Motherw/Peter A.
001001UnknownAppears to be burial here just after Henrietta Koontz
001001ArmentroutJoseph Elmore5 Aug 1891Aged 21y 1m 2d; s/B. F. & M.
001001ArmentroutCharlie Lee3 Sep 1889Aged 24y 8m 18d; s/B. F. & M. J.
001001ArmentroutMary J.18361891
001001ArmentroutB. F.18321918Confederate War Veteran
001001MartzVirginia G.14 Sep 18511 Nov 1910Rest Mother Restw/George J.
001001MartzGeorge J.10 Sep 185117 Nov 1887
001002KoontzJohn P.19 Jun 184714 Oct 1914Co I 7th Va Cav C.S.A.
001002ShirkeySarah - Unmarked
001002LaymanClaude Hensel9 Jan 191815 Jul 1919
001002LaymanHerman E.19 Jul 189820 Sep 1898Son; s/William & Mary
001003DeedsOmus G.21 Jun 188018 Nov 1914
001003MitchellNathan19 Mar 186320 Sep 1926
001003MitchellAnnie R.7 Nov 187512 Apr 1940
001003ReidPeter C.29 Jan 18372 Mar 1915Father
001003LudholtzJohn Franklin22 Apr 191827 Mar 1934s/Casper Ludholtz
001003LudholtzCasper5 Sep 18815 Mar 1940Father
001003LudholtzVirgie F.6 Dec 189128 Aug 1974Grandma
001003HiggsEmma K.18681962
001003UnknownAppears to be burial here-full grave
001003UnknownInfantStone-no markings
001003UnknownStone-no markings
001003LifeKate Thompson10 Jul 18558 Jul 1921
001003LifeJohn M.28 Apr 1853Jul 1929Her Husband
001003ThompsonClementine4 Aug 186519 Sep 1930Age 65y 1m 15d
001003PhillipsJohn W.18 May 185013 Jan 1908
001003PhillipsRebecca A.25 Mar 185218 Nov 1929Aged 77y 7m 23d; w/J. W.
001003KoontzMargaret Ellen28 Jul 186015 Apr 1927
001003KoontzMary Sabina1 Jan 18436 Jan 1923Aged 80y 6d
001003RosenbergerHalsey Clifford30 Apr 189627 Dec 1896Aged 7m 27d; s/Wilmer & Sallie
001003O'RoarkElmer Raymond17 Sep 190330 Jul 1967Virginia PFC Co B 363 Engr Regt WWII
001003O'RoarkGertie B.29 Jun 18736 May 1905Aged 31y 10m 7d; w/Robert E.; d/Erasmus & Lydia A. Taylor
001003UnknownAppears to be burial here-full grave
001003O'RoarkVirginia C. Estep5 Nov 184921 Sep 1926Daughterd/George & Julia A.
001003O'RoarkGeorge18249 Jun 1895
001003O'RoarkJulia Ann26 Apr 182822 Jul 1910
001003UnknownAppears to be burial here
001003BazzleIrvin W.29 Jul 189927 Jan 1900s/D. E. & E. A.
001003BazzleMary Catherine1 Apr 190128 Apr 1901d/R. F. & M. E.
001003BazzleWilliam Oscar24 Nov 189831 Jan 1899s/R. F. & M. E.
001003BazzleGlynden Earl27 Jul 1902Aged 6m 6d; s/J. M. & A. E.
001003UnknownStone-no markings
001003BazzleDavid Wilson17 Nov 189719 Jan 1898s/R. F. & M. E.
001003BazzleJacob William22 Jun 1890Age 23y 1m 26d; s/Wilson & Hannah
001003BazzleHannah9 Dec 184119 Jun 1899w/W. A.
001003BazzleWilson A.26 Apr 18399 Oct 1923Confederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
001003LaymanLydia C.16 Jan 186130 Jan 1923Aged 61y 14d
001003LaymanMary J.21 Jan 1899Aged 68y 8m 27d; w/Philip
001004DeedsIzola M.24 Sep 18821 Jun 1961
001004CarrierShelton L.11 Jul 192815 Jul 1929
001004Deeds, Sr.Joseph W.9 Mar 190226 Aug 1965
001004PriceThomas F.1 Sep 188823 Dec 1955
001004PriceMary C.2 Nov 189215 Oct 1973
001004EmersonLoraine M.Age 15 mos; d/J. L. & Helen
001004HiggsWilson Asbury25 Jan 186116 Sep 1924
001004EmersonThomas C.26 Mar 187022 Apr 1951Father
001004EmersonLucy M.2 Apr 187031 May 1930Motherw/Thomas C.
001004HiggsLeviBuried here in unmarked grave per Marie Arrington
001004MonumentIn memory of Richard & Jeanetta Pickering who gave this land to the 1st Mountain Valley Church & Cemetery 1852. Erected by Mabel Site Carrier Great-granddaughter
001004HiggsPheby A.28 Mar 184628 Apr 1910Mother
001004UnknownInfantStone-no markings
001004SheetsA. I.1 Apr 185616 Apr 1915Aged 59y 14dName-Archibald I. Sheets
001004UnknownInfantStone-no markings
001004SheetsNealie F.22 Oct 186012 Apr 1901Name-Cornelia F. "Nealie"
001004DeaversJohn H.24 Apr 185428 Dec 1896Aged 42y 8m 3d
001004DeaversMary E.20 Feb 183715 Dec 1915Our Mother
001004DeaversMichael15 Dec 183019 Nov 1905
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004UnknownStone-no markings
001004HiggsErasmus R.18651932Stone-no markings
001004HiggsIda E. J.18601904Mother
001004HiggsLuther E.12 Oct 1899s/Erasmus & Ida E. J.Partially Illegible marker-can't read age
001004HiggsInfantch/T. Ashby & Myrtie Higgs Martz
001004HiggsInfantch/T. Ashby & Myrtie Higgs Martz
001004LaymanMartha Jane17 Aug 184711 Mar 1911Aged 63y 6m 24d
001005DerrowHarvey M.16 Mar 185317 Apr 1898Aged 45y 1m 1dConfederate War Soldier per Marie Arrington
001005DerrowEmma L.20 Feb 185917 Feb 1896
001005DerrowFawgetta23 Jun 188218 Nov 1899Aged 17y 4m 25d
001005ThompsonEthel D. E.1 Mar 189326 Jan 1955Sister
001005ThompsonJohn S.26 May 19022 Jan 1976Brother
001005ThompsonRobert C. A.18611933
001005ThompsonElla R.18651943
001005ThompsonRobert R.15 May 189812 Dec 1954Our Father
001005BazzleCharles Wilson13 Jun 18786 Jul 1910
001005BazzleJohn Michael11 Sep 187126 Mar 1910
001005LaymanNancy C.15 Dec 185228 Mar 1928
001005LaymanMartha E.18 Sep 183023 Dec 1910
001005FogleGeorge William18581900
001005FogleMary Jane18601943w/George William
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005AllenJamesRecorded by Marie Arrington
001005AllenChildRecorded by Marie Arrington
001005AllenChildRecorded by Marie Arrington
001005AllenElizaw/James AllenRecorded by Marie Arrington
001005UnknownChildStone-no markings
001005UnknownChildStone-no markings
001005ThompsonAshby R.17 Jun 19011 Jul 1901Twin sons/R. C. A. & Ella R.
001005ThompsonCalvin R.17 Jun 190115 Jul 1901Twin sons/R. C. A. & Ella R.
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001005UnknownStone-no markings
001006SimmersMarvin S.19141954Lindsey & Sons funeral home marker only
001006AireyAmanda18 Sep 1896Aged 74y 1m 14d
001006McGeeSallie Mae18 Feb 188418 Jun 1926
001006CootesFrances M.19361936Infant d/R. L. & V. M.
001006ShirkeyLigget Lee16 Dec 191216 Jun 1943
001006O'RoarkWilbert L.18701946
001006O'RoarkAnna Mary C.18791937
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006FallsCatherine A.17 Apr 185020 Feb 1920Aged 69y 10m 3d; w/J. H.; Our Mother
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006ShippJacob4 May 186214 Aug 1939No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001006ShippHannah24 Aug 1903Aged 80 yrs
001006ShippWilliam17 Apr 1880Aged 80 yrsStone in error-died 17 Apr 1886 per Marie Arrington
001006ShippElizabeth "Betty"185918 Jun 1912No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001006RimelJoseph L.15 Mar 18573 Jul 1897Aged 40y 3m 18d
001006RimelMary A.30 Aug 185915 May 1931Aged 71y 8m 16d
001006DerrowSusie1893Departed this life about 1893
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001006HiggsDeliphaNo marker-Grave identified by Helen Higgs per Marie Arrington
001006HiggsMargaret LemonNo marker-Grave identified by Helen Higgs per Marie Arrington
001006HiggsDorlliasNo marker-Grave identified by Helen Higgs per Marie Arrington
001006HiggsJosephineNo marker-Grave identified by Helen Higgs per Marie Arrington
001006UnknownStone-no markings
001007ShifflettWilliam L.18661941
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007ThompsonRobert W.10 Oct 18799 Aug 1947
001007BillhimerRose C.19011958Mother
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007HillyardHoward F.19041983
001007HillyardLura M.19001958008
001007ClineR. J.18881957No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001007ClineAshby C.18861953
001007ClineLaura V.18881971
001007LawsonGlenn C.23 Mar 1933
001007L.J. L.Footstone-initials only
001007L.E. A. B.Footstone-initials only
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007FallsJames H.3 Feb 18581 Mar 1934Aged 76y 25d
001007FallsHerman C.4 Sep 188829 May 1947Aged 58y 8m 24d
001007DerrowClarissa B.31 Mar 187928 Dec 1946w/Jacob
001007DerrowVirgel E.14 Dec 190710 Aug 1942Pvt.
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007CaveBeatrice Virginia8 Jun 1922d/Albert & VergiePartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001007CaveMildred Catherine "Miltie"1935No visible marker-Family records shows she was born 30 Dec 1855 & nee Derrow
001007HiggsMary Ann18641942
001007HiggsMichael H.18771959
001007HiggsCora E.18711909
001007HiggsElsie V.4 Jul 190722 Dec 1908No visible marker-possibly in bush-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007UnknownStone-no markings
001007KerlinArthur A.6 Jul 188418 Oct 1886Aged 2y 3m
001008MorrisInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001008MillerJohn I.15 Feb 194929 Jul 1967
001008ClineJohn M.28 Jul 195029 Jan 1990
001008ClineBetty L.11 Sep 192826 Mar 1966
001008ClineMartin L.3 Aug 189021 Oct 1965
001008ClineAmanda L.7 Aug 189026 Feb 1965
001008ClineMaude K.18901964No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001008MichaelVirgie May9 Jun 188323 May 1964Mother
001008AllenKirby R.3 Nov 190724 Feb 1964
001008AllenViola L.25 Dec 1910
001008HiggsRandolph F. "Jack"19051961No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001008HiggsHelen J. Sites19101996
001008BazzleInfant Sons/Joseph Milton
001008SitesBonnie C.19311947
001008BazzleInfant Daughter1942d/J. M. & F. E.
001008SitesEdna V.19 Apr 188714 Apr 1943Mother
001008SitesWilbert A.25 Jul 188016 Oct 1965Father
001008DerrowJacob31 Jul 186525 Nov 1950
001008PittingtonIrene R.6 Apr 187922 Dec 1939
001008PittingtonJohn H.1 May 188223 Jun 1951
001008ThomasDaughterd/Wilson D.No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001008BrookeGeorge W.18941952
001008BrookeHelen L.1923
001008HiggsClifton A.24 Apr 19086 May 1969
001008HolsingerReuben C.18601950
001008HolsingerLurenna A.18601953
001008HolsingerWilliam A.3 Sep 188515 Jul 1955
001008NesselrodtJanice Lynn2 Aug 19582 Aug 1958
001009JohnsonMargie31 Jul 190131 Jan 1935
001009AdamsPatricia Diane15 Jan 194615 Dec 1981Beloved Wife & Mother
001009PittingtonLena M.13 Jun 19133 Sep 1998
001009PittingtonErasmus V.29 Apr 188912 Sep 1981
001009DerrowWilliam Alfred1 Jan 19004 Feb 1982
001009LaymanPeggy Leeanna Parker25 Oct 195724 Sep 1989
001009CarrierMabel Catherine Sites Davis24 Jan 19153 Jul 1996Mother
001010BrownRobert18721956No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
001010ThompsonMyra D. Rosenberger4 Mar 18831 Jun 1972
001010Pittington, Sr.Robert L.25 Dec 193016 Sep 1998Father & Brother
001011StroopBaby Boy19721972Long funeral home marker
002001LaymanOtterbine Evers14 Aug 186429 Mar 1935Aged 70y 7m 15d
002001LaymanDelia S.5 Dec 187927 Mar 1965
002001PhillipsMary1 Feb 18338 Apr 1898Aged 65y 2m 7d
002001PhillipsJohn P.27 Jan 1883Age about 83 yrsPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001PhillipsElizabeth11 Jul 180926 Feb 1892His WifePartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001PhillipsElva M.28 Jan 1885Aged 1m 11d; Infant/George & Eliza C.Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001PhillipsOwen Lee25 Jan 1885Aged 1m 22d; Infant/George & Eliza C.Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001PhillipsEliza C.10 Oct 18351 Apr 1903Aged 67y 5m 21d; Our Mother
002001PhillipsGeorge W.1 Oct 183416 Aug 1912
002001PhillipsEmma F.17 Nov 186112 Nov 1915d/George W. & Eliza
002001RimelJohn T.23 Mar 183120 Nov 1902Aged 71y 7m 27dConfederate War Veteran-recorded by Marie Arrington
002001RimelJacob F.6 Sep 18513 May 1923Father
002001RimelMary V.2 Jul 185223 Nov 1887Mother
002001RimelInfant Sons/Jacob F. & Mary V.
002001RimelInfant Sons/Jacob F. & Mary V.
002001RimelWilbert Oscar19 Mar 188016 Sep 1881
002001O'RoarkEmma E.20 Oct 18732 Dec 1878d/Jas. & SamanthaIllegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001O'RoarkCaroline V.25 May 1902Aged 38y 6m 20d; d/Jas. & Samantha
002001O'RoarkJames14 Feb 182712 Apr 1906Father
002001O'RoarkSamantha3 Apr 183415 Apr 1914Mother; His Wife
002001AllenMattie E.17 May 184021 Jan 1913d/Rebecca & Reuben
002001UnknownStone-no markings
002001UnknownStone-no markings
002001KerlinAllen T.30 Jan 184916 Jun 1889Aged 40y 4m; s/John & Lydia Catherine
002001KerlinJohn10 Jun 1884Aged 61y 8m; s/David & BarbaraPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001KerlinLydia C.7 Feb 1904Aged 76y 5m 19d; w/JohnPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002001KerlineThomas L.14 Nov 1864Aged 6y 11m 11d; s/John & Catharine
002001TemplemanJames8 Jul 180323 May 1886
002001TemplemanCharity12 Mar 18206 Oct 1895
002001TemplemanRobert Edward1 Aug 188117 Nov 1897s/Jas. E. & Maggie C.
002001RhodesJ. Perry19071975
002001RhodesC. Elizabeth19111990
002001RhodesJacob P.17 Apr 182915 Nov 1892Confederate War Veteran
002001RhodesCecil Oliver10 Oct 191029 Aug 1917s/J. H. & B. F.
002001RhodesJames H.3 May 18756 Nov 1944
002001RhodesBessie F.30 Aug 18823 Nov 1956w/James H.
002002LaymanInfant Daughter2 Oct 18992 Oct 1899d/O. E. & Delia S.
002002LaymanInfant Daughter21 Nov 189821 Nov 1898d/O. E. & Delia S.
002002LaymanHenry26 Dec 18232 Nov 1897
002002LaymanMary Jane23 Feb 1896Aged 58y 10; w/Henry
002002LaymanMary Virginia C.5 Jul 1888Aged 20y 3m 20d; d/Henry & Mary J.
002002LaymanJosephine Ellen19 Jun 1888Aged 21y 8m 15d; d/H. & M.Partially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002CarrierGertie May26 Apr 188718 Jan 1973w/John; d/Rueben & Luerena O'Roark Holsinger; Mother of Mamie Bowman, Georgie Early, Helen Cline
002002ClineClark21 Oct 191229 Jun 1982
002002ClineHelen Lee15 Aug 19192 Sep 1952d/Gertie & John Carrier
002002CarrierGeorge W.16 Apr 1896Aged 41y 6mPartially illegible-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002CarrierJohn W.10 Oct 187924 Jan 1923Father
002002LeeLydia23 Mar 1890Aged 75y 5m; WifePartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002LeeJacob30 Dec 1891Aged 78y 6mPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002StricklerJohn14 Feb 180812 Nov 1887Aged 79 yrsPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002StricklerMary15 Mar 18135 Oct 1893Aged 80y 6m 20d
002002ArmentroutJames E.15 Dec 18692 Nov 1930
002002ArmentroutAda18711963No visible marker-possibly in bush-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002StricklerJohn William11 Aug 18813 Oct 1882s/Jacob C. & Ida J.No visible marker-possibly in bush-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002UnknownStone-no markings
002002ArmentroutJ. B.9 Aug 18639 Aug 1863Name-John; 1st grave in cemetery per Marie Arrington
002002ArmentroutDalton Ira4 Jul 1899Aged 2m 19d; s/Jos. H. & M. M.
002002RhodesAgnes Mary10 Jul 190518 Jun 1997
002002RhodesJ. Lawrence "Jack"29 Mar 190511 Jun 1965s/James & Bessie F.
002002RhodesJohn W.16 Apr 194030 Aug 1952s/J. Lawrence
002003CaveJohnNo visible marker-buried in walkway-recorded by Marie Arrington
002003TaylorErasmus25 Aug 184528 Feb 1896Co I 7th Va Cavalry A.B.
002003TaylorLydia A.21 Nov 184328 Jul 1918Aged 74y 8m 7d
002003LaymanBetty J.1 Jan 19346 Jan 1934d/H. L. & Ruth
002003UnknownInfantStone-no markings-recorded by Marie Arrington
002003LaymanInfant Daughter12 Nov 190612 Nov 1906d/O. E. & Delia S.
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003TaylorWilliam O.26 May 188126 Oct 1936Aged 55y 5m; s/Erasmus & Lydia A.
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003SellersInfantch/C. R. & Mary E.No dates
002003SellersDaniel1 Oct 1892Aged 61y 3m 15d
002003SellersBarbara C.9 Apr 1904Aged 66y 10m 26d; w/Daniel
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003LaymanLeroy S.29 Oct 1887Aged 4y 1mNo visible marker-possibly in bush-recorded by Marie Arrington
002003LaymanCharles R.2 Apr 185920 Mar 1908Aged 48y 11m 18d
002003LaymanMary M.21 Aug 185816 May 1944
002003LaymanGideon G.12 Jun 188228 Dec 1908Aged 26y 6m 16d; s/C. R. & M. M.
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003RimelElsie M.12 May 189227 Jul 1892d/G. W. & M. V.
002003RimelLuellah E.18 Jun 188011 Nov 1881Partially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002003LaymanSarah C.2 Mar 184116 Mar 1900Aged 59y 14d
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003RimelRobert C.17 Aug 18738 Nov 1874Partially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002003RimelGeorgeNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003UnknownStone-no markings
002003RimelMartha11 Dec 18262 Mar 1897Aged 70y 2m 22d; w/John T.
002003PhillipsFrancis V.28 Jun 19095 Oct 1909d/G. E. & C. L.
002003PhillipsGeorge E.4 Feb 187310 Apr 1949
002003PhillipsCora L.15 Aug 187412 Apr 1952Wife
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004LudholtzAbe30 Jan 185328 Feb 1931
002004LudholtzEliza E.8 Jan 18553 Oct 1923
002004SmithAnna16 Dec 1878Aged 22 days
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004UnknownStone-no markings
002004LaymanAmanda E. R.7 Oct 18611 Apr 1882Aged 20y 6m 24d; w/Crawford C.
002004LaymanEliza Ann24 Nov 182014 Jan 1887Aged 67y 20 d; w/Nathaniel
002004LaymanCrawford C.28 Dec 185010 Jan 1925Aged 74y 13d
002004LaymanSarah S. Peterfish19 Jan 184115 Aug 1922Aged 81y 6m 26d; w/Crawford C.
002004ThomasSamuel21 Jan 182821 Nov 1882Aged 54y 10m
002004ThomasElizabeth C.6 Jan 182826 Jun 1898Aged 70y 5m 20d; w/Samuel
002004SprinkleSallie2 Jun 1898Aged 78 yrsPartially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002004SprinkleMary21 Mar 181728 Sep 1882Aged 65 yrs
002004LaymanElizabeth "Betty"Partially illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002004TaylorOtis Owens21 May 187631 Oct 1895Aged 19y 5m 10d
002004LaymanCharity1 Dec 18375 May 1891
002004LaymanJackson18 Feb 183115 Aug 1888Confederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
002004LamonMalinda22 Sep 181928 Feb 1874Aged 54y 5m 6d
002004LaymanAdam5 Jun 180520 Nov 1865Aged 60y 5m 15d
002004LaymanOwen P.31 Aug 1894Aged 14y 10m 2d
002004LaymanPhillip F.25 Dec 1895Aged 46y 9m 2d; My Husband & Our Father
002004LaymanMary Rebecca6 Mar 1903Aged 50y 8m 12d; Our Motherw/Phillip
002004ViaMargaret L.23 Jul 189118 Jul 1974
002004ViaRobert29 Feb 188422 Apr 1969Donated body to science-recorded by Marie Arrington
002004PhillipsEdward F.23 Nov 191314 Sep 1990
002005HottingerJohn E.7 Dec 1888Age near 50 yrs
002005BlackElizabeth10 Dec 18174 Aug 1880Aged 62y 7m 25d
002005BennettRobert H.22 Mar 186010 May 1873s/Henry & HannahIllegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002005BennettHenry24 Jul 183229 Jan 1896Aged 63y 6m 5d; FatherCivil War Veteran per Marie Arrington
002005BennettHannah24 Aug 183117 Aug 1876Aged 44y 11m 13d; Mother
002005BennettElizabeth23 Oct 181626 Oct 1898Aged 82y 3d
002005BennettGeorge Walker14 Mar 1876Aged 53 yrsIllegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s; Civil War Veteran per Marie Arrington
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005LeeSallie E. J.18 Nov 18815 Dec 1884Sister; d/J. W. & Carrey Lee
002005HiggsMoffett N.10 Jan 19067 Aug 1906s/Erasmus & Dora
002005HiggsElphia E. C.27 Apr 190710 Aug 1907Aged 4m 1?d; d/Erasmus & Dora
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005UnknownStone-no markings
002005TemplemanJoseph D.31 Jan 18554 Aug 1919Father
002005TemplemanLanora9 Apr 18552 Jun 1920Mother
002005TemplemanArthur Edgar14 May 188420 Apr 1946
002005LaymanWilliam V.18581920Father
002005LaymanMary C.18731961
002005LaymanElonzo Owen28 May 18964 Sep 1981
002005LaymanInfants/Mary E. & Henry
002006BennettBoydNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
002006BennettWilliamNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
002006BennettNina E.28 Nov 18673 Dec 1912Aged 45y 5d; w/William H.
002006HiggsChristina A.23 Nov 191423 May 1916Aged 1y 6m
002006HiggsBurch L.1 Apr 189121 Jan 1919Aged 27y 9m 20d
002006HiggsRoy E.6 Oct 191022 Jul 1974
002006UnknownStone-no markings
002006LeeRolen W.25 Nov 18797 Jan 1881Brother
002006LeeSallie E. J.18 Nov 18815 Dec 18842nd marker for her-she is also listed in Row 005 above
002006LeeJohn W.27 Mar 184122 Nov 1920FatherConfederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
002006LeeCaroline M. A. M.26 Jun 184616 Aug 1908Mother
002006HiggsDora L.23 Sep 187122 Oct 1951Daughter
002006BreedenMary E.18821958Grand - Mother
002006UnknownStone-no markings
002006UnknownStone-no markings
002006RolonRuth V.24 Dec 19355 Jul 1953
002006UnknownStone-no markings
002006BakerLela E.19021936Lindsey & Sons funeral home marker only
002006BakerA. Dewey2 Apr 18997 Oct 1954
002006BakerEthel Ball3 Oct 19081 Mar 2002
002006FoxJohn W.18661939Father
002006FoxBertie M.18731936Mother
002006FoxJoseph20 Nov 183925 Jan 1904Partially illegible-recorded by DAR in 1960s; Confederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
002006LaymanJacob F.26 Apr 189310 Nov 1974
002006LaymanMaggie M.18 May 189518 Aug 1990
002007RaynesPauline V.30 Jun 1930
002007Raynes, Jr.Charles O.13 Aug 192828 Jun 1979
002007LudholtzWilliam C.18921950
002007LudholtzMary E.18951932
002007Ludholtz, Jr.William C.17 Feb 192426 Jan 1984Pvt U.S. Army WWII
002007BreedenWoodrow Wilson19221976PFC U.S. Army WWII
002007UnknownStone-no markings
002007UnknownStone-no markings
002007UnknownStone-no markings
002007UnknownStone-no markings
002007KislingSarah27 Jun 189022 Jul 1965
002007PittingtonSarah C.29 Mar 187612 May 1957Age 81 yrs
002007BakerAlbert E.28 Jul 184829 Mar 1910
002007BakerIsaac N.18711954Funeral home marker only-located in bush
002007BakerA. J.14 Aug 188113 Aug 1907No visible marker- recorded by DAR in 1960s-possibly located in bush
002007BakerInfant (Isaac Baker)
002007PittingtonJackson R.13 Nov 190229 Jan 1973
002007NesselrodtIsaac Riley21 Feb 189227 Jul 1970
002007NesselrodtBessie Kimble13 Nov 18981 Dec 1993
002007ArmentroutCharles E.19151916s/Z. & O. L.
002008NesselrodtVernon H.9 Mar 19361 May 1977Father
002008NesselrodtMary F.13 Feb 191911 Sep 1985
002008NesselrodtGoldie V.8 Oct 192011 Mar 1989
002008LaymanEdgar A.28 Mar 189521 Jan 1924Husband, Father, Friend
002008PhillipsOllie R.16 Mar 189027 Sep 1955
002008PhillipsJohn Ruebush7 Nov 185915 Oct 1952Father
002008PhillipsLaurenna Sellers24 May 186812 Mar 1942Mother
002009GrubbJames M.24 Jan 1923
002009GrubbDorothy L.8 Sep 1919
002009LaymanG. M.18621939
002009PhillipsEldon S.8 Mar 190627 May 1979Father
002009PhillipsSadie I.4 Mar 190420 Nov 1986Mother
002010Koontz, Jr.Earl L. "Bob"8 Apr 19339 Apr 1998S Sgt U.S. Air Force Korea
002010KoontzPatricia P.16 Apr 1939
003001PhillipsA. J.29 Oct 185726 May 1930
003001PhillipsMary Francis O'Roark17 Mar 185823 Dec 1910w/A. J.
003001PhillipsWilbert Franklin11 May 189516 May 1895s/A. J. & M. F.
003001ClindinstBaby Girl5 Oct 19455 Oct 1945
003001PhillipsInfant Son19441944s/J. Warren & Frances
003001PhillipsInfant Son19451945s/J. Warren & Frances
003001PhillipsOwen Haley1 Jan 19128 Aug 1917Aged 5y 7m 7d
003001PhillipsOscar J.18791952
003001PhillipsBertie V.18821958
003001PhillipsHalsey V.19 Feb 18812 Jul 1948Father
003001PhillipsFannie May6 Sep 188514 Aug 1943Mother
003001AndrewsRosa1 Jun 18765 Jun 1958
003001PhillipsClaude D.11 Oct 188516 Aug 1962
003001PhillipsMaude E.30 Oct 188724 Sep 1964
003001PhillipsJames A.1 Apr 18831 May 1969Father
003001PhillipsMamie A.30 Mar 188618 Nov 1950Motherw/James A. Phillips
003001ReidBeatice L.26 Dec 191513 Oct 2002
003001ReidJean Yvonne3 Dec 194815 Feb 1978d/Perry & B. Phillips Reid
003001ReidPerry E.30 Sep 191514 Jul 1972
003001MartzJ. Lewis18 Sep 188415 Feb 1967
003001MartzMinnie F.12 May 188931 May 1981Wife
003001LaymanLeroy Scott8 Aug 186023 Jun 1934Father
003001LaymanSarah Jane30 Jul 18596 Dec 1932Mother
003001PhillipsElsie Lena7 Dec 18925 Mar 1972Mother
003001SoutherlyWalter J.14 Mar 190410 Mar 1977
003001SoutherlyBertha K.2 Jan 191126 Jan 1991
003001LaymanOttie F.19001941w/George W.; Mother
003001BeahmLemuel Daily8 Mar 190720 Jun 1993Father; s/Ambrose Wesley & Annie Mae Musselman Beahm
003001BeahmRovena Katherine8 Dec 19156 Mar 1997Mother; His Wife; d/William Franklin & Lena Ethel Layman Marshallw/Lemuel Daily Beahm
003001DellingerMary Catherine Beahm16 Sep 194229 Jul 1981Mother; d/L. D. & R. C. Beahm
003001BeahmWilliam W.5 Sep 194125 Feb 1957s/L. D. & R. C.
003001MartzOliver P.6 Nov 190813 Dec 1978
003001MartzHelen F.5 Mar 190614 Nov 1968
003001Vincie, Sr.John L.31 Jan 188730 Sep 1983
003001VincieMargaret Eaton7 May 19024 Jun 1953
003002PhillipsClyde R.15 Apr 191014 May 1940
003002StricklerCharles E.18721942
003002RosenbergerDavid P.18461906
003002RosenbergerMinerva E.18551922
003002KaneNoel T. W.25 Dec 190027 Apr 1972
003002KaneOneida P.21 Aug 1906
003002WilliamsRobert L.14 Aug 1927
003002WilliamsEunice M.14 Mar 191829 Sep 1978
003003StricklerBertie E.18741943
003003StricklerMary M.23 Jul 1899Aged 1m 21d; ch/C. E. & B. E.
003003StricklerAnnie M.24 Jun 1899Aged 22 das; ch/C. E. & B. E.
003003DoveIsaac H.5 Oct 188529 Oct 1906Aged 21y 24d; s/J. F. & Laura C.
003003DoveLaura C.3 May 18563 Mar 1921Our Mother; w/J. F.
003003DoveJoseph F.1 Aug 185528 Jun 1923Aged 67y 10m 27d
003003UnknownStone-no markings
003003BennettCrawford E.28 Aug 18723 Mar 1964Virginia Pvt. Co C 2 Regt Virginia Inf. Spanish American War
003003BennettBertha M.18881968
003003BennettRaymond G.19191964
003003O'RoarkJoseph M.18721912
003003O'RoarkMary E.18721952
003003PriceRussell E.19131975
003003PriceEthel Cline1914
003003PhillipsGeorge A.24 Jun 185825 Apr 1914
003003PhillipsLilly R.2 Jul 18626 Jul 1935His Wifew/George A. Phillips
003003PhillipsDelsie Cole3 Jun 190520 Jan 1997
003003PhillipsVernon Lee2 May 189016 Nov 1959
003003PhillipsErnest O.6 Sep 190420 Jun 1967
003003PhillipsInfantch/Ernest & Elsie
003003PhillipsInfantch/Ernest & Elsie
003003HiggsDavid J.19 Dec 190126 Dec 1988
003003HiggsViola M.26 May 190527 Dec 2000
003003HillDewey W.12 Jun 194423 Apr 1999SP4 U. S. Army VietnamMilitary marker shows Dewey Wade Hill
003003HillWrita Davis21 Sep 1947Wed 26 Sep 1965w/Dewey W. Hill
003003BazzleElaine Sites6 Sep 1918Mother
003003BazzleDavid Milton13 Apr 1943Son
003003LaymanJohn E.2 Nov 187528 Jun 1948Father
003003LaymanBessie M.11 Oct 188030 Apr 1967Mother
003003LaymanGlenn E.10 Apr 192320 Jan 1997PFC U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Glenn Edward Layman
003003RhodesLe Roy24 Sep 19033 May 1984
003003RhodesE. Kathleen9 Sep 190617 Mar 1992
003004StricklerB. F.31 Aug 18351919Date died 1919 per Marie Arrington
003004StricklerMelvina30 Jun 183225 Nov 1904w/B. F.
003004KiceJacob H.30 Aug 188611 Jul 1966
003004KiceLillie C.25 Aug 18766 Jan 1950
003004BennettHenry M.12 Jun 190913 Apr 1966
003004SheetsHugh L.21 Jan 189623 May 1969Virginia PFC U.S. Army WWI
003004SheetsHazel L.26 Sep 189825 Jun 1951
003004SheetsInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
003004SheetsInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
003004SellersJohn R.23 Jan 1941Married 22 Aug 1965
003004SellersCarolyn M.26 Jan 1944w/John R. Sellers
003005GibsonClaude D.4 Feb 189611 Dec 1959Virginia PFC US Army WWI
003005GibsonJulia Layman19 Oct 190022 Mar 1956
003005WhitmireWilliam H.26 Jun 184719 Apr 1914
003005WhitmireSara E.21 Feb 1850His Wifew/William H. Whitmire
003005MongoldCarl E.19451946s/Otis & Edith
003005WiltshireIsaacNo visible marker-Confederate War Veteran-recorded by Marie Arrington
003005VincieGenevieved/John Vincie Sr.No visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
003005VincieStevebro/John Vincie Sr.
003005CaveLeona Cleveland19151917d/Kemper & Lucy Maud CaveNo visible marker-from Sou. obit.-recorded by Marie Arrington
003005BrownWilliam C.6 Jan 183316 Nov 1914Confederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
003005BrownCaroline V.28 Oct 184414 Jun 1919
003005BrownGilbert N.3 Dec 18725 Sep 1941Brother
003005LaymanJulia Ann1 Apr 18263 Jun 1913Aged 87y 2m 2d; Mother
003005LaymanHenry N.18 Apr 186021 Dec 1944
003005LaymanMahalee C.9 Feb 18615 May 1943
003005MartzArthur E.18 Jan 188211 May 1947
003005MartzGrace A.23 May 18903 May 1987Wife
003005PhillipsStella M.10 May 19104 Apr 2003
003005CubbageCasper C.18601952
003005CubbageLacey L.18711945
003005CubbageBulah M.18 Jul 19033 Oct 1920Aged 17y 2m 15d; d/C. C. & L. L.
003005CubbageRobert E.18941957
003005CubbageCharles E.18941978
003005CubbageMinnie L.19032002
003005MitchellVergie M.18991948
003005KoontzWilliam T.26 Apr 185710 Jan 1932Father
003005KoontzMary C. Sellers25 May 187218 Jan 1968Mother
003005KoontzCompton H.31 Aug 18921 Oct 1941Son
003005KoontzC. Edgar10 Jan 18827 Feb 1970Father
003005KoontzLillian V.1 Jun 18912 May 1977Mother
003005PhillipsWilliam F.7 Sep 18698 May 1945
003005PhillipsLydia A.26 Aug 188218 Aug 1966
003005PhillipsAnita L.1 Jan 190917 Feb 1968
003005PhillipsDebra Denise16 Feb 195416 Feb 1954
003006BrownCasper W.28 Feb 18784 May 1949Father
003006BrownIda A.20 Jan 188428 Feb 1965Mother
003006BrownHunter Lee19021983Pvt U.S. Army WWII
003006CubbageJudy Eileen10 Nov 19486 Jul 1949
003006CubbageMickey L.30 May 196718 Feb 2002
003006ArringtonJames Noel21 Jan 191329 May 1997M Sgt U.S. Army WWII
003006Summers-HensleyEvelyn P.6 Jul 191325 Jan 2003
003006Summers-HensleyGalen K.8 Feb 1947
003006PhillipsMillard W.19102001Grandle funeral home marker only
003007ReidJoseph S.18761935Father
003007ReidLucy C.18871949Mother
003007ReidInfant Sonss/J. S. & L. C.
003007ReidInfant Sonss/J. S. & L. C.
003007ReidInfant Sonss/J. S. & L. C.
003007ReidInfant Sonss/J. S. & L. C.
003007LaymanJohn W.15 Dec 189019 Oct 1975
003007LaymanEthel A.26 Mar 189130 Nov 1935
003007LaymanRay B.11 Oct 191913 Feb 1946Virginia PFC Engineers WWII
003007HiggsJacob F.18581929
003007HiggsVirginia M.18551931
003007LaymanPreston29 Mar 18395 Jan 1926FatherConfederate War Veteran per Marie Arrington
003007LaymanVirginia14 Sep 185330 Dec 1928Mother; His Wifew/Preston Layman
003007MartzWm. Otis18771954
003007MartzLena Mae18821959
003007MartzElizabeth C.18 Feb 18619 Nov 1943
003007MartzF. Marion3 Dec 185718 May 1946
003007EmersonMarie M.191618 Nov 1918
003007EmersonRuby P.192616 Apr 1928
003007EmersonM. H.22 May 189530 Apr 1989
003007EmersonMary E.20 Jul 190029 May 1980
003007EmersonAgnes J.189313 Jul 1929
003007HentonJohn E.19001978
003007HentonAlma H.1916
003007HentonInfant Daughter24 Jan 194225 Jan 1942d/John E. & Alma C.
003007ShippW. Thedore20 Dec 1915
003007ShippGladys K.24 Feb 192127 Jan 1976
003007Cave, Sr.Albert R.21 Jan 18963 Jul 1972
003007CaveArlo L.27 Jan 1933
003007CaveVergie A.17 Nov 18965 May 1986
003007HuffmanMelvin G.30 Jun 192810 Nov 2002Wed 15 Jul 1950
003007HuffmanVerdie P.9 Oct 1928w/Melvin G. Huffman
003008ReidLawrence E.22 Dec 191211 Nov 1982
003008ReidVirginia S.24 Dec 1915
003008ReidJames S.11 Sep 1946
003008LaymanSusie J.14 Apr 190831 Oct 1983
003008LaymanJoseph P.8 Mar 188921 Jan 1924
003008LaymanCarrie L.2 Feb 189321 Mar 1984
003008AmickJohn J.15 Aug 191327 Oct 1991
003008AmickMary C.24 May 1914
003008MongoldOtis Weldon17 Aug 19151 Jan 2001Dad
003008MongoldEdith Virginia28 Apr 192110 Apr 1995Mom
003008MongoldInfantch/Otis & EdithNo visible marker-recorded by Marie Arrington
003008KoontzSallie F. Shipp8 Jan 189517 Oct 1984
003008Nair, Jr.Robert LaVerne7 Oct 19549 Oct 1954s/R. L. & Arettia C.
003009Bruce, Sr.Richard T.8 Feb 18853 Jun 1969
003009BruceMattie V.13 Dec 18946 Sep 1984
003009Phillips, Jr.Eldon S. "Sonny"2 Dec 19311 Nov 1993A2C U.S. Air Force; Married 5 Apr 1953
003009PhillipsOleah N. "Lea"28 Nov 1932w/Eldon S. Phillips, Jr.
003009Monn-RehmannLouella Phillips9 Sep 1922
003009RehmannChris M.19592002Theis funeral home marker only
003009PhillipsAmos Russell24 Oct 189622 Nov 1942Father
003009PhillipsRuth Grandle11 May 189916 Sep 1987Mother
003009PhillipsPaul W.8 Jul 19195 May 2000
003009PhillipsNina F.28 Mar 19255 Nov 1995
003009ArmentroutGalen L.19201960
003009GrandleMary C.18561943
003009MartzT. Ashby28 Mar 188627 May 1973
003009MartzMamie B.7 Jun 189110 Apr 1983
003009MarshallWilliam F.18931969
003009MarshallLena E.18981948
003009MarshallJulian M.2 Mar 191821 Oct 1969North Carolina TEC 4 4050 Base Unit AAF WWII
003009MarshallEstella A.7 Mar 1920
003009CaveEdward W.21 Oct 18699 Aug 1942
003009CaveAlbertie14 Feb 187930 Dec 1958
003009CaveCody Rhean3 May 190031 Dec 1972Brother
003009CaveB. W. "Snit"2 Jan 191010 Mar 1957
003009O'RoarkLeonard B.15 Nov 191123 Nov 1989U.S. Navy WWII
003009O'RoarkRessie C.13 Jun 19089 Mar 1997
003009DerrowDaisy Mae14 May 19042 Sep 1995Mother & Grandmother
003009Strickler, Sr.Luther J.15 Aug 187330 Aug 1964Dad
003009StricklerAlmae Lincoln16 Oct 18741 Jan 1943Mom
003010PhillipsShirley E.24 Sep 192428 Oct 1926Aged 2y 1m 4d; s/A. R. & R. E.
003010FoxCarl M. "Mutt"20 Aug 189810 Sep 1999Pvt U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Carl McKinley Fox
003010CaveLeon Howard4 Oct 191425 Apr 1989
003010CaveCelia Turner17 Apr 1925
003010WoodZuleka Mae Cave5 May 190517 Dec 1999Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother
003010GodloveNoel G.19011956
003010GodloveEula L.19101979
004001MongoldNelson L.10 Jul 1940Married 31 Mar 1967
004001MongoldPatricia O.16 Apr 1943w/Nelson L. Mongold
004001SummersD. Oscar4 Feb 188523 Aug 1962
004001SummersAnna E.7 Aug 188627 Mar 1959
004001ReidJohn T.19 Dec 18831 Nov 1968
004001ReidEmma A.27 May 187919 Aug 1967
004001EstepClifton A.17 Apr 19033 Jan 1979
004001ShumakerAmes E.8 Mar 191318 Jan 1983Father
004001ShumakerUna K.15 Jun 1918Motherw/Ames E. Shumaker
004001CaveJohn Franklin "Snit"8 Jul 19319 Sep 1987
004001CaveKenneth Franklin Shipp "Duke"3 Dec 196121 Jun 1987
004001MartzConrad Minor17 Aug 191715 Aug 1998S Sgt U.S. Air Force WWII
004001Barnes, Sr.Ray Henry17 Aug 193920 Jul 1999U.S. Air Force; Father & Brother
004001KnightTerry A.31 Jul 1968Wed 27 Jul 1990
004001KnightBarbara J.30 May 19681 Jan 1993w/Terry A. Knight
004002GoodMartha W.18 Jul 192525 Nov 1998
004002GoodLeon G.28 Jan 1925
004002RhodesFaye9 Jan 1935
004002RhodesJim1 Jun 1932
004002Kersey-ClutteurHelen S.29 Jan 1931Mother
004002Kersey-ClutteurBobby Allen1 Dec 1948Son
004002Kisling, Jr.James Samuel21 Oct 193113 Aug 1994Dad; Loved & missed by Thelma, your 7 sons & their families James, Richard, George, Donald, Marvin, Darrell, Robert
004003PittingtonErnest1 Sep 189517 Oct 1948
004003PittingtonMaude H.20 Jan 18979 Jun 1974
004003MartzFrank E.2 Sep 1920Dad; Married 1 May 1943
004003MartzLouise V.16 Mar 192317 May 2002Momw/Frank E. Martz
004003MartzEdward D.28 Jul 189730 Sep 1988
004003MartzVirginia G.26 Feb 19027 Jun 1972
004003LambertLeona Dolly8 Oct 192126 Dec 1996Mother, Grandmother; children-Wanda, Edwin, Patricia
004003O'RoarkEdwin R.6 Jun 194130 Aug 1999
004003EmersonWalter T.8 Oct 192223 Feb 1997Sgt U.S. Army WWII Purple Heart; FatherMilitary marker shows Walter Thomas O'Roark
004003EmersonEdith V.24 Oct 1925Mother; Married 29 Oct 1947w/Walter T. Emerson
004003ThompsonJoseph F.31 Jul 18962 Jun 1971Pvt U.S. Army WWI
004003ThompsonRuth V.26 Jun 190027 May 1984
004003MoomawEthan Elcana9 Apr 20039 Apr 2003
004003O'RoarkRichard L.16 Aug 193125 Jan 1992Our children-Douglas & Durwin
004003O'RoarkOneida V.16 Feb 193330 Oct 1998w/Richard L. O'Roark
004003BollerRaymond D. "Bunky"4 Aug 194211 Mar 1992U.S. Army Vietnam; Wed 29 Nov 1964Military marker shows Raymond Dean Boller
004003BollerRebecca "Sherry"Children-Jeffrey, Charles, Thomas, Lori Annw/Raymond D. Boller
004004SmithLinda M.8 Dec 19483 Jun 1997
004004ThompsonJennifer Denese21 Jan 197523 Jan 1975Daughter
004004SouderTressie G.3 Apr 1924
004004SouderGordon H.15 Dec 1915
004004Whetzel, Jr.Jon D.6 Dec 197019 Dec 1994Our Beloved Son
004005PhillipsGrover F.15 Oct 190714 May 1981
004005PhillipsMamie Gay27 Mar 1929
004005BakerJonas M.29 Sep 187910 Aug 1961
004005BakerPermelia M.22 Jul 187724 Feb 1949
004005BakerSaylor E.7 Mar 190412 Sep 1965
004005GoodWm. Alan24 Jul 195316 May 1970Son
004005GoodWilliam A.29 Oct 1926Married 14 Feb 1948
004005GoodDorothy P.25 Oct 1928w/William A. Good
004005EmersonCharles K.21 Oct 192013 Nov 1998Our children-Kenneth, Peggy, Edward, Roger, Brenda
004005EmersonFern M.14 Apr 1925Married 31 Mar 1945w/Charles K. Emerson
004005ThompsonJames S. H.22 Jun 189116 May 1966
004005ThompsonMinnie E.23 Mar 189723 Oct 1979
004005ThompsonRay Calvin27 Apr 19228 Nov 1993TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII
004005ThompsonHelen M.8 Oct 1927
004005BennerRosella T.20 Aug 192024 Mar 1995Mother
004005AlligoodIsobel T.18 Jul 19273 Sep 1994
004005ClineJohnnie F.23 Aug 192412 Jun 1995U.S. Navy WWII; Married 7 Nov 1970
004005ClineCatherine L.24 Mar 1942w/Johnnie F. Cline
004005StricklerCarl E.11 Oct 1930Married 3 Nov 1951
004005StricklerBillie Joe24 Aug 193311 Feb 1999w/Carl E.
004006BakerClaude F.18 Sep 190219 Aug 1984Father
004006BakerBessie V.19 Nov 190917 Feb 1998Mother
004006SimmersEverette M.22 Aug 19253 Oct 1991
004006MartinLinda V.6 Jan 192924 Sep 1991Beloved Mother
004006ClutteurMarion David13 Sep 1958
004006ClutteurRhonda Kay3 Feb 19585 Jun 1995
004006GrandleJames F.8 Aug 1921Married 12 Nov 1947
004006GrandleBeulah K.15 Mar 192428 Apr 1993w/James F. Grandle
004007MartzCharles W.19 Jul 19146 Mar 1996
004007MartzUna M.6 Mar 19154 Jul 1976
004007PhillipsFranklin E.11 Jul 1915
004007PhillipsCharlity M.8 Jun 192819 Apr 1993
004007KuhnsKarlen Phillips18 Nov 19496 Sep 1973Beloved Daughter
004007KronkClois A.16 Feb 189924 Nov 1977
004007KronkMary G.14 Oct 190429 Mar 1996
004007SagerTom F.6 Feb 190019 Jan 1961
004007SagerClara B.10 Sep 18993 May 1972
004007KepnerF. Ivel1 Sep 18793 May 1967
004007MartzErnest Lee11 Mar 190826 Aug 1971Husband; s/W. A. & Delphia Bazzle Martz
004007MartzViola Bell1 Jun 1911Wife; d/T. C. & Lucy Deavers EmersonAppears she is buried here-no death date
004007CashDwayne Andrew20 May 196914 Apr 1995s/Wayne & Mary; father of Haley Elizabeth, bro. of Richard, Clint, Kyle, Frankie, Julie & Sharon
004007Robinson, Jr.Richard Lloyd16 Feb 195626 Apr 2000Survived by wife-Michele, parents-Richard Sr. & Charlotte, bro. Terry & Dennis, dau. Dionne
004007RhodesJoseph D.26 Oct 193220 Jul 2000A3C U.S. Air Force KoreaMilitary marker shows Joseph Delano Rhodes
004007RhodesKathleen M.18 Oct 1935
004007DavisAsia Dawn7 Nov 20007 Apr 2001Our Little Angel
004008Kronk, Sr.Donald Wayne10 Nov 19391 Feb 1992U.S. Army
004008LamEmory Dale2 Mar 196220 Sep 1968
004008ShifflettStanley L.18 Aug 1927Husband
004008ShifflettShirley F. Thompson28 Aug 1938Wife
004008MongoldWilliam W.25 Jul 192927 Aug 2001PFC U.S. Army KoreaMilitary marker shows born 28 Jul 1929
004009ClinedinstCharles M.27 Jun 191430 Aug 1986Sgt U.S. Army WWII
004009ClinedinstLouise E.3 Jun 1917
004009PhillipsMalchus D. A.19051965
004009PhillipsArlene E.19051952
004009PhillipsMabel L.19341952
004009PhillipsOwen L.1931
004009SmithFred A.9 Aug 191026 Feb 1995
004009SmithNellie F.19 Nov 191615 Mar 1993
004009SheetsE. H. "Mike"27 Nov 19284 May 1986Wed 23 Aug 1957
004009SheetsM. F. "Peggy"9 Jan 1938w/E. H. Sheets
004009ShermanArlene R.22 Jul 195910 Nov 1991Mother
004010BartonElizabeth F.18861950Mother
004010SheetsE. Gordon18861957Father
004010HintonJohn H.29 Dec 191726 Sep 1972
004010HintonHilma L.25 Aug 192418 Aug 1969
004010LudholtzC. Owen16 Jan 1926
004010Ludholtz, Jr.Charles O.15 Apr 195625 Feb 2002
004010MathiasCharles R.30 Dec 1942Wed 21 Dec 1963
004010MathiasCarolyn C.4 Apr 1946w/Charles R. Mathias
004010HiggsLester O.26 Nov 190724 Mar 1996
004010HiggsPauline S.8 Apr 190816 Sep 1997
004010HarrisCharles E.1 Nov 190813 Oct 1985
004010HarrisGertrude V.16 Jun 192125 Feb 2000