Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryCombs-Ritchie Cemetery
LocationBergton Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Cemetery is located on top of the Shenandoah Mountain up Overly Hollow Road (Route 823) at Bergton, Virginia, and in the site of the cabin of Lester and Diann Mook.
NotesShirley Cullers Miller states that some people also call this the Lantz Cemetery. Cemetery records compiled by Shirley Cullers Miller using headstones, field/river rocks, papers of Warren Souder and Lewis Yankey, J. Robert Swank’s 1967 records, and through interviews with area residents.
Survey Date and Recorder18 Oct 2002
Shirley Cullers Miller

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
RitchieLucy Violet27 Dec 191718 Nov 1999child of Casper Loy Ritchie & Jennie Susan Dove
AdamsGeorge10 Aug 19159 Sep 1917child of Carl S. Adams & Mary Catherine Combs
DoveOra Lee27 Nov 191616 Nov 1997child of James Ashby Dove & Florence Lenora Lantz, and husband of Arlene Dove
WhetzelTrudy Kay31 Jan 195527 Jul 1955child of Virginia Alice May & her 2nd husband Harry Allen Whetzel
DoveDenna Arlene (Dove)10 Feb 192115 May 2000child of Jesse William Dove & Blanche Catherine May, and wife of Lee Dove
MayWilliam Ashby1901died young, child of William "Riley" May and Anna Belle Mongold
RitchieMelvin Garland20 May 19201 Nov 1996child of Casper Loy Ritchie & Jennie Susan Dove, and husband of Dorothy Viola Dove
MoyerMichael Herbert10 Aug 196419 Feb 2001son of Ivan Moyer & Betty Dove Moyer
RitchieJennie Susan (Dove)23 Sep 189416 May 1971child of Silas Sylvester Dove & Mary Susan Crider, and wife of Casper Loy Ritchie
DoveJason Marvin23 Dec 191616 Jan 1989child of Jesse William Dove & Blanche Catherine May, and husband of Lucy Virginia Whetzel
CombsElizabeth "Betty" (Lantz)21 Jul 185419 Oct 1939child of Michael Lantz & his 1st wife Catherine Siever, and wife of Michael L. Combs
RitchieCasper "Loy"9 Jul 189418 Oct 1983child of Isaac E. Ritchie & Delilah Catherine Lantz
MayWilson Armour22 Jan 19147 May 1991child of Pearl Esther May & Benjamin Harrison Wilkins, and husband of (1) Wanda Marie Whetzel (2) Pauline Virginia Dove
WhetzelCora21 Jun 18495 May 1930
WhetzelHarry Allen7 Apr 19111 Apr 1984child of Silas Benjamin Whetzel & Dora Alice Mongold, and 2nd husband of Virginia Alice May
MayVirginia Alice29 Jul 19144 Sep 1991child of William "Riley" May & Anna Belle Mongold, and wife of (1) Harry Griffett (2) Harry Allen Whetzel. Headstone shows surname as Whetzel.
MayRessie Viola19 Aug 190813 Nov 1983child of William "Riley" May & Anna Belle Mongold
MayLory Elmer20 Jun 189521 Sep 1926child of William "Riley" May & Anna Belle Mongold, and husband of Belle Susan Feathers
WilkinsIvan Lee10 Apr 19511 Aug 2000child of Charlie Benjamin Wilkins & Elva Mae Whetzel, and 2nd husband of Kathie Marie Moyer
RitchieDelilah Catherine (Lantz)16 Jun 18645 Sep 1936child of Michael Lantz & his 1st wife Catherine Siever, and wife of Isaac E. Ritchie
LantzJames M.2 Jul 187016 Nov 1957
LantzOscar2 Jan 189317 Aug 1908Aged 15y 7m 15d
KennedyJarron19921993Grandle Funeral Home marker only.
LantzJulia Ann (Whetzel)23 Oct 184228 Apr 1920child of Jacob R. Whetzel I & Mary Ann Lantz, and 2nd wife of Michael Lantz
CombsMichael L.11 Jun 18522 May 1915
LantzMichael27 Sep 182925 Feb 1912child of Jacob Lantz Jr. & Mary Magdaline Siever, and husband of (1) Catherine Siever (2) Julia Ann Whetzel
FawleyRoxie Victoria (May)27 Feb 190615 Jul 1925child of William "Riley" May & Anna Belle Mongold, and 1st wife of Howard Wilson Winfield Fawley
CombsNelson30 May 19052 Jun 1928died in logging accident, child of Isaac Levi Combs & Phoebe Catherine Cullers
MayAnna Belle (Mongold)9 Jan 187725 Mar 1956child of Julia Ann Whetzel & George Mongold, and wife of William "Riley" May
MayWilliam "Riley"14 Jan 187617 Nov 1949child of Elias May & Hannah Crider, and husband of Anna Belle Mongold
LantzSilas25 Dec 186025 Nov 1909child of Michael Lantz & his 1st wife Catherine Siever, and husband of Frances Kessner
WhetzelMary Ann (Nesselrodt) Nazelrod185323 Jan 1947child of Emanuel & Christina Sine Nesselrodt, and wife of Jacob R. Whetzel II
Whetzel, IIJacob R.21 Jun 18495 May 1930child of Jacob R. Whetzel I & Mary Ann Lantz
AdamsMary Catherine "Cas" (Combs)24 April 187519 Jan 1956child of Michael L. Combs & Elizabeth "Betty" Lantz, and wife of Carl S. Adams
CombsPhoebe Catherine (Cullers)4 Apr 188524 Sep 1937child of Jacob Cullers & Martha Ellen Harter, and wife of Isaac Levi Combs
CombsIsaac "Levi"31 Mar 18781 Dec 1963child of Michael L. Combs & Elizabeth "Betty" Lantz, and husband of Phoebe Catherine Cullers
RitchieCharles W.20 Dec 189919 May 1917
RitchieIsaac E.10 Mar 18667 May 1937child of Isaac Ritchie & Mary Ann Moyer