Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryCedar Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
LocationCedar Grove, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg travel east on East Market Street. Go 0.7 miles and turn left then right on to Old Furnace Road (Road 718). Drive 1.5 miles and church/cemetery are on the left side of the road.
NotesCemetery rows were recorded by facing the backside of the church from left to right and front to back. The cemetery does not belong to the church. The land for the cemetery was given by Robert Liskey. In 1960s the DAR noted that "some broken stones unable to read." Church was previously known as Cedar Grove E. U. B. Church. Previously recorded in the 1960s by the DAR. Cemetery is well maintained.
Survey Date and Recorder30 Jan 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
ArmentroutCarl U.20 Jun 190810 Feb 1960No visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s; s/M. R. & B. S.
001Dundore, Jr.Jacob B.4 Jun 191822 Nov 1997TEC 4 US Army WWII, Purple Heart & Prisoner of WarMilitary Marker reads Jacob Bowman Dundore, Jr.
001DundoreJosephine A.1 Aug 1927Married 8 Jul 1946
002VanPeltMarvin W.13 Feb 19013 Nov 1902ch/J. M. & A. D. VanPelt
002VanPeltOla V.19 May 190027 May 1901ch/J. M. & A. D. VanPelt
002VanpeltAnnie D.5 Sep 18735 Dec 1943Mother
002VanpeltJunie M.3 Feb 187420 Jun 1965Father
003LiskeyMaude A.18 Sep 18732 May 1954Mother
003LiskeyDavid H.26 Apr 186619 Feb 1942Father
003LiskeyBessie Hicks12 Sep 19038 Jun 1944w/H. A. Liskey
003LiskeyHerbert A.27 Dec 190013 Jul 1982
003LiskeyLawrence Everette14 Aug 190723 Mar 1952
003CaricofeCharles Edward24 Apr 189921 Aug 1901s/J. P. & S. V.
003CaricofeSallie V.27 Jan 187521 Aug 1934
003CaricofeJohn P.26 Dec 187015 Mar 1946
003SimmonsGertrude Armentrout4 Sep 192419 Jan 1976
003SimmonsDowney19 Oct 191914 Dec 1987
004LiskeyAlbert N.10 Dec 18788 Feb 1885
004LiskeyFannie May8 May 188011 Feb 1885
004LiskeyAmos26 Nov 18919 Nov 1896Aged 4y 11m 13d
004MouseJohn A.9 Dec 187525 Dec 1967Father
004MouseLucy D.25 Mar 188014 May 1948Mother
004MouseHelen R.No dates
004MouseFrances V.No dates
005JarrelsJane1 Sep 1897Aged 65y 7m 10d; w/Richard
005JarrelsRichard18301864Husband of Jane; Civil War Veteran
005LiskeySarah M.2 Dec 183424 Mar 1910Mother
005LiskeyRobert13 Nov 18348 May 1908Father
005LiskeyUdorah Belle11 Apr 1859Aged 2m 24d; d/Robt. & M. Liskey
005LiskeyCharles Edward11 Jun 1865Aged 9m ?d; s/Robt. & M. Liskey
005VanpeltAlfred Walters1 Aug 19195 May 1979S.SGT. US Army WWII
005VanpeltRaymond W.19111952
005SpitzerElizabeth M.18501937Mother
005SpitzerNewton J.18561929Father
005VanpeltIna G.18841969
005VanpeltJohn P.18781962
005VanPeltLloyd S.19211982
006KiblerEllen Pauline6 Mar 192314 May 1932d/C. D. & M. B.
006LiskeyErasmus Franklin9 Aug 187731 Mar 1935
006LiskeyAbram24 Apr 182420 May 1904Aged 80y 26d
006LiskeySusan11 Jun 185014 Jul 1891Aged 41y 1m 3d; w/Abraham
006LiskeyEllie E.12 Feb 188012 Feb 1880d/Abraham
006LiskeyClara B.28 Jan 1879Aged 4 das; d/Abraham
006LiskeyFannie Jane25 Jun 18591 Aug 1877Aged 18y 1m 10d; d/Abraham
006LiskeyDiania G.15 May 1871Aged 49y 10m 7d; w/Abraham
006Chapman, Jr.John D.21 Oct 192022 Dec 1982US Army WWII
006ChapmanEric M.15 Sep 1964
006ChapmanLucille W.11 Jul 1925
006ArmentroutAgnes P.25 Jul 190119 Apr 1973
006ArmentroutRiley W.22 Oct 18996 Apr 1975
007UnknownGraves 8 thru 1
007LiskeyJohn F.18 Jun 185213 Jan 1879Aged 26y 6m 25d
007LiskeyMary V.8 Jul 185728 Oct 1875Aged 18y 3m 25d
007LiskeyElizabeth J.30 May 18203 Nov 1900Aged 80y 5m 4d; w/Martin
007LiskeyMartin3 Dec 18195 Mar 1875Aged 55y 3m 2d
007LiskeyGeorge I.7 Feb 190721 Aug 1985
007LiskeyRuth Marie10 Aug 191221 Jul 1986
007LiskeyElsie V.22 Jan 18739 Sep 1912His wifew/James M.
007LiskeyJames M.28 Feb 186728 Feb 1924
007LiskeyJoseph M.29 Mar 190221 Sep 1918
007SchroederJohn Alla23 Aug 19157 Nov 1978PVT US Army WWII
007SchroederIda Belle1 Jul 191524 Sep 1991Wife
008BakerInfant Daughter8 Jan 1894d/N. J. & J. A.
008UnknownGraves 9 thru 15
008ColePhilip24 Mar 18097 May 1863
008UnknownGraves 16 thru 18
008LiskeyLula H.Aged 12y ?m 2d; d/A. H. & M. E.
008UnknownGraves 19 thru 23
008PetrolaCharlotte Liskey20 Feb 191117 Jun 1992
008RichbourgLouise L.16 Feb 190421 Nov 1988
008TaylorLacy23 Mar 19002 Oct 1977
008TaylorNellie W.8 Apr 19142 Feb 1989
009UnknownGraves 46 thru 24
009Unknown67 Unknown Civil War Soldiers Rest HereHeadstone installed 8 Oct 2000
009HigginsJohn15 Apr 182627 Mar 1875
009HooverLucy E.25 Dec 186729 Oct 1928
009LiskeyLeaffy A.30 May 189514 Oct 1973
009LiskeyHomer S.12 Oct 192127 Jan 1923
009LiskeyElie Abram3 Oct 188316 Mar 1958
009PhillipsChristopher A.23 Aug 197910 Feb 1996
009LillyRicky Allan25 Apr 196229 Aug 1990
010UnknownGraves 38 thru 43
010BurkholderAnna26 Sep 1837Aged 27y 9m 3d?
010UnknownGraves 44 thru 50
010BrownJohn W. Rev.18081875Rev of the Christian Church
010UnknownGraves 51 thru 53
010ArmentroutJean E.11 Oct 192922 Jul 1948
010ArmentroutBernard S. L.27 Nov 192510 Jun 1929s/Mr. & Mrs. E. S.
010ArmentroutEllis S.20 May18974 Apr 1966
010ArmentroutMaude C.10 May 190223 Sep 1970
010ArmentroutEllis5 Mar 19279 Aug 1995
011BurkholderDavid28 Jul 1834Aged 58y 4m 8d
011BurkholderBarbry13 Jun 1833Aged 56y 5m 11dBarbry was the daughter of Peter and Magdalene Bear Blosser who are buried in the Blosser cemetery. Barbry was likely born in Page Co. VA. She married Rev. David Burkeholder, she is buried between her husband David and their son Peter.
011BurkholderPeter29 Sep 1834Aged 30y 7m 24d
011UnknownGraves 54 thru 62
011ArmentroutThomas A.29 Sep 190113 Sep 1978
011ArmentroutEarl H.20 Jun 190610 Feb 1930s/Mr. & Mrs. B. S.
011ArmentroutFloyd Davis12 Jan 190422 Jun 1918Aged 14y 10d; s/B. S. & Edna
011ArmentroutEdna E.16 May 187519 Feb 1948
011ArmentroutB. S.7 May 187529 May 1954
011ArmentroutViola E.13 May 19066 Sep 1974
012BoyersMary C.29 Jun 185213 Jan 1890Aged 37y 6m 14d; w/Jason Boyers
012UnknownGraves 63 thru 67
013CriderGeorge W.23 Mar 1902Aged 68y 2m 16d
013WebsterRobert12 Jan 184228 Nov 1914s/Elie & Margaret
013WebsterRebecca A.19 Jan 184221 Apr 1917w/Robert
013SheltonPaul Lee15 Dec 191822 Jul 1992PFC US Army WWII
013SheltonFannie Mae6 Aug 1917
014SmootHelen marie31 Mar 193614 Mar 1991
014StrineJohn24 Mar 1896Aged 65 yrs old
014HoweNancy Jane19311998McMullen funeral home marker only
014B.A.Footstone initials
014ArmentroutCarl W.16 Sep 191424 Oct 1918s/Alice E.
014UnknownD.Footstone initials
014ArmentroutCharles R.18 Mar 19137 Feb 1977
014ArmentroutSadie B.6 Nov 191323 Nov 1980
014ArmentroutCleo R.17 May 19394 Sep 1955s/C. R. & S. B.
Maus.RhodesJames M.30 Jan 18486 Aug 1911Son of Cyrus & Elizabeth Armentrout Rhodes.
Maus.RhodesJennie A.__ Mar 1815__ May 1932Wife
Maus.HausenfluckEmma F.__ Sep 1884__ Sep 1947Dau.
Maus.RhodesBeulah H.21 Jan 18856 Jan 1895
Maus.RhodesOtis Wilson21 Nov 187230 Aug 1954Son
Maus.RhodesDavid Robert__ Oct 191010 Jul 1922Grandson