Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryCaplinger Cemetery
LocationCriders, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North to Broadway. Pick up Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road) and go west. Travel past Fulks Run Grocery store and continue on Route 259 to Route 820 (Bergton Road) and turn left. Continue on Route 820 to Route 826 (Criders Road) and turn left. Go about 5 miles. Turn left at the cemetery sign and go up the hill to the cemetery.
NotesCemetery is well maintained with fence around it. It is on a hill overlooking the German River at Criders, Virginia. Facing headstones, rows are recorded starting as you enter the cemetery (front to back), and from right to left. Following notes are from Patricia Turner Ritchie: "Through tradition, Lewis Yankey's notes identified a number of burials for whom there are no carved markers. The cemetery association has recently marked those graves with concrete markers. The book, Brocks Gap Miscellaneous Research-by Lewis Yankey (page 13) states that on August 7, 1906, Israel Caplinger deeded the graveyard jointly to the trustees of three denominations: Israel Dove of the United Brethren Church, F. A. Yankey of the German Baptists (Dunkers, now Church of the Brethren), and Silas A. Dove of the Lutheran Church. It was to be free for all people to bury there, according to the deed." Notes in the 'Remarks' column were provided mainly by Lewis Yankey. The Blank White Stones with no writing on them--information was taken from Lewis Yankey's records.
Survey Date and Recorder30 Jul 2005
Pat Ritchie, Debbie Lantz, Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001DoveEdna W.15 Jun 1919
001DoveDavid S. "Davey"25 Apr 190618 Feb 1998
001DoveCora L.19 Feb 18859 Apr 1968w/George Washington Dove; nee Baker
001DoveGeorge W[ashington]31 Jan 18758 Mar 1956s/Socrates & Clara E. Whetzel Dove
001DoveSteven Dale4 Dec 19615 Dec 1967s/David & Ednas/David & Edna Dove
001NesselrodtLeslie F.(8 Feb) 1899(3 Dec) 1969s/Benjamin & Eva Frances Dove Nesselrodt
001NesselrodtEva F(rances)1860(24 Dec) 1958Motherd/Abel Dove; w/Benjamin Franklin Nesselrodt
001NesselrodtCarroll E.16 Dec 190711 Apr 1992
001TurnerRaymond D.13 Apr 191112 Jul 1983Married 24 Dec 1932
001TurnerCliffie E.1 Mar 191329 Mar 1983w/Raymond D.; nee Fitzwater
001TurnerVernon D(ow)(20 Mar) 1937(12 Apr) 1957s/Raymond & Cliffie Fitzwater Turner
001TurnerSavannah P.6 Nov 18876 Oct 1958w/Loy W., nee Caplingerd/Israel & Jane Dove Caplinger; w/Loy W. Turner
001TurnerLoy W.12 Oct 188723 Oct 1965s/William & Ida Frances Dove Turner
002YankeyCora L.17 Aug 19051 Jul 1992
002YankeyD. Leecy23 May 19016 Jan 1997
002YankeyKermit E.30 May 194811 Oct 1950s/D. L. & C. L. Yankeys/Dwight Leecy & Cora Whetzel Yankey
002NesselrodtDonald S.20 Jun 194720 Jun 1947s/Stanley & EileenStone has only one date;s/Stanley & Eileen Smith Nesselrodt
002CaplingerBurton Harris25 Jun 191414 Apr 1947Fathers/Israel Franklin & Charity Reedy Caplinger
002CaplingerRessie Elzona25 Jan 191824 Sep 1991Motherw/Burton Harrison Caplinger
002CaplingerOffit G.25 Apr 19187 Jan 1947Virginia Pvt. Engineers WWII; s/ Israels/Israel Franklin & Charity Reedy Caplinger
002CaplingerCurtis M(elvin)19041950s/Israel Franklin & Charity Reedy Caplinger
002CaplingerCharity C.18831966d/Robert Reedy; w/Israel Franklin Caplinger
002CaplingerIsrael F(ranklin)18771956s/Israel & Jane Dove Caplinger
002CaplingerMyrtle L.19071966d/Israel Franklin & Charity Reedy Caplinger
003LantzNora V.22 Apr 1913
003LantzGrant E(merson)6 Sep 191414 Dec 1980s/J. Webster &Dollie Dove Lantz
003LantzJohn E(dwin)(27 Dec) 1883(14 Dec) 1954At rests/William & Rebecca Moyer Lantz
003DoveRobert (E.)Jul 1888Nov 1972Fathers/Algernon & Lydia Oren Dove
003LantzThelma P.11 Sep 1919w/Hays Blaine Lantz Sr.
003Lantz, Sr.Hays B(laine)12 Sep 191823 Dec 1956Virginia Pvt 872 ABN Engr AVN Bn. WWII; married 3 Dec 1938husb/Thelma; s/Joseph Webster & Dolly Dove Lantz
003LantzDollie B(liss)19 Aug 18902 Jun 1968d/Algern & Lydia Oren Dove; w/Joseph Webster Lantz
003LantzJ. W., Rev.3 Aug 187719 May 1953Now the Laborer's task is o'erName-Joseph Webster Lantz; s/William & Rebecca Moyer Lantz
003LantzRay Edison8 Nov 19167 May 1940We will meet agains/Joseph Webster & Dollie Dove Lantz
003SecristMary4 May 19414 May 1941Born & diedch/Ransom & Ola Fink Secrist
003MayDessil D.28 Feb 1925w/Harrison L. May; nee Dove
003MayHarrison L.23 Jul 19166 Jun 1944 Normandy; Our children-Sharon Delores May 28 Feb 1948-2 Nov 1948; Randy Orville May 4 Dec 1949; Jeannie Lee May 27 Jun 1955-14 Dec 1955
003MayJeannie Lee27 Jun 195514 Dec 1955d/Harrison Lee & Dessil Dove May
003MaySharion Deloris28 Feb 19482 Nov 1948d/Harrison Lee & Dessil Dove May; name is "Sharion Deloris" on stone
003DoveLola M(ay Whetzel)(17 Feb) 1900(27 Dec) 1954w/Perry Irvin Dove; d/Harvey & Cora Smith Dove
003DovePerry I(rvin)(Dec) 1894(5 Apr) 1967s/George L. & Mary Dove Dove
003TurnerGrave Dove16 Nov 189826 Aug 1994Forever in our hearts
003SonifrankJennie (Smith)(3 Jun) 1882(19 Feb) 1978w/Charles W. Sonifrank
003SonifrankCharles W.18841949s/George & Hager Stultz Sonifrank
004DoveBaby Boy 3rdDec 1966Rhodes Funeral home marker; ch/Barbara Dove
004DoveKenneth E.12 Jun 19346 Apr 1956s/William & Lillie Wittig Dove
004DoveLillie E.24 May 190313 May 1992
004DoveWilliam C(asper)29 Jun 188623 May 1953s/Silas A. & Mary Whitmer Dove
004DoveMary F.18881980Name-Mary Frances Thomas Dove; w/Luther A. Dove
004DoveLuther A(ldine)18931967Gone but not forgottens/Silas A. & Mary Whitmer Dove
004DoveMary M.18591940d/Sophira & Catherine Wittig Whitmer; w/Silas A. Dove
004DoveSilas A.18611939s/William & Susan Moyer Dove
004CriderRoberta26 Jul 192114 Jan 1940We will meet againd/David R. & Marie Crider
004DoveWarren A.11 Jun 192323 Oct 1983Father; US Army WWII`
004YankeyG. Phyllis6 Oct 1945
004YankeyRobert A.28 Sep 194012 Oct 1999Married 20 Jun 1964; our children-Melissa, Devonnes/Lewis H. & Mary Thomas Yankey
004FitzwaterAda E.18921948w/F. Victor Fitzwater; nee Walker
004FitzwaterF. Victor18881984
004FinkGeorge W. "Ped"12 Mar 18933 Sep 1982s/William Franklin & Julia Dove Fink
004FinkCharlie(17 Sep) 1890(3 Jul) 1948Name-Chalres Franklin Fink; s/William Franklin & Julia Dove Fink
004MayJames R.2 May 18904 May 1985
004MayRachel R.22 Nov 190020 Mar 1991w/James R. Mae; nee Whetzel
004WhetzelMillie V.9 Sep 187423 Jan 1963Name-Millie Vina Crider; w/Joseph A. Whetzel
004WhetzelJoseph A(lfred)27 Mar 18755 Mar 1954God is and all is wells/William & Barbara Dove Whetzel
005DelawderChildBlank white marker; ch/Arnold & Clara Delawder
005DelawderChildBlank white marker; ch/Benjamin J. & Minnie Dove Delawder
005DelawderChildBlank white marker; ch/Benjamin J. & Minnie Dove Delawder
005RigglemanPhoebeBlank white marker
005UnknownBlank white marker
005RigglemanChildBlank white marker; ch/Philip Riggleman
005UnknownBlank white marker
005SmithMaryBlank white marker
005RigglemanReubenBlank white marker
005YankeyJudith1810Approx 1890w/Jacob Yankey Sr. who is buried in the old Crider Cemetery; nee Riggleman
005KessnerPhilipBlank white marker
005MayJosephBlank white marker
005Dove or MayElizabethBlank white marker
005RigglemanJemimaBlank white marker
005DoveJosephBlank white marker
005WhetzelBarbara F.12 Sep 183920 Jul 1896Aged 56y 8m 8d; w/William WhetzelName-Barbara Frances Dove
005WhetzelWilliam4 Oct 183522 Jul 1923Aged 87 yr; Confederate SoldierPartially illegible-date below ground; s/George Whetzel
005WhetzelRozettea Angemima17 Aug 188410 Apr 1903Aged 18y 7m 23d; d/WillIam & Barbara F.d/William & Barbara F. Dove Whetzel
005WhetzelCora B.18801953w/Harvey V. Whetzelnee Smith
005WhetzelHarvey V.18721904s/William & Barbara F. Dove Whetzel
005SmithArmeda Dorcas Whetzel12 May 18682 Apr 1950d/William & Barbara F. Dove Whetzel; 2nd w/Benjamin J. Smith
005SutchNaomi Ruth Dove9 May 192731 Dec 1990In loving memory
005DoveHattie Whetzel20 Jan 190422 Oct 1992w/Lonzo
005DoveLonzo Emmert18 Sep 190521 Nov 1975
006DelawderArnold19241966Rhodes Funeral Home marker; s/Benjamin & Minnie Delawder
006DelawderChildIllegible marker; ch/Dorman & Edith Whetzel Delawder
006DelawderMinnie(25 May) 1880(13 May) 1965w/Benj. J.Blank white marker; w/Benjamin J. Delawder; nee Dove
006DelawderBenjamin J.s/JohnBlank white marker; s/John Delawder
006RigglemanInfant TwinsBlank white marker; d/Mary Riggleman
006RigglemanJohnBlank white marker; s/Reuben Riggleman
006FinkChildBlank white marker; s/William Franklin & Julia Dove Fink
006UnknownBlank white marker
006LantzS(amuel) D.1891Hand-carved stone with only initials "S.D.L."; s/William & Rebecca Moyer Lantz
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006UnknownBlank white marker
006FulkBaby GirlJul 1970Rhodes Funeral Home marker; d/Paula Fink Fulk
007ShaverIda A.18751937MotherName-Ida Alice Delawder Shaver; 2nd w/Silas Shaver
007ShaverDelia M.19091926Motherd/Silas & Ida Alice Delawder Shaver
007ShaverMaryBlank white marker
007ShaverAmbroseBlank white marker
007CaplingerJacobBlank white marker; s/Isaac & Katy Caplinger
007ShaverCrockett18841884Infant s/Benjamin Shaver
007CaplingerJulia A.Blank white marker
007UnknownBlank white marker
007ShaverS. DirkBlank white marker
007ShaverDollyBlank white marker
007CaplingerMichaelBlank white marker/ s/Isaac & Katy Caplinger
007DavisJosephineBlank white marker
007HeavnerCutlepBlank white marker
007DavisMarthaBlank white marker
007DavisElizabeth "Eliza"16 Nov 182416 Mar 1884New marker placed by descendants; w/William "Bud" Davis
007DavisWilliam "Bud"8 Jan 182020 Dec 1887New marker placed by descendants
007MaySilas18391917Co. C 11th VA Cav., CSA
007MayChristina A. (May)18711942w/Levi A. May
007MayLevi A.18711933God is our Refuge & Strengths/Jacob May
007WhetzelCarrie E(llen)26 Jul 188317 May 19702nd w/Lorenza D. Whetzel; nee Crider
007WhetzelHarry Tracy19021964s/Lorenza D. Whetzel
007WhetzelThornton P.18851963Bland white marker; s/Jacob Whetzel
008ShaverCharless/ SilasBlank white marker; s/Silas Shaver
008DoveIsraelBlank white marker; s/Harvey & Mary Ann Caplinger Dove
008DoveIra O.Blank white marker; s/Israel & Levina Dove Dove; Ira was born 1894, died 1941 per page 49 of Lewis Yankey's Dove history book
008DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/Ira O. & Victoria May Dove
008DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/Ira O. & Victoria May Dove
008CaplingerLula M. (Whetzel)Blank white marker; w/Luther Caplinger
008DoveLevinaBlank white marker; w/Israel Dove; born 4 Aug 1867; d/Jacob & Julian A. Caplinger Dove
008DoveLillie V.Blank white marker; d/Israel & Levina Dove; born 6 Mar 1893, died about age 18; dropped dead while fleeing for shelter from a thunderstorm-page 49 of Lewis Yankey's Dove history book
008DoveChildBlank white marker; d/Israel & Levina Dove
008DoveMary Ann CaplingerBlank white marker; w/Harvey Dove, son of James Dove
008DoveJames Harvey1833Blank white marker; s/James & Catherine Dove
008CaplingerJacobHand carved stone; partially illegible-dates may be buried below ground level and marker in shurb
008CaplingerVanBurenBlank white marker; s/Israel & Sarah Jane Dove Caplinger
008TurnerChildBlank white marker in shrub; ch/Loy & Pammie Caplinger Turner
008CaplingerIsrael18401906Pvt Co. C 11th Va Cav CSA;s/Jacob; Military marker placed recently by descendants
008CaplingerSarah Jane DoveBlank white marker; w/Israel Caplinger
008TurnerWilma J.1941d/R. D. & C. E.; At restd/Raymond & Cliffie Fitzwater Turner
008TurnerChildBlank white marker; ch/Raymond & Cliffie
008SmithSon1942Blank white marker; s/Warren & Vada Caplinger Snith
008FitzwaterChildBlank white marker; ch/Harrison & Martha Fitzwater
008CaplingerInfant7 Nov 1947ch/Hubert L. & Ruby S(mith) Caplinger
008WhetzelElla C.8 Feb 18753 Feb 1958w/Carr O. Whetzel; nee Caplinger
008WhetzelCarr O.17 Jul 18772 Apr 1951s/Jacob & Mary Whetzel
009LantzChildBlank white marker; ch/Levina Lantz
009LantzSilas C.Blank white marker
009LantzSallia Caplinger1919At restw/Silas C. Lantz
009ShaverElias18871906s/Benjamin Shaver
009ShaverLuther19001904s/Benjamin Shaver; on stone with Elias Shaver
009SmithChildBlank white marker; ch/George H. Smith & grandchild of Emauel Smith
009SmithDavidBlank white marker; ch/George H. Smith & grandchild of Emauel Smith
009SmithIsaacBlank white marker; ch/George H. Smith & grandchild of Emauel Smith
009SmithWillieBlank white marker; ch/George H. Smith & grandchild of Emauel Smith
009DoveArie Etta11 Jun 188016 Jan 1889Hand carved stone; ch/Joseph A. & Mry Wittig Dove
009UnknownBlank white marker
009CaplingerChildBlank white marker; ch/Aaron & Sarah Siever Caplinger
009RigglemanChildBlank white marker; ch/Philip Riggleman
009DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/Franklin R. & Susan Trumbo Dove
009DoveAlbert L.22 Mar 186810 Jul 1886Age 13y 3m 23dHand carved stone; ch/Socrates & Clara Whetzel Dove
009DoveWilliam B.Hand carved stone; ch/Socrates & Clara Whetzel Dove
009DoveMargaretHand carved stone-initials M.D.
009UnknownBlank white marker
009DoveClara Ellen22 Dec 18439 Jul 1909w/Socrates Dove; nee Whetzel
009DoveS. H.10 Oct 184720 Feb 1940Name-Socrates H. Dove; double stone with Clara Ellen Dove; s/James Dove
009DoveSidneyBlank white marker; s/Nimrod & Mandy Hulvey Dove
009MayChildNo visible marker; ch/Chancie & Clara Dove May
010HaltermanAddison1884(8 Aug) 1952s/Daniel & Barbara Delawder Halterman
010HaltermanSusie(14 Aug) 1884(11 Nov) 1947w/Addisond/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie
010RitchieChildBlank white marker; ch/Frank & Ida Nesselrodt Ritchie
010HaltermanChildBlank white marker; ch/Addison & Susan Ritchie Halterman
010Ritchie, Sr.LeviNo dates; Vergie Lantz's Ritchie history has born 1819 & he lived at least until 1880
010RitchieJobBlank white marker
010LantzMary AnnBlank white marker
010LantzNoahBlank white marker
010MayJames A.11 Jul 188213 Jan 1893Age 36y 6m 2d
010RitchieChildBlank white marker; ch/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie
010RitchieInfantBlank white marker; ch/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie
010ShaverAmandaBlank white marker
010RitchieChildBlank white marker; ch/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie
010RitchieSusannah17 Nov 182629 Sep 1888Age 61y 10m 12d; w/Levi Ritchie Sr.d/Lewis Caplinger & Catherine Fitzwater Caplinger
010CriderMary M.29 May 182328 Aug 1886Age 63y 2m 29d; w/Frederick Crider; Our Mothernee Lantz
010CriderJohn F(rederick)(About 1823)12 Dec 1896About 73 yrs
010CriderSusan R.18571920w/William Riley Crider
010CriderWilliam R(iley)18541937Died to live
010CriderViola B(elle)13 Jun 18883 Aug 1962d/William S. & Susand/William R. & Susan Crider; dates recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1960s
010HaltermanMae Catherine30 Jul 193718 Jan 2005
010HaltermanHelen D.28 Apr 191113 Oct 1992
010HaltermanFranklin D.29 Nov 190923 Jan 1994
010WhetzelO. Pauline11 Feb 1928
010WhetzelAlton R.23 Sep 192115 Feb 1982s/Thornton Whetzel
011DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/John S. & Lillie Sonifrank Dove
011SonifrankCasperBlank white marker; s/George & Hager Stultz Sonifrank
011MayRhoda C.White blank marker; d/Jacob May
011UnknownBlank white marker
011MaySarah Davis18521904Name-Sarah Elizabeth Davis May; d/William Davis; w/Jacob May
011MayLossey E.18951896s/Daniel L. & Mary Sutherly May
011MayMary C.187219041st w/Daniel L. May; nee Sutherly
011TurnerLillie C.18981900ch/J. H. & B. S. Turnerch/James Hopkins & Bertie Secrist Turner
011TurnerInfant Son19021902ch/J. H. & B. S. Turnerch/James Hopkins & Bertie Secrist Turner
011ShaverFlorence A.(24 Oct 1858)24 Jul 1896Aged 37y 9mName-Florence Alvaretta Hupp; 1st w/Silas Shaver
011SecristLydia Brenaman4 Dec 18281 Jan 1864Blank white marker; 1st w/David Secrist
011SecristDavid18351916Virginia Pvt Co. C 42 Regt VA Inf Civil WarWhile the current maker has 42nd Regiment, other sources such as David's pension application show he was in the 10th Va. Infantry which is correct. Efforts are being made to get the military marker corrected. 10/31/2006
011CaplingerPammie B.Blank white marker; d/J. Harvey & Susan Dove Caplinger
011CaplingerHattie B.Blank white marker; d/J. Harvey & Susan Dove Caplinger
011CaplingerStella H.Blank white marker; d/J. Harvey & Susan Dove Caplinger
011CaplingerInfantch/Israel Franklin & Charity Reedy Caplinger
011CaplingerBessie L.Blank white marker
011CaplingerBeverly A.Blank white marker; ch/Zora Caplinger Dove
011CaplingerSusan Dove12 Jan 187010 Apr 1964w/Jacob Harvey Capliner; According to the stone, she was born on same day as her husband
011CaplingerJacob Harvey12 Jan 18702 Feb 1945s/Israel & Sarah J.s/Israel & Sarah Jane Dove Caplinger; According to the sotne, he was born on same day as his wife
011DoveZora Alice19111983Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker; nee Caplinger
011CaplingerLillie June7 Jun 190312 Dec 1988Rest in pease
012LantzSarah S(usan)18701945w/Jacob Lantz
012LantzJacob18611926His will is our peaceh/Sarah S. Lantz
012LantzIsraelBlank white marker
012SonifrankHager (Stultz)28 Mar 186023 Mar 1914Aged 53y 11m 25d; w/Geo. W.w/George W. Sonifrank
012SonifrankGeorge W.15 Dec 186029 Dec 1940In loving memory; Father
012SonifrankChildBlank white marker; ch/Grover & Sarah Sonifrank
012DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/John S. & Lillie Sonifrank Dove
012SonifrankChildBlank white marker; ch/Casper & Vergie Smith Sonifrank
012DoveOliverBlank white marker
012DoveDaphna Fitzwater & BabyBlank white marker; 1st w/Robert Dove, son of A. G. Dove
012DoveBenjamin18481914At restDouble marker with wife Margaret
012DoveMargaret18491921His Wife; At restw/Benjamin F. Dove
012HottingerReubenBlank white marker; s/George Hottinger
012HottingerMary Ann SmithBlank white marker; w/Reuben
012YankeyIcy D. Hottinger(1889)(1907)Blank white marker; 1st w/John K. Yankey; dates recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1960s
012YankeyChildBlank white marker; ch/John K. & Icy Hottinger Yankey
012HottingerEnochBlank white marker; ch/Amos & Magdaline Hottinger
012DoveJesse Loren22 Oct 18928 Aug 1897s/G. L. & M. E. Dove; Gone to be an angels/George L. & Mary Dove Dove
012HottingerChild(1890)(1912)Blank white marker; ch/Amos & Magdaline Hottinger; dates recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1960s
012DoveDavid Calvin17 Apr 190112 Apr 1922Age 20y 11m 25d; s/Geo. L. & Mary E.s/George L. & Mary E. Dove Dove
012TrumboLester G.22 Sep 190028 Jan 1945s/George & Aquila Dove Trumbo
012TrumboAquila D(ove)8 Jul 1875(20 Jan 1951)w/George Trumbo; death date not carved on marker
012TrumboSamuel George5 Jul 1870Blank white marker
013YankeyErnest Enwood "Red"15 Sep 190617 Nov 1993PFC US Army WWII
013YankeyArnold Day29 Sep 190318 Mar 1990Tec 3 US Army WWII
013DoveSusann M(oyers)18351910In God's Carew/William C. Dove Sr.; Susann is spelled with 2 "n's"
013DoveWilliam C.18341905s/Reuben Dove
013YankeyW. Howard19101911ch/Augustus B. & Mary Dove Yankey
013YankeyLena A.19151917ch/Augustus B. & Mary Dove Yankey
013YankeyMary M. (Dove)18801964w/Augustus B. Yankey
013YankeyAugustus B(uregard)18601945
013SecristRachael (Dove)23 Dec 186916 Nov 1943Aged 73y 10m 23d; w/F. M. Secristw/Franklin M. Secrist
013SecristFranklin M.3 Feb 187124 May 1954Aged 83y 3m 21ds/David & Lydia Brenaman Hupp Secrist
013DoveJoseph A.23 Oct 183714 Feb 1914Fathers/Reuben Dove
013DoveMary M. (Wittig)30 Sep 184024 Mar 1912Motherw/Joseph A. Dove
013HuppRaleigh M.22 Mar 18894 May 1936s/Charles B. & Hannah Dove Hupp
013HuppEffie L.30 Oct 189118 Jul 1942d/Charles B. & Hannah Dove Hupp
013HuppHannah D(ove)30 Sep 18656 Oct 1951w/Charles B. Hupp
013HuppCharles B.11 Nov 18626 Nov 1944s/Abraham & Lydia Brenaman Hupp
013FinkGail M.18961943Fatherch/Franklin & Julian Dove Fink
013FinkChildBlank white marker; ch/Earl & Leona Fink
013FinkChildBlank white marker; ch/Earl & Leona Fink
013FinkJulia A. (Dove)4 Feb 18612 Sep 1938His Wifew/William F. (Franklin) Fink
013FinkWilliam F(ranklin)22 Jun 18676 Nov 1909s/Noah Fink
013DoveArmour L.19111911s/Levi M. & Rhoda May Dove
013DoveRhoda C.No dates on stone; 1st w/Levi M. Dove
013DoveRay J.19051923s/Levi M. & Irene May Dove
013DoveMabel V.19081930d/Levi M. & Irene May Dove
013DoveLevi M.18741946s/Reuben & Mildred Siever Dove
013DoveIrene Eva (May)18 Jul 188723 Dec 19652nd w/Levi M. Dove
013DoveWelty H.27 Oct 191514 Apr 1970s/Levi M. & Irene May Dove
013Dove(Cora Belle)(4 Sep 1924)(24 Sep 1977)Blank white marker; d/Levi M. & Irene May Dove
014DoveViola May20 Apr 193130 Oct 1931d/William C. & Lillie Wittig Dove
014LantzGerald B.2 Nov 19297 Dec 1929s/Jasper A. & Dorothy Dove Lantz
014LantzLester BerlinBlank white marker; s/Edward & Cora Carr Lantz
014LantzChildBlank white marker; ch/Benjamin & Martha Dove Lantz
014LantzWarren C.6 Dec 1920Our darlings/Jasper A. & Dorothy Dove Lantz
014DoveMary C.18521923Mother; Asleep in Jesusw/Thornton Ashby Dove
014DoveThornton A(shby)18651945Asleep in Jesuss/Reuben & Mildred Siever Dove
014YankeyEarman Paul25 Apr 191413 Nov 1942s/Wm. H & Victorias/William H. & Victoria Halterman Yankey
014YankeySarah E.24 Jan 185417 Jul 1923MotherName-Sarah Elizabeth Dove Yankey; w/Felix A Yankey
014YankeyFelix A(lexander)12 Apr 18566 Aug 1919Fathers/Mildred Yankey
014MoyersEldon B.28 Apr 19215 Jan 1969s/Casper L. & Martha Ritchie Moyers
014MoyersMartha R.24 Feb 18944 Jan 1980d/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie; w/Casper Moyers
014MoyersCasper L.26 Feb 188125 Jun 1938s/Isaac & Susan May Moyers
014CriderRosa C. (Moyers)4 Aug 187725 Jul 1907Aged 29y 11m 21d; w/N. W. Criderd/Isaac & Susan Moyers; 1st w/N. W. "Web" Crider
014MoyersSusan May1843No death date carved; w/Isaac Moyers
014MoyersIsaac1844No death date carved; s/Henry Moyers
014MoyersIda A.23 Apr 18764 Jun 1928Auntd/Isaac & Susan Moyers
014MoyerRudolph10 Nov 193111 Nov 1931Our darling baby(ch/Grover & Bertha Miller Moyers?)
014MoyersWilmer B.30 Apr 193811 Aug 1938ch/S. Arthur & Leona Sites Moyers
014SmithChildBlank white marker; ch/Seymour & Nettie Whetzel Smith
014BareChildBlank white marker; ch/Lurty & Pammie Smith Bare
014SmithGeorge MelvinBlank white marker; s/Raleigh Smith
014SmithChildBlank white marker; ch/Seymour & Nettie Whetzel Smith
014SmithChildBlank white marker; ch/Seymour & Nettie Whetzel Smith; 2nd child listed here by J. Robert Swank in 1960s
014SmithMartha E.1864MotherNo death date carved; w/George A. Smith
014SmithGeorge A.18581940Father
014HaltermanElwood Roger15 Mar 194425 Apr 1944s/E. W. & O. J. Halterman
014RexrodeStacey Lynn27 Oct 19624 Jan 1963d/Wilbert & Shirley Rexrode
014RexrodeWilbert Lewis25 Jan 193814 Sep 1966s/Hensel & Mallie Ritchie Rexrode
015SmithDella H.26 Apr 1931w/Franklin Paul Smith
015SmithFranklin Paul5 Sep 193311 Oct 1986Married 20 Oct 1956h/Della H.
015SmithMillie E(lizabeth)4 May 189018 Jun 1963w/Curtis Lee Smith
015SmithCurtis L(ee)14 May 188227 Oct 1961Not my will but Thine be dones/Paul & Julia Dove Smith
015DoveChildBlank white marker; child of Arthur L. & Mollie Smith Dove
015DoveChildBlank white marker; child of Arthur L. & Mollie Smith Dove
015SmithJulia (Dove)11 Feb 185330 May 1926w/Paul Smith
015SmithPaul29 Nov 184918 Apr 1937s/Emanuel Smith
015CriderJulia A. SieverBlank white marker; 2nd w/Frederick Crider
015CaplingerChildBlank white marker; ch/Luther & Lula Whetzel Caplinger
015CriderChildBlank white marker; ch/Benjamin & Julia Caplinger Crider
015DoveMillie18411918w/Reuben, nee SieverName-Mildred Siever Dove; w/Reuben Dove
015DoveReuben18391927Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be dones/Pharaoh Riggleman Dove
015DoveRudolph L.20 May 193028 Jan 1943s/Nellie Dove & grandson of William Dove
015DoveHerman E.19131915s/Noah E. & Dorcas V. Dovech/Noah E. & Dorcas V. Dove Dove
015WhetzelLouisa JulianBlank white marker; d/George & Jemima Hevener Whetzel
015WhetzelLucindaBlank white marker; d/George & Jemima Hevener Whetzel
015DoddMinnie A.16 Mar 19123 May 1951Name-Minnie Alice Yankey Dodd; w/Leonard A. Dodd
015DoddLeonard A.13 Sep 191218 Sep 1978Buried in Richmond, VA
015DoddJesse A(lbert)24 Oct 194024 Oct 1940Infant s/L. A. & Minnie Yankey Dodds/Leonard A. & Minnie Yankey Dodd
015SpitlerNorma Fay2 Jan 1936Infant d/Earl & Fannie Spitlerd/Earl F. & Fannie Yankey Spitler
015YankeyRay D(aniel)7 Jan 19119 Jan 1911ch/William H. & Victoria Halterman Yankey
015WhetzelLena D.24 Dec 190614 Apr 1908d/George W. & Sarah E. Whetzeld/George W. & Sarah Yankey Whetzel
015WhetzelClara V.19011912d/Harvey & Cora B. Smith Whetzel
015GuestMichael Ray16 May 1948Lindsay & Sons Funeral Home marker
015HuppMary Etta30 Jul 18848 Jul 1969d/Charles B. & Hannah Dove Hupp
015DoveMinnie (Ritchie)23 Oct 189129 Dec 1970w/Levi A. Dove
015DoveLevi A.8 Mar 189115 Apr 1978s/George L. & Mary Dove
015SmithSeymour W.18821972s/George & Martha Smith Smith
015SmithNettie S. (Whetzel)1892(28 Oct) 1960w/Seymour Smith
015SmithErnest D.6 May 191711 Aug 1977Dad, Always in our hearts
015CriderFrances M.10 Aug 195130 Mar 2001Awake in Jesus in God's care
016SmithIva Dove5 Dec 190415 Mar 1983
016SmithS. Dewey23 Aug 190114 Jan 1978
016DoveZerna B. (Dove)18781940w/Joseph D. Dove of Reuben Dove
016DoveJoseph D.18791939s/Reuben & Millie Seener Dove-per J. Robert Swank records in 1967
016MeehanEthel Mae19261993Grandle Funeral Home marker
016DoveLayman WoodrowBlank white marker
016DoveEmma J. (Yankey)18901964w/Benjamin J. Dove
016DoveBenjamin J.(17 Jan) 18831935s/Reuben Dove
016DoveMary E(tta Dove)24 Nov 186923 Nov 1925d/Reuben Dove; w/George L. Dove
016DoveGeorge L(ee)19 Jan 18635 Feb 1944s/Jeremiah & Julia Ann Lantz Dove
016ShoemakerIvan Earl11 Jul 192811 Jul 1928Born & Diedch/Sollie & Annie Shoemaker
016ShoemakerJr. Lee5 Nov 19355 Nov 1935Born & Diedch/Sollie & Annie Shoemaker
016ShoemakerAlma May14 Jun 192319 Oct 1929ch/Sollie & Annie Shoemaker
016DoveRachael M. (Dove)(Jan) 18731916d/Socrates Dove; w/William L. Dove
016DoveWilliam L.18701917s/Reuben & Mildred Siever Dove
016DoveAda Catherine19061997Lindsay Funeral Home marker
016SutherlyLena Bliss & BabyBlank white marker; w/Lonzy Sutherly of Dash Sutherly
016DoveLottie M(ay)6 Feb 19286 Feb 1928Born & Diedd/D. Franklin & Emma Smith Dove
016DoveConrad L.20 Apr 191815 Dec 1925s/D. Franklin & Emma Smith Dove
016DoveMinnie R. (Secrist)(15 May) 1868(23 Feb) 1918w/Samuel Dove
016DoveSamuel (L.)(29 Aug) 18661937s/William & Susan
016SecristDora10 Oct 187518 Jan 1945d/David Secrist
016RitchieFrances V. (Crider)19 Dec 18663 Oct 1927w/ 1. Levi Ritchie Jr. 2. Daniel Halterman
016RitchieLevi (Jr.)10 May 185528 Dec 1915Gone but not Forgottens/Levi Ritchie Sr.
016RitchieLaura J. (Secrist)20 Feb 186619 Mar 1914Aged 48y 29d; w/Samuel Ritchied/David Secrist
016RitchieSamuel28 Apr 186115 Oct 1912Aged 51y 5m 7d; Gone but not forgottens/Levi Ritchie Sr.
016YankeyRoy F(elix)7 Jan 191122 Feb 1911s/William H. & Victoria Halterman Yankey
016DoveDean Almaine8 Oct 191811 Oct 1919s/Levi A. & Minnie Ritchie Dove
016HuppVirginia29 Jul 192929 Jul 1929Daughterch/Samuel & Ina Dove Hupp
016RitchieChildBlank white marker; ch/Otis & Daphna May Ritchie
016RitchieChildBlank white marker; ch/Otis & Daphna May Ritchie
016CriderRebecca (Ritchie)28 Mar 188220 Mar 1949d/Aldine Ritchie; w/J. Albert Crider
016CriderJ. Albert2 Mar 18779 Dec 1951s/Frederick Crider
016CriderDavid Luther19 Oct 192128 Jul 1979s/Albert & Rebecca Crider
016CriderConnie FrancesFeb 1992Metal plate-doesn't say whether date is birth or death date
017LantzBessie V.4 Feb 19189 Jun 1982w/Lora Lantz
017LantzLora I(van)8 Mar 189317 Apr 1970s/Jacob Lantz
017LantzNora H(upp)22 May 18863 Oct 1966Motherd/Charles B. Hupp; w/Benjamin E. Lantz
017LantzBenj. E.1 Jun 188712 Feb 1972Fathers/Jacob & Susan Lantz
017LantzB. S.1951Stone doesn't say whether date is birth or death date
017LantzBlaine Allen9 Sep 19321 Apr 1938s/J. C. & M. R. Lantzs/J. Clarence & Myrtle Hupp Lantz
017LantzChild1951Blank white marker; c/Melvin & Leota Smith Lantz
017LantzRaymond O.19 Dec 191718 Nov 1937s/B. E. & Nora Lantz; Twin brother of L. Guy Lantzs/Benjamin E. & Nora Hupp Lantz
017LantzRebecca (Moyer)(Ca 1862)4 Sep 1929Aged 75 yrsw/William Lantz Sr.
017LantzWilliam (Sr.)12 Feb 185017 Feb 1938s/Michael Lantz
017MayOgretta E.20 Apr 19301 Aug 1950d/Franklin & Laura May
017MayChildJul 1950Jul 1950Blank white marker; d/Ogretta E. May
017MaySarah E(lizabeth)Double marker; no dates; d/George May; w/John K. May
017MayJohn K.Double marker; no dates
017DoveEmma B. (Smith)18881928d/Benjamin Smith; w/David Franklin Dove
017DoveD(avid) Frank18901964s/Samuel Dove
017RigglemanMary MayBlank white marker; d/Washington May; w/Addison Riggleman
017Riggleman (Dove)AddisonBlank white marker; s/Pharaoh Riggleman/Dove (some of Pharaoh's children used the name Dove and some used the name Riggleman)
017Riggleman (Dove)VernieBlank white marker; ch/Addison & Mary Riggleman/Dove; some of Pharaoh's children used the name Dove and some used Riggleman
017DoveFrancesNo dates; s/Elva L. Dove
017StultzVirginia Dare27 Oct 18876 Jul 1972d/J. Casper Turner; w/Joseph W. Stultz; nee Turner
017StultzJoseph William9 Jul 188227 Apr 1955s/Franklin & Susan May Stultz
017StultzBoyd2 Mar 19168 Mar 1916ch/Joseph & Virginia Dare Turner Stultz
017RigglemanAble M.18561918s/Pharaoh Riggleman
017RigglemanElizabeth C.18581941Name-Elizabeth C. Thomas Riggleman; w/ 1. Abraham Riggleman 2. John Fink
017RigglemanRobert Lee21 May 189020 Jul 1914Aged 24y 3m 29ds/Abraham & Elizabeth Riggleman
017MayDerasa A.(Thomas)30 Sep 187730 Dec 1958Auntd/Elizabeth Thomas; w/M. V. Seymour May
017MaySeymour29 Sep 187313 Aug 1956UncleName-Michael Van Seymour May; s/Samuel May
017ThomasRebecca J(ane)16 Dec 18647 Jul 1949Motherd/Daniel & Mary Ann Ritchie Thomas
017ThomasDaniel S(amuel)22 Aug 18955 Nov 1965Sons/Rebecca Thomas
017ThomasBenjamin S(ilas)26 Mar 191714 Oct 1963Virginia PFC Co. L 39 Inf 9 Div WWII BSMs/Michael & Lavina Siever Thomas
018DoveGlenda E.16 Feb 19107 Nov 1987w/Chancie E. Dove; nee Dove
018DoveChancie E.8 Oct 191119 Dec 1977s/Harvey & Nora Baker Dove
018DoveLesterBlank white marker; s/Benjamin & Emma Yankey Dove
018DoveNellie R.9 Mar 19081 Nov 1998w/William B. Dove
018DoveWilliam B(uregard)3 Feb 190613 Apr 1975s/Harvey E. & Nora Baker Dove
018HunterGladys Dove25 Jun 191526 Mar 1977
018DoveChildBlank white marker; ch/Chancie & Glenda Dove Dove
018DoveNora B(aker)21 Jul 188615 Mar 1934d/Philip Baker; w/Harvey E. Dove of Socrates Dove
018DoveHarvey E(lmer)21 Mar 188215 Sep 1976s/Socrates & Clara Whetzel Dove
018SmithRosa F.18 Sep 190424 Dec 1998w/Wm. A. Dove
018SmithWilliam A(shby)26 May 190624 Nov 1959s/Ashby & Naomi May Smith
018SmithNaomi (May)22 Nov 188016 Mar 1953w/Ashby Smith of Solomon Smith
018SmithAshby3 Jul 18755 May 1950s/Solomon & Mary Ritchie Smith
018SmithInfant Daughter25 Jan 1940d/Loy & Edna Keplinger Smithd/Loy & Edna Keplinger Smith
018SmithInfant Son8 Dec 1938c/Loy & Edna Kaplinger Smithd/Loy & Edna Keplinger Smith
018SmithAnnie R(uth)13 Oct 18978 Apr 1936w/Jesse J.d/David Smith
018SmithJesse J.20 Apr 189817 Oct 1931s/Ashby & Naomi May Smith
018SmithHarvey A.30 Mar 190220 Jun 1933Hand carved stone; s/David & Julia Smith
018SieverChildBlank white marker; ch/Lory & Lola Dove Siever
018SieverLory Ann19251948Brothers/Edward & Alice Reedy Siever
018WittigAlice Siever18851953Motherd/Robert Reedy; w/Edward Siever
018SieverEdward W.18801945Fathers/Silas & Mary Ann Kesner Siever
018BorrorPeggy Sue27 Jul 19386 Jun 1939Infant d/Mary Jane Borrorch/Everett & Mary Siever Borror
018SieverDickie Lee19371937ch/Ollie Siever
018ReedyRobert18 Jul 1856Blank white marker
018SieverDean E(dward )18 Jul 195616 Dec 1956ch/Dean & Shirley Morris Siever
018NeffWinford Q.17 Sep 1910Heaven is my hope
018DoveBessie L. S(iever)16 Feb 190519 Apr 1977w/Harvey Dove
018DoveHarvey W.27 Jul 189823 Apr 1991
018SieverLindy F(reeman)19331957Brotherch/Ollie Siever
019KuykendallHayes G.14 Aug 192111 Feb 1959Virginia COX USNR WWIIs/Ernest & Maryetta Kuykendall
019KuykendallErnest24 Apr 189331 Jan 1963West Virginia Cpl CAS DET 38 Division WWI
019KuykendallMry E. (Spitzer)13 Jan 190131 Jul 1973w/Ernest Kuykendal
019FreedRiley (Lamb)28 Jul 188118 Sep 19362w/Manassa Freed of David Freed
019FreedManassa10 Mar 184618 Apr 1937
019LantzBaby[4 Apr 1951][5 Apr 1951]ch/Owen & Elaine Smith Lantz; stone only reads Baby; dates were taken from J. Robert Swank's record in 1960s
019HavilandBertha T.12 Mar 191722 Nov 1996Married 6 Nov 1937w/Merritt M. Haviland
019HavilandMerritt M.6 Jun 19058 Jun 1980
019TurnerWilliam W.14 Nov 188917 Feb 1968s/John Casper & Alice Smith Turner
019TurnerVernie N. (Siever)7 Jul 189511 Jun 1955w/William W. Turner
019HavilandTurner Daniel6 Sep 19427 Sep 1942s/Merritt M. & Bertha Havilandch/Merritt M. & Bertha Turner Haviland
019SieverErhard A. (Whetzel)8 Jan 187230 Nov 1936w/Levi Sieverw/Levi Siever; nee Whetzel
019SieverLevi30 Mar 18707 Dec 1944s/Silas & Mary Ann Kesner Siever
019HartmanEmma Siever8 Jun 187428 Apr 1942w/J. R. Hartmand/Silas Siever; w/Job Hartman
019SieverAlice H. (Halterman)3 Sep 188011 Sep 1946w/George H. Siever
019SieverGeorge H(omer)30 Mar 189221 Nov 1962s/Silas & Mary Ann Kesner Siever
019SieverAda R(uth Dove)7 Aug 19075 Mar 1984
019SieverLeroy S(ilas)3 Apr 19077 Jan 1983
019SieverMary (Belle Whetzel)18761957w/Noah Siever
019SieverNoah18711953s/Silas & Mary Ann Kisner Siever
019CriderMartha J. (Delawder)17 May 191715 Sep 1984
019CriderJessie M.19 Aug 190430 Jun 1978
019CriderDorcas V. (Siever)16 Jul 18897 Jan 1969d/Silas Siever; w/Elias Siever
019CriderElias18 Mar 18801 Apr 1958s/Frederick & Julian Siever Crider
019CriderDelie Catherine22 Mar 191816 Dec 2003
019CriderBenjamin Franklin5 Dec 19187 Apr 1979s/Elias & Dorcas Siever Crider
020CarrJean K.23 Jul 194331 Mar 2003
020CarrWendell Holmes26 Jan 192810 Feb 1989PFC US Army WWIIMilitary Marker shows Wendell Holmes Carr
020EnnisStephen Dale20 Jun 19554 Sep 1965Son at rest
020LantzWilliam H.18811972s/William Lantz Sr. & Rebecca Moyer Lantz
020LantzIda F(lorence Dove)18811962w/William H. Lantz Jr.
020TurnerOgretta R.20 Sep 1921Wed 30 Jun 1938w/Warren W. Turner
020TurnerWarren W.30 Nov 19209 Mar 1996Parents of Gloria Gay & Bobby Warren
020TurnerLena E.30 Mar 19033 Jul 1970Name-Lena E. Lantz Turner Simmons; w/ 1. Robert B. Turner 2. Amos Simmons
020TurnerRobert B.8 Aug 19013 Nov 1949s/J. Casper & Alice Smith Turner
020TurnerMary A(lice Smith)10 Aug 18708 Dec 1955w/John Casper Turner
020TurnerJohn C(asper)10 Apr 186613 Sep 1953s/Josiah & Mary Fulk Turner
020DoveMary A. (Groves)18746 Apr 1969w/William Dove
020DoveWilliam H. B.18 Jan 188110 Jul 1960s/Addison & Mary May Riggleman-Dove
020DoveNellie I. (Halterman)19101976Funeral Home marker; w/Wade H. Dove
020DoveWade H.3 Mar 190321 Mar 1951Blank white marker; s/Vernie Riggleman-Dove
020LamElva Dove21 Apr 190930 Sep 1952d/Vernie Riggleman-Dove
020ShoemakerAnnie B.22 Aug 190016 Mar 1991
020ShoemakerSollie A.6 Apr 188613 Dec 1954
020DoveGoldie Katherine13 May 191010 Nov 1991We love you
020DoveAlfred R(eed)30 Sep 19303 Dec 1952s/Elbert L. & Zona Secrist Dove
020DoveZona D.10 Jun 18997 Mar 1981
020DoveElbert L.2 Apr 19032 Jan 1977s/Joseph & Zernie Dove Dove
020ThomasBenjamin Alan8 Feb 198221 Aug 1995Son, Brother, Friend
021TurnerVergie F.19 Dec 190619 Sep 1990Mother; Our children-Georgia, Hope, Mary Jane, Betty Jow/George A. Turner
021TurnerGeorge A.22 Aug 190416 Jun 1968Fatherhusb/Vergie F. Turner
021SmithNorman H(ayes)20 Jan 192629 Jun 1972Virginia Cpl 342 Infantry WWIIs/Jesse & Annie Smith Smith
021LantzTonnie Kaye16 Feb 196716 Apr 1980d/Carlon & Sharon Yankey Lantz
021YankeyMary Anne (Thomas)30 Sep 190913 Jan 1976d/Michael Thomas; w/Lewis H. Yankey
021YankeyLewis Harvey1 Jan 190321 Aug 2000Married 10 Apr 1926; Our children-Charlotte, Jean, Carroll, Shirley, Donald, Lennis, Richard, Robert, Harold, Bernice, Sharon, Linda, Brendas/William Harvey & Victoria Halterman Yankey
021YankeyWilliam H(arvey)10 Sep 188231 Dec 1955s/Felix A. & Sarah Dove Yankey
021YankeyVictoria (Halterman)4 Mar 187927 Mar 1971w/William H. Yankey
021MaySarah H. (Halterman)16 May 18739 Jun 19532nd w/Daniel L. May who was son of Jacob May
021MayDaniel L(afe)4 Sep 186912 May 1954s/Jacob May
021ThomasJean W.30 Sep 1932
021Thomas, Sr.Kenneth R.21 Aug 192912 Feb 1988Sgt. US Army Korea
021ThomasLettie V. (Dove)27 Apr 190921 Jan 1975Married 28 Dec 1927w/William P. Thomas
021ThomasWilliam P.18 Sep 190625 Aug 1984
021SniderMelinda Kay19581958d/C. D. & G. M. Sniderch/Coland & Geraldine M. Thomas Snider
021RitchieBeulah A.23 Mar 192121 Sep 1968d/Frank & Ida Nesselrodt Ritchie
021RitchieIda F.16 Apr 18921 Oct 1965Name-Ida Florence Nesselrodt Ritchie; w/Frank Ritchie
021RitchieFranklin1 Dec 188917 Nov 1953s/Levi Ritchie Jr. & Frances Crider Ritchie
021RitchieEdith M.4 Mar 1934Mother
021RitchieEarl31 May 191519 May 1975Father; Married 26 Apr 1953s/Frank & Ida F. Nesselrodt Ritchie
021BowersThelma G. (Ritchie)17 Jun 19231 Mar 1989d/Frank & Ida F. Nesselrodt Ritchie
021BowersElder B.27 Jun 191128 Jan 1983husb/Thelma G. Ritchie Bowers
021CashOtis W.19281996Grandle Funeral Home marker; Husb/Joyce Ritchie; son-in-law of Earl Ritchie
022MillerRessie L. (Lantz)2 Jul 19162 Jun 1983Mother
022LantzDorothy A. (Dove)6 May 18893 Mar 1969w/Jasper A. Lantz
022LantzJasper A.11 Jun 188710 Jan 1977s/William & Rebecca Moyer Lantz
022DoveNina M.19 Nov 1933
022DovePaul W.27 May 193811 Mar 2005
022DoveIda T.15 Oct 190313 Dec 1978Name-Ida T. Blance Thomas Dove; w/Loy W. Dove
022DoveLoy W.24 Jun 189424 May 1985
022DoveWm. Ashby, Rev.30 Sep 186729 Apr 1956s/Joseph A. & Mary Wittig Dove
022DoveIscie A.8 Jun 189713 Nov 1970w/Reuben J. Dove
022DoveReuben J.4 Oct 190229 Jun 1985
022TurnerJanet R.12 Mar 19325 Dec 2004w/Miller D. Turner
022TurnerMiller D.27 Apr 192811 Sep 1999Wed 18 Apr 1952; Cpl US Army KoreaMilitary marker shows Miller Daniel Turner
022WittigJulia Caron25 Apr 189612 Oct 1956nee Sherman; w/Lory Alvin Wittig
022WittigLory Alvin30 Apr 189824 Oct 1991Married 1 Feb 1920
022TurnerMarvin D.11 Jun 191023 May 1972s/Luther Turner
022TurnerHester L.27 Oct 19126 Sep 1985
022DovePammie Victoria27 Oct 189424 Oct 1956w/Ira O. Dove; nee May
022ReeseBaby GirlJul 1958Jul 1958Illegible funeral home marker; Baby boy Reese is buried at foot of baby girl Reese
022ReeseBaby BoyJul 195829 Jan 1964No visible marker; Baby boy Reese is buried at foot of baby girl Reese
022CoffmanZeandal19591959Illegible Funeral Home marker
022MayIda R.29 Jul 190714 Jun 1965MotherName-Ida Rebecca Kuykendal May; w/Roby May
022MayAlfred J.24 Jul 194730 Mar 1989
022KuykendallMinnie S(mith)18831965w/Edwardw/Edward Kuykendall; Partially illegible Rhodes Funeral Home marker
022CoffmanIda D.10 Mar 192721 Jun 1990
022CoffmanRoy E.29 Nov 191528 Jan 1999
022HaltermanInez L.12 Dec 192018 Apr 1999
023MoyersFloyd Brown9 Jun 193215 Jun 1995
023MoyersWard Borden11 Oct 193314 Oct 1986
023MoyersGrover C.12 Jul 18867 Jul 1972
023MoyersBertha A(lice Miller)20 Dec 190725 Aug 1963w/Grover C. Moyers
023MoyersMargaret A. "Peggy"17 Jun 1935
023Moyers, Sr.Roland K.25 Jan 1934
023MoyersLindberg J.31 Jan 193220 Dec 1995Cpl US Army Korea, Purple Heart, Prisioner of War; s/Samuel Arthur & Mary Leona Moyers; Children-Rodney, Terry, Dwayne, Douglas; Siblings-Roland, Harold, Dennis, Ruby
023MoyersS(amuel) Arthur31 Mar 18803 Jan 1957s/Isaac & Susan May Moyer
023MathiasChester A.17 Sep 190317 Feb 1989
023MathiasSadie V. (Dove)15 Apr 190417 Apr 1987
023DoveDorcas V.18841957Name-Dorcas Victoria Dove Dove; w/Noah E. Dove
023DoveNoah E.1876(9 Apr) 1970s/Reuben & Mildred Siever Dove
023SieverLena M.19061987w/Jesse M. Siever
023SieverJesse M(onroe)18981960s/Levi & America Whetzel Siever
023SieverAllen P.8 Apr 190815 Apr 1975s/Noah & Mary Belle Whetzel Siever
023SieverNora E. (Hartman)29 Aug 19087 Sep 1969w/Allen Siever
023Houser, IIIRichard C(arl)25 Mar 196126 Mar 1961s/Richard & Janet Siever Houser
023SieverNancy Sue29 Jul 1965Daughters/Harlen & Revela Siever
023SieverJoseph C.23 Apr 195016 Mar 1973
023SieverRevella W.12 Feb 1942
023SieverHarlen G. "Jim"28 Apr 193215 Jul 1997
023SieverElizabeth26 Mar 1926
023SieverJohn A.13 Dec 19347 Jul 1986S Sgt US Army Vietnams/Allen & Nora Siever; Military marker shows John Allen Siever
023TurnerHattie E.3 Jan 191312 Jan 1997
024RexrodeMallie Ritchie6 Jul 191829 Oct 1977Marrie 30 Jul 1937w/Hensel Rexrode
024RexrodeHensel Marvin22 Oct 190013 Sep 1970Our Children-Florence, Stanley, Wilbert, Lola, Sammy
024HuppIna M. (Dove)28 Nov 191318 Oct 1959w/Samuel D. Hupp
024HuppSamuel D.11 Dec 190926 Dec 1969s/Charles B. & Hannah Dove Hupp
024CombsMinnie B.4 Mar 190317 Aug 1979
024CombsElmer L.1 Feb 190311 Sep 1962
024CombsRobert B.27 May 194314 Apr 1976Son and Father
024HuppBessie Jane (Mitchell)27 Dec 189022 Nov 1960Motherw/Raleigh Hupp
024RitchieMorgan GilbertBlank white marker
024SeeBeverly Jo17 Jul 1961Infant d/Virgil & Mary See
024SieverDelcie V.27 May 1922Name-Delcie V. Ketterman Siever
024SieverDow3 Jun 19176 Sep 1964s/Edward & Alice Reedy Siever; middle name Edward
024SieverLucy MayApr 1962Rhodes Funeral Home marker; born 1914; d/Franklin & Laura May; w/Angus Siever
024SieverAngus W.19141991Grandle Funeral Home marker
024SieverAllan Woodrow7 Aug 1937Blank white marker; s/Angus & Lucy May Siever
024SieverNannie V.7 Jun
024SieverOcie G.26 Jul 192010 Nov 1995
024DoveOllie19111986Name-Ollie Agnus Siever Dove
024DoveElbert R.19041991
024DoveTina Deloris3 Oct 19353 Mar 1997
024DoveWayne E.29 Mar 1935
025DoveBessie L.28 Nov 19087 Jun 1981d/George & Sallie Whetzel; w/Albert Lee Dove; nee Whetzel
025DoveAlbert L.22 Jul 190422 Aug 1996
025RitchieWinnie M.Mar 1911Jun 2002w/Samuel E. Ritchie; nee Whetzel
025RitchieSamuel E.Aug 1906Jun 1974s/Emma Ritchie Halterman; born 1 Aug 1906 d. 16 June 1974
025WhetzelSarah E. (Yankey)18871965w/George W. Whetzel
025WhetzelGeorge W(illiam)18811967s/William & Barbara Dove Whetzel
025WhetzelMary Louise8 Feb 195018 Mar 1961s/Irvin & Ida Halterman Whetzel
025WhetzelIda A.19141992w/Ervin R. Whetzel
025WhetzelErvin R.19141966Children-Ray, Jean, Floyd, Marys/George W. & Sarah E. Yankey Whetzel
025RitchieIda A. (Siever)3 Jan 188917 Oct 1964w/William Ritchied/Silas Siever; w/William Ritchie; name Ida Alice Siever Ritchie
025RitchieWilliam13 Mar 188911 Dec 1967s/Samuel & Laura Secrist Ritchie
025RitchieGenevieve A.16 Jul 192614 Aug 1989
025RitchieTruman11 Oct 1922
025DoveLottie V.21 Oct 191827 Feb 2004
025DoveOtis W.30 May 1920
025HartmanChildBlank white marker; ch/Nelson & Reda Dove Hartman
025GoodChristena K.1962Blank white marker; ch/Robert & Carolyn Dove Good
025RigglemanRhoda M. (Siever)18 Apr 190827 May 1982w/Harness Riggleman
025RigglemanHarness L.11 Jun 190310 Aug 1962
025DoveMary L.13 Feb 1934Mother; Wed 18 Aug 1951w/Alton D. Dove
025DoveAlton D.9 Jan 193322 Oct 1997Father; Cpl US Army Korea 2nd CML WPNS BN
025SieversIda May9 Sep 190220 Apr 1976
025SieversGeorge Alvie9 Jun 191120 Jan 1984
025SieverDaise Ethel25 Feb 192512 Mar 1988Mother
025SieversGlenna Hottinger3 Aug 191326 Jan 1963w/Jasper Siever
025SieversJasper Lee18 Apr 19171 Jan 1981PFC US Army WWIIs/John & Annie Sievers
026DoveWilliam H. "Bill"14 Feb 190916 Mar 1998
026SecristDracie F.30 Oct 19033 Feb 1995Casper R. Secrist
026SecristCasper R.1 Jun 190514 Dec 1988Our children-Waldo, Monroe, Woodrow, Junior, Ray
026SecristErnest Samuel4 Jan 189612 Sep 1975s/Franklin & Rachael Dove Secrist
026SmithBeulah Agnes21 Jan 190814 Nov 1962nee Halterman; w/Harry Smith
026SmithHarry S.23 Sep 19089 Feb 1986
026RitchieNellie C. (Siever)8 Nov 1917Married 20 Jun 1941w/Waldo Ritchie
026RitchieWaldo2 Aug 191315 Dec 1980Our children-Marlene, Deloress/Frank & Ida Nesselrodt Ritchie
026YanceyMarlene Ritchie18 Apr 194226 Sep 1976d/Waldo & Nellie Siever Ritchie; w/Dorman Ritchie
026RitchieMary F.15 Oct 1916
026RitchieDorman10 Dec 191815 Mar 2002Our children-David, Daniel, Deborah, Milton
026ShermanOather G.8 Mar 192328 Oct 1962
026DoveLillie J.19001989
026DoveJohn S.18891977s/Simon & Annie Sirk Dove
026DoveMary E. (See)19 Sep 188126 Feb 1974w/Angus Dove
026DoveAngus W.20 Jul 188622 Dec 1982
026CombsSherwood Glen19341995Grandle Funeral Home marker
026DoveViola Mae (Combs)5 Aug 191620 Nov 1987w/Brosie Dove
026DoveBrosie L.24 Mar 1913Married 7 Aug 1936
026DovePaula R.13 Sep 1930Mother
026DoveCurtis L.17 Oct 192328 Sep 2002
026RutherfordVirginia Rose21 Aug 191530 Mar 1997Mother; My children-Danny, Diana, Frances
027SmithRobert E.9 Aug 195818 Jul 1995Son
027DoveMax W.23 Apr 19408 Oct 1970
027ShellEleanor D. (Dove)4 Mar 193620 May 1966w/R. G. Shell
027FinkLaymon L.19181977Pvt US Army WWII
027FinkNellie D. (Dove)18891972w/Arthur Fink
027FinkArthur A.18871979
027SmithVada V(irginia)4 Feb 19217 Apr 1964w/Warren Smithnee Caplinger;w/Warren Smith
027SmithH. Warren11 Sep 191731 Oct 1967s/Curtis Lee & Mille E. Smith Smith
027ThomasDaphna C.24 Jun 19112 Dec 2002
027ThomasJohn M.15 Aug 19122 Jul 1993
027SmithDustin Scott "Dusty"3 Oct 198320 Nov 1993
027KettermanMartha F. (Dove)(28 Dec) 1876(9 Oct) 1963w/A. Harve Ketterman
027KettermanA. Harve18791970
027RatliffLenora I.31 Jul 1922Mom; Married 1 Jan 1938w/Calvin B. Ratliff
027RatliffCalvin B.24 May 191218 Jan 1992Daddy; Our children-Stella, V. Mae, E. Jean, Wm. Bill, Evelyn
027RitchieInfant Son2 Jan 19652 Jan 1965Mr. & Mrs. Billy Ritchiech/Billy & Dottie Wratsford Ritchie
027SieverVelma Ruth8 Jan 19351 Jul 1991
027BorrorMary Jane8 Sep 19063 Feb 1992
027WhetzelIvy22 Apr 190931 Dec 1977w/Loy WhetzelBlank white marker
027WhetzelLoy E.7 Aug 190516 Oct 1974Blank white marker
027WhetzelTeresa B.21 Dec 19081 Dec 1980
027SmithShirley B.28 Jun 1928
027SmithWard F.15 Nov 19254 Mar 1997
027Siever, Sr.Robert E.19402005Grandle Funeral Home marker
027MoyerJason Neal19782005Grandle Funeral Home marker
027McAlisterNorva-Lee D.28 Jul 1932
027McAlisterHoward E. "Mac"19 Jan 19176 Jul 1994Cpl US Army WWII
028SmithPearlie M.2 Jan 191511 May 2003
028SmithOry Daniel28 Jan 19046 May 1980
028RitchieLinda Lee19 Sep 1946
028RitchieBeverly Eugene "Tony"22 May 194622 Oct 2002
028RitchieRonda Renee21 May 196722 May 1967d/Tony & Linda Ritchie
028SmithEdna L.15 Feb 191329 Jan 2000
028SmithLoy D.23 Oct 191018 May 1981
028BiddingerIva V.28 Nov 193310 Mar 2003
028CaplingerMartha J(ane Thomas)1891(23 Feb) 1967w/Chancie E. CaplingerFuneral Home marker; w/Chancie E. Caplinger
028DoveBurley Franklin16 Nov 19176 May 1999PFC US Army WWII
028BellPhilip O., Dr.19081994Grandle Funeral Home marker
028CaplingerD. H.3 Aug 18816 Apr 1967Name-Della Hester Caplinger; d/Aaron & Sarah Siever Caplinger
028CriderJulia B.10 Mar 189914 May 1969nee Caplinger; w/Benjamin Cride
028CriderBenjamin E.13 May 189427 Oct 1982
028DoveFloyd Allen19321977Rhodes Funeral Home marker
028DoveGary Lee21 Sep 194931 May 1969
028DoveAltie Mary25 Jul 193230 Jul 2003Mother
028MongoldEdna V.16 May 191623 Apr 1993w/Howard W. Mongold
028MongoldHoward W.23 Jul 1921Married 14 Jan 1943
028DoveErnest B.20 Apr 19227 Oct 1983
028CutlipTerence Allan17 Oct 194111 Jan 1996SP4 US Army
028Houser, Jr.Richard Carl3 Nov 19578 Jan 1996SP4 US Army
028KuhnsMary Helen Houser2 Oct 19586 Dec 1988
028HouserJanel M. Siever3 Oct 1936Wifew/Richard C. Houser Jr.
028Houser, Sr.Richard C.31 May 193514 Apr 1992Husband
029CaplingerPatsy L.8 Apr 1945
029CaplingerArchie C.11 Jun 19432 Jan 1986
029CaplingerBessie E.20 Dec 192412 Jun 1997
029CaplingerCarl E.9 Nov 191910 May 1977
029CaplingerDale E.13 Jan 194831 Jul 1970s/Carl & Bessie May Caplinger
029EnnisEvelyn Smith1 Aug 1932
029EnnisAllen Gordon10 Mar 19212 Apr 1994PFC US Army WWII
029MayElizabeth E. (Dove)10 Apr 189830 Aug 1968w/Edward Lee May
029MayE(dward) Lee13 Jan 188213 Jan 1969s/Samuel & Hannah May
029BarbManeika Dawn4 Oct 19714 Oct 1971d/Daniel L. & Mary Barbd/Daniel L. & Mary May Barb
029LantzMelvin D.31 Mar 191415 Sep 1975Our chidlren- Patricia, Delmer
029LantzLeoda V. (Smith)12 Jun 19124 Nov 1981w/Melvin D. Lantz; Name-Leoda V. Smith Lantz Swindle
029SwindleDonald G.19121987Grandle Funeral Home marker
029SmithE. Elaine29 Dec 1941
029SmithBobby Lee28 Jul 193515 Nov 2001A2C US Air Force
029TurnerMabel Elizabeth26 Jun 1923
029TurnerLory Lee1 Aug 191811 Feb 1985
029AllendorfIna B.23 Sep 18987 Jan 1985
029SawyerMyrtle Dove19151982Grandle Funeral Home marker
030MillerShirley Cullers25 May 1936Wed 26 Sep 1952w/Matthew E. Miller
030MillerMatthew E. "Bud"28 Jul 1930Our children-Brenda Gay, Gary Edward, Dennis Ray
030MayBetty J.31 Oct 192929 May 1999
030MayArnold A.14 Jan 192316 Feb 1978
030MayOscar B.1 Feb 19178 Nov 1971s/Franklin & Laura Helmick May
030MayHarvey N.22 Jul 19287 Jul 1972s/Franklin & Laura Helmick May
030MayLaura A. (Helmick)12 Jan 189412 Sep 1972w/Franklin May of John May
030MayB. Frank(lin)1 Apr 188625 Oct 1972s/John & Elizabeth Dove May
030RitchieDaphna I.23 Mar 1921w/Otis Ritchie
030RitchieOtis4 Nov 191627 Jul 1991Our children-Doc & Betty, Tony & Linda
030May, Sr.Everett A.7 May 19092 Nov 2001Dad
030UnknownBlank white marker
030MayArmour A.19051977
030MayHoward H.25 Aug 191220 Dec 1991
030CaplingerRuby S.2 Nov 192417 Mar 2004Motherw/Hubert L. Caplinger
030CaplingerHubert L.27 Jun 19237 Mar 1994Father; Pvt US ArmyMilitary marker shows Hubert Lee Caplinger
030CaplingerMildred D.10 Feb 191810 Feb 2004w/Grandville D. Caplinger
030CaplingerGrandville D.26 Jul 19173 Oct 1998Married 2 May 1939
030RitchieLucille Crites2 Feb 191921 Feb 2003
030RitchieLayman Carl8 Sep 191920 Jan 2000
031JohnsonEthel20 Nov 189311 Jul 1982Born in England
031DoveTracy M. (Thomas)14 Nov 191226 Feb 1996w/Loy H. Dove
031DoveLoy H. "Bug"3 Dec 19092 Mar 1985Our children-Velma, Maynard, Betty, Nancy, Lona, Guy, Fred, Gary, Dean
031MongoldShirley C.28 May 193928 Apr 2002
031MongoldVirgil C.10 Jun 1939
031FreedFlomey H.11 Apr 191011 Dec 1973Motherw/David Freed
031FreedDavid M.27 Oct 190025 Feb 1983US Army
031AdamsThelma D.27 Jun 1928
031AdamsLeon J.6 Dec 19311 Jul 1992Sgt US Army KoreaMilitary marker shows Leon Joseph Adams
031DelawderDorman A.19211984Grandle Funeral Home marker
031CullersBonnie I. Reedy26 Apr 19412 Jun 1990
031CullersWilliam Ray29 Jun 193313 Mar 1979SP4 US Army
031WhetzelGoldie C.16 Oct 191228 Dec 1997
031WhetzelHays Ruse15 Mar 19131 Jul 1988Dad
031Dove, Jr.Boyd Dowe23 Jun 19466 Jun 1981
031Dove, Sr.Boyd (Dowe)24 May 192017 Jul 1935Our children-Boyd Dowe Jr. and Dianna Lynne
031DoveBeulah Lantz21 Aug 1928
032CaplingerVena Dove12 Dec 190324 Oct 1985
032CaplingerChauncey Blaine26 Mar 190026 Mar 1977s/Jacob Harvey Caplinger & Susan Dove Caplinger
032CaplingerAllen Blaine7 Jun 19208 Nov 1999TEC US Air Force WWII Korea
032CaplingerJoyce Sylvia9 May 1925Married in England 18 Sep 1943w/Allen Blaine Caplinger
032FunkhouserRuth M.4 Jul 193320 Feb 1991w/Wayne W. Funkhouser
032FunkhouserWayne W.2 May 19295 Sep 1979Married 27 Jun 1953
032MayClara W.6 Mar 191715 Jan 2002
032MayChancie I.24 May 191824 Apr 1984
032SmithD. Mark2 Jun 196426 Sep 1991
033BowmanLouella G.23 Feb 194520 Jul 1980Married 4 Jul 1964w/Carl D. Bowman
033BowmanCarl D.5 Jan 1943Our children-Trevor, Ginger
033KeplingerRuby G.27 Apr 192129 Oct 1989Mom; Married 18 May 1938w/Harry E. Keplinger
033KeplingerHarry E.12 Dec 191919 Dec 1985Father; Pvt US Army WWII; Our children-Ardella, Etta, Douglas, Louella
033ShipeEdna G.30 Nov 1914w/Ernest L. Shipe
033ShipeErnest L.23 Sep 191316 Sep 1989Our children-Betty J., Robert L., Anna L., Mary F., Charles E.
033DoveAudrey M.6 Feb 192229 Dec 2003w/Laney R. Dove
033DoveLaney R.12 Nov 191528 Mar 1991Married 13 Dec 1937
033SagerWilliam E.19 May 192319 Dec 1985US Army WWII
033SagerHazel R.10 Apr 19147 Oct 1992
033KeplingerJames E.29 May 19492 Feb 1986
033KeplingerMerritta G.9 Oct 1952
033HessErman R.18 Dec 191329 May 1992Father
033ReefeBaby BoyPartially illegible Rhodes Funeral Home marker
033MayFloyd Allen19291998Lindsey Funeral Home marker
033MayDaisy Lynn20 Jan 1998McMullan Funeral Home marker
033FinkLeona W.13 Nov 191824 Mar 2005
033FinkEarl E.29 Dec 19113 Sep 1983
034YankeyRessie Viola Sutherly190419922nd w/Lewis H. Yankey
034ComerFrances W.2 Oct 190513 Dec 1984
034ComerNancyNo visible marker
034ComerGeorge2 Apr 19092 Jan 1999
034CriderCharlotte Y.19 Nov 1927Married 16 Jun 1946w/Laco Russel Crider
034CriderLaco R.13 Sep 192218 Jun 1982PFC USArmy WWII; Daughters-Carolyn, Gloria, DonnaMilitary marker shows Laco Rudolph Crider
034MoyersBradley C.28 Oct 197325 Jun 1991s/Carroll & Lois
034YankeyMarylee E.8 May 1926w/Harry Allen Yankey
034YankeyHarry Allen12 Jun 192728 Oct 1989Our children-Linda Lee, Shirley Anne, Charles Allen, Jan Relyn, Keith Marcell
035DoveVirginia P.26 Sep 1930
035DoveHoward Imens24 Jun 19119 Apr 1985US Army WWII
035LantzMary Stultz22 Jan 1937w/Beryl Lane Lantz
035LantzBeryl Lane20 Jun 19364 Jan 1984Married 23 Jun 1957
035StultzLeota Moyers17 Nov 191229 Aug 1999Loving Motherw/Guy Casper Stultz
035StultzGuy Casper14 May 191221 May 1991Loving Father
035HottingerStella Grace14 Mar 192219 Jan 1989
035HottingerLuther Brown26 Feb 191921 Feb 1986Pvt US Army WWII
035YankeyViolet R.2 May 1939Married 3 May 1958w/Frederick R. Yankey
035YankeyFrederick R.4 May 19378 Jan 2004Children-Terry, Larry, Regina
035YankeyNoah W.25 Mar 190923 Nov 1989Father
036LantzElaine S.7 Apr 1929
036LantzOwen G.13 Sep 192413 Jul 1997
036HaltermanMelvie R.3 Aug 19207 Sep 2004Married 4 Jul 1946w/Ernest H. Halterman
036HaltermanErnest H.23 Aug 19165 Feb 1988Cpl US Army Air Corps WWII; Children-Larry, Isolda
036EnnisM. Ruby5 May 1921Motherw/Ashby J. Ennis
036EnnisAshby J.28 May 191825 Dec 2001Father; Tec 5 US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Ashby James Ennis Sr.
036StricklerLinda M.19 Apr 1945
036StricklerWilliam K. "Bill"7 Dec 1938
036FieldingDenise Jayne9 Apr 195310 Jul 1992His Wifew/Gary O. Fielding
036FieldingGary O.25 Oct 1953
037DoveVaca D.14 Aug 1922
037DoveHerman R.29 Jun 192214 Apr 1997Pvt US Army WWII; Our children-Katherine, Linda, Larry, GaryMilitary marker shows Herman Richard Dove
038RitchieAda C.6 Nov 1924
038RitchieAlvin H. (Bill)27 Mar 19212 Jun 1996Tec 4 US Army WWII Purple HeartMilitary marker shows Alvin Hayes Ritchie
038BibleVada G.12 Nov 1937Married 28 Jan 1977w/Jimmie P.
038BibleJimmie P.20 Jun 1942Children-Sherman, Karen, Curtis, Kevin, Melissa, Heather, Pamela, Jason, Maggie, Chad
039SmithLelia V.5 Oct 190919 Aug 1996w/David L. Smith
039SmithDavid L.2 Jan 190615 Jan 2004Our children-Ray, Alfred, Alma, Irene, Bernice, Odessa, Leo, Carl, Linda
040YankeyIrene F.16 Jan 1931w/Wilson B. Yankey
040YankeyWilson B.25 May 1924Our children-Betty, Beverly, Holly, Sharon
040MoyerSue19 Jun 1941
040MoyerDwight "Whitey"15 Nov 193727 Mar 2002
040HottingerMargie A.6 Sep 192224 Nov 2001
040HottingerWilliam E. "Bill"13 May 1917
040SmithJessie C.20 Aug 19491 Aug 1997
040SmithRoger N.7 May 1945
040TurnerHattie R.30 Aug 1920
040TurnerAdam C.11 Jul 19223 Mar 1999