Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryLindale Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationEdom, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North (Harpine Hwy) several miles. There is a sign on the right side of Route 42 for the cemetery and you turn right. Cemetery is behind the church.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. The cemetery was broken down into six sections (refer to map). Headstones are recorded from left to right (south to north) and from front to back (east to west). The oldest part of the cemetery is in Section 2. In 1976 J. Robert Swank noted on Section 2: "There are many unmarked graves and a number of stones are weathered and illegible." The cemetery was started as a community cemetery. In 1946 John W. Wayland noted on Section 2: In or about 1899 the Old Breneman Mennonite Church/Cemetery was abandoned and Lindale Mennonite Church was built at the (present day) graveyard. There are a number of old sandstones on which the inscriptions cannot be deciphered.
Survey Date and Recorder29 Jan 2006
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001001LineweaverJerry M.8 Apr 185425 May 1917
001001LineweaverEliza20 Dec 18563 Aug 1940
001002SlabaughMoses8 Sep 190814 Mar 2001
001002SlabaughMary M.11 Jun 190616 Sep 2003
001002SlabaughInfant Daughter22 Aug 1942d/Moses & Mary
001002Hostetter, Jr.John Jacob19291983
001002HostetterMildred Heacock1927
001002HostetterCheryl Yvonne20 Nov 19516 Nov 1958
001002BurkeGerald L.16 Jun 19241 Jan 2000
001002BurkeGladys H.29 Dec 1924
001003HostetterRuth Carol25 Dec 19335 May 1935
001003HostetterJohn J.18961983
001003HostetterRuth E.18991957
001003BerkeyEdward J.18741954
001003BerkeyMary Shenk18871983
001003MartinRobert W.23 Apr 191729 Oct 1955
001003MartinMabel B.4 Feb 192029 Oct 1955
001003StahlDewey13 Jul 18981 Jun 1991
001003StahlMary B.20 Jun 189718 Mar 1956
001003ChristophelReuben Landis21 Sep 191130 Jan 1982
001003ChristophelEdna Schlosser21 May 19158 Nov 1990
001003ChristophelDeborah Elizabeth24 Dec 194924 Nov 1975
001004StaufferJ. Mark26 Sep 191814 Mar 2004
001004StaufferEva H.7 Jul 191525 Feb 1997
001004MartinJacob E.17 Mar 191727 Sep 2000
001004MartinEsther S.25 Feb 191723 Mar 2003
001004ArtemenkoNikolay S.29 Mar 193530 Nov 1996
001004SmuckerElwood D.19431953Son
001004SmuckerHelen Jo19491988Daughter
001004SmuckerDaniel M.8 Oct 1917m/14 Jun 1942
001004SmuckerFrances Y.12 Jul 191616 Dec 1999w/Daniel M.
001004SmuckerDaniel M.18831970
001004SmuckerVerna M.18871959
001004SmuckerRuth28 Oct 19334 Dec 1996The Aunties
001004SmuckerNaomi7 May 19204 Jun 1999The Aunties
001004SmuckerElizabeth21 Oct 1928The Aunties
001004GehmanErnest G.19011988
001004GehmanGertrude N.18991966
001004KingSanford A.19 Oct 1920m/15 Sep 1945; Our children: Mary Jane, Lois Ann, Evelyn Elizabeth, Sanford Ray, Martha Alice, Daniel Martin
001004KingMary M.23 Mar 192216 Jul 2003w/Sanford A.
001004MartinPerry S.18901969
001004MartinAnnie W.18901980
001004MartinRalph Edward19331958
001004MartinJ. Weldon30 Nov 19188 Dec 1998
001004MartinLorene T.27 Jul 1922
001004ShowalterNoah D.18861948
001004ShowalterLizzie O.18851981
001004ShowalterEdith L.19182003
001004ShowalterTimothy M.19271985
001004WengerPowell O.5 Jun 190510 Nov 1978Wed 6 Dec 1933
001004WengerHazel S.22 Jul 191119 Apr 2004w/Powell O.
001005StaufferJohn L.18881959
001005StaufferLydia K.18891979
001005StaufferPaul E.19151941
001005StaufferRuth S.19081999
001005RyabchukAlexander A.15 Apr 19653 Jun 1995
001005RitchieDavid E.18711957
001005RitchieIda Hess18811965
001005BushJohn David3 Mar 190324 May 1968
001005BushLena M.1 Sep 189923 Sep 1973
001005BushFrank T.1 Oct 18766 Jul 1955
001005BushDaisy E.13 Feb 187928 May 1947
001005BushHarman D.7 Mar 190731 Jan 1951
001005BushHoward L.28 Jul 189825 Jun 1955
001005BushBryan Owen13 Sep 19003 Jan 1966
001005BushGeorge W.22 Feb 190813 Apr 1975
001005MillerChris E.15 Feb 189712 Nov 1960
001005MillerAlice B.27 Nov 18976 Feb 1986
001005BattermanDavid W.9 Dec 189019 Dec 1960
001005BattermanIda Myers29 Sep 18907 May 1980
001005ShenkClara W.21 Jul 18992 May 1982
001005Shenk, Sr.Raymond J.31 Jul 189629 Oct 1985
001005SchaeferSidney A.10 Mar 19092 Mar 1999m/26 Jul 1942
001005SchaeferMary E.16 Sep 190614 Mar 1997w/Sidney A.
001005MartinPerry Sanford19311955
001005OberholtzerEllen A.13 Sep 190426 Mar 1964
001005OberholtzerVirginia Ann19391941d/I. H. & E. A.
001005MorrisDodd W.22 Oct 190926 Apr 1979
001005PeacheyHelen Elizabeth Mumaw2 Apr 192914 Dec 2000
001006HaslerQuincey C.25 Dec 18541 Apr 1923Father
001006HaslerLucy E. V.22 Aug 185631 Jan 1940His Wifew/Quincey C.
001006JohnsonJosie9 May 184614 May 1920Aged 74y 7d
001006JohnsonJ. Ed.26 Sep 1920No birth date
001006MitchellGertrude8 Jun 187213 Dec 1940m/ 1) Frederick A. Shank, 2) Frank T. Coward
001006ShankClristian J.26 May 183812 Sep 1918Aged 80y 3m 16d; Father
001006ShankElizabeth A.30 Sep 184120 Nov 1924Aged 83y 1m 20d; Mother
001006ShankFrederick Aaron18 Apr 187021 Apr 1929
001006ShankE. R.18651932
001006ShankTheresa B.18711942His Wifew/E. R.
001006DeloGeorge D.19081983
001006DeloEvelyn S.19111973
001006ShenkJacob A.19001950
001006ShenkLucy W.19021998
001006WeaverHenry D.6 Jan 18903 Aug 1972
001006WeaverSallie W.20 Mar 189219 Jul 1986
001006ShankSamuel A.6 Apr 18939 Mar 1975
001006ShankMary G. "Kitty"26 Jul 189131 Oct 1975
001006ShankRobert E.26 Feb 192510 Nov 1926s/S. A. & Kitty G.
001006GeilArthur D.12 May 189420 Aug 1970
001006HeatwoleSarah M. Geil10 Mar 190523 Aug 1987
001007KratzerSon - Twin8 Feb 18998 Feb 1899
001007KratzerDaughter - Twin8 Feb 189915 Feb 1899
001007KratzerGeorge W.31 Aug 18582 Oct 1905
001007KratzerMartha13 May 18591951She is on headstone with George W. & has Lindsey Funeral Home marker
001007KratzerJohn D.19001939
001007DavisSallie A.3 Jul 18512 Nov 1923
001007DavisWilliam H.13 Mar 184715 Jan 1904
001007JohnsonMary E.12 Sep 1902Age 86 yrs; w/William
001007JohnsonEffie L.9 Feb 18867 Aug 1901
001007BurkholderSarah Ann Webb31 Oct 182522 Jan 1903
001007WebbJas. W.14 Sep 185415 Jun 1936Father
001007WebbSarah J.17 May 188829 Mar 1926Mother
001007WebbThomas C.18 Sep 188124 Dec 1966
001007WebbAnnie L.1 Jul 188524 Oct 1948
001007MyersAnnie B.18651936Auntie
001007MyersBenj. B., Dr.18581930Husband; s/John & Jane
001007BushRobert E.5 May 18818 Aug 1882
001007BushVirginia C.10 Aug 184513 May 1909
001007BushCharles R.12 Jan 18471 Sep 1930
001007BushJohn W.18571943
001007WengerVirginia S.18611952
001007YoderMabel M.3 Feb 192521 Jun 2000
001007WengerJohn R.2 Feb 189631 May 1996
001007WengerDorothy M.21 Sep 190316 Mar 1993
001007WengerBertie M.10 Dec 189712 Mar 1922w/John R.
001007RhodesDavid B.18 May 18511 Oct 1906Father
001007RhodesMary C.17 Oct 185110 Jun 1908Mother; w/D. B.
001007RhodesWalter E.18751936Father
001007RhodesGertrude O.18831975Mother
001007RhodesJ. Clark8 Dec 191812 Jul 1944Virginia Sgt 116 Inf 29 Div; Buried in Colleville, France
001007GeilMary Rhodes19102000
001007WengerWilliam R.4 Mar 189927 Jan 1977
001007WengerBlanche K.13 Mar 190711 Aug 1996
001007WengerDavid20 Apr 186329 Sep 1933Father
001007WengerDora Rhodes3 Jul 187420 Apr 1960Mother
001007WengerJoseph Richard12 Jul 191426 Sep1986s/David & Dora
001007WengerMargaret Branum21 May 19049 Dec 1986d/Samuel H. & Julia Frank Branum
001007WengerMinnie Irene23 Feb 191019 Jul 1998d/David & Dora
001007WengerC. Elizabeth2 Jan 190425 Sep 1904
001007WengerChas Edgar5 Jan 190516 Jul 1905
001007WengerInfant Son - Twin14 Jan 1906
001007WengerInfant Daughter - Twin14 Jan 1906
002001WalkerSarah Ann17 Sep 186219 Jan 1873Aged 10y 4m 2d; d/A. & E.
002001BixlerJohn11 Sep 180817 Jul 1871
002001UnknownNo marker
002001UnknownNo marker
002001UnknownNo marker
002002EmoryJoseph2 Oct 1851Age 1 moIllegible-stone broken
002002HammerMartha F.23 Aug 1856Age 12 yrs; d/Jacob & ?Illegible-recorded by church
002003HallWilliam F.12 May 1815Age 1 moIllegible-recorded by church
002003HallCambyces1 Jul 1848Age 2y 2m 1dIllegible-recorded by church
002003HallMary J.12 Aug 1851Age 1m 23d; d/M. A. & S. ?.Illegible-recorded by church
002004McLaughlinCharles Lee26 Jun 1855Age 2 y 1d; s/D. & M. J.
002004KeyesWilliam5 Sep 18331849Illegible-recorded by church
002004KeyesMary C.29 Jul 1841Age 2y 2m 2dIllegible-recorded by church
002004HopewellElizabeth24 Feb 1819Age 2y 11m 22dIllegible-recorded by church
002004BeeryMargaret Ann21 Dec 1847Age 3y 6mIllegible-recorded by church
002005BeerySarah12 Dec 1847Age 6 yrIllegible-recorded by church
002005BeeryA.Illegible-recorded by church
002005BeeryJosiah30 May 181820 Apr 1882Age 63y 10m 20d
002005BeeryMary A.9 Jul 18585 Jul 1897
002006MaloyJohn W.4 Jul 1855Age 6m 21d; s/S. M. & A.
002006MaloyMary Ann11 Aug 1858Age 25y 1m 1d
002006BeeryAbraham30 Sep 178612 Feb 1870Aged 83y 4m 12d
002006NiswanderJames H.12 Oct 1861Age 9m 9d
002007ClineElizabeth1829Aged 4 das; d/M. B. & S.
002007ClineSalome11 Apr 1852Age 20y 8m 28d; w/Michael B.; d/ ? & Barbara Myers
002007ClineMartha3 Dec 1837Infant d/M. B. & KatherinePartially illegible-age below ground in 2006
002007ClineJoseph W.19 Sep 1838s/Michael B. & KatherinePartially illegible-age below ground in 2006
002007HooverHannah30 Nov 1851Age 16y 8m 8d; d/H. & M.
002008BushHenry17981848Record of family of Henry & Rebecca Bush - Elizabeth 1820-1822, Jane 1822-1882, William 1824-1842, John 1826-death unknown, Philander 1828-1912, Henry 1830-1838, James 1832-1902, Elizabeth 1834-1907, Rebecca 1836-1891, Samuel 1839-1865, Margaret 1840-1877, Henry 1842-1864, Erasmus 1844-1871, Charles R. 1847-1930. Erected by Charles R. Bush youngest & only surviving child in 1925. (Recording note in 2006-Some of the younger children may be buried here by the parents but older children are or may be buried in different cemeteries.)
002008BushRebecca18031873His wifew/Henry
002008NiswanderSolomon R.15 Oct 1866Age 3y 2m 25d
002008NiswanderChristian29 Jan 1853Age 69y 7m 13d; Our father
002008NiswanderAbraham3 Oct 1838Age 13y 1m 8d; s/Christian & Susannah
002008NiswanderMary A.5 Oct 1838d/Christian & SusannahPartially illegible-can't read age
002008NiswanderSusannah13 Oct 1838Age 15y 6m 28d; d/Christian & Susannah
002008Hoover----ara16 Dec 1851Age 60y ?Partially illegible
002008WengerInfant Son30 Dec 1883Age 1m 2d; s/Jos. & Annie M.
002008WengerAnnie M.17 May 1896Age 43y 7mIllegible-recorded by church
002008WengerJoseph26 Sep 1908Age 57y 10m 26dIllegible-recorded by church
002008WengerIsaac Howard21 Oct 188224 Feb 1899Illegible-recorded by church
002009ChapmanJohn W.18481924Father
002009ChapmanPhoebe C.18541928Mother; His wifew/John W.
002009ChapmanWilliam W.23 Jul 1884Age 9y 10d; s/John & PhoebePartially illegible; stone erected by Rinker & Beam
002009ChapmanNora Mabelle21 Apr 1878Age 5m 3d;d /J. W. & Phoebe
002009CooperGideon S.25 Mar 1869Age 2y 3d, s/H.W. & JosephinePartially illegible
002009UnknownIllegible marker
002009RitchieMagdalene22 Mar 183315 Apr 1879w/James
002009RitchieJames12 May 183231 Dec 1909Aged 77y 7m 10d
002009BrenemanDavid G.10 Mar 18369 Feb 1915
002010KratzerMary Elizabeth2 May 1919Age 62y 4m 1d
002010UnknownBroken stone
002010RhinehartIsaac17 May 1870Age 59y 3m 13d
002010Unknown18 Mar 1848Illegible marker
002010RhinehartSon23 Apr 1872Infant s/A. & M. M.
002010KratzerIllegible marker-writing in German
002010KratzerJoseph9 Mar 174028 Feb 1833In the 93 year of his age
002010KratzerKatharin?Here lies the body ofIllegible-recorded by church
002010KratzerSimon24 Oct 180?Age 31 yrsPartially illegible
002010KratzerChristian30 Oct 177011 Feb 1859
002010KratzerCatherine14 Jan 1880In the 91 year of her lifeBroken stone-face down on ground-recorded by Wayland in 1930s
002010BrenemanDaniel10 May 1862Age 24y 7m 26d; s/Peter
002010BrenemanFrances9 Mar 1849Age 37y 11m 19d; consort of PeterPartially illegible-recordred by Wayland in 1930s
002010BrenemanPeter8 Apr 1864Age 60y 8m 11d
002010BrenemanMary11 Jun 181324 Oct 1882
002010BrenemanJohn27 Jan 1864Age 33y 2m 27d; s/Peter
002010BrenemanBarbara F.5 Nov 18363 Dec 1905
002011KratzerMatilda27 Sep 1918Age 94 yrs; Mother; w/Geo. W.
002011KratzerGeo. W.10 Apr 1889Age 69y 0m 16d; Husband; Father
002011RhinehartSusan Kratzer27 Mar 1879Age 60y 9m 15d
002011CoffmanSamuel20 Aug 178426 Nov 1841Partially illegible
002011CoffmanDavidDepart this lifePartially illegible
002011UnknownIllegible marker-German writing
002011KauffmanAnna17511806Illegible marker-German writing
002011KauffmanMichael1714? Dec 1788Illegible marker-German writing
002011KauffmanElizabetSep 180?Illegible marker-German writing
002011BrenemanMaria22 Mar 1788Aged 41y 8m 0d; w/AbrahamPartially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930
002011BrenemanAbraham8 Mar 1815Aged 70y 3m 5dPartially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930; note by Wayland-Abraham donor of this cemetery
002011BrenemanSusan18 Aug 1807Aged 7y 9m; d/A. & M.Partially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930
002011BrenemanJohn19 Nov 1846Aged 18y 11m 13d; s/Abraham & HannahPartially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930
002011UnknownIllegible marker
002011BrenemanElizabeth28 Sep 1831Illegible-recorded by church
002011BrenemanMichael22 Feb 1813Illegible-recorded by church
002011BrenemanHenry14 Feb 1843
002011BrenemanJoel6 Feb 1833
002011BrenemanChristian9 Dec 1859Aged 66y 4m 24dPartially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930
002011BrenemanAnna17 Jan 1867Aged 71y 8m 7d; Consort of ChristianPartially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930
002011BrenemanD. S.9 Aug 186715 Jun 1882Aged 14y 1m ?d; s/D. C. & F.
002011BrenemanChristian19 Jan 1863Aged 6y 5m 14d; s/D. C. & F.
002011BrenemanSonInfant son of D. C. & F.
002011BrenemanHanna A.Jun 18652 Nov 1867Illegible-recorded by church
002011GeilHenry1 Dec 183119 Nov 1904Partially illegible
002011GeilRebecca19 Feb 183212 Feb 1904Aged 71y 11m 23d; 2nd w/Henry
002012MillerB. Kate5 Apr 183811 Jan 1912Aged 73y 9m 6d; w/M. M.
002012WengerHenry9 Feb 180414 Dec 1888
002012WengerAnna22 Apr 1879Age 71y 4m 2d; Consort of Henry
002012WengerMichael1 Dec 1837Age 2y 6m 23dPartially illegible
002012WengerJoseph26 Jan 1834Age 4y 8m 21dPartially illegible
002012WengerBarbara1747Jan 17921st w/Joseph per Wayland in 1930s
002012WengerJoseph8 Aug 17471812
002012WengerAnnaOct 176417 Nov 18472nd w/Joseph
002012ShankHenry10 Oct 1836Age 77y 10m 15d; Henry Shank was a diligent minister of the MennoniteRecorded by Wayland in 1930s
002012ShenkAnna30 Mar 1819Age 56y 5m 0d; w/Bishop Henry Shenk
002012MasonWilliam S.18681868
002012MasonNora V.18701872
002012ShankBarbara29 Apr 182426 Mar 1868Aged 43y 10m 27d; Our Mother
002012RoudabushGeorge O.3 Dec 1899Age 54y 5m 20dIllegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930s
002012RoudabushAnnie E.3 Oct 184412 Apr 1868w/Geo. O.Illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930s
002012MasonMary Shank18491925
002012MasonRobert James18411926
002012MasonIrene Lydia18831970
002012WengerBarbara17 Oct 1896Aged 37y 11m 20d; d/Isaac & Lydia
002012WengerIsaac22 Nov 182328 Apr 1904
002012WengerLydia10 Nov 18274 Mar 1903
002013WengerJoseph8 Nov 1863Age 11y 9m 10d
002013WengerBarbara C.2 Nov 1863Age 8y 1m 28d
002013WengerJoseph14 Feb 1865Age 70y 4m 27d
002013WengerBarbara26 Aug 1871Age 76y 5m 15d; w/Joseph
002013UnknownHir RuhftIllegible marker-German writing
002013UnknownIllegible broken marker-German writing
002013ShankHenry7 Dec 1839Age 52y 9m 23d
002013ShankElizabeth3 Jan 1836Age 46y 3m 27d
002013BrunkBenjamin D.7 Oct 1862Age 2y 2m 7d; s/C. & M.
002013BrunkJohn Myers13 Oct 1862Age 4y 5m 10d; s/C. & M.
002013BrunkSusanah Catharine16 Dec 1862Age 11y 7m 17d; d/C. & M.Stone broken and face up on ground
002013BrunkMagdalene15 Mar 1899Aged 75y 1m 23d; w/Rev. Christian
002013BrunkChristian, Rev.3 Dec 1905Age 82y 2m 10d; Our Father
002013BrunkKatie A.18931933d/J. G. & M. B.
002014UnknownHir RuhftIllegible marker-German writing
002014UnknownHir RuhftIllegible marker-German writing
002014WengerChristian13 Nov 1863Age 9y 8m 7d; s/J. & H.
002014WengerJacob4 Jun 182922 Jul 1879Aged 50y 1m 18d
002014WengerHannah9 Apr 183413 May 1919Aged 85y 1m 4d; w/Jacob; Mother
002014WengerSamuel23 Feb 1893Age 22y 5m 18d; s/Jacob & Hannah
002015BeeryBarbara25 Sep 1835Age 66y 0m 13d; w/J.
002015BeeryJohn25 Jun 1834Partially illegible-recorded by Wayland in 1930s
002015BeeryMother of John1800
002015RodesMary15 Dec 1859Aged 3y 7m? 1d
002015RhodesJoseph11 Jan 1899Age 75y 10m 2d; Father
002015RhodesElizabeth16 Sep 1873Aged 48y 8m 12d; w/Joseph; Mother
002016BeeryAbraham17 May 1849Age 45y 4m 22d
002016BeeryMagdaline9 Dec 186559y 11m 20d; w/Abraham; Our Mother
002016ShankSamuel12 Oct 179026 Feb 1863
002016BeeryJacob T.29 Nov 1854Age 28 2m 22d
002017SchenkMichael1803Partially illegible-German writing
002017SchenkElizabeth181?Partially illegible-German writing
003001BrunkJoseph H.22 Feb 18525 Feb 1914Aged 61y 11m 14d
003001BrunkKatie V.6 Jul 18534 Jan 1911Aged 57y 5m 23d; w/Jos. H.
003001NeffAda Brunk4 Jan 187730 Jan 1964w/Crawford J. Neff buried at Cooks Creek
003001GeilN. Wilmer24 May 18891 May 1969
003001GeilMary C.17 Dec 18778 May 1965
003001WengerFannie E.19071994
003001MumawHomer Amos13 Jan 19094 Jul 1979
003001MumawCatherine Keener17 Apr 190816 Sep 1986
003002HistandLaura Landis12 Nov 19087 Sep 1993Laura bequathed her body to research
003002AlderferDavid Henry7 Sep 190713 Nov 2002m/27 Mar 1932
003002AlderferMary L.26 Mar 190612 Jun 1998
003002SchmidtVernon H.24 Mar 191212 Mar 1996
003002SchmidtSara Landis Histand22 Jul 19131 Nov 1987w/Vernon H.
003002WengerJacob C.19 Jan 185328 Mar 1927Father
003002WengerVirginia26 Nov 185918 Jul 1932Mother
003002WengerMargaret Virginia4 May 188820 Apr 1963
003002WengerLydia Florence15 Aug 188322 Nov 1973
003002WengerMary Elizabeth28 Jul 18825 Jul 1975
003002WengerKatie Ethel22 Nov 19007 Oct 1988
003002WengerOscar E.19 Jun 18816 Oct 1956Father
003002WengerBessie P.7 Jul 188111 Sep 1942Mother
003002WengerEdith V.2 Apr 1919
003002WengerMarvin David23 Mar 191123 Mar 1911s/Oscar & Bessie
003002SnyderJohn M.8 Aug 190721 Jan 1977
003002SnyderJulia K.11 Apr 190820 May 1995
003002OwenC. Wayne26 Nov 194010 Feb 1982
003002OwenMildred Z.22 Jan 19412 Oct 1983
003003WengerWilson D.19061982TEC 5 US Army WWII
003003WengerJohn J.16 Nov 186613 Nov 1951
003003WengerIsa Beery26 Apr 187511 Jul 1944
003003WengerRobert Dale30 Dec 1931Maj. USAF Ret; Korea-Vietnam 1951-1971
003003WengerJoan Ruth8 Nov 1932Registered Nurse
003003WengerI. Luther18851968
003003WengerMae E.18921958
003003WengerOwen P.27 Jan 192723 Apr 1927
003003WengerIsaac L.5 Apr 191813 Aug 2002Father; PFC US Marine Corps WWIIMilitary marker shows Isaac Luther Wenger
003003WengerEthel D.10 Dec 19209 May 2002Mother
003003RollinsAustin T.9 Nov 191530 Dec 1997
003003RollinsPearl E.10 Jan 1908
003004ShankE. Clayton5 Mar 19049 Oct 1991
003004ShankMary Holsinger30 Jul 190421 Aug 1996
003004HolsingerHenry S.19 Sep 187426 Jul 1969
003004HolsingerElizabeth Cline7 Mar 18773 Feb 1968
003004SengerDavid F.23 Jun 185226 Sep 1933
003004SengerAnna V.1 Jul 184920 Feb 1919
003004SengerIsaac C., Rev.25 Jan 188228 May 1964
003004SengerAnnie G.29 Apr 188410 Jun 1972
003004MyersHerman B.18841964
003004MyersFlora P.18871984
003004MyersJ. F.18611940
003004MyersEmma D.18611945
003004MyersArizona I.18901977
003004BaxterCaroline R.18461937
003004BaxterJacob T.18441932
003005BeardBarbara Anne11 Feb 185526 Jan 1941w/Jacob S. Beard buried at Cooks Creek
003005GeilJacob2 Sep 1917Age 89y 2d; Father
003005GeilMary16 Oct 1909Age 76y 4m 25d; Mother
003005GeilJoseph W.8 Oct 185829 Dec 1945
003005GeilAnnie R.12 Oct 18666 Mar 1950
003005GeilJoseph Paul19 Dec 189228 Dec 1893
003005GeilJ. Edwin20 Feb 188810 Jun 1944
003005GeilAnna E.18 Apr 189712 Apr 1977
003005BrennemanBenjamin F.25 Nov 18977 Oct 1968
003005BrennemanSalome B.19 Feb 19054 Jan 2001
003005BrennemanNaomi26 Jul 193228 Oct 1933d/B. F. & Salome
003005BrennemanAlfred W.14 Dec 18942 Jun 1974
003005BrennemanVerda H.18 Jun 190329 Mar 1991
003005SmithBenjamin W.15 Jul 187625 Jun 1955
003005SmithEmma R.12 Jul 187027 Dec 1947
003006ChapmanLester James29 Feb 189619 Mar 1947Aged 51y 0m 18d; s/John W. & Phoebe Kratzer Chapman
003006ChapmanJoseph K.28 Dec 188520 May 1973
003006ChapmanMary V.14 Mar 190925 Jun 1986
003006ChapmanWanda L.1 Nov 194119 Jul 2004
003006GeilAbram19 Oct 182430 May 1909Age 84y 7m 11d; Father
003006GeilElizabeth3 Feb 182814 Feb 1910Age 82y 0m 11d; Mother; w/Abram
003006FulkD. Frank13 Dec 188612 Aug 1916Age 29y 7m 29d
003006FulkMathias24 Feb 184926 Jun 1918Age 68y 11m 2d; Father
003006FulkSarah C.18 Nov 1856MotherNo death date
003006CarrRichard Earl7 Aug 1941Infant s/Earl & Maida
003006BechtelIda Jane Landes18881963w/Francis Bechtel
003006AbersolAdah Bechtel23 Jul 190820 Jun 1994
003006RhinehartT. A.18621944
003006EssuBaby Girl1965Illegible marker-data from church records
003007BrannerCharles C.11 May 188628 Jan 1956
003007BrannerJosephine20 Aug 188726 Apr 1978
003007BrannerJohn R.17 Jan 191719 Jul 2002m/27 Aug 1941
003007BrannerEdith D.25 Mar 19203 Mar 2005w/John R.
003007BrunkJohn W.3 Mar 186416 Apr 1950Father
003007BrunkPhoebe3 Nov 186331 Oct 1941Mother
003007HeishmanJessie Mae3 Apr 192027 Nov 1938
003007HeishmanJesse B.26 Dec 188519 Mar 1943
003007HeishmanMinnie F.24 Sep 188516 May 1969
003007Heishman, Sr.Melvyn C.5 May 1928
003007HeishmanBetty A.8 Oct 1926
003007RhodesEdward C.6 Sep 188125 Jan 1946
003007RhodesSada Geil29 Jun 18872 Jul 1969
003007RhodesWilliam V.18781939
003007CookElizabeth Rhodes18861944
003008McKayLewis J.18611927
003008McKayElla S.18571914
003008McKayBurke S.18931970
003008McKayOllie D.18951982
003008HessTalford B.13 Jun 189813 Jun 1898Age 5m 11d; s/Aaron & A. V.
003008GeilJacob S.11 May 185918 Jul 1933
003008GeilMinnie C.12 Mar 186522 Jun 1949
003008GeilLula M.11 Jan 189118 Jun 1969
003008GeilEdna Ann17 Sep 190629 Sep 1989
003008GeilOrrien G.24 Nov 19003 Sep 1976
003008MongoldPhillip C.19801983Grandle funeral home marker only
003008MongoldDelia Ellen17 Apr 19022 Feb 1983Mother
003008BurrussSmall grave-old marker-data from church records
003008MongoldPhilip Gilbert18 Aug 189628 May 1953Virginia PVT Co H 329 Inf 83 Div WWI
003008GoodPerry L.19001979
003008GoodTracy V.18981961
003008GoodV. Arlene19271954
003008GoodWilmer S.19271979
004001BassingerDoris Lavern Maust18 Dec 192429 Feb 2004Mom; Her dau--Darlene & Debbie
004001McMullanM. Lewis25 Jul 190929 Nov 1990
004001McMullanDolly H.26 Jun 191015 Mar 1997
004001MumawEsther Mosemann19051964
004001MumawJohn R.19041993
004001MumawEvelyn King19192003
004001BassingerClair L.3 May1928Dad; His dau-Eileen, Carolyn, Darlene, Debbie
004001BassingerJoy Lou Champ19291959Mother; Her dau-Eileen & Carolyn
004001BassingerDavid W.25 Apr 18964 Nov 1987m/4 Feb 1919
004001BassingerElla M.10 May 18988 Feb 1979w/David W.
004001MillerCharles E.23 Oct 19284 Sep 1971
004001BeardSteven Miller19 May 195426 Oct 1997
004001Beard, Jr.Joseph Owen25 Sep 192813 Aug 1958Capt USAF
004001BeardJ. Owen1 Jan 188322 Jul 1981
004001BeardPauline E.15 May 189726 May 1988
004001GeilJ. Clark27 Jan 189311 Sep 1991
004001GeilElsie B.20 Sep 190125 Oct 1972Shobrook
004001BovingdonGeorge Hillis19061988
004001BovingdonIvarose Geil19041988
004001MongoldMaynard H.5 Aug 193631 Oct 1959Son
004001MongoldWilson H.16 Jul 191126 Oct 1966Father
004001MyersCarl Ursinus26 May 19273 Jan 1960Virginia S1 USNR WWII
004002HartzlerDorothy Marie11 Dec 192431 Oct 1967d/Enos & Ada
004002Boyden, Sr.Charles N.13 Aug 193323 Dec 1971Virginia S SGT US Air Forces Korea
004002MelnikEfrosia4 May 191430 Jun 1998
004002KauffmanFred S.14 May 19026 Aug 1964
004002KauffmanRuth M.2 Jun 19065 Jun 1999
004002HolsingerJesse L.26 Aug 189818 Jun 1961Father
004002HolsingerBertha L.11 Apr 19023 Sep 1987Mother
004002HolsingerNoah (Billy)19 Apr 1931
004002KeimLeanna Marie Yoder13 Apr 193619 Oct 1998
004002BowmanHoward A.1 Sep 191914 Aug 1982
004002BowmanMaxine H.25 Apr 1929
004002HeishmanIra I.15 Sep 189129 Apr 1960
004002HeishmanDamaris P.6 Jun 189717 Oct 1972
004002WengerPerry G.18941974
004002WengerMae L.19001994
004002WengerCharles L.18 Jul 193526 Jan 1974m/22 May 1958
004002WengerBetty L.5 Dec 1937w/Charles L.
004002Wenger, IIGeorge L. "G.L."25 Aug 195119 Aug 1975
004003LandesJohn Wayne3 Jun 19713 Jun 1971s/Clifford & Lois
004003MillerWillis J.22 Feb 19076 Feb 2000
004003MillerRuth V.23 Sep 190815 Apr 1996
004003KingAbraham25 Mar 188411 Apr 1967
004003KingAlice H.23 Jun 18894 May 1978
004003Simmers, Sr.George W.3 Sep 19082 Aug 1971
004003SimmersCharles Eugene21 Dec 194013 Jul 1975
004003AllenDoulgass W.23 Aug 19067 Dec 1967
004003AllenCaroline E.10 Dec 190820 Oct 1973
004003KhatmanVasily G.24 Apr 192513 May 1999Father
004003HottingerWilson L.7 Jul 19254 Oct 1968m/24 Nov 1950
004003HottingerJean V.23 May 1933w/Wilson L.
004003MartinLydia S.16 Feb 190726 Apr 2001
004003MartinLewis S.23 Dec 189015 Jan 1968
004003MartinCora E.11 Feb 189128 Aug 1964
004003MasonOwen D.19191983
004003MasonMildred Rhodes19171985
004003MasonInfant DaughterOct 1952Oct 1952
004003PlankMarvin D.17 Apr 191322 Sep 1988
004003PlankMildred G.21 Sep 1916
004003WengerLinden Milo26 Dec 1912Minister 22 Apr 1945, Bishop 20 Dec 19592006 - buried here
004003WengerEsther Huber25 Jan 191417 May 2003Homemaker, Librian
005001WeaverM. Lloyd19021992
005001WeaverSara O.19001988
005001KauffmanHarold Y.27 Oct 190813 May 1973
005001KauffmanWilma E.13 Nov 191311 Jan 1998
005001StoltzfusGrant Moses19161974
005001HartmanMary E.18971975
005001BrunkAnna B.18991986
005001FulkHoward D.8 Sep 19158 Jan 1990
005001FulkRoberta C.7 Oct 192119 Mar 1999
005001VrolijkDirk Alan24 Apr 197219 Nov 1973
005001Heishman, Jr.Melvyn Crockett "M.C."11 May 19559 Feb 1983Beloved son of Melvyn & Betty Heishman Sr.
005001HeishmanCarolyn Ann15 Jul 194824 Jul 1993Beloved dau. of Melvyn & Betty Heishman Sr.
005001MartinRichard Eugene15 May 191518 Jan 2002Our children-Marian Grace Berry, Barbara Ann Martin, Richard E. Martin Jr.
005001MartinEdith Grace Hostetter28 Jul 191320 Dec 1993w/Richard Eugene Martin
005001NaumanEnos Peters10 Apr 192017 Sep 2002
005001NaumanKatherine Shank26 Mar 191924 Sep 1997
005001Bagwell, Sr.Lewis G.13 Nov 19219 Aug 1976
005002NazelrodBertie Whetzel20 Nov 191426 Feb 1994
005002KesnerGlenda N.2 Oct 1942m/4 April 1962w/Thomas E.
005002KesnerThomas E.4 Nov 19317 Mar 1989PFC US Army Koreah/Glenda N.; Military marker shows Thomas Emmette Kesner
005002KesnerIvan V.15 Dec 190617 May 1984
005002KesnerCarrie Z.9 Jul 190119 Jul 1980
005002ZieglerRalph Wenger22 Jan 191726 Sep 2002
005002ZieglerOsie Hertzler26 Sep 1918
005002RhodesLloyd B.10 Apr 191111 May 1995
005002RhodesFrances B.20 Aug 191325 May 1996
005002KesnerLuke David13 Sep 193513 Oct 2001AB US Air Force Korea
005002SchrockJanette Berkey30 Sep 192913 Apr 1981
005002HershbergerReaford E.23 Aug 191910 Aug 1993
005002HershbergerVira G.12 Jan 1922
005002FrazierClifton H.1 Nov 192613 Oct 2001
005002FrazierSadie C.8 Oct 193129 Apr 1985
005002RothEdward M.19121992
005003CarpenterDelores L.19581989McMullen Funeral Home marker only
005003DelpEarl R.14 Mar 1916
005003DelpEmma S.16 Jun 1915
005003HeishmanClarence O.26 Mar 191321 Dec 1983
005003HeishmanTheda B.24 Oct 191823 Mar 1998
005003HertzlerArthur V.9 Feb 190714 Nov 1990
005003HertzlerEdna B.20 Jan 190711 Mar 1989
005003HertzlerMilford R.19 Mar 190826 Feb 1988
005003HertzlerAda Ruth21 Sep 190929 Oct 1989
005003HostetterIda May19031975
005003HostetterNora I.19041998
005003HostetterEmma G.18991980
005003HostetterSamuel F.19011979
005003ConnerMary H.4 Jul 189827 Mar 1989
005003SchragGordon28 Feb 190622 Aug 1999
005003SchragLaura N.15 Mar 191419 Sep 2002
005003AlbrechtEmmanuel14 Feb 191218 Dec 1983
005003AlbrechtRuth Nancy24 Apr 191526 Jun 2003
005003ShenkEzra C.23 Feb 191131 May 2001
005003ShenkPauline M.31 Jan 19113 Jul 2000
005003MastLeah Abigail27 Feb 199127 Feb 1991d/Leon H. & Bridget L.
005003KilimnikViktor N.5 Nov 192619 Feb 2000
005003ShkovranMikolay31 Oct 192015 Feb 2003m/21 Sep 1942h/Maria
005003ShkovranMaria19 May 192424 Dec 2001w/Mikolay
005004NesselrodtStanley N.28 Feb 193929 Mar 1985
005004MillerJohn H.19 Apr 19117 Jan 1978Father
005004MillerCatherine K.26 May 191526 May 1997Motherw/John H.
005004MillerJoseph W.24 Sep 189723 Aug 1979
005004MillerWaltine B.13 Aug 190123 Jul 1987
005004KlingelHenry G.15 Oct 194222 Feb 1982
005004HamiltonEldon Leslie23 Sep 191523 Oct 2001Wed 1 Nov 1942
005004HamiltonJessie Yoder7 Dec 1919Wed 1 Nov 1942
005004ArbogastOlie M.19112005Kyger Funeral Home marker only
005004MaksimovicVuka22 Dec 191910 May 1981
005004LosoJames M.10 Mar 194421 Feb 2002
005004MazurVladimir T.7 Nov 192719 Nov 2003Wed 1 May 1949
005004MazurGalina N.25 Aug 1930Wed 1 May 1949
005004GamberHenry Kliewer7 Jul 192612 Nov 2000A kind gentle person
005004AliKelifa25 Oct 194916 Apr 1990
006001KingAngela Joy31 Jul 196129 Apr 2001
006002SchlabachWalter E.24 Aug 191410 Oct 1996
006002SchlabachMae E.11 Apr 19227 Feb 1997
006002YoderJohn Otis21 Sep 191418 Jul 2003Our children-John Otis Yoder II 1941, Constance Isabelle Yoder 1942
006002YoderIsabelle King10 Mar 1917w/John Otis
006002GreaserEarl Daniel1 Mar 19272 Aug 2003m/15 Apr 1949
006002GreaserVerna F. Garber8 Oct 1929w/Earl Daniel
006003NissleyAddona H.8 Jul 1924Husband; Our children-A. Mark 1955, Ruth 1956, Tim 1957
006003NissleyMary Stauffer12 Jun 1926Wife; wed/20 Jul 1953w/Addona H.
006003SantiagoFidel8 Dec 1926Our sons-Rolando, Ricardo
006003SantiagoPatricia26 Aug 1931w/Fidel
006003Santiago-TrinidadRolando29 Mar 1957Our children-Gared, Karla
006003Santiago-TrinidadRaquel16 Sep 1956w/Rolando
006003MartinezM. Modesta1 May 191223 Nov 2001
006003LongacreEsther K.23 Feb 1921Burial here in 2006
006004ShowalterMillard E.4 May 1936Our sons-Brent D., Mark E.
006004ShowalterSara Ann29 Dec 193823 Aug 1999w/Millard E.
006004Brunk, IIIGeorge R.5 May 1939Our children-Douglas, Valerie
006004BrunkErma Hess24 Jun 193914 Jun 2002w/George R.
006005YutzNorman E.3 Feb 193026 Dec 2000m/10 Jun 1955
006005YutzLena B.14 Jan 1931w/Norman E.
006006BorntragerJon David24 Apr 19806 May 2001
006007ShowalterOmar V.14 Feb 1928Wedded 29 Apr 1950
006007ShowalterEsther T.11 Jul 19245 Mar 2004w/Omar V.
006008PrimbetovaAnna Lukinichna25 Sep 19249 Jun 2001
006008StasyukGregory25 Feb 19308 Dec 2002
006008HeadingsRichard Lee25 Jun 194126 Jun 2003
006008HeadingsDorothy Yoder21 Jan 1940
006009HersheyMiriam "Mim"19482003McMullen Funeral Home marker only
006010SoutherlyRuth M.19271997Grandle Funeral Home marker only
006011MongoldFannie Marie6 Jul 19098 Mar 2003
006012BilokonskayaYevdokiya19 Feb 191217 Aug 2003
006013StoltzfusAllen Grant9 Jul 194330 Sep 2002
006013UnknownBurial here-no marker