Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMaiden Cemetery
LocationBeldor area, from Harrisonburg, east on Route 33 through Elkton. Go south on Rt. 628 (Beldor Rd.) about 3/10 mile to first sharp bend; road on left side with a chain across it. Park on right side of road and walk up hill about 5/10 mile to cemetery.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Headstones were recorded from back to front (south to north) and facing stones, left to right (east to west). Notes in "Remarks" column are provided by DAR and Lois B. Bowman. Excerpt taken from book "The Undying Past: History of Shenandoah National Park" by Darwin Lambert, 1989 on page 283: "Burials started, according to legend, when a Mr. Maiden, riding horseback, was killed by lightning that melted his watch chain, and he was buried here under a cedar tree where he fell. According to Billie Jo Monger, who has done much historical and genealogical research, William David Maiden (1799-1875) and his wife Sarah Harris Gardner Maiden (1798-1886) are credited with starting the cemetery."
Survey Date and Recorder10/30/2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001ShifflettClark10 Jan 189531 Oct 1981
001ShifflettBertha L.12 Jan 189712 Dec 1961
001WoodMaggie M.17 May 187421 Mar 1940My darling mother
001RomjueDorothy V. Hensley13 May 19116 Feb 1989
001HensleyJesse G.18851970Father
001HensleyKatherine A.18891965Mother
001BeasleyPolly A.18781968Name Polly Ann
002MeadowsCarl H.29 Jun 192016 Jul 1921s/L. C. & L. M. Meadows
002BaugherWilliam David18641937No visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s
002HensleyLottie E.10 Nov 190716 Dec 1992Mother
002BaugherWilliam A.30 Sep 18745 Jul 1944
002BaugherHarry James26 Sep 191822 Sep 1983
002BaugherVoe W.?18711890No visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s
002BaugherLula A.22 Jul 18776 Nov 1980Mother
002BaugherH. Wesley7 Jan 187210 Jan 1943Father
002BaugherJoseph E.10 Apr 18459 Feb 1918s/the late Daniel & MollieMiddle name is Elkhannon; husband of Mary Jane Lam and s/Daniel Jr. & Elmira B. Shifflett Baugher-children: Laura, Thomas E., Hiram Wesley, William A., Mary E. per Robert Crawford May 2002
002BaugherMary Jane26 Sep 184512 Feb 1923
002HensleySarah E.18441923
002HensleySilas B.18451942
002HensleyThomas Ezra24 Mar 18512 Jan 1929Father
002HensleyRebecca Ann11 Jul 184130 Jan 1930Mother
003CookJoseph C.18721937Father
003CookLeannah R.18721955Mother
003BooneRussellNo visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s; No dates
003UnknownUnmarked grave here - recorded by DAR in 1960s
003WilliamsJohn E.9 Jan 187918 Dec 1935
003WilliamsLizzie E.6 Sep 18784 Oct 1950
003ShifflettHoward L.21 Mar 193316 Mar 1999PFC U.S. Army KoreaMilitary marker shows name as Howard Lee Shifflett
003ShifflettMadeline M.11 Nov 1942
003BaugherOtis L.9 Jul 1939
003BaugherAgnes M.14 Jun 1943
003BaugherMamie L.19181986Motherw/Herman L.
003BaugherHerman L.19151946Father
003WoodRuth4 May 19184 Jun 1919d/William & Susie Wood
003WoodNaomi20 Aug 19243 Nov 1925d/William & Susie Wood
003WoodWillie26 Dec 192812 Aug 1929s/William & Susie Wood
003WoodWilliam V.6 Dec 187626 Mar 1929
003WoodSusie C.16 Jul 18859 Nov 1970
003WilliamsH. A.10 May 18542 Sep 1944Aged 90y 3m 22dGiven name is Henry
003WilliamsMary M.1 Sep 185023 Feb 1914Aged 64 yrs; w/Henry A.
004BaugherAnnie C.18521930Motherw/Andrew Jackson Baugher per Robert Crawford in May 2002
004WilliamsDonnell L.6 Jan 194010 Jan 1940s/R. L. & O. M. Williams
004BeasleyInfant Son24 Feb 1940s/A. J. & M. P. Beasley
004LawsonGeorge A.28 Jan 187214 May 1958
004LawsonRosa E.1 May 187617 Mar 1947Aged 70y 10m 17d
004LawsonInfant Dau.11 Jun 19133 Jul 1913d/G. A. & Rosa E. Lawson
004HensleyNicholas W.19 Oct 186117 Jan 1917
004HensleyColumbia F.12 Sep 186512 Jan 1955His Wifew/Nicholas W.
004BeasleyEllie Breeden22 Jun 190528 Nov 1945
005MaidenJ. Luther8 Jan 187329 Nov 1952Mason Emblem
005MaidenMary T.23 Oct 187414 Jan 1952
005MaidenElmer B.27 Sep 190112 Apr 1948
005MaidenAnnie Lelia8 Dec 19055 Feb 1915d/J. L. & Mary T.
005CollierAshby J.15 Jun 18778 Dec 1927
005CollierRosa A.23 May 187922 Dec 1931
005LamMary J.186222 Jul 1928
005LamBennie W.4 Jun 188226 Jan 1907
005SandridgeLynwood L.24 Apr 187223 Dec 1958
005SandridgeMinnie E. W.21 Mar 18712 Dec 1920
005HughesJohn E. F.7 Nov 186816 Oct 1955
005HughesMinnie L.9 Aug 187824 Feb 1921
005HughesWalter Lee10 Jun 190531 Sep 1905s/J. E. F. & M. L. HughesStone reads Sep 31 even though Sep only has 30 days
006MaidenJames G.13 Oct 182024 Dec 1898
006MaidenMary A.10 Mar 181930 Jul 1898w/James G. Maiden
006MericaVirginia A.5 Jan186610 Jan 1901Aged 35y 5d
006CookJeremiah23 May 183015 Jan 1907Aged 76y 8m 15d
006CookArdista M.5 Jan 183025 Mar 1918Aged 88y 2m 20d; w/Jeremiah Cook
006CookJohn R.4 Oct 185322 Mar 1927
006CookSarah S.29 Oct 186026 Dec 1946His wifew/John R. Cook
006ShiflettFrancis A.25 Oct 1898In her 76th year
006LamFannie M.2 Apr 18271 May 1900Stone broken off and on ground
006LamGeorge W.13 Mar 182729 Mar 1903Stone broken off and on ground
006CriderGeorge L.5 Feb 184723 Jan 1906Father
006CriderKate W.10 Jan 184616 Aug 1929Mother
007MaidenHenry W.18751930Brothers
007MaidenWilliam J.18651925Brothers
007MaidenGeorge T.28 Nov 186826 May 1892
007MaidenJohn T.27 Jan 18359 Jun 1916
007MaidenAnnie E.19 Feb 184710 Apr 1890His wifew/John T. Maiden
007HughesJohn W.24 Aug 1871Aged 29y 10m 5d
007CriderKatie L.21 Sep 1881Aged 1y 2m 16d
007CriderEthel Alma5 Jan 1884Aged 1y 11m 18d
007CriderErwin Albert6 Sep 1895Aged 13y 7m 13d
008BaugherBenjamin F.24 Apr 188520 Feb 1962s/Joseph & Sarah Haney Baugher per Robert Crawford in May 2002
008BaugherJoseph W.21 Mar 18747 Jan 1953
008BaugherSarah E.25 May 188026 Nov 1946
008BaugherFleta I.22 Mar 191015 Apr 1910d/J. W. & S. E. Baugher
008BaugherEarl O.17 Jan 190017 Jun 1900s/J. W. & S. E. Baugher
008HensleyGeorgie B.26 Mar 188012 Aug 1881s/C. B. & S. C. Hensley
008HensleyMettie M.22 Sep 189328 Jul 1913d/C. B. & S. C. Hensley
008LamD. C.3 Oct 187427 Jan 1885
009BaugherVada I.20 Nov 190612 May 1909d/G. S. & B. L.
009BaugherGeorge W.21 Jul 183122 Feb 1889Aged 58y 3mMiddle name Wilson per Robert Crawford May 2002
009BaugherVirinda J.17 Jun 18384 Feb 1908w/G. W. Baugher
009MaidenS.H.M.16 Oct 1880Age 82 yrSarah Harris Maiden, b. 23 May 1798, d. 16 Oct 1880 - data from Jan Hensley (
009MaidenW.M.29 Dec 1875William David Maiden, b. 1 Oct 1795, d. 29 Dec 1875 - data from Jan Hensley (
009YoungJohn W.23 Nov 185827 Nov 1862s/J. A. & D. F. Young
009YoungDelila F.20 Jun 183314 Nov 1870w/J. A. Young
009YoungNancy A.8 Aug 187017 Nov 1870d/J. A. & D. F. Young
009YoungJames W.5 Sep 185727 Nov 1857s/J. A. & D. F. Young
010BaugherSidney A.3 Feb 187223 Jun 1892Aged 20y 4m 20d
010BaugherEmma V.30 Dec 186520 Apr 1890Aged 24y 3m 21d
010BaugherEdward A.22 Aug 1885Aged 23 yrss/George Wilson & Viranna J. Baugher-born 7 Sep 1861 per Robert Crawford May 2002
010BaugherLittle T. A. B.30 Jul 1882Name Tommie
010BaugherLittle J. H. B.24 Oct [18]76Name Johnny
011WoodDarryl Eugene23 Dec 19382 Feb 1942s/R. J. & B. M. Wood
011WoodShirley June10 Jun 193613 Jun 1936d/R. J. & B. M. Wood
011MaidenWm. D.13 Oct 182724 Aug 1912HusbandAll on one stone
011MaidenAmanda J.23 Nov 18249 Feb 1904w/John T. Maiden; His WifeAll on one stone; w/Wm. D. Maiden
011MaidenAnna L.30 Jul 18554 Jul 1863All on one stone
011MaidenInfant Sonss/Wm. D. & A. J. MaidenAll on one stone; no dates
011MaidenThomas E.28 Apr 18517 May 1852All on one stone
011MaidenMary V.29 Nov 184914 Dec 1849All on one stone
011SamuelsRicky Lynn19561978Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
011HensleyJacob R.13 Sep 19066 Mar 1977Married 18 Dec 1933
011HensleyRachel M.13 May 19102 Aug 1989w/Jacob Ralph
011HensleyThomas B.18541950Husband
011HensleySarah E.18611947
012BaugherPatricia Ann2 Sep 194628 Sep 1946d/R. E. & C. M. Baugher
012WyantJackson9 May 18291 Mar 1907Aged 77y 9m 20d
012WyantBarbara A.13 Jan 182126 Aug 1888Aged 67y 7m 13d; w/Jackson Wyant
012WyantInfant Daughter4 Feb 1860Still Born; d/Jackson & Barbara A. WyantPartially Illegible-stone broken & on ground; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
012WyantAnnie E.11 Mar 185826 Jan 1859d/Jackson & Barbara A. WyantPartially Illegible-stone broken & on ground; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
012BaugherAnna C.14 Jan 178619 Jun 1866Aged 80y 5m 5d; w/George W. Baugher
012BaugherGeorge W.17 Mar 17861 Sep 1847Aged 61y 5m 14dStone broken & leaning against wife Anna C. Baugher's headstone; s/Daniel Baugher Sr.& middle name William per Robert Crawford in May 2002
012HensleyEdith V.7 Jul 18998 Mar 1920d/T. B. & Sarah E.
012HensleyIsaac C.9 Apr 19026 Apr 1935Father
012HensleyJames C.1 Jun 1935Virginia Pvt 1Cl 318 Inf. 80 Div.World War I
013MaidenFannie F.15 Jun 189824 Jul 1899d/Jos. T. & B. Florence Maiden
013KygerJulia Ann20 Apr 181329 Feb 1888w/Alexander Kyger & d/G. W. & A. G. BaugherPartially illegible marker-broken & on ground; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
013BaugherMichael S.18681957Funeral Home marker only
013KnightenMerideth18071889Funeral Home marker only
013DeanCharles L.16 Mar 188312 Dec 1902s/T. L. & C. M. Dean
013DeanColumbia M.4 Feb 185620 Jul 1889w/T. L. Dean
013HensleyLucy E.14 Aug 187523 Sep 1880Aged 5y 1m 9d; d/Samuel W. & Sidney J. HensleyStone broken off & leaning against a tree
013LamEzekiel18 Aug 182022 Oct 1881Aged 61y 2m 4d
013LamSarah E.3 Jul 18258 Jan 1876Stone broken & on ground
013GeddesMinnie G. Dean13 Sep 189924 Feb 1980
013GeddesRalph W.30 Jun 1944s/Myron & Minnie Geddes
014BrillAnnie G.25 Dec 191527 Jun 1916d/W. O. & A. B. Brill
014BrillEmory O.14 Apr 191925 Oct 1919s/W. O. & A. B. Brill
014BeasleyElbert Monroe4 Jul 192720 Aug 1969