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CemeteryGood Family Cemetery
LocationRockingham County, Virginia. Recorded directions in 1960s by the D.A.R.-Located off Route 659 (Port Republic Road) about one mile east of Interstate-81. Route 659 is referred to as Old Port Republic Road. Present owner of farm is Mrs. Russell Eagle.
NotesIn 2011 this cemetery was located in the southeast corner of the intersection of Port Republic Rd. and Peach Grove Ave. about 400 feet easterly from Peach Grove Ave. It is behind the Eagle Carpet warehouse in a small grove of trees. Many tombstones appear to have been moved or broken.
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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
GarionRoberta (Birdie)10 Nov 18877 May 1888Said to be buried here. d/Sallie E. Good Garion & Michael Garion
AdkinsCharles4 Aug 184110 Jan 1942Son-in-law of Joseph & Elizabeth Good
GarionEdgar1878Said to be buried here. Month old Infant; s/Sallie Elizabeth Good Garion & Michael G. Garion
GoodInfant19121912Said to be buried here. Died at birth. s/Herman Silas Good & Emma Dorcus Wright Good; grandson/Silas Robert & Susan G. Good
AdkinsMary Sallie188012 Jan 1895Said to be buried here. Adopted d/Mary Frances Good Adkins & Charles Adkins
AdkinsLucy2 Apr 18802 Apr 1880Said to be buried here. d/Mary Frances Good Adkins & Charles Adkins
GoodJoseph F.18341914s/Elizabeth Olinger Good & step-son of Joseph Good; given the Good name
GoodOra Susan15 Aug 1886Said to be buried here. Died as a child; d/Silas R. & Susan G. Good
AdkinsMary Frances15 Jul 185027 Sep1916d/Joseph & Elizabeth Good
GoodElizabethJul 181117 Sep 1898Aged 88 yrsd/David Olinger & Proeilla Phillips Olinger of New Market, Va. She was from Page Co., Va.
GoodJoseph19 Mar 181923 Sep 1862Aged 43y 6m; consort of Elizabeth Olinger Goods/Samuel Good & Catherine Kagey Good who lived 1-1/2 miles west of Moore's Store, Va.
GoodRosa Leah5 Feb 18891 Mar 1889Said to be buried here. d/Silas R. & Susan G. Good
GoodOrali4 Aug 18905 Aug 1890Infant son/Silas Robert Good & Susan Garion Good