Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySmith Creek Cemetery
LocationNortheast Rockingham County, Virginia. In 1961 Gertrude Zirkle & J. William Harpine wrote the cemetery is located on the east side of Smith Creek, on the old Lewis Zirkle farm south of Endless Caverns about one mile, is one of the older family cemeteries in that immediate neighborhood.
NotesIn 2011 no attempt was made to locate this cemetery. In 1960s D.A.R. noted about 35 graves mostly the descendants of Lewis Zirkle and his wife Mary Magdalene Roush Zirkle. In 1961 Gertrude Zirkle wrote-the cemetery is enclosed by a wire fence. Many of the markers have fallen down and like so many other family burial lots, it has had very little attention for years.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
PriceGeorge A.1836Infant s/Jacob & Elenor Price
ZirkleLewis3 Feb 178612 Dec 1862s/Lewis Zirkle & Mary Magdalene Roush Zirkle
ZirkleNancy28 Jun 178330 Jun 1851w/Lewisnee Caldwell
ZirkleReuben6 Mar 182512 Sep 1903s/Lewis & Nancy; married 19 Dec 1846
ZirkleJane2 Mar 182523 Sep 1875His Wifew/Reuben; nee Aleshire; death year could be 1873
ZirkleAlden29 Jul 185611 Mar 1890ch/Reuben & Jane
ZirkleInfant2 Mar 185811 Jul 1858ch/Reuben & Jane
ZirkleInfant2 Feb 18693 Mar 1869ch/Reuben & Jane
ZirkleInfant4 Aug 18287 Aug 1828ch/Lewis & Nancy
RosenbergerGeorge17778 Dec 1858
WiseBarbara Ann17 May 183725 May 1837d/Peter J. & Elizabeth Zirkle Wise
RosenbergerJohn W.2 Apr 184413 Feb 1865s/Edmund J. & Mary
RosenbergerSon & Daughter1892ch/E. H. & E. C.
PetersSarah28 Mar 181628 Jul 1861Lived with the Rosenberger Family
ZirkleInfant Daughter27 Mar 182727 Mar 1827d/Lewis & Nancy
RosenbergerInfant Son29 Sep 186630 Sep 1866s/Harvey & Martha
RosenbergerDelthia F.18046 Jan 1841d/George & Margaret
RosenbergerGeorge30 Aug 1842Sep 1862s/Edmund J. & MaryIn service at Bowling Green, VA
RosenbergerInfant Son28 Oct 183728 Oct 1837s/Edmund J. & Mary
RosenbergerStephen G.12 Feb 18345 Jul 1840s/Edmund J. & Mary
RosenbergerMary4 Dec 18075 Jul 1896w/Edmund J.
RosenbergerEdmund J.11 Jul 180923 Dec 1882s/George & MargaretAs recorded by D.A.R.; there are conflicting records as to the name of this person's name & dates.
RosenbergerBeremund11 Mar 18116 Mar 1815s/George & MargaretAs recorded by D.A.R.; there are conflicting records as to the name of this person's name & dates.
RosenbergerMargaret178031 May 1836His Wifew/George; 5th daughter of Lewis Zirkle & Mary Magdalene Roush Zirkle