Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryGarber-Raish Cemetery
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, travel south on Route 42 to Hidden Creek Lane, which is next to the Rockingham Square shopping center. Turn right onto Hidden Creek Lane and go about 2/10 mile to end of road. Take lane just to left of fire hydrant at end of road. When you get to the gate, bear right, staying on lane and keep straight past high voltage wires. Park here and walk about 1/8 mile further, across some limestone ridges, and you will see the cemetery.
NotesHeadstones all face east and they are recorded by starting at the gate (which is on the west side) and then north to south. In April 2002, Deb Wake wrote: "This was the old cemetery for Garber's Church of the Brethren - possibly there was even an old structure nearby. If you follow the high power lines to Erickson Road, there is a Raish home. They possibly donated the land for the cemetery or they may have just been members of the congregation and buried in the church cemetery. The farm right behind the Garber's church of today, was owned at one time by Jacob Blosser, my great-grandfather. The family called it 'Moonglow Hill'"
Survey Date and Recorder06 Apr 2002
Deb Wake

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001MillerLuther De Witt26 Feb 187822 Jun 1880Aged 2y 3m 28d; s/ Benjamin F. & Susan Miller
002CoolJames L.13 Jul 18347 May 1917Aged 82y 10m 24d
002CoolSusannah31 May 18415 Dec 1927Aged 86y 6m 4d
002RaishAnna F.6 Jan 187920 Mar 1965d/ John B. & Mildred E. RaishDouble headstone with sister
002RaishMary F.9 Jun 187623 Mar 1950d/ John B. & Mildred E. RaishDouble headstone with sister
002CookeEliza Raish5 Aug 188423 Nov 1943w/ Albert C. Cooke
002FordMarietta Raish15 Jun 189720 Apr 1936w/ Roland G. Ford & mother/Henry, Margaret & Nancy Lee
003RaishFannie I.21 Dec 189417 Jan 1918d/ Jacob & S. M. Raish
003RaishSarah E.21 Sep 18889 Nov 1917d/ Jacob & S. M. Raish
003RaishJacob S.10 Oct 188612 May 1910s/ Jacob & S. M. Raish
003RaishHerman D.24 Dec 18925 Mar 1910s/ Jacob & S. M. RaishFootstone propped against John B. Raish headstone
003KeagyLenah F.19 Aug 188216 Sep 1907d/ Jacob & S. M. Raish
003RaishSarah M.25 Sep 18601 Jun 1923Mother; w/ Jacob Raish
003RaishJacob3 Aug 18531 Dec 1932Father
003TaylorAlice9 Feb 1907Aged 52y 3m 2d; w/J. S. Taylor
003TaylorJoseph S.25 Dec 18527 Feb 1932
003GarberInfant Son10 Sep 187610 Sep 1876s/ Jos. A. & Virginia F. Garber
004SmithHenry24 Feb 1856Aged 57y 10m 12d
004SmithChristina E.31 Oct 180316 Aug 1874Aged 71y 9m 15d
004L.R. J.Footstone is only marker
004BowmanJohn24 Apr 179030 May 1873Aged 83y 1m 6d
004BowmanRebecca17 Apr 180419 Sep 1872Aged 68y 5m 2dw/John Bowman
004RaishSarah C.29 Aug 187426 July 1875d/ J. B. & M. E. Raish; Fell asleep
004RaishEffie V.11 Dec 188122 Dec 1881d/ J. B. & M. E. Raish; Fell asleep
004RaishMildred E.11 Sep 184115 Sep 1885Aged 44y 4m; w/ John B. Raish; Fell asleep in Jesus
004RaishJohn B.24 Oct 184425 Oct 1930Aged 86y 1d
004RaishJohn J.28 Apr 188311 Dec 1900Aged 17y 7m 13d; s/ J. B. & M. E. Raish
005YoungDaniel T.Aged 2y 10m 24d; s/ J. & M. Young
005UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker
006LongElizabeth F.8 Dec 184718 Jun 1944Double headstone
006LongJohn Y.6 Dec 182428 Dec 1902Double headstone
006LongRebecca J.19 Oct 183330 Mar 1899Aged 65y 5m 17d; Mother; w/John F. Long
006LongJohn F.31 Jan 183317 May 1887Aged 54y 3m 16d; Father; s/John & Polly Long; Died of consumption
006LongBenjamin F.1 May 1862Aged 22y 10m 3d; s/ John & Polly; Died [of camp fever] at the Charlottesville Hospital
006LongWilliam P. B.12 Dec 1862Aged 9y 8m 8d; s/ John & Polly; died of camp feverFootstone propped against Rebecca J. Long's headstone
006LongJohn29 Sep 180610 Oct 1879Aged 73y 11d; died of consumption
006LongPolly16 Sep 181326 Nov 1890Aged 77y 2m 10d; w/John Long; died of pneumonianee: Firebaugh
006SpitzerFrances E.24 Oct 184619 Aug 1903Aged 57y 2m 5d; Mother; w/ J. E. Spitzer
006SpitzerJ. E.10 Apr 184115 Mar 1929Aged 87y 11m 5d; FatherEast face of column stone shared w/ wife (s. face)
007SwopeDiana10 Jun 182516 Sep 1888Aged 63y 3m 6d; w/ Hugh Swope
007SwopeHugh16 Apr 181512 Sep 1882Aged 67y 4m 26d
007Young, Sr.Abraham21 Jun 1875Aged 84y 4m 28d
007SwopeElizabeth J.6 Feb 184818 Aug 1858Aged 10y 6m 11d; d/ H. D. Swope
007SwopeAbraham Y.8 Apr 1855Aged 8y 7m; s/ J. H. & S. Swope
007SwopeJohn H.13 Jan 182017 Feb 1866Aged 46y 1m 4d
007YoungElisabeth11 Jan 1854Aged 53y 4m 2d
007UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker
007HedrickJacob28 Aug 1864Aged 87y 3m 23d
007HedrickBarbara23 Jul 1850Aged 67y 3m 5d; consort/ Jacob Hedrick
007SwopeBarbara E.24 Feb 1855Aged 4y 5m 14d; d/ P. & R. SwopeStone made by H. A. Rife
007SwopePeter3 Jun 181719 Jun 1883Aged 66y 16d
007SwopeRebecca22 Mar 182110 Mar 1895Aged 73y 11m 18d; w/ Peter Swope
007MillerSusan V.14 May 185929 Mar 1884w/ Christian H. Miller
008ShowalterJoseph A.11 Aug 1873Aged 4y 2m 8d; s/ S. F. & M. A. Showalter
008ShowalterMary A.8 Dec 1873Aged 28y 2m 24d; w/ Samuel F. Showalter; d/ Hugh & Diannah Swope
008GarberMary13 Jul 180913 Nov 1875Aged 66y 4m; w/ Daniel GarberKnown as "Polly"
008GarberDaniel5 Sep 180425 Nov 1865Aged 61y 2m 20d
008GarberJohn6 May 1862s/ Daniel & Mary Garber
008UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker
008WrightBenjamin Lewis4 May 187815 Oct 1881s/ David & Barbara A. WrightMarker is leaned against tree
009UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker
009LongMary27 Dec 181326 Oct 1849Aged 35y 9m 29d; w/ Samuel Long1st w/ Saml Long buried at Beaver Creek; d/Gabriel & Margaret Shank Heatwole
009LongIsaac10 Nov 1849Aged 65y 9m 21dFather/Samuel Long; w/ buried at Mill Creek
009SkinnerLydia19 Mar 184331 Dec 1875Aged 32y 9m 12d; w/ Robert Skinner
010UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker
010RaishMary11 Dec 18073 Aug 1855
010RaishJoseph15 Dec 180618 Jul 1881
010BowmanEffie V.29 Apr 1884d/ I. & B. A. BowmanAged 3 yrs recorded by John W. Wayland in 1931. Stone has sunk & cannot read in 2002.
010S.E. J.Footstone is all that remains, marker is in middle
010UnknownIllegible - plain limestone marker