Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPine Grove Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationLacey Spring, Rockingham County, Virginia. Located on Simmers Valley Road (Route 619) west of Lacey Spring. This area is known as Simmers Hollow. The cemetery is on the hill behind and East of the church in the field at the top of the hill, about 0.3 mile from Route 619.
NotesFrom the gate entrance, the rows start on the right and from the back (bottom of the hill) to the front of the cemetery. In 1967, J. Robert Swank recorded this cemetery and made a notation on his paper that "there were many unmarked graves". The information in the "Remarks" column are from J. Robert Swank and were included when he recorded this cemetery in 1967.
Survey Date and Recorder24 Nov 2001
Glenn Huffman

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001SimmersC. Samantha26 Sep 1852aged 1y 5m 19d
001GaitherAmantha E.7 Sep 185313 Oct 1854d/Jos. W. & Lydia
001BrotzmanJohn8 Jan 1856aged 7y 8m 23d; s/D. S.No visible Marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
001PittingtonMary1 Mar 1870aged 35 yr
001BowmanMary20 May 18082 Jun 1891aged 83y 12d
001BowmanB. Frankie20 Apr 1888aged 4y 1m 25d; s/Benj & Cath
001BowmanCatharine1 Dec 183826 Dec 1910w/Benjamin
001BowmanBenjamin12 Aug 183529 Apr 1916
001BerryMargaret A.17 May 18509 Jan 1918
001EttingerWilliam A. 1913 1960No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
001EllingerRobert L. "Bob"12 Oct 19117 Jun 1980
001EttingerJames "Jim"6 Apr 191716 Apr 1999
001SimmersWilliam C.6 Aug 182212 Jan 1898aged 75y 5m 6d
001SimmersMary22 Aug 182627 Dec 1908aged 82y 4m 5dw/Wm. G.
001SimmersHoward F.2 Nov 18945 Sep 1904aged 9y 10m 2d; s/J. W. & S. J.
001SimmersJacob W.14 Oct 185529 Jul 1911aged 55y 9m 15d
001SimmersSarah J.27 Sep 186516 Apr 1942w/J. W.
001LaymanWade Lincoln9 Mar 1897aged 10m 2d; s/Jacob R. & Mollie E.
001HeatwoleAddie Lee 1900 1935w/Marvin W.
001HeatwoleMarvin W. 1909 1964
001LaymanMartha R.14 Jan 190816 Aug 1983
001LaymanIsaac Joseph24 Jan 191223 Oct 1976
001LaymanRobert C.22 Sep 190521 Sep 1939
001LaymanMollie E.19 May 187315 Feb 1935w/Jacob R.
001LaymanJacob R.8 Sep 187114 Feb 1935
001LaymonHannah J.9 Nov 18503 Oct 1931age 81 yrsw/Joseph H.
001LaymonJoseph H.21 Mar 184819 Apr 1920age 70y 29d
001LaymanJasper O.27 Mar 187824 Apr 1955
001RitenourStella M.2 Feb 190513 Feb 1995Registered Nurse
001WarnerPeggy Sue 1941 1997Funeral home marker
001HedrickEarl L.29 Dec 19345 June 2000
002NiswanderFielden23 Oct 180421 Aug 1868aged 63y 9m 29d
002DovalLeroy3 Aug 189320 Sep 1894
002BazzlesJacob E.13 Jul 188828 Aug 1888s/Andy & Mary E.
002BazzleElla Pearl12 Jul 1891d/Andy & Mary E.
002EttingerNancy27 July 190366th year
002SimmersDavid H.13 May 190313 Jan 1963
002SimmersMary V.2 May 191227 Feb 1996w/David H.
002WilliamsCallie V. 18561937
002DepoyHester A.14 Oct 18496 Aug 1907
002DepoyIsaac C.28 May 183813 Sep 1913aged 75y 3m 15d
002DepoyJemima Jane9 Sep 182823 Nov 1896aged 68y 2m 14d
002SimmersWillie L.2 Mar 18945y 9m 20d;s/D. H. & Mollie C.
002SimmersMollie C.27 Sep 186522 Sep 1953w/David H.
002SimmersDavid H.27 Aug 186014 Apr 1937
002SimmersEmma F.4 Jun 186823 Dec 1895age 27y 6m 19d; d/Jacob & Rebecca
002SimmersBertie C.2 Mar 1899age 25y 7m 3d; d/Jacob & Rebecca
002SimmersRebecca A.7 Jun 184018 Dec 1912age 72y 6m 11dw/Jacob C.
002SimmersJacob C. 183727 Feb 1911age 75 yrs abt
002SimmersJ. E.11 Jul 186610 Jul 1928father
002SimmersInfant30 Nov 19073 ds; child/J. E. & L. F.
002FitzsimonsSusan10 Mar 18419 Jan 1910mother
002SimmersRoxie Lee30 June 191127 Aug 1921age 10y 1m 27d; d/C. J. & K. M.
002SimmersKatie M.30 Mar 188718 Feb 1958w/Clark J.
002SimmersClark J.12 Jun 187818 Dec 1941
003GloverMollie Bell 1873 1873d/J. W. and M. C.; No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
003GloverRichard Lee12 Apr 1864s/J. W. & M. C.s/J. W. and M. C.
003GloverRichard10 Mar 1862age 27y 10d; s/Ben & D.
003AldersAlbert24 Dec 1877aged 9d; s/Jackson & Martha
003EttingerMary Susan 1889 1950Funeral home marker
003GloverBenjamin14 Feb 182310 Jul 1896
003GloverLydia19 Nov 1896age 71y 1m 17dw/Benjamin
003FitzsimmonsHoward L.29 Jan 190514 Dec 1972
003BrickerMintie D. Fitzsimmons28 Jun 187220 Nov 1963d/Isaac Depoy; 1m/Christian Fitzsimmons; 2m/John F. Bricker (data from obit.)
003FitzsimmonsChristian Lee22 Sep 186712 Nov 1935
003FitsimonsFrankie18 Oct 189924 Mar 1908
003FitsimonsFloyd A.17 Apr 19011 Jul 1903
003FitsimonsZirkle Lee23 Feb 190023 Feb 1900
003SimmersJacob C.20 July 18779 Aug 1898
003SummersCharles Robert10 Apr 19001y 4m 9d; s/S. K. & A. E.
003SummersAnnie E. Baugher4 Oct 186213 May 1933w/Soloman K.
003SummersSolomon K.15 Apr 18528 Dec 1906
003SummersBeulah L.15 May 189829 Dec 1946w/William M.
003SummersWilliam M.25 Dec 18957 Sep 1990
003SummersEvelyn P.6 July 1913w/William M.
003SummersCharles L.27 Sep 191020 Sep 1911s/C. M. & N. M.
003SummersCecil Ferdinand5 Mar 19126 Nov 1914s/C. M. & N. M.
003SummersNettie M.20 Nov 18886 June 1970
003SummersCloud M.29 Apr 188525 Jan 1942
003FitzsimonsReba Ruth21 Jul 19033 Oct 1909d/F. F. & M. E.
003FitzsimonsFranklin F.26 Feb 187628 Nov 1957
003FitzsimonsMary Elsie5 Aug 188026 May 1914w/Franklin F.
003SummersClarence A.14 Aug 191614 Aug 1916s/J. H. & C. M.
003SummersJacob H.17 Jun 187930 Aug 1918age 39y 2m 13d
004SimmersHannah J. 1861about 60 years
004SimmersChristian22 May 1878about 80 years
004EttingerSarah Etta1 Jun 186814 Mar 18778y 9m 14d
004GlovierDerrick21 Nov 1892about 60 years
004ShiflettNancey E.22 Jan 1895age 83y 11m 8d
004MorrisLaton I3 Feb 1895age 21y 7m 5d
004SimmersOlen F.17 Jan 191023 Sep 1911s/J. D. & Ada V.
005ThomasE. F.d/62
005ThomasM. J.
005DepoyJohn H.28 Apr 18602 Jul 1861s/I. C. & J. J.
005DepoyGeorge C.14 May 18629 Jun 1870s/Isaac C. & J. J.
005MesserlyChristina10 Nov 178510 Oct 1870age 84y 10mw/Solomon
005MesserlySolomon23 Oct 178320 Oct 1870age 86y 11m 27d
005AldersRebecca2 Dec 18822 Dec 1882d/Jackson & Martha
005LamonRebecca21 Mar 1877age 1y 6m 7d; s/Jos. & Hannah J.
005LaymonInfant son9 May 18849 May 1884s/Jos. & Hannah J.
005LaingInfant daud/J. & M. E.
005PittingtonJ. C.7 Feb 1903age 73 years
005AldersGeorge C.1 Aug 189212 Sep 1901s/Jacson & Martha
005AldersMartha 1853 1910w/Jackson
005AldersJackson 1854
005SummersDonald Eugene26 Feb 19579 Jul 1999SP 4 U. S. Army
005SummersBetty Jean20 Sep 193911 Dec 1970w/Don S.
005SummersDon S.4 Apr 1934
005CunninghamSarah A.6 Sep 185615 Jan 1905
005CunninghamJohn S.4 Jun 185514 Mar 1911aged 55y 9m 10d
005SummersDaisy C.2 Oct 190412 Feb 1923No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
005SummersBonnie Lee1955 1955Funeral home marker only